April 23, 1988: The dance charts explained, James Brown, Run-D.M.C., Derek B, Grandmaster Flash, Coco Steel And Lovebomb


ANDY PHIPPEN, it can now be revealed, has bought and already moved into the old Summit Records shop, newly renamed Rhythm Inn, at 79 Praed Street by London s Paddington Station, his Rayners Lane assistant (and star DJ in his own right) Jerry Green moving there too… Soho, meanwhile, is fast becoming a battleground between rival dance music record shops, the latest to open there (at 47 Beak Street) being a larger branch of Jim Milton’s Brixton-based Red Records… Tim Simenon is starting his own Bubble Bunch label, primarily for DJ pressings in the manner of Coldcut’s original Ahead Of Our Time concept, although it will also release his Bomb The Bass follow-up, ‘Megablast‘ (based on ‘Bambaataa’s Theme‘)… Pressure as a label name has already been used here, so MCA Dance will now be the self explanatory new name of Adrian Sykes’ operation… London’s GEE st Records, and indeed G Records, are maybe surprisingly named after an actual Gee Street where the labels and their studio are based, only a block away from rm’s typesetters near the Barbican… Serious Records have rush released Trax Records’ Various Artists ‘Acid Tracks‘ LP (DRUG 1), the semi-compilation with Mr Lee, Armando, Townsell and Phuture Pfantasy Club on one side and Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks on the other — reputedly, Jack Frost’s side (four tracks in all) only took one hour to record, which doesn’t sound unreasonable considering that Ca Sa’s ’15 Minutes’ is apparently titled after the time it took to create!… Les Adams has remixed Penthouse 4 with a modern beefier house sound, and Phil Harding’s remix of Brass Construction ‘Movin’’ shouldn’t upset purists, beefing up the beat considerably while maintaining the original groove… Streets Ahead has already remixed Roxanne Shanté’s ‘Go On Girl’, although the original mix isn’t due here on Breakout until May 16 (the similarity to Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ‘It Takes Two’ is remarkable, but both do use Lyn Collins’ ‘Think (About It)’ as their basis)… Alan Coulthard, amongst the April 88 Mixes on Disco Mix Club, created an excellent megamix of S-Express with — not surprisingly! — Rose Royce ‘Is It Love You’re After’ and ‘RR Express’… ‘Theme From S-Express’ reminds WEA’s man of the year, Fred Dove, also of an old US hit which was promoed here on Atlantic but never released, Spin ‘We Sacrifice‘, but Mark Moore tells me that although he knows somewhere he must have the record, he can’t remember it and is not conscious of any similarities… Pedro ‘Goodfootin’’ is indeed English, will be distributed here in five or so weeks by Rough Trade and does use the Sly & Robbie-created unreleased James Brown backing track that briefly turned up as a Beat Freaks B-side!… PP Arnold sings lead on the Beatmasters’ upcoming ‘Burn It Up‘… Steve Walsh lookalike, DJ Shuggy Jock Master Scratch from Edinburgh’s Zenatec, now has a weekly Saturday 8-9pm Dance Music Chart Show on Radio Forth — you may remember my detailing his earlier megamix use of the Scottish country dance track, ‘Trio’, from an Andrew Rankine & His Band LP on Emerald/Gem, which he now finds fits exactly into the break of Rick Astley’s ‘Together Forever’, after which ‘Marie’s Wedding’ from the some LP then goes over the break of Rick’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ — hoots mon!… Mike Shaft’s official audience figures for his Saturday 8-11pm on BBC Radio Manchester beat commercial rival Piccadilly Radio three to one during the same slot… Glenn Gunner is yet another London club DJ, together with partner Jagz, to create a typically simple — and, in this case, US-style — acid house track, Trance ‘Sound Of The Future’… Glenn Gunner plus Andy Collins and Lee Drummond party hardy at Ealing’s Broadway Boulevard this Thursday when Carl Cox and the Rhino Boys — or could that be rm’s own Rhino Bros? — start funking and scratching Brighton’s Night Fever… James King, here for Up North Promotions’ April 22/23/24 Blackpool Soul Weekend (last minute enquiries on 091-389 0317), is also singing his soul at Birtley’s Liberty’s this Friday (22), Gt Yarmouth’s Macmillans Club Sunday (24)… Saturday (23) the Harlow DJ All Stars – Tony Poole, Terry Munro, Les Knott, Ashley Tyrell, Richard Hookham, Mark Jones – jazz-soul a charity Funk De Mambo night at Harlow’s Kingsmoor Recreation Centre in Paringdon Road… Defhouse Sixteen is a first anniversary bash at Birkenhead’s Atmosphere on Monday (25), with Desa, Kenni James and Dave Ralph introducing T-Cut-F, 52nd Street, Twin-Beat and Wee Papa Girl Rappers – meanwhile, Defhouse Seventeen is already set for Bank Holiday Monday, May 2… Cooltempo’s ‘Fierce Tour’ with Kid’N Play, NT Gang, Taurus Boyz and Julian Jonah collides with Jeff Thomas on Monday (25) at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard… Greg Wilson is returning to his 1982-84 haunt, Manchester’s Legend, for a one-off nostalgic electrophonic phunk revival next Wednesday (27), playing Peech Boys, Sinnamon, Soul Sonic Force, and indeed all the stuff that I too enjoyed playing during the same era in London at Gullivers… Charly has gained UK rights to such US salsa labels as Fania, Tico, Vaya and Cotique, so you can expect lots of Latin compilations… Nini ‘Instant Attitude’, the Janet-ish cranker reviewed on import last week, is here 115bpm on Move & Groove Records (12GMT 5)… Jackie Jackson of Smith & Mighty used to sing backing sessions for Peter Gabriel… Manchester DJ George Andrew’s distinctive writing has been missing from our chart returns since last summer, with good reason as he’s now in Canada, jocking on top of Toronto’s CN Tower in Sparkles, the highest nightclub in the world!… Breakout will at last soon be releasing here, back to back, the Stock Aitken Waterman-produced old Hi-NRG hits, EG Daily’s ‘Love In The Shadows’/’Mind Over Matter’… I find it strange, considering rm prints a Hi-NRG Top 50 now, that I am still not sent for review some of the Hi-NRG “hits” that do come out here – don’t the little record companies concerned want proper coverage and the chance to expand their market, especially in the current national Top 20 climate?… GET OFF!

EMBARRASSING MOMENTS at Prestatyn, Number Two! During the last day’s grand finale it was suddenly thought that a good idea would be, after all this time, to revive McFadden & WhItehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ — but nobody had a copy until Radio 1’s dance music DJ JEFF YOUNG dipped into his record box and pulled out the entire series of DM/StreetSounds’ ‘Anthems’ albums (which of course contain it and all the other great weekender clichés)! I wonder what this photo’s worth to label owner, Morgan Khan?

SIMON HARRIS gets small y’all, in front of the London scratch mix posse of (l to r) DJ POGO, CUTMASTER SWIFT and STREETS AHEAD, in the house at Prestatyn.

MARK KAMINS, the legendary New York DJ who really discovered Madonna, is in fact SHEIK FAWAZ, whose ‘Mohamed’s House’ hit contains samples of the now dead female Egyptian singing star Sabba, amongst others, that he used to play for atmospheric effect of Harem.


Some explanation of the way in which rm’s dance charts are compiled is possibly in order, to satisfy the enquiries of several readers.

All are based on DJ’s chart returns, which are meant to reflect perceived floor reaction, but, as we realise that it’s obviously impossible to categorise exactly in a ranked order just how big each record is on the floor, we interpret the DJ’s chart positions into general bands of acceptance by way of a points system. We give seven points for number one, six for Top Five, five for Top 10, four for Top 15, and three for anything lower than that — this being because a conventional inverse points rating would be impractical as we get chart returns ranging from a Top 10 to a Top 50 or more, 20 or 30 positions however being the preferred norm.

Once all this is worked out, a very carefully (and secretly!) formulated sales factor is added to The Club Chart, to ensure that the most recent weekend’s big sellers are included, on the reasonable supposition that, if so many DJs have bought them, the records are likely to have been played as well! In practice, though, it really is only the biggest sellers that enter the chart in this way, by far the major contribution to chart movement overall being DJs’ input — however, thanks to the inevitable time lag caused by mail and compilation delays, the DJs’ reactions obviously relate to club plays at the very least a week before The Club Chart is printed, and sales input is needed to “sweeten” the finished result, keeping it up to date.

The formula is consistently shown to work (it’s uncanny the number of times that DJs’ points have matched previous, first, week’s sales points to the exact number!), my only regret that, as the chart is so scrupulously honest in its compilation, it often seems slow moving (especially in comparison with such ‘playlist’-style listings as Tim Jeffery’s Cool Cuts). One reason why the chart is a Top 100 is to give all the records that are happening a chance to show up somewhere, though, frustratingly at the moment, a number of actual sellers are often kept out even of the 100 by non-selling promos that have merely been serviced to chart-returning DJs for free. Still, just because DJs are buying a record it isn’t necessarily going to prove a floor-filler when they play it, so I reckon everything works out fairly.

The Pop Dance, Scottish Dance and Hi-NRG charts are compiled in same way, but without any sales and to an earlier deadline, by just Alan Jones (who does the preliminary work on The Club Chart, which I complete over the weekend). DJs returning to us should note that we need your charts by Wednesday every week, so please post them if possible no later than Monday, to James Hamilton/Alan Jones, RM, Spotlight Publications, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7QZ. We ourselves do not supply printed chart forms, so use your own paper — and, please, be honest in assessing floor reaction.


JAMES BROWN ‘The Payback Mix — Keep On Doing What You’re Doing But Make It Funky’ (Urban URBX 17)
Originally titled on promo as ‘Coldcut Meets The Godfather’ but finally out commercially with all mention of Coldcut totally removed, Matt Black and Jonathan More instead being credited just on the sleeve as its mixers, this brilliant 0-110⅙(most of it)-109(final ‘Sex Machine’)-113-110½-0bpm megamix of Mr Brown and associated acts is already a massive dancefloor smash, coupled now with 1973’s sinuously jiggling 101-100½-99½-98⅓bpm ‘Stone To The Bone’, 1969’s relentlessly thrashing and screaming 117-115⅔-114-115⅔-114⅔-113⅔-116-114bpm ‘Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose’ (in a remix), and 1967’s classic brassily chugging 111⅔-113-111⅔-113-112⅓-113bpm ‘Cold Sweat‘ (which’ll always remind me of driving through the Texas desert with it blaring from the radio, as “the brand new sound of Brown in our town, mama, layin’ it down pound by pound — my, my, my!”). Norman Cook and Streets Ahead’s ‘The Final Mixdown‘ revamp of the A-side is also apparently due this week, though surely seems unlikely quite so soon?

RUN-D.M.C. ‘Run’s House’ (London LONX 177)
Worth the wait as more def and fresh than their latterday pop output, this rebellious 0-99⅙bpm angry shouter is coupled with the much more excitingly scratched 103bpm ‘Beats To The Rhyme‘ (instrumentals too), though both may of course prove too juddery and hard for their pop fans. Tough!

DEREK B ‘Bad Young Brother (Billy Beat Remix)’ (Tuff Audio DRKB 112)
Really fiercely scratched hard and heavy 100⅔bpm rap judderer, bowing in his own Phonogram-distributed label, another that’s concerned more with regaining street credibility among the b boy rebels rather than pop fans (excellent Bad Young Dub, and a 99⅚-0bpm remix by Steve Ett too, all at 33⅓pm).

GRANDMASTER FLASH AND THE FURIOUS FIVE ‘Fly Girl (Extended Version)’ (US Elektra 0-66765)
The rapidly 12-inched hot highlight from their new LP is a lovely 94-0bpm slinky soul jogger rather than a rap (with Ray Goodman & Brown’s backing vocals), combining Patrice Rushen’s ‘Remind Me‘ rhythm and the feel of Collage’s ‘Get In Touch With Me‘ (LP Version/Instrumental too), flipped by the more butchly bumping properly rapped 97⅙bpm ‘Cold In Effect‘ (in three versions).

COCO STEEL AND LOVEBOMB ‘Miracles (I Don’t Believe In)’ (Instant INST 8)
Fascinating busily jumbled strange churning 108¼-0bpm amalgam of jangling and braying Latin piano and brass, wailing almost Arabic female vocal and the Jackson Sisters’ backing beat, plus weirdness like chatter and ‘Alfie’ quotes also on the Don’t Make Me Laugh Dub, while the other side has the equally adventurous though more mellow grooves-jammed pattering 103⅓-102¾bpm ‘T-S-0-E (The Sound Of Europe) Part 1’, and trumpet tootled 98bpm ‘Let It Down, Baby’ — all needing more than a quick dip to get you hooked.

IN FULL EFFECT ‘Master Done It’ (MM 6226)
Or there again, MASTER DONE IT ‘In Full Effect’, there being no way of knowing which way is right on this bootleg “mixer” which very cleverly strings together all sorts of stuff in jiggly 0-98-96-92-93-96-96⅓-96-98⅔-100⅓-0bpm hip hop stylee, even if not everything is actually hip hop. It may seem a bit murky on first hearing, but does cut through.

MICA PARIS ‘My One Temptation (Dance Version)’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 85)
Much hyped South London gospel-trained soulstress (pronounced “Meesha”) debuting with a melodically flowing subtly under-produced pleasant 109⅓bpm easy swayer which, I hesitate to draw such a predictable comparison, really is reminiscent of Aretha Franklin’s less strident oldies, with Herb Alpert-like trumpet tootles (less spacious Radio Version, and tumblingly weaving 100bpm ‘Rock Together‘ too), all pure class.

THE C.C.R. CREW ‘Slap House’ (Circle City Records CCY T6)
Froggy & KC-produced hi-hat hissing jittery skittery 116½-0bpm revamping adaptation of Marshall Jefferson’s ‘House Music Anthem’ (inst flip), sufficiently different and exciting in a more modern style possibly to happen again.

MAGIC LADY ‘Betcha Can’t Lose (With My Love)’ (Motown ZT 42004)
Emotions-ish soulful Linda Stokes and Jackie Ball, together with producer Michael Stokes, return with a pleasantly old fashioned steady 0-111⅔bpm strider which spurts into catchy sing-song choruses (in four mixes), something of a grower that could end up large.

KEITH SWEAT ‘Something Just Ain’t Right (Extended Version)’ (Vintertainment EKR 72T)
Strong soulfully sinuous 0-106⅙-0bpm jogger, hot on his album and now remixed (in three versions), with percolating Timmy Thomas/Ann Peebles ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’-type synthetic beats.

GOLDTOP ‘Introduction’ (GEE st Records GT001)
Due fully on May 3, M.C. GT’s James Brown and Bobby Byrd-cutting 112½bpm Cockney rap bounds jauntily along over DJ Rob B’s slippery scratches, with much that’s familiar to recognise in a vaguely volume pumping stylee (inst/bonus beats flip). Hold it now!

FREAK-L ‘Slammin’’ (US Urban Rock Records UR 933)
Vandy C-produced strong drily percussive 108⅚-0bpm slippery James Brown-cutting wordily urgent rap jitterer (inst/acappella too), usefully coupled with the blatantly JBs ‘Gimme Some More’-based 97-0bpm ‘Buggin’ In The Crib‘.

3-D ‘From Da Giddy-Up’ (CityBeat CBE 1225)
Steady B co-produced good 108⅓bpm James Brown groove-based rebellious Philly rap (108½bpm instrumental too), coupled here only by the similarly JB-based fast talking jiggly 110⅚bpm ‘Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff‘ and short Acappella of the now totally missing ‘Chuck Chillout’.

KOOL MOE DEE ‘Wild Wild West (Special Extended Remix)’ (Jive JIVE T 167)
Cameo-style rolling slinky 0-93-0bpm rap jiggler, with spaghetti western whistles, coupled with the old ultra-jittery James Brown-based 0-104½bpm ‘How Ya Like Me Now’ and stark thudding 0-88-0bpm ‘Do You Know What Time It Is‘.

M.C. BETA ‘There’s Nothing Like New York’ (US Profile PRO-7179)
Jazzy Jay-produced lethargically jogging 89⅔bpm wordy rap bused on Collage’s ‘Get In Touch With Me’ bassline (dub/inst/beats flip), making it possibly a sneaky grower.

INGRAM INC ‘House’ (Bass Records Inc BA-002)
Very “toppy” cymbals sizzled ‘Set It Off’-ish monotonous 116⅓bpm jack track instrumental, with a more acidic alternative Keyboard Mix, but it’s the flip’s similar though in fact different and more melodic 0-116½bpm ‘Zone’ treatment of the theme from TV’s ‘Twilight Zone’ (with some West Indian accented muttering) that’s getting most attention. Despite being packaged as an American import, I suspect it must be English.

TAJA SEVELLE ‘Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me?’ (Paisley Park Records W8127T)
Her drily funky wriggly jittering chunky lurcher is 12-inched here in just Jellybean’s 105⅙-105bpm remix, which suddenly surges brightly into its last half, and Joe Blaney’s jigglier chugging 105⅙bpm remix, presumably leaving the import’s Jellybean Dub and Paisley Park Mix for future creative marketing use.

ANNETTE TAYLOR ‘It Must Be Right’ (US Select FMS62309) Untidily rambling dated 111⅙bpm jittery striding New York-style soul wailer, with hints of Whitney Houston vocal influence though far raunchier and rootsier than her (dub/edit flip).

WAS (NOT WAS) ‘Out Come The Freaks (Again)’ (Fontana WAS 412)
Pop orientated juddery chugging brand new 116¼-116½bpm remake of their much recorded oldie, coupled in fact (at 33⅓rpm) by the Geffen Records-released 100⅙-0bpm lurching slow Smokey Robinson-ish ‘(Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks‘, and Ze-released 124¾-125-124½-0bpm original fast disco version — the only one actually titled simply ‘Out Come The Freaks’ (chart returning jocks please note).

BLACK RIOT ‘A Day In The Life’ (Champion CHAMP 12-75)
Todd Terry-created hi-hats driven and dusty organ chorded wriggly surging 0-119¾-0bpm house instrumental, like a less frenetic ‘Bango (To The Batmobile)’, although here the hi-hat hustled volume pumpingly basslined jerkily leaping 121¼bpm ‘Warlock‘ gets A-side precedence (dubs too).

THE BASEMENT BOYS ‘Love Don’t Live Here No More — Zanz Mix’ (Champion CHAMP 12-74)
Anxiously moaned nervily loping garage-cum-house Rose Royce remake in this 118¾-118½-118¾-118⅓bpm Tony Humphries remix (dub/beats too), and the Boys’ own less fluid instrumental 118-117¾bpm Subliminal Sub-Pump Mix.

SCRATCH ‘N’ THIEF ‘Powermooves’ (Underground Groove Records/Oasis Music OMT 001)
Clichéd samples crammed 0-114⅓-0bpm bass bombing volume pumper, picked up from the States by Luton’s Tim Raidl and remixed here by lan Jupp with the aptly named artiste (the oft heard samples are unaccompanied on the flip, thus helping perpetuate them yet further).

ORCHESTRA J.B. ‘On A Love Groove (Space Cadet Glow Mix)’ (Metro Music International 12MMI-1, via EMI)
Yet another routine blatantly derivative 111-0bpm bass bombing volume pumper, produced confusingly by a James Brown, though not the JB — this one being Bolts Records’ Jimmy Brown!


WILL DOWNING ‘A Love Supreme (Chasin’ The Trane Mix)’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRX 90), bassily throbbed freakily edited excellent exciting complete 0-120bpm revamp by Arthur Baker, bringing out David Cole’s piano (whereas the subtitle might lead one to expect Stanley Turrentine’s sax);

WELL RED featuring DJ Desire & Rev Marquis Birch ‘M.F.S.B. (In Full Effect)‘ (Virgin VST 1079), the full commercial release of this ‘White Lines/For The Love Of Money’-combining juddery chant ‘n scratch not only reveals the correct artist line-up but also is slowed down by over four beats per minute from the promo to a now very less frantic 116¼-0bpm (which may not necessarily be an improvement).

THE CLUB CHART – April 23, 1988

01 01 THEME FROM S-EXPRESS S-Express, Rhythm King 12in
02 03 A LOVE SUPREME (JAZZ IN THE HOUSE REMIX/DUB) Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway 12in
03 10 DIVINE EMOTIONS (REMIX) Narada, Reprise Records 12in
04 04 IT TAKES TWO Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, CityBeat 12in
05 02 BASS (HOW LOW CAN YOU GO) (BOMB THE HOUSE MIX) Simon Harris, ffrr 12in
07 09 I WANT YOU BACK (PHIL HARDING ’88 REMIX/ORIGINAL) Jackson 5, Motown 12in
08 08 WALK AWAY (12in CLUB MIX HIP HOP STYLE) Joyce Sims, London 12in
09 07 I WANT HER (EXTENDED VERSION) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in
10 17 PINK CADILLAC (CLUB VOCAL)/I WANNA BE THAT WOMAN Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
11 15 KEEP RISIN’ TO THE TOP/GUESS? WHO? Doug E & The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality 12in
12 05 I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL (NORMAN C & DJ D REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
13 16 DREAMING (EXTENDED DANCE MIX) Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in
14 12 WAM BAM (12” REMIX) NT Gang, Cooltempo 12in
15 26 NITE AND DAY/NUIT ET JOUR Al B Sure!, US Warner Bros 12in
16 32 A LOVE SUPREME/DO YOU?/FREE/IN MY DREAMS Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway LP
17 34 JEALOUSY & LIES/ALTERNATIVE DANCE MIX Julian Jonah, Cooltempo 12in
18 11 DO THIS MY WAY/NORMAN C & DJ D REMIX Kid ‘N’ Play, Cooltempo 12in
20 19 YES IT’S YOU Sweet Charles/THINK (ABOUT IT)/ROCK ME AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN Lyn Collins, Urban 12in
22 52 AND THE BREAK GOES ON The Break Boys, US Fourth Floor Records 12in
23 18 LET’S PICK UP THE PIECES (AND MAKE SOME MUSIC) Twin-Beat, Big One 12in mailing list promo
26 22 YOU ARE THE ONE (ESSENTIAL CLUB MIX) Taurus Boyz featuring Kevin Henry, Cooltempo 12in
27 27 PRIVATE PARTY (LES ADAMS’ REMIXES) Wally Jump Jr & the Criminal Element,  Breakout 12in
28 38 GIRLFRIEND (EXTENDED VERSION) Pebbles, MCA Records 12in
29 43 HOT BUTTERFLY Gregg Diamond & Bionic Boogie, Urban 12in
31 21 BANGO (TO THE BATMOBILE)/BACK TO THE BEAT The Todd Terry Project, US Fresh 12in
32 37 ANYONE… Smith & Mighty featuring Jackie Jackson, Three Stripe Records 12in
33 24 PUSH THE BEAT (BAUHAUS) Cappella, Fast Globe 12in
34 13 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron Records 12in
35 39 M.F.S.B. (IN FULL EFFECT) Well Red (DJ D Zire), Virgin 12in promo
36 36 DOCTORIN’ THE HOUSE/SPENG Coldcut featuring Yazz, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
38 61 SOMETHING JUST AIN’T RIGHT (EXTENDED) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in
39 — K.A.O.S.S./FOR THE MONEY True Mathematics, US Select 12in/Champion promo
40 — FLY GIRL (EXTENDED VERSION) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, US Elektra 12in
41 35 FAITH (EXTENDED VERSION) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Jive 12in
43 — BAD YOUNG BROTHER (BILLY BEAT REMIX) Derek B, Tuff Audio 12in
44 28 GIVE IT TO ME (RADIO MIX/INSTRUMENTAL MIX) Bam Bam, Serious Records 12in
45 50 ALL THIS LOVE THAT I’M GIVING/UK RE-EDIT Gwen McCrae, Rhythm King 12in
46 41 RUN’S HOUSE/BEATS TO THE RHYME Run-DMC, London 12in promo
48 45 STRONG ISLAND J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E., Hardcore/B Boy Records 12in
49 66 YOU GOTS TO CHILL (CLUB VERSION) EPMD, US Fresh Records 12in
50 re INTIMACY (EXTENDED VERSION) St. Paul, US MCA Records 12in
51 65 JUST GOT PAID Johnny Kemp, US Columbia 12in
52 44 I FEEL IT (CONSTRUCTION MIX/MAKUMBA MIX) Suzie and the Cubans, Champion 12in
53 81 BETCHA CAN’T LOSE (WITH MY LOVE) Magic Lady, Motown 12in
54 62 HOUSE TRAIN (NEW YORK MIX) Risse, Jack Trax 12in
55 84 PIANO IN THE DARK Brenda Russell, Breakout 12in
57 85 FAITH (JON WILLIAMS REMIX) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Jive 12in white label
58 58 GET LUCKY (EXTENDED REMIX) Jermaine Stewart, Siren 12in
59 40 BOUNCY HOUSE (UNDERGROUND MIX) Adrenalin MOD, MCA Records 12in
60 63 DON’T TURN AROUND (REMIX) Aswad, Mango 12in
61 80 CHECK THIS OUT (FIERCE VOCAL) LA Mix, Breakout 12in pre-release
62 — VOLUME 3 (BATMAN) Sounds From The Pink Sand Box (Emilio Pasquez?), Pink 12in white label
63 — STOP THE VIOLENCE Boogie Down Productions, US Jive LP
64 77 A DAY IN THE LIFE/WARLOCK Black Riot, US Fourth Floor Records 12in/Champion promo
65 49 PUSH IT (REMIX) Salt-n-Pepa/HIT ‘EM WITH THIS Antoinette, ffrr 12in
66 60 SHOUT/TWO THE MAX Jack Frost and the Circle Jerks/GET THE HOLE Townsell (‘Acid Tracks’), Serious LP
67 54 HOW LOW CAN YOU GO Project Club, Supreme Records 12in
68 90 I’LL MEET YOU ALONG THE WAY Rick Clarke, WA Records 12in white label
69 — PRIVATE PARTY (ACID FINGERS MIX) Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element, Breakout 12in
70 67 BIG THING (EXTENDED) Blue Zone, Arista/Rockin’Horse Records 12in
71 70 GOOD LOVIN’ Dave Collins, GTI Records 12in mailing list promo
72 — IT MUST BE RIGHT Annette Taylor, US Select 12in
73 95 GOODFOOTIN’ Pedro, B.U.M. 12in
74 47 SET IT OFF (BUNKER ’88 PINK INK MIX) Bunker Kru, Champion 12in
75 — MY ONE TEMPTATION (DANCE VERSION) Mica Paris, Fourth & Broadway 12in pre-release
76 72 I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL (THE DEREK ON ERIC REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
77 42 MOHAMED’S HOUSE (SALAAM ALEIKUM/LIVE AT THE HAREM) Sheik Fawaz, Circa Records 12in
78 74 OUT ON A MISSION Lost In Bass, Beatmaster Records 12in
79 68 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER (MANTRONIK MIX) The Kane Gang, Kitchenware Records 12in
80 53 I WANT HER (DANCE ‘TIL YA SWEAT MIX) Keith Sweat, Elektra 12in
81 97 LOVE DON’T LIVE HERE NO MORE (ZANZ MIX) The Basement Boys, US Jump Street 12in/Champion promo
83 — SAY YOU WILL/I WILL WAIT 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in mailing list promo
84 93 IT’S A CHOICE/LOVE CALLS Visions, US Polydor LP
86 — BUST THIS HOUSE DOWN (LES ADAMS’ TURNAROUND MIX) Penthouse 4, Syncopate 12in
87 55 WHO DO YOU LOVE (EXTENDED 12” MIX) Rodney Saulsberry, Big Wave 12in
88 83 SUPER-CASANOVA Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, US DNA International 12in
89 99 YES, I HAVE RETURNED/BASS TO THE BEAT Richie Rich, Gee St Records 12in
90 71 SLAMMIN’/BUGGIN’ IN THE CRIB Freak-L, US Urban Rock Records 12in
91 56 I FOUND YOU Dee Dee Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
92 92 WOULDN’T YOU LOVE TO LOVE ME? (JELLYBEAN 12” VOCAL REMIX) Taja Sevelle, Paisley Park 12in
94 46 DREAMING (UP ALL NIGHT MIX) Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in
95 79 HOUSEDOCTORS (GOTTA GET DOWN) (CRAZY CUTS MIX) The Housedoctors, Big One 12in
96 — I’LL BE THERE, I’LL BE THERE/IF YOU WANT TO FOOL AROUND Demetrius, US Vision Records 12in
97 — HITTRAX II (COOL J TRAX) House Gang, US International House Records 12in
98 — I AIN’T WID DAT Funkmaster Wizard Wiz, US Tuff City 12in
99 — JOY (EXTENDED REMIX) Teddy Pendergrass, US Asylum 12in
100 — NORTHSIDE/ROUGHER THAN AN ANIMAL The Demon Boyz, Music Of Life 12in


01 03 WHO’S LEAVING WHO Hazell Dean, EMI 12in
02 04 HEART (DISCO MIX)/(DANCE MIX) Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
03 06 I WANT YOU BACK Bananarama, London 12in
04 08 I’M NOT SCARED Eighth Wonder, CBS 12in
05 14  JUST A MIRAGE Jellybean featuring Adele Bertei, Chrysalis 12in
06 — PINK CADILLAC Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
07 11 THEME FROM S-EXPRESS S-Express, Rhythm King 12in
08 19 A LOVE SUPREME (JAZZ IN THE HOUSE REMIX) Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway 12in
09 01 GET OUTTA MY DREAMS, GET INTO MY CAR Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
10 07 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron/Rhythm King 12in
11 18 BASS (HOW LOW CAN YOU GO) Simon Harris, ffrr 12in
12 02 DON’T TURN AROUND Aswad, Mango 12in
13 12 ONLY IN MY DREAMS Debbie Gibson, Atlantic 12in
14 — WALK AWAY Joyce Sims, ffrr 12in
15 — LOVE CHANGES (EVERYTHING) Climie Fisher, EMI 12in
16 — I WANT YOU BACK (’88 REMIX) Jackson Five, Motown 12in
17 — DREAMING Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in
18 17 I WANT HER Keith Sweat, Vintertainment/Elektra 12in
19 09 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
20 13 WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO Whitney Houston, Arista 12in


01 01 WHO’S LEAVING WHO Hazell Dean, EMI 12in
02 02 I’M NOT SCARED Eighth Wonder, CBS 12in
03 05 JUST A MIRAGE Jellybean featuring Adele Bertei, Chrysalis 12in
04 03 HEART (DISCO MIX)/(DANCE MIX) Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
05 07 I WANT YOU BACK Bananarama, London 12in
06 04 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
07 — THEME FROM S-EXPRESS S-Express, Rhythm King 12in
08 06 LET’S ALL CHANT Mick & Pat, PWL 12in
09 — PINK CADILLAC Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
10 — GIRLFRIEND Pebbles, MCA 12in


01 02 PINK CADILLAC (CLUB VOCAL) Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
03 06 HEART (DISCO MIX)/(DANCE MIX) Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone 12in
04 08 TAKE AWAY THE RAIN Sidewalk, Reflection 12in
05 03 POPCORN M&H Band, French Family 12in
06 04 JUST A MIRAGE Jellybean featuring Adele Bertei, Chrysalis 12in
07 — SHOW ME San, Belgian Hi Tension 12in
08 32 SURPRISE ME TONIGHT Norma Lewis, Nightmare 12in
09 05 I’M NOT SCARED (DISCO MIX) Eighth Wonder, CBS 12in
10 10 NO REGRETS Quartzlock, Reflection 12in
11 16 SUSPICIOUS MINDS Bobby O, US O Records 12in
13 26 PROVE YOUR LOVE (EXTENDED REMIX) Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
14 11 SLAVE (FOR YOUR DESIRE) Tracy Ackerman, Passion 12in
15 07 I CRY FOR YOU Shy Rose, US JDC 12in
16 re HONEY BEE Charlotte McKinnon, US Funhouse 12in
17 — YOUR LOVE Mandingo, US Funhouse 12in
18 — WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE Gloria Brooke, Blue Moon 12in
19 — AWESOME Sharon Dee Clarke, Nightmare 12in
20 — GIVE ME A LITTLE INSPIRATION Brenda Holloway, Nightmare 12in
21 22 SAVIN’ MYSELF (HOT LINE REMIX)/(BLASTER MIX) Eria Fachin, Saturday 12in
22 — BACK TO YOU (REMIX) Crystal In The Pink, Reflection 12in
23 — THAT JEALOUS SENSATION Marsha Raven, Nightmare 12in
24 15 S.T.O.P Samantha Gilles, Belgian Hi Tension/Italian Time 12in
25 23 LOVE MEMORIES Left Lane, US Bent Records 12in
26 38 SATISFY MY DESIRE Havana, Nightmare 12in
27 47 BIG BROTHER Aleph, Italian Time 12in
28 28 CROSS MY BROKEN HEART Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
29 09 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
31 21 CONTACT (MEDLEY) Disc Drive, US Sizzle 12in
32 46 LOVE Gypsy & Queen, Italian Time 12in
33 30 THE LOCOMOTION Kylie Minogue, Australian Mushroom 12in
34 — (I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE) DEAD OR ALIVE Claudja Barry, Blue Moon 12in
35 34 I WANT YOU BACK Bananarama, London 12in
36 19 STOP FOR A MINUTE Sandra, German Virgin 12in
37 17 HYPNOTIZE Taste-T-Lips, US Mercury 12in
38 re PERFECT LOVE (REMIX) Linda Jo Rizzo, Reflection 12in
39 27 STOP ME NOW Midnight Shift, Technique 12in
40 12 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS/I’M THE ONE WHO REALLY LOVES YOU (US REMIX) Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
41 49 THE RIGHT COMBINATION Seventh Avenue, Nightmare 12in
42 24 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL Sandra Edwards, Bolts 12in
43 re SKY HIGH (LES ADAMS REMIX) Jigsaw, Splash 12in
44 — AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH Shezwae Powell, Nightmare 12in
45 — THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE English Boy On The Loveranch, New Rose 12in
46 18 LIES Amanda Scott, Quazar 12in
47 33 FOR YOU Sisley Ferre, Dutch Hotsound 12in
48 20 YOU ONLY YOU Tasha, Belgian ARS 12in
49 — WAKE ME UP WHEN IT’S OVER Jimmy Ruffin, Nightmare 12in
50 40 MIDNIGHT LOVER Bianca, Belgian Hi Tension 12in

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