February 20, 1988: Rick Astley, Eric B & Rakim, Suzie and the Cubans, Keith Sweat, Mel & Kim


NORMAN COOK and Dancing Danny D seem to have changed their remixing monicker from the Troublesome Twosome to Double Trouble, without evidently realising that the latter name is already used by rival remixing team Damon Rochefort, Mike Morrison and Leigh Guest… Norman Cook, now the Housemartins have disbanded, has remixed not only James Brown and a Nitro Deluxe seven inch on his own but also Eric B & Rakim and Kid ‘N Play with Dancing Danny D, plus he’s producing rapper Wildski – who actually started out as a DJ in Brighton at the Pink Coconut. His notorious ‘The Finest Ingredients’ bootleg mixer from last year in reality being a genuine bootleg, put out by someone else with no benefit to him, of a demo he’d created two years earlier just to show what he could do!… Decca turning down The Beatles was more of a major goof, but Magnet likewise turned down Adrenalin MOD’s ‘Bouncy House’ when offered it by group member Daren Mahomed, who works in their own press office – now it’s being remixed by MCA Records, for whom, of course, group member Maurice Bird is postboy!… Simon Harris’s ‘Bass (How Low Can You Go)’ is huge on advance promo but isn’t out commercially until March 7 – “based” on phrases from Public Enemy and many more, it’s a monotonous 0-113¾bpm juddering jitterer (that runs out of steam, to be truthful) with chugging offbeat syncopation in its 114¼bpm instrumental, and a burbling 97⅚-0bpm ‘The Playback’ flip… Jeff Young’s soundtrack quoting ‘James Bond’ remix of Was (Not Was) is being replaced by a new Derek B remix (using “bass, how low can you go”) to avoid the likelihood of legal problems… Jazzy Jeff’s upcoming newie uses Matt Black + The Coldcut Crew’s ‘That Greedy Beat’!… Tim Simenon, the young Wag Club DJ behind Bomb The Bass, has also created something called ‘Merlin’… Bath DJs Simon Power and Derek Pearce are the latest to whip up some homegrown UK house, the frantic ‘Get On The Floor’ being considered by labels… Jack ‘N’ Chill have been remixing Black Britain ‘Heroin’… Edwin Starr’s withdrawn Stock Aitken Waterman-created ‘Whatever Makes Our Love Grow’ is finally out again in a tidier 119½bpm Grown-up Mix (10 Records TENR 199), but is still more Hi-NRG “disco” than soul… Kylie Minogue’s percussively pattering 115¾bpm Bicentennial Mix of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ (PWL Records PWLT 8R) is merely different rather than an improvement… Company B, one of the earlier Miami girl acts, could still break through here with the new 120bpm jittery then calmer 1988 Remix of ‘Fascinated’ (BlueBird BRT 48)… Serious Records are holding back Bam Bam ‘Give It To Me’ until February 29 (their pressing’s four mixes are 122bpm and 122¼bpm)… Circa picked up Sheik Fawaz for early March release… Earth Wind & Fire ‘Thinking Of You’, reviewed on import last week, is now out here (CBS EWF T2)… J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E.’s ‘Strong Island’ is of course about Long Island in hip hop speak – not London Island! – while their B-side is the drum-tapped 101⅙bpm ‘Nu Skool’… US producer Teddy Riley’s own group called Guy has just signed to MCA Records… Grandmaster Flash, according to the credits on ‘Gold’, records all his scratches with a Gemini Flashformer (patent pending) DJ transforming device… Rob Nelson had never seen, let alone used, Technics vari-speed decks prior to competing… Disco Mix Club master of ceremonies John Saunderson as usual chucked some Michael Jackson T-shirts out into the audience in Birmingham, but one immediately came flying back rather forcibly to be caught by mixing judge, Radio WM 95.6FM’s Sunday 7-9pm soul jock, Freakie Dee, who thought about it for a moment then threw it straight back!… Wednesday nights on Channel 4 now features at 11.30pm a new three hour music slot hosted by ex-Record Mirror contributors Charlie Gillett and Vivien Goldman, presenting everything from Marvin Gaye filmed in Ostend to – well, you check it and see!… Pete Waterman was inspired to write Mel & Kim’s ‘That’s The Way It Is’ while listening to Capital Radio’s magazine programme of the same name!… Mel Appleby has not been at all fit, suffering for months from slipped and crushed discs in her spine, with dangerous complications from which she is still slowly recovering, having a second operation still to come… Pete Hammond, rather than Phil Harding, seems responsible for all the remixes from the PWL studio this week… Disco Aid has become the Dance Aid Trust, its annual general meeting (open to the public) being this Wednesday (17) at 7pm in London’s Samantha’s discotheque, off Regent Street in New Burlington Street… rm’s sister publication for DJs, Jocks, was voted Best Industry Magazine 1987 at the recent Thames Valley DJ Association show night… Ruthless Rap Assassins with Kiss and AMC play Manchester’s Hacienda this Wednesday (17)… Fingers Inc, Marshall Jefferson, Xavier Gold, Ralphi ‘The Razz’ Rosario and Ce Ce Rogers are this Thursday (18) at Delirium! in London’s Leicester Square Empire Ballroom – everyone there getting three free Uptime organic food pep pills to keep ‘em jacking! – while this Chicago house package next week on Tuesday (23) is at Birtley’s Liberty’s (cleverly an anagram of the place name), near Newcastle-upon-Tyne… Martin Collins, Alex Lowes, Danny Smith and Steve Jason converge again on Gt Yarmouth’s Scruples this Saturday (20) for another soulful sellout (book advance tickets on 0493-669222 after 6pm, if you too are travelling)… Paul Oakenfold and DJ Nancy seriously throwdown in full effect at The Future on Thursdays, in the Sanctuary at Charing Cross Heaven… Houspanic could be the next music trend – a blend of House and Hispanic (ie: the Miami sound)… Derek B’s ‘Goodgroove’ seven inch comes wrapped in a poster sleeve – what’s this, TV star Derek Boland as a sex symbol?… Pressure Records’ head honcho Adrian Sykes’ hair when last seen was in a pompadour like Little Richard – Good Golly Miss Molly!… PUMP THAT BASS!

The 1988 Technics UK DJ Mixing Championships’ grand final is at London’s Hippodrome tonight (Tuesday, February 16), the last two competitors to qualify being found in the semi-final at Ealing’s Broadway Boulevard (where oddly the audience atmosphere was even deader than in Birmingham). First, the winning rappers were South London’s Einstein and Wolverhampton’s sassy miss Jazzy P, while the only outstanding mixer was indeed the widely tipped DJ Pogo, whose unique scratching style made him a clear winner. Voted a qualifying second was Des Mitchell from Birmingham (via Tenerife), although at Ealing he seemed pedestrian and off form. Disappointed losers were Portsmouth’s Warren Aylward (who shaved during a mix!), Brighton’s Carl Cox (adventurous long running synchs), Doctor K (emotionless fast cuts), and Southend’s Mark Ryder (who couldn’t cut it after headphone problems). As well as Pogo and Des, the battle is between Cutmaster Swift, Owen D, Scratch Professor, Hutchy, and DJ Haze. The fight should be intense! Results next week!



RICK ASTLEY ‘Together Forever (Lover’s Leap Remix)’ (RCA RICK 400) Pete Hammond adds electronic tones and rattling 114½bpm percussion to kick off his remix of this, the most obviously typical dance track from Rick’s album, always surely destined to be a single?

ERIC B & RAKIM ‘I Know You Got Soul (A Double Trouble Remix featuring Norman C & DJ D)’ (Cooltempo COOLX 146)
Norman Cook and Dancing Danny D’s impatiently awaited jiggly infectious 104-103⅔-103⅓-104- 103⅓-0bpm remix has had to edit out all of Michael’s vocals (apart from a sneaky transformer scratch at the end!) but still manages to combine the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’, Bobby Byrd, Maceo, Dennis Edwards and more in a surefire smash (flipped by Eric’s 103⅔bpm original, source of the “pump up the volume” line), stomping all over the concurrent rival release of ‘Move The Crowd‘ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 88).

Fatally slow seeming in comparison, this ominous slinky jitterer has been very cleverly and subtly remixed by both the Democratic 3 featuring DJ Slack (the label’s Julian Palmer!) and Bristol’s Wild Bunch crew, both sliding into riffs inserted from Seventies oldies, plus (all are 91½bpm apart from the 91⅓bpm Wild Bunch mix) the old Album Version and an Extended Beat. Well, what do YOU think of that disc, Marina?

SUZIE AND THE CUBANS ‘I Feel It (Makumba Mix)’ (US Popular Records POP 6)
The ‘Set It Off’ cymbal schlurp meets ‘Jingo’ at 120bpm (Double Dub too) with jangling house piano, butch “makumba” chants and Suzie’s repeated title line, a commercially effective combination – however, the much longer more episodically house-ish chugging 119-118⅓-0bpm Construction Medley flip is far harder, stuttering “my name is Bond, James Bond” and slipping Into ‘The Brutal House’ amongst many other added ingredients. Sweaty!

KEITH SWEAT ‘I Want Her (Extended Version)’ (Vintertainment EKR68T)
Jiggly jolting nasally droned and trumpet tootled meandering infectious (0-)108⅓bpm US funk smash, hot here too but so far somewhat overshadowed by his album as a whole (108⅓bpm LP Version and Instrumental flip).

MEL & KIM ‘That’s The Way It Is’ (Supreme Records SUPET 117)
Brightly thrashing enthusiastic 117¾bpm flier, more beefily pounding than usual but you can still sing “FLM” in place of the new staccato title line, flipped by a nicely cheeky US Remix of the cooler 115¼bpm ‘I’m The One Who Really Loves You’, and the Astley-ish 119½bpm ‘You Changed My Life‘. Incidentally, if you slow any Stock Aitken Waterman creation down to 33⅓rpm, the chances are it’ll sound like Rick Astley, bellowing away!

TAZ ‘Forever Yours’ (US Profile PRO-7185)
Rochelle ‘My Magic Man’-type sweetly cooing 114⅓bpm sparse electro jitterer, dated maybe but suddenly current sounding again amidst the new commercial wave of retrogressive US dance music by such pop girls as Taylor Dayne (in five mixes by Tony Humphries).

TERRY BILLY ‘Don’t Lock Me Out’ (Atlantic A9147T)
Import smash hauntingly pitched girl sung 110⅓bpm wriggler modelled closely on Joyce Sims’ ‘All And All/Lifetime Love’ style (in three mixes).

THE HOUSEDOCTORS ‘Housedoctors (Gotta Get Down)’ (Big One VV BIG 8)
Good tinkling skittery jittery nervy 0-125-0bpm flier right in the current wave of homegrown UK house, with a “pshta-pshta” cymbal beat and various nagging hooks in the 0-125½-0bpm Cut And Bandage Mix, 0-125¼-0bpm Radio Cut, 0-124bpm The First Cut Mix, too.

TONY TERRY ‘Lovey Dovey (Long Version)’ (Epic TONY T2)
Tony has been in Britain to help push this terrifically jaunty weaving 95⅔bpm ‘Casanova’-ish swaying jiggly jogger and its tightly percussive 95⅔(-0)bpm Charlie Dee Dub, a nagging smash already on import.

CUT TO SHOCK featuring E.F. Cuttin’ ‘Put That Record Back On (Massive Mix)’ (US Bassment Records BM-0052)
Craig Bevan uses the same bassline as M|A|R|R|S for a totally derivative but jauntily chugging (0-)113⅓bpm scratcher that suddenly edits in the by now usual sort of stuff, including bits from El Coco’s ‘Let’s Get It Together’ (dub too), unoriginal though likely to sell.

Produced by Keith Sweat’s collaborator, Teddy Riley, the young London girl duo’s ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’-introed and ‘Iko Iko’-quoting terrific jittery jaunty 0-105⅓bpm rap is like a better controlled and much classier Cookie Crew. Females!

STEREO MC’S AND CESARE ‘Feel So Good (Dungeon)’ (GC Records ST 1)
Enigmatically labelled (the logo could be C and/or G), strong densely throbbing jittery 0-113bpm hip hop judderer scratching in stuff as diverse as Frankie Laine’s ‘Mule Train’ and T-Connection’s ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’, with a less credible 0-113⅓bpm white boy ‘Feel So Good’ vocal and slower funkily weaving 95⅔bpm rare groove orientated ‘Move‘ flip (vocal ‘Move It’ too).

BOOGIE BEATS ‘Rebel Beats 2’ (Pan Trax PTRB 002)
Equally enigmatic, this episodic 91-91⅓-91-91½-91⅔-91⅓-0bpm rare groove bootleg scratch mix medley is slower than its Public Enemy-based predecessor and perhaps not so floor-filling, but good of its type, flipped by the 118½bpm ‘Don’t Give Up’ homegrown house bounder with message lyrics (and two dubs).

FINGERS INC. ‘So Glad’ (Jack Trax 12 J TRAX 12)
Larry Heard-created really nice melodically flowing gentle swaying loper with soulful Vandross-ish singing, far from the out and out house one might have expected (in 116¾bpm Club Mix and Radio Edit, 116⅔ Album Version, 116⅓bpm Dub Version).

WILL DOWNING ‘Free’ (US Island 0-96721)
Reverentially hushed Vandross-ish (0-)94⅙bpm gentle revival by the Criminal Element singer of Deniece Williams’ classic, with nice Wes Montgomery-type guitar picking (edit/inst too).

MINI CURRY ‘100%’ (Timeless Records 12MCTR 100)
Very pleasant sweetly multi-tracked sinuous lightly bumpy 115¼bpm soul swayer (inst flip), from an album that’s been selling to real soul fans for a while.

RODNEY SAULSBERRY ‘Who Do You Love’ (US Ryan Records RR 1001)
Nice soulfully sung tightly jittering 107bpm jolter slightly over-dominated by its backing but otherwise fairly timeless (in four mixes), a likely grower.

KID FLASH ‘Hot Like Fire’ (US Tabu 4Z9 07576)
Strong jiggly jolting 0-102bpm aggressive but catchy bragging rap set surprisingly blatantly to the Ohio Players’ old funk smash, ‘Fire’ (in four mixes).

Minimally backed bass rumbled and neatly scratched 105bpm tough traditional lead-swapping rap (in five versions), sharp enuf old school for the nu skool kids.

NATALIE COLE ‘Pink Cadillac (Club Vocal)’ (US EMI-Manhattan V-56084)
David Cole & Robert Clivilles-remixed frisky house tempoed (0-)124bpm treatment of Bruce Springsteen’s song (dub/edit too), perhaps hottest so far for Hi-NRG jocks but selling also for the flip’s lovely slow soulful swirling 88bpm ‘I Wanna Be That Woman (12″ Version)‘ – which would appear to be missing from the (0-)123⅝bpm UK pressing (12MT 35), due at the end of the month.

ELEANORE MILLS ‘You Can’t Have My Dreams’ (US VinylMania VMR 013)
Modernique-created thuddingly jittering 114-0bpm emphatic lurching roller with gospel girls-backed soulful wailing and some squealing Middle Eastern-sounding soprano sax (in five mixes by Tony Humphries).

THE BASEMENT BOYS ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ (LP ‘Welcome To The Club’ US Jump Street JSLP 1001)
Actually a track on Various Artists sampler album that’s been about since November, this strangely soulful straining and groaning 119⅔-120bpm garage-cum-house treatment of Rose Royce’s oldie has current Northern support.

BRENDA RUSSELL ‘Piano In The Dark’ (Breakout USAT 623)
Classy soulful 49¾-99½-99⅔-0bpm ballad aimed very much at the Whitney Houston market (as is her new downtempo LP), with the old gently jogging 0-103-0bpm ‘In The Thick Of It’ as a bonus on the flip.

MICHAEL JACKSON ‘Man In The Mirror (Single Mix)’ (Epic 651388 6)
Tenderly started finger-snapping then eventually joltingly jogging 0-50⅙-100⅓-0bpm pent-up backbeater, not ideal for dancing although it’ll doubtless work while it’s a hit. The 12 inch is no longer than the seven, but has his similar Album Mix as flip whereas the seven has an instrumental.

ROBE ‘Turn On The Moon’ (US 2000 AD Records 2000AD-ST4)
Strangulatedly small voiced white English guy whining through a pop-aimed repetitive slinky 0-110bpm chugger that’s being very aggressively hyped – whoops, promoted! – here ahead of UK release (on the same label, presumably as 12ROBE 1, via PRT).

JODY WATLEY ‘Some Kind Of Lover (Extended Version)’ (US MCA Records MCXA-23816)
Madonna-pitched 118¾bpm jittery pop chugger remixed by Louil Silas Jr (inst/dub flip), for some reason getting radio play by such soul stalwarts as Robbie Vincent.

TWO OF A KIND FEATURING DEBRICE KING ‘Pump The House (Jackin “V” Mix)’ (US West Madison Street Records WMSD-1202)
The word “pump” replaces “jack” in the huskily muttered world-weary lyrics of this washing machine-ish 125½bpm compulsive — and commercial — wriggler (inst flip).

LATIN HOUSE CREW featuring MARIO ‘SMOKIN’ DIAZ ‘Should Have Never Been (Club Version)’ (US Hot Mix 5 HMF-107)
Familiar seeming rinky tinky 121-121¾-0bpm churning house bounder with percolating plinky plunks and mournful vocals (123½-0bpm Spanish Version too), the 122¼bpm stuttering House Track and 123½bpm ‘Jackin’ Up The Dub‘ being bubblingly “acid”.

THE SWEAT BOYZ ‘Do You Wanna Jack?’ (US West Madison Street Records WMSD-1203)
Simple pulsing 124¼bpm smoothly acidic jack track chanter (Dub too), with an even more acid synth tone nagged ‘Do You Want To Perculate?‘ flip.

KEYNOTES ‘Let’s Let’s Let’s Dance’ (US Incognito Records IR80187)
Reese-mixed stutteringly interspersed acid house shuffler in three differently treated 121⅔bpm mixes, using the drain gurgling “washing machine” noises from Reese & Santonio’s ‘The Sound‘ (which was huge in Merseyside/Manchester last year).

REESE ‘Just Want Another Chance’ (US Incognito Records IR 111787)
Whispering subtly subdued acid house hustler in two main 120¾-121bpm and 121¼bpm mixes by half of Reese & Santonio, the flip’s five separate ‘Rhythm Tracks’ being, in order, 124bpm, 126bpm, 126bpm, 124bpm, 124½bpm.

M. DOC ‘It’s Percussion’ (Jack Trax 12 JTX 13)
Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley-produced frantic staccato bubbly house with bursts of rapping lyrics, in 127¼bpm House Mix, 126¾bpm Insane Mix, 127bpm Radio and Dub Mixes.

RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM ‘Strings Of Life’ (Jack Trax 12 J TRAX 11)
Jaggedly flying exciting if specialist house instrumentals in differently styled mixes (I now realise my earlier reviewed import copy’s labels were reversed!), the 0-122bpm Piano Mix, 128bpm Flam-Boy-Ant Mix, brand new 130-0bpm Exclusive Remix, plus the truly “acid” sizzlingly hollow 129¼-129-129¼bpm ‘Kaos’, while the six-tracker is shared by the bounding MODEL 500 ‘Off To Battle’ in 125½-126bpm Remix and 126¼-126½bpm Original Versions (both with beat-skipping rhythm lulls).

AUDIO TWO ‘Top Billin’ (US First Priority Music FPM 2940)
Haunting stark sparse slow 90⅔-0bpm rap chant, over the repeatedly cut “Go Brook” (from “Go Brooklyn”) in five frankly wearying mixes, strictly for b boys – who are into it!

BLACK DANCE TOP 100 – February 20, 1988

01 03 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron Records/Rhythm King 12in
02 02 I GOT DA FEELIN’/IT’S LIKE THAT Y’ALL Sweet Tee, Cooltempo 12in
05 12 DOCTORIN’ THE HOUSE Coldcut featuring Yazz And The Plastic People, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
06 04 I’M GETTING TIRED OF GETTING PUSHED AROUND/MAKE IT FUNKY Two Guys A Drum Machine And A Trumpet, London 12in
07 25 I WANT HER (EXTENDED VERSION) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in
09 07 ROK DA HOUSE The Beatmasters featuring The Cookie Crew, Rhythm King 12in
10 14 DON’T LOCK ME OUT (SUPER BASS CLUB MIX/CLUB MIX) Terry Billy, Atlantic 12in
11 11 PARTY PEOPLE/KEY THE PULSE Royal House, Champion 12in
13 17 JACK THE RIPPER LLCool J, Def Jam 12in
14 37 DO THIS MY WAY Kid ‘N’ Play, US Select 12in
15 09 I’M SO HAPPY (12” REMIX)/JUMP ON IT Walter Beasley, Urban 12in
16 15 NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS (EXTENDED VERSION) Alexander O’Neal featuring Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
18 24 RAW Big Daddy Kane, US Prism 12in
19 13 ROK DA HOUSE (DEMOLITION MIX) The Beatmasters featuring The Cookie Crew, Rhythm King 12in
20 21 LOOK WHAT YOU STARTED (12” VOCAL/PIANO DUB) The Temptations, Motown 12in
21 16 GIVE IT TO ME (CLUB MIX/INSTRUMENTAL MIX) Bam-Bam, US Westbrook Records 12in
22 18 BABY WANTS TO RIDE (STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY CLUB MIX/X-RATED/HOUSE OF TRIX) Jamie Principle, ffrr 12in white label
23 — I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL (NORMAN C & DJ D REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Cooltempo 12in white label
24 35 MOVE THE CROWD (DEMOCRATIC 3/THE WILD BUNCH REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Fourth & Broadway 12in
26 10 SAY IT AGAIN (EXTENDED REMIX) Jermaine Stewart, 10 Records 12in
27 38 IT TAKES TWO Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, US Profile 12in
29 41 STRONG ISLAND J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E., US B Boy Records 12in
30 36 LET’S GET BRUTAL (MEGA MIX/US VERSION) Nitro Deluxe, Cooltempo 12in
31 40 HOUSE TRAIN (NEW YORK MIX) Risse, Jack Trax 12in
32 54 BASS (HOW LOW CAN YOU GO) Simon Harris, ffrr 12in white label
33 49 NOBODY CAN LOVE ME Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Criminal 12in
34 31 ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE Frankie Knuckles/ALL DIS MUSIC Romance, ffrr 12in white label
35 45 I NEED SOMEBODY Kechia Jenkins, US Profile 12in
36 42 SAY YOU’LL BE Jerome ‘Secret Weapon’ Prister and Output, Sure Delight 12in
37 — SHE’S THE ONE (FUNKY DRUMMER REMIX) James Brown, Urban 12in
38 46 GOODGROOVE Derek B, Music Of Life 12in mailing list promo
39 — FAITH (EXTENDED VERSION) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Jive 12in white label
40 20 THE JACK THAT HOUSE BUILT Jack ‘N’ Chill, 10 Records 12in
41 39 SING A SONG (BREAK IT DOWN) Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
42 47 PLAY IT KOOL/UGLY PEOPLE BE QUIET! Cash Money and Marvellous, US Sleeping Bag 12in
43 26 LOVE OVERBOARD (SOS MIX) Gladys Knight And The Pips, MCA Records 12in
44 23 BRING THE NOISE Public Enemy, US Def Jam 12in
45 30 I’M ALL SHOOK UP Spoonie Gee, US Tuff City 12in
46 48 LOVER’S LANE (NEW AFTER HOURS VOCAL MIX) Georgio, Motown 12in
47 27 LOVE IS THE ART (LOVE) Living In A Box, Chrysalis 12in
48 29 TELL IT TO MY HEART (CLUB MIX/DUB MIX) Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
49 64 BOUNCY HOUSE (BOUNCY MIX) Adrenalin MOD/JACKIN’ JAMES (CLUB MIX) Jack Factory, Warrior Records 12in
50 32 BAD TIMES (I CAN’T STAND IT) Rough Club, CityBeat 12in
51 50 I LIKE TO LISTEN/DA ME MAS T-Coy, deConstruction Records 12in
52 59 SET IT OFF (BUNKER 88 MIX/ORIGINAL/YOJAM MIXES) Bunker Kru/Harlequin 4’s, Champion 12in mailing list promo
53 28 JINGO (UK HOUSE MIX 1/LA CASA DE JUEGO MIX) Jellybean, Chrysalis 12in
55 53 YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH/DUB MIX Cousin Rachel, Supreme Records 12in
56 87 PIANO IN THE DARK/IN THE THICK OF IT Brenda Russell, Breakout 12in
58 62 FISHNET (BIG LEG MIX) Morris Day, Warner Bros 12in
59 — SO GLAD (CLUB MIX) Fingers Inc, Jack Trax 12in
60 66 DO IT (CLUB MIX) 2 Bad 2 Mention, Intouch 12in
61 44 GOOD LOVE/I STILL THINK ABOUT YOU/LOVE CHANGES (with Kashif) Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol LP
62 100= I’M GETTING TIRED OF BEING PUSHED AROUND (THE MAYHEM RHYTHM MIX) Two Guys A Drum Machine And A Trumpet, London 12in
63 55 CUBAN JAKKIN’ Rio Rhythm Band/Y’READY Noiz Inc/SINDECUT’S KICKIN’ YEAH! Sindecut, Baad! Records 12in EP
65 — HOUSEDOCTORS (GOTTA GET DOWN) The Housedoctors, Big One 12in
66 69 MY MIND (LONG VERSION) Vanessa Franklin & Midnight Energy, CityBeat 12in
67 63 BE MY GIRL (EXTENDED 12” MIX) Keith Patrick, US Omni/Atlantic 12in
68 100= LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS (EXTENDED MIX) Taja Sevelle, Reprise Records 12in
69 — I FEEL IT (CONSTRUCTION MEDLEY/MAKUMBA MIX) Suzie and the Cubans, US Popular Records 12in
70 — YES IT’S YOU Sweet Charles/THINK (ABOUT IT)/ROCK ME AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN Lyn Collins, Urban 12in white label
72 97 THE MORNING AFTER Fallout, US Fourth Floor Records 12in
73 56 OVER YOU Ray Parker Jr with Natalie Cole, Geffen Records 12in
74 83 DON’T LEAD ME House Master Baldwin featuring Paris Grey, US Future Sound Records 12in
75 68 HOW YA LIKE ME NOW (EXTENDED MIX) Kool Moe Dee, Jive 12in
76 82 CAUGHT U CHEATIN’ Raze, Champion 12in
77 — ANYONE… Smith & Mighty featuring Jackie Jackson, Three Stripe Records 12in
78 — 100% Mini Curry, Timeless Records 12in promo
79 76 THIS HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE Paul French & The Mix Master Crew, Rise Records 12in
80 92 KEEP ‘EM STEPPIN’ Non-Stop (Hurby’s Machine), US Sound Check LP
81 — BIG THING (EXTENDED) Blue Zone, Arista/Rockin’Horse Records 12in
82 — THE STORY CONTINUES (SUPERMIX PT. 11) In The Mix featuring Mitch & Fresh, US Awesome 12in bootleg medley
83 — GET OUT OF MY LIFE TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in mailing list promo
84 78 THINKING OF YOU (HOUSE MIXES/12” VERSION) Earth Wind & Fire, US Columbia 12in
85 90 MAMA’S BOY (CLUB MIX) Liz Torres, US State Street Records 12in
86 — GIRLS CAN JAK TOO (12” DANCE MIX/12” HOUSE MIX) Zuzan, Supreme Records 12in
87 58 DO IT (DOUBLE TROUBLE MIX) 2 Bad 2 Mention, Intouch 12in mailing list promo
88 — OOO LA LA LA (EXTENDED VERSION) Teena Marie, Epic 12in
89 43 SIGN YOUR NAME Terence Trent D’Arby, CBS 12in
90 — TURN ON THE MOON Robe, US 2000 AD Records 12in
92 80 GOLD (EXTENDED VERSION) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, US Elektra 12in
93 — THAT’S THE WAY IT IS Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in promo
94 88 WHO DO YOU LOVE (EXTENDED 12” MIX) Rodney Saulsberry, US Ryan Records 12in
95 79 PUT THAT RECORD BACK ON Cut To Shock featuring EF Cuttin’, US Bassment Records 12in
96 98 FOR YOUR LOVE (I’LL DO MOST ANYTHING) (REMIX) Barry White, Breakout 12in
97 — THE POWER – THE RHYTHM RuffNeck featuring Cheri Williams, US New York Underground Records 12in
98 — I FOUND YOU Dee Dee Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in white label
99 74 MOHAMED’S HOUSE Sheik Fawaz, US Pow Wow Art International 12in
100= 89 FEEL SO GOOD (DUNGEON)/MOVE Stereo MC’s and Cesare, GC Records 12in
100= — LOVIN’ ON NEXT TO NOTHIN’ (EXTENDED VERSION) Gladys Knight & The Pips, MCA Records 12in white label


01 02 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
02 03 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
03 01 I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW Tiffany, MCA 12in
04 05 SHAKE YOUR LOVE Debbie Gibson, Atlantic 12in
05 10 THAT JACK THAT HOUSE BUILT Jack ‘N’ Chill, 10 Records 12in
06 04 HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH (HEAVENLY MIX) Belinda Carlisle, IRS 12in
07 06 COME INTO MY LIFE Joyce Sims, London 12in
08 08 WHEN WILL I BE FAMOUS? Bros, CBS 12in
09 12 SAY IT AGAIN Jermaine Stewart, 10 Records 12in
10 20 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron/Rhythm King 12in
11 11 ROK DA HOUSE The Beatmasters featuring The Cookie Crew, Rhythm King 12in
12 07 HOUSE ARREST (THE BEAT IS THE LAW) Krush, Club 12in
13 09 O L’AMOUR Dollar, London 12in
14 14 HOT IN THE CITY Billy Idol, Chrysalis 12in
15 24 VALENTINE T’Pau, Siren 12in
16 16 I GOT DA FEELIN’ Sweet Tee, Cooltempo 12in
17 30 NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
18 22 I’M TIRED OF GETTING PUSHED AROUND Two Guys A Drum Machine And A Trumpet, London 12in
19 23 GIVE ME THE REASON Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
20 13 ALWAYS ON MY MIND Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
21 — GET OUTTA MY DREAMS, GET INTO MY CAR Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
22 — SHE’S THE ONE James Brown, Urban 12in
23 17 RISE TO THE OCCASION Climie Fisher, EMI 12in
24 29 LOVE OVERBOARD Gladys Knight & The Pips, MCA 12in
25 18 JINGO (UK HOUSE MIX 1) Jellybean, Chrysalis 12in
26 25 I FOUND SOMEONE Cher, Geffen 12in
28 — SPY IN THE HOUSE OF LOVE Was (Not Was), Fontana 12in
29 — LET’S GET BRUTAL Nitro Deluxe, Cooltempo 12in
30 36 BOYS (SUMMERTIME LOVE) Sabrina, Ibiza 12in
31 27 ANGEL EYES Wet Wet Wet, Precious Organisation 12in
32 40 I’M SO HAPPY Walter Beasley, Urban 12in
33 — MAN IN THE MIRROR Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
34 26 I CAN’T HELP IT Bananarama, London 12in
36 35 SIGN YOUR NAME Terence Trent D’Arby, CBS 12in
37 28 BRING THE NOISE Public Enemy, Def Jam 12in
38 — SEE, WANT, MUST, HAVE Blue Mercedes, MCA 12in
39 33 PAID IN FULL (THE COLDCUT REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Fourth & Broadway 12in
40 31 BEHIND THE WHEEL (REMIX) Depeche Mode, Mute 12in


01 04 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL Sandra Edwards, Bolts 12in
02 01 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
03 03 SAVIN’ MYSELF (HOT LINE REMIX)/(BLASTER MIX) Eria Fachin, Saturday 12in
04 05 O L’AMOUR Dollar, London 12in
05 02 THIS GIRL’S BACK IN TOWN Raquel Welch, US Columbia 12in
06 09 THE RIGHT COMBINATION Seventh Avenue, Nightmare 12in
07 06 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
[last week’s #6 was printed as ALWAYS ON MY MIND (REMIX) Pet Shop Boys]
08 — MIDNIGHT LOVER Bianca, Belgian Hi Tension 12in
09 12 SURPRISE ME TONIGHT Norma Lewis, Nightmare 12in
10 15 SCIENCE FICTION Scott Stryker, Nightmare 12in
11 — PINK CADILLAC (CLUB VOCAL) Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in promo
12 17 ALWAYS ON MY MIND (EXTENDED DANCE VERSION) Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
13 07 DO YOU WANNA FUNK Zone Brothers, US Recca 12in
14 13 A LA VIE L’AMOUR Jakie Quartz, Dutch CBS 12in
15 08 I CRY FOR YOU Shy Rose, US JDC 12in
16 — STOP Samantha Gilles, Belgian Hi Tension/Italian Time 12in
17 21 SATISFY MY DESIRE Havana, Nightmare 12in
18 11 BACK TO YOU Crystal In The Pink, Canadian Power 12in
19 16 I CAN’T HELP IT (CLUB MIX) Bananarama, London 12in
20 — TAKE AWAY THE RAIN Sidewalk, Reflection 12in
21 20 NO REGRETS Quartzlock, Reflection 12in
22 27 BOYS (SUMMERTIME LOVE) Sabrina, London 12in
23 10 IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY (REMIX) Barbara Doust, Canadian Power 12in
24 — BIG BROTHER Aleph, Italian Time 12in
25 14 LOVE EMERGENCY Rachel, US Atlantic 12in
26 29 THESE ARE BRIGHTER DAYS Barbara Pennington, Nightmare 12in
27 22 I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW Tiffany, MCA 12in
28 — NAUGHTY BOY Macho Gang, Italian Macho 12in
29 25 YOU’RE MY RAINBOW Hazell Dean, US Disconet 12in
30 19 YOU ONLY YOU Tasha, Belgian ARS 12in
31 — PERFECT LOVE Linda Jo Rizzo, German ZYX 12in
32 23 NO WIN SITUATION Evelyn Thomas, Nightmare 12in
33 18 COULD THIS BE LOVE Fun Fun, Italian X-Energy 12in
34 32 HOUSE ARREST (THE BEAT IS THE LAW) Krush, Fon/Club 12in
35 28 ALL SYSTEMS GO (EXTENDED REMIX) Donna Summer, WEA 12in
36 24 HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH (HEAVENLY VERSION) Belinda Carlisle, Virgin 12in
37 30 WASTED NIGHTS Croisette, Nightmare 12in
38 — SHAKE YOUR LOVE (CLUB MIX) Debbie Gibson, Atlantic 12in
39 33 DON’T STOP Ross, Italian Flea 12in
40 39 ONE NIGHT STAND (MONOGAMIX) Rob Keane, Nightmare 12in

2 thoughts on “February 20, 1988: Rick Astley, Eric B & Rakim, Suzie and the Cubans, Keith Sweat, Mel & Kim”

  1. How considerate of Delirium to hand out three “organic food pep pills” to all their dancers, to “keep ‘em jacking”!

    Following the Cookie Crew’s ‘Rok Da House’ after a long gap, M. Doc’s ‘It’s Percussion’ becomes the second hip-house track to land. There will be many more before the year is through…


  2. Delirium (which has maybe been mentioned before) and especially Future were early mentions for what became known as acid house parties in a few months – Future even getting mentioned in a legendary top 10 record in the pop charts in the summer. The DJ Nancy was Paul Oakenfolds then girlfriend and was soon known as Nancy Noise.

    And it’s amazing how in a few months the dance chart has been transformed to one nearly all hiphop or house and the traditional funk etc rapidly disappearing.


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