January 24, 1987: Steinski & Mass Media, Anita Baker, The System, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, MC. G.L.O.B.E.


STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY – according to no less a source than ‘John Craven’s Newsround’ – apparently reckons he won’t be getting any royalties from his deal for ‘Jack Your Body’ and, as he’s now a member of J.M. Silk on another label anyway, isn’t going to help his hit by promoting it in person – he doesn’t appreciate, though, that by coming here he’d become a star in his own right, regardless of the royalty situation … Simon Harris has actually remixed ‘Jack Your Body’, for creatively marketed release … Technics 1987 DJ Mixing Championships heats don’t stop even for the weather, the winner at Manchester Saturdays being the remarkable Johnny Jay from the Gallery (see caption), with a mightily peeved Rob Manley from Bolton’s Dance Factory second, and local scratcher Danny Bennett third, while – after fellow judge Les Adams had driven me the long way round (via Birmingham and Leicester) as the Pennines were impassable – at Barnsley’s prettily decorated Japanese Whispers the winner was def Funkmaster Hutchy from Leeds’ the News, with Chuzzer from Hull’s Juliets second and local lad Sean Broadhurst third (although John Melkin of Sheffield’s Isabellas was highly commended) … Radio Manchester’s soul jock Mike Shaft created a truly marathon ‘Best Of 86 Mix‘ which must have taken weeks to assemble, very neatly apart from some clashing keys which don’t really matter … Les Adams seems to be commissioned to make a megamix a week, his latest being an incredibly smooth Tina Turner medley … Tashan’s UK single will be the US A-side, ‘Chasin’ A Dream‘, but flipped for the floors by ‘Read My Mind‘ … Gap Band’s follow-up couples ‘Bop B Da B Da Da‘ with ‘Keep Holding On (Remix)’ … Al Jarreau has at last recorded the theme from TV’s ‘Moonlighting‘ for singles release – incidentally, the series’ soul-loving star Bruce Willis has released a very respectable recreation of the Staples Singers’ ‘Respect Yourself’ on US Motown! … Shep Pettibone has remixed the old Colors ‘Am I Gonna Be The One’ (US First Take) … Man Two Man member Miki Zone died suddenly on New Year’s Eve – from spinal meningitis – only days after recording a follow-up to ‘Who Knows What Evil?’ … Ian Levine has been producing Mary Wells … Country singer Donna Reed wanted to make a funk record, so wrote to Prince, and he’s produced her on RCA! … Radio London’s newly named “NITE-fm” expanded evening programmes have recruited Gary Crowley for a ‘GCHQ’ show on Wednesdays 10pm-midnight, making a roster of Dave Pearce Monday/Thursday, Gilles Peterson Tuesday, all three alternating to present a specialist chart show Fridays … Steve Walsh’s chantalong Anthem Mix of Fatback ‘I Found Lovin’’ certainly gets played more in the North than it does in London! … Tony Jenkins is returning monthly with his star-studded Soul On Sound nights to London’s Hippodrome, starting Wednesday February 4, and likewise is at Harrow Weald’s Middlesex and Herts Country Club next Tuesday (27) … Kev Hill has started the Monday Mondo Bongo at Southend Chesters, with Chris Hill as co-host most weeks, and Pete Tong February 16, Robbie Vincent … February 23 Nick Halkes and mates funk Pressure Drop upstairs at New Cross Goldsmiths’ Tavern this Saturday (24) … Sylvester ‘Someone Like You‘ topped US Club Play, Luther Vandross ‘Stop To Love‘ Black 45s in Billboard … Bob Boardman, the ‘Bits & Pieces’ song you need is Ringo Starr ‘No No Song’ … I’d appreciate it if DJs did NOT send their charts to my home address – send ’em straight to rm … KEEP CHILLED!

JOHNNY JAY, winner of the Manchester heat of the Technics DJ Mixing Championships, is likely to prove a sensation at the finals, and a hard act to beat, because he’s now posed a new problem for contestants to master — he mixes without using headphones! OK, it’s been done before, and he does scratch into the beats that he finds, but nevertheless he manages to produce a flowing programme with some stunningly accurate one line drop-ins presumably cued by eye and experience alone. Finalists who were confident before hove got the collywobbles now!


STEINSKI & MASS MEDIA ‘We’ll Be Right Back’ (4th + B’way 12BRW 59)
Double Dee’s one-time partner has exploded first on radio and now in clubs with his debut single, which very cleverly cuts catchphrases and clichés from US TV commercials into a Full Force-type 0-101bpm bouncy beat (dub/bonus too), a real gimmick hit.

ANITA BAKER ‘Caught Up In The Rapture (Remix)’ (Elektra EKR 49T)
Her album’s most accessible dancer, this gorgeous gently loping and spurting 0-91¾bpm swayer has had its rhythm emphasised and brightened so sympathetically that now the original sounds quite flat in comparison – as does the flip’s live Hammersmith version – plus there’s Rod Temperton’s sultrily rolling slow lovely 84½bpm ‘Mystery‘, too.

THE SYSTEM ‘Come As You Are (Remix)’ (Atlantic A9297T)
Much mellower than the techno-funk duo’s past stuff, this jauntily trotting buoyant 110bpm tripper has an attractive vocal melody and could almost be another ‘Midas Touch’, it’s so catchy.

JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE ‘The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff’ (Champion CHAMP 12-38)
Jeff cuts ‘n’ scratches a jumpy 98bpm beat (spot the breaks!) while Prince raps his praises, then prompts him to make the record he’s scratching burp, and sound like a bird (inst flip). Brilliant!

M.C. G.L.O.B.E. ‘Get Ridiculous’ (US Body Rock BR 0004)
‘Dragnet’ intros a dynamite jiggly jumping 0-98¾bpm go go hip hop rap chanter – emphasis on the go go – which should get you singing along with the answering crowd as G.L.O.B.E. bounces through the beats with his every word (slightly less vocal flip).

RUN-D.M.C. ‘You Be Illin’ (Remix)’ (London LONX 118)
These guys really are the modern day Coasters (a black rock ‘n roll group who specialised in humorously enacted story songs), even down to the King Curtis-style sax on this jerkily spurting 0-128bpm catchphrase rap, which should be another pop hit (with the fiercer 0-96⅔bpm human beat boxed and scratched ‘Hit It Run‘ as flip).

CHARISSE ‘I Can’t Face The Rain’ (US Zakia Records ZK 018)
Although another female answer to Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, this Larry Woo co-created strong soulfully wailed truly chunkily socking (0-)115bpm strider is stylistically very different, despite some melodic reference points (inst/dub too), and has been getting warm for several weeks.

THE BLOW MONKEYS ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’ (RCA MONKT 4)
Once again creditably soulful, this fabulous catchily weaving (0-)97⅔bpm go go jogger is full of melody and bounce (inst/edit flip), deserving funk attention.

JODY WATLEY ‘Looking For A New Love’ (MCA Records MCAT 1107)
Co-created by Andre Cymone, the ex-Shalamar girl’s first really credible solo is a Janet Jackson inspired solidly socking (0-)109-0bpm monotonous backbeat roller that doesn’t develop much but should slot in well (inst/acappella-ish flip).

BUNCH OF 5’s ‘Shak Rendezvous’ (The Production House WB-002-12, via Bluebird)
Fascinatingly drawing on late Seventies influences, this dated though fresh 115¾bpm driving powerhouse groove is basically Brass Construction/Slave/Mass Production – get the picture? – and really raises sweat (inst flip).

DYCE ‘I Can’t Take It’ (The Production House D001-12)
Evidently a production of the Fearons’ NW10 home studio, this is another dated 120¼bpm groove given modern house style trappings with emulator voices and things washing through it (in three mixes), so far more popular than the Bunch of 5’s.

T. LA ROCK ‘Back To Burn’ (10 Records TENT 145)
The Kangol kid angrily raps to stark violent 97½bpm beats created by the golden boy of hip hop, Mantronik, with a great human beat box break (dub/edit flip), a real b boy special.

DONNA ALLEN ‘Perfect Timing’ LP (US 21 Records 90548-1)
Excellent wailing soul with the impassioned pent-up cool rolling 116⅓bpm ‘Satisfied’, Howard Johnson-duetted drifting 94bpm ‘Perfect Timing‘, soulfully bubbling (0-)113⅓bpm ‘Sweet Somebody‘, tortuous 70bpm ‘Daydreams‘, jerky 108⅓bpm ‘Bit By Bit‘, trotting 122bpm ‘Another Affair‘, murky 109½bpm ‘Wild Nights‘, plus her 12 inched great chunkily pushing 110⅓bpm ‘Serious‘ and its jolting 116⅓bpm ‘Bad Love‘ flip.

BLAZE ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ (Champion CHAMP 12-36)
Hot nagging house bounder in Colonel Abrams style, in 118¼bpm Vocal, 118½bpm Acadub and Bonus, (0-)118bpm Radio Mixes.

HOME WRECKERS ‘Jackin’’ (Champion CHAMP 12-31)
Strong simple bass burbled ticking 120½bpm house instrumental with chiming emulator chipmunks, EMU Style being best of three mixes but here still the B-side.

E.S.P. ‘It’s You’ (US Underground UN 108)
Nice fluidly flowing “space bass” underpins gently pulsing 119bpm Kraftwerk-ish synth on a quietly satisfying house bubbler with European-style muttering and weird bits for mixers, the two instrumentals thus being best.

M.T.R. ‘The Walk’ (US Underworld AP 125)
Tommy Musto-created (as was the slightly similar Wired) jaggedly bounding 0-124bpm house galloper with hissing hi-hats, and a repeatedly muttered “you must learn to walk before you run” its only lyric (in three mixes).

XRAY ‘Let’s Go’ (US Transmat MS001)
Quite exciting distinctively galloping jack track with repeated vocal lines and effects washing through the 125⅔-0bpm Amix, a more percussive 123½-0bpm Dubmix, and an unlabelled totally different 120¼bpm bonus track.

SAMPSON “BUTCH” MOORE ‘House Beat Box’ (US Trax Records TX 128)
Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley-created typical 116¼bpm house, far better in its instrumental version, with piano wandering the ‘Set It Off’ cymbal beat.

LIBRA LIBRA ‘I Like It’ (Champion CHAMP 12-26)
Simple nagging 120¼bpm house bounder moaned like a less flamboyant Darryl Pandy (in three mixes).

FREDDIE JACKSON ‘Have You Ever Loved Somebody’ (Capitol 12CL 437)
Specially remixed for the UK, this typical soulfully worried rolling 88¾bpm romantic swayer was his LP’s hottest cut and is now coupled with an instrumental version featuring saxist Najee (from the same Hush management stable), and a backing track 79⅔bpm instrumental of ‘Tasty Love’.

TREVOR WALTERS ‘Shake You Down’ (Starlight Records SLD 540, via Jet Star)
Timely much cooler and gentler 93bpm reggaefication of Gregory Abbott’s hit, sung with taut wailing subtlety to make a strong alternative now — Trevor also has a slushy 0-90bpm sweet reggae-soul revival of the Stylistics’ ‘Betcha By Golly Wow‘ (Priority PX15).

STEVIE WONDER ‘Stranger On The Shore Of Love’ (Motown WONDT 2)
Innocuous enough 111⅔bpm MoR swayer from his last album.

MADHOUSE ‘6 (End Of The World Mix)’ (US Paisley Park 0-20608)
“Prince’s new jazz group” – sounding like an offshoot of The Family and produced by the obviously closely related Susan (Susannah?) Rogers – honk and bump through an inevitably unusual jerky 120¼-119½-120¼bpm purple funk instrumental, titled with a number as apparently are all the tracks on their even more eccentric album.

SHEILA E ‘Hold Me’ (US Paisley Park 0-20579)
Mournfully sung quietly satisfying sombre sultry soulful 76bpm slow roller, with her more usual type of snappily swirling jittery 120bpm ‘The World Is High‘ as flip.

PAUL JOHNSON When Love Comes Calling’ (CBS 650337-6)
Classily produced by his chum Junior, London’s gospel star swoops and worries through a tinkling and jittering nervy 84⅓bpm dragging tugger like a slower ‘Oh Louise’.

ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL ‘I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)’ (Epic DUET T2)
Lacking impact at the start, a possibly over-sparsely percussive extended remix (in three versions) of the surging 107⅓bpm duet from Aretha’s album that’s kept radio request lines ringing for months, thanks not to her but to George’s fans.

RAINY DAVIS ‘Lowdown So & So’ (US Columbia 44-05997)
Janet Jackson/Five Star-tinged girlish jerkily rattling and wriggling 116¼bpm bounder with some spoken “you see that guy over there” lines about her now ex-‘Sweetheart’, following on from her last hit’s title (chunkier dub flip).

THE JETS ‘Crush On You’ (MCA Records MCAT 1048)
Speedily wriggling 121bpm lightweight leaper by the Polynesian family group, evidently reissued because of continued TV plugs on ‘No Limits’ (inst/acappella flip, plus the chunkier 118bpm ‘Right Before My Eyes‘).

MIDNIGHT STAR ‘Engine No. 9 (Whistle Stop Mix)’ (MCA Records MCAT 1117)
Even if you do like this dull lurching 0-122bpm pop plodder, wait a while as its eventfully going to be marketed with a Les Adams medley as flip.

THE REAL THING ‘Hard Times’ (Jive JIVE T 137)
Although it taps and jitters, this dreary 109½bpm jolting swayer tacks a compulsive momentum, and doesn’t even have inspired lyrics.

JENNY BURTON ‘Do You Want It Bad Enuff’ (Atlantic A9343T)
Jeanie Burton’s powerful soul wailing is better than the beat of this trickily starting 114⅓bpm swaying surger, with a pleasant tune tinkling on through several rhythm lulls (dub/edit flip).

INDIAN OCEAN ‘School Bell/Treehouse’ (4th + B’way 12BRW 57)
Mailing list DJs are apparently programming without difficulty this excitingly experimental but very tricky strange percussively episodic jazzy fast rambler by Dinosaur L’s eccentric Arthur Russell, skipping through 124¼-125-126-125¼-126½-127-130-135-134½-138-136-137bpm, with a 0-127½-1 26½-129-137bpm ‘Treehouse/School Bell (Part I)’ variation and equally erratic Part 2. The test is if it sells.

FRICK AND FRACK ‘You Shouldn’t Have Done It’ (US Romil Records RM 1003-12C-A-1)
The sisters rap moralistically, to a murkily juddering Marley Marl-produced and scratch mixed 96⅚bpm beat, about various sex and drugs crazed acquaintances, while the more violently jerking 96⅓bpm ‘Jealous Girls‘ is yet another that quotes from ‘Tramp’ (both with dubs).

STEADY “B” ‘Cheatin’ Girl (Remix)’ (Jive JIVE T 138)
This modern rap example of a talking blues tells much the same story as ‘The Rain’, to a strolling 94½bpm beat (edit too), flipped by the tougher scratching 93bpm ‘Bring The Beat Back (Remix)‘ (inst too).

SCHOOLLY-D ‘Saturday Night’ (Flame Records MELT 4T)
Wait for the lull unbowdlerised US “X” Rated version to come out in a fortnight, as this initial UK pressing leaves out all the foulmouthed bits (and is even bleeped), the (0-)99⅚bpm sanitised rap that results being pointless.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – January 24, 1987

01 02 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, London 12in
02 01 BIG FUN, The Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
03 04 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in
04 03 CHILLIN’ OUT (REMIX), Curtis Hairston, Atlantic 12in
05 08 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis/Pinckney Project, Boiling Point 12in
06 06 THE RAIN (REMIX), Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Def Jam 12in
07 05 SHIVER (REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
08 09 MR BIG STUFF, Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
09 07 CANDY/REMIX, Cameo, Club 12in
10 10 GO SEE THE DOCTOR, Kool Moe Dee, Jive 12in
11 20 ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (REMIX), Vesta Williams, A&M 12in
12 15 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U/GET DOWN, Raze, Champion 12in white label
13 16 THE BRUTAL HOUSE/LET’S GET BRUTAL, Nitro Deluxe, US Cutting Records 12in
14 25 THE CHAMP, The Mohawks, Pama 12in
17 35 YOU SEXY THING (BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Hot Chocolate, EMI 12in
18 13 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
19 30 SURRENDER (STUFF GUN MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
21 29 REET PETITE/REMIXES, Jackie Wilson, SMP 7in/12in
22 83 WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK, Steinski & Mass Media, 4th + B’way 12in
23 37 I.O.U. (ULTIMATE SHAKEDOWN/CLUB REMIXES), Freeez featuring John Rocca, CityBeat 12in
24 36 LOVESTRUCK, Projection, Elite 12in
25 34 C’EST LA VIE (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX), Robbie Nevil, Manhattan 12in
26 28 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
27 17 SMALL CHANGE (SPARE A DIME MIX), Hindsight, Circa Records 12in
28 51 FUNKY RASTA (’87 MIX), The Naturals, Cooltempo 12in
29 19 SEE ME/I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT, Luther Vandross, Epic LP
30 18 IT’S MY BEAT, Sweet Tee And Jazzy Joyce, US Profile 12in
32 41 CAN YOU FEEL IT/WASHING MACHINE, Mr Fingers, US Trax Records 12in
33 24 PASSION AND PAIN, Janice McClain, MCA Records 12in
34 — YOU BE ILLIN’ (REMIX), Run-D.M.C., London 12in promo
35 23 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
36 74 THE THROWDOWN MIX (LES ADAMS HIT MEDLEY), Kool & The Gang, Club 12in
37 21 I FOUND LOVE (REMIX), Darlene Davis, US Take One 12in
38 43 WHATCHA GONNA DO, Blaze, US Quark Records 12in
39 39 THE MORNING AFTER, Curtis Hairston, US Atlantic LP
40 56 HOUSE NATION, The House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy Of House, US Dance Mania Records 12in
41 27 BUST THE CHAMP/THE CHAMP, Throwdown, HardBack 12in
42 93 TURN ME LOOSE, Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
44 38 TIME (TIME TO PARTY), Gary L, Champion 12in
45 86 IT’S TOO LATE (FOR LOVE)/CITY COUNTRY MIX, Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne, US New York Groove 12in
46 64 JACKIN (EMU STYLE), Home Wreckers, Champion 12in
47 49 SEXY, The Masters Of Ceremony, US Strong City 12in
48 — I CAN’T TAKE IT, Dyce, The Production House 12in white label
49 45 2 THE LIMIT (PARTY TIME REMIX), Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
50 57 WORKIN’ UP A SWEAT, Full Circle, EMI America 12in
51 82 JUMP INTO MY LIFE (JELLYBEAN REMIX), Stacy Lattisaw, US Motown 12in
52 33 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN (REMIX), Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in
53 31 TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM, Wired, US Underworld 12in
54 12 NIGHTS OF PLEASURE (REMIXES), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
56 66 BREAKOUT (N.A.D. MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
57 40 MISUNDERSTANDING (REMIX), James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia 12in
58 73 JOHNNY BROADHEAD, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
59 50 I’VE GOTTA BE TOUGH, M.C. Shy-D, US Luke Skyywalker 12in
60 63 SATURDAY NIGHT (X-RATED)/DO IT DO IT!, Schoolly-D, US Schoolly-D Records 12in
62 65 BITS & PIECES 87, US Dynamite Mix 12in bootleg mixer
63 92 DON’T STOP THE MUSIC, Sly & Robbie, 4th + B’way 12in promo
64 69 IT’S A DEMO, D.J. Polo & Kool G Rap, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
65 42 SLOW RIDE/TIME TO GET ILL, Beastie Boys, Def Jam LP
66 32 STEP RIGHT UP (PURE DANCE MIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
67 52 FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, Club 12in
68 81 TRIPLE M BASS, Worse ‘Em, Champion 12in
69 55 L.A. NIGHTS, Yasuko Agawa, Bluebird 12in
71 — EV’RY LITTLE BIT/DUB (102bpm), Millie Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
72 79 KING OF SWING, Fission, Streetwave 12in
73 — SCHOOL BELL/TREEHOUSE, Indian Ocean, 4th + B’way 12in promo
74 — CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE (REMIX)/MYSTERY, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in promo
75 re BARAH (THE HOUSE MIX)/SAMPLED VERSION, Cleavage, US Studio Records 12in
76 94 FACE IT (CLUB)/JAZZY JACK TRACK, Master C&J, US State Street Records 12in
77 98 NIGHT TO REMEMBER, Keith Patrick, In Recordings 12in
78 70 RAT IN MI KITCHEN (REMIX)/DEP MIX, UB40, DEP International 12in/7in
79 — IT’S YOU (INSTRUMENTAL), E.S.P, US Underground 12in
80 47 HEAT STROKE, Janice Christie, London 12in
81 — HAVE YOU EVER LOVED SOMEBODY (REMIX)/INSTRUMENTAL, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in promo
82 — THE WALK, M.T.R., US Underworld 12in
83 75 SACRIFICE, Cyndi Phillips, US Atlantic 12in/promo
84 53 THIS TIME, Private Possession featuring Hunter Hayes, 4th + B’way 12in
85 80 DO YOU WANT IT BAD ENUFF, Jenny Burton, Atlantic 12in
88 — CROSS THE TRACKS, Maceo And The Macks/I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, Jackson Sisters, 12in bootleg
89 99 SHE DON’T KNOW I’M ALIVE/DUBS, Willie Colon, US A&M 12in
90 — IT FEELS SO GOOD (TO BE BACK HOME), Bobby McClure, US Edge Records 12in
91 68 JEALOUSY/COMING DOWN WITH LOVE/DEEP IN IT, Heavy Traffic starring “V”, US Atlantic LP
92 85 SLAVE OF LOVE (FINAL COUNT DOWN MIX), T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
93 — SHE (I CAN’T RESIST) REMIX, Jesse Jackson, US A&M 12in promo
94 — BACK TO BURN, T La Rock, 10 Records 12in
95 95 STAY (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES), Howard Hewett, US Elektra 12in
96 re GET DOWN FRIDAY NIGHT, Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess, US Nia 12in
97 — THE MAGNIFICENT JAZZY JEFF, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Champion 12in promo
98 100 IMNXTC, Denise Motto/I’M HOUSE, The Elect/IT’S OK, The Force, Rhythm King LP
99 — ROCK THE HOUSE (MEDLEY)/PT II, Mr K Mix by Special K, US T.D. Records Inc 12in bootleg mixer
100= — I LIKE IT, Libra Libra, Champion 12in
100= — HOUSE BEAT BOX (INSTRUMENTAL), Sampson ‘Butch’ Moore, US Trax Records 12in
100= — PARADISE A GO GO, Paradise, US Big City Records 12in


01 01 WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL?, Man Two Man, Nightmare 12in
02 02 EVERY WAKING HOUR, Linda Taylor, Nightmare 12in
03 07 FIRE ON THE MOON, Aleph, Italian Time 12in
04 04 IN AT THE DEEP END, Midnight Sunrise, Nightmare 12in
05 03 YOU CAN’T HIDE, Frankie Knuckles, US D.J. International Records 12in
06 05 LOVE’S THE CURE FOR ME, James & Susan Wells, Nightmare 12in
07 06 NOTHING BUT BLACKMAIL, Croisette, Passion 12in
08 — MAN SIZE LOVE (REMIX), Klymaxx, MCA Records 12in
09 — FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND, Miquel Brown, Nightmare 12in
10 10 CRAZY OVER YOU, Desire featuring Rae Flores, US Sheik 12in
11 11 TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD, Viola Wills & Noel McCalla, Nightmare 12in
12 12 BOOM BOOM (LET’S GO BACK TO MY ROOM), Paul Lekakis, Italian Esquire 12in
13 14 I’VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE, Astaire, Passion 12in
14 09 ANIMAL MAGNETISM, Darryl Pandy, Nightmare 12in
15 08 CAST ASIDE MY STUBBORN PRIDE, Louise Thomas, R&B Records 12in
16 18 DON’T DELAY, Earlene Bentley, Nightmare 12in
17 15 TIGHTROPE, Evelyn Thomas, Nightmare 12in
18 13 ONE MORE HURT, Kit Rolfe, Fantasia 12in
19 19 HAVEN’T WE SAID GOODBYE BEFORE, Dollar, Arista 12in
20 20 SOUL, Jolo, US Megatone 12in
21 24 HAUNTED BY LOVE, Rita Johns, US Somersault 12in
22 16 READ ALL ABOUT IT, Flirtations, Passion 12in
23 29 PRIMAVERA, Tullio De Piscopo, Belgian Nunk 12in
24 22 HEAVEN IS A SECRET, Magic-a, Italian Rainbow 12in
25 25 KISS IN THE DARK, Girl Talk, Dutch Boni 12in
26 17 LOVE SPY (REMIX), Mike Mareen, US ZYX 12in
27 21 STOP – GIVE IT UP, Paul Rein, Dutch Injection 12in
28 23 LOVE HANGOVER, Tracy Ackerman, Debut 12in
29 — LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME, Poison No. 9, Boy 12in
30= 28 SWEET FANTASY, Lisa Smith, US TSR 12in
30= — TI SENTO, Matia Bazar, Italian Blow Up 12in

3 thoughts on “January 24, 1987: Steinski & Mass Media, Anita Baker, The System, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, MC. G.L.O.B.E.”

  1. it’s all happening this week.

    So what became known as Rare Groove has really arrived now with that bootleg of Cross The Tracks/Jackson Sisters entering the chart.

    And Production House having their first entry 4 or 5 years before their hardcore glory days. Dyce was of course involved heavily in Acen’s legendary ‘Trip II The Moon’, was part of the House Crew (famous for ‘We Are Hardcore”) (both of those tunes really clever and as exciting nearly 30 years after they were made) – and Baby D amongst others.

    Donna Allen’s ‘Serious’ which has since been sampled to death and which was also a big pop hit at the time gets a pretty lowkey mention.

    Finally I don’t know what JH is talking about Steve Walsh’s anthem version of ‘I Found Lovin’ being bigger in the north than around London as it was massive around London – maybe that was only with us further out in the suburbs and amongst Walsh’s non-mafia inner city funk crowd and their pirates – I should imagine the mafia connected DJ’s and clubs (or any hip west end types too) that JH was talking about wouldn’t have touched anything featuring Steve Walsh and especially doing what he does on that record.


    1. The Steve Walsh version of I Found Lovin’ has a curious history. It had already peaked at #29 on the Disco chart back in September 1986, and the original track had seemingly become something of an overplayed cliche in many circles. However, its continued popularity away from London points towards a surprising renaissance – the Steve Walsh version went on to peak at #9 on the pop chart in October 1987, when it was simultaneously joined in the Top Ten by the Fatback original, which peaked at #7 in the same week.


  2. I also used to visit mainstream clubs quite a bit back then so it may been there where it was so popular the kind of clubs where people used to join in with the response party bits on the record – it was probably there and in the clubs on the more black south London club circuit (plus the Lyceum in central London) where Steve Walsh was a bit of a cult figure and who originally started the party stuff that appears on the record when he played the Fatback Band and so viewed it as “their record” that were still into it at this stage. As you say it had been heavily played in the London area for something like 3 or 4 years by now (and when that wasn’t being played there was the similar ‘Mine All Mine’ by Cashflow!) and was to many as you say an overplayed cliche.


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