October 21, 1989: Inner City, Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers, Fluke, Grace Jones


BAD COMPANY PROMOTIONS are organising a London Mix Competition for mixing DJs, the heats and final to be held in November (7/8/14/15/21/22 and 28) at Hackney Road’s Tantrums, and judged (on musically flowing club mixing skill, note, as well as exhibitionist scratching “bedroom” stunts) by the likes of Jazzy M, Simon Goffe, MC Jammy Hammy, and MTV’s Sophie Brown and James Hyman, with as first prize a latest model Numark disco mixer plus the probability of a special appearance on MTV: would-be competitors, apply as soon as possible to Wayne Nevers on 01-469 2065 at Bad Company Soul Syndicate, 15b Florence Road, New Cross, London SE14 6TW . . . Mix Connection in association with Jazzy Jason of the Dynamic Guv’nors are holding a 1990 World Bedroom Mixing & Production Competition, high quality cassette tape entries of between seven and nine minutes duration to be received for judging by December 1 at Mix Connection, 68 Sunningdale, Round Green, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 7TE, England (further details and application forms from that address, or from Tim Raidl on 0582-412460) — prizes are a highly publicised year’s management contract with the Britmix production team plus Mix Connection subscription packages . . . Michael Perch clarifies that, although deliberately limited promotion for Outer Rhythm releases will indeed be by him alone, he is acting more as a co-ordinating overseer of the actual Rhythm King label’s club promotion, which continues to be handled independently by Clubnet . . . Now out commercially and selling fast following last week’s white label review is the Forgemasters ‘Track With No Name’ (Outer Rhythm/W.A.R.P Records WAP 1) . . . Mercury have snapped up Qaurtz ‘Meltdown’ for rush release next week as a remix coupled by its original iTMusic mix, while Urban have picked up Fidelfatti featuring Ronnette ‘Just Wanna Touch Me’ . . . Frankie Knuckles Presents ‘Your Love’, the Jamie Principle featuring underground “sleeper”, appears finally to be out here (Trax Records/Radical TRAXT 3), not that it’s been sent to me . . . ‘The Mack Daddy On The Left’, recently reviewed on import (as (0-)99bpm), has been added to the commercial 12 inch of De La Soul ‘Eye Know’, which, so far as one can tell from advertisements, appears to include both of the promoed Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh remixes after all — similarly, the commercial 12 inch of Adeva ‘I Thank You’ (on which The Philadelphia Mix is (0-)121½bpm and Philly Dub Mix 119⅔bpm) adds her album’s good but less incisive 119¾-119⅓bpm ‘I Don’t Need You’ . . . BCM Records have promoed back-to-back here, as a trailer for their November 6 issued ‘Sueno!’ compilation album, Wood Allen ‘Airport ’89 medley with Electric Fling’ and El Chico ‘House Music Lovers’ . . . Fourth & Broadway have promoed the controversial ‘F*** Tha Police’ from NWA’s album, but as yet seem undecided about its commercial release . . . Home Secretary Douglas Hurd, instead of cracking down indiscriminatingly on the so-called “acid house” M25/warehouse parties (where he’d probably find very little drug taking actually goes on, that being last year’s thing), could wipe them out at a stroke if only he would relax the virtual curfew of the 3am licensing laws, as all that the kids (the new generation of voters at the next general election!) want is somewhere to have fun and dance all night — why must officialdom be so negative always? . . . M-D-EMM’s sample spotting main man Dave Lee has noticed it’s Booker T & The MG’s ‘Melting Pot‘ (something of a classic New York break beat) that is used in varying amounts by not only Roxanne Shanté ‘Live On Stage‘ and MC’s Logik ‘Get Involved‘ but also the Big Daddy Kane album track ‘Another Victory‘ . . . Booker T & The MG’s, coincidentally, will be combining with Rufus & Carla Thomas, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, the Memphis Horns plus Phil Upchurch next January in Cannes at the annual MIDEM music business convention for a Stax reunion concert — the TV rights to which have already been bought here by ITV! . . . Blue Chip Recording’s managing director Kevin Anthony Roberts reverts to his Northern Soul name Kev Roberts when he presents the Stax/Atlantic/Motown/Philly/Sixties R&B/funk classics ‘Kev Roberts Hall Of Fame’ every Friday 9pm-midnight on Mike Shaft’s Manchester radio station, Sunset 102FM — the UK’s first legal soul station! — which comes on air this Sunday (October 22) . . . London’s Evening Standard, in its most recent monthly ES magazine, detailed several DJs’ spooky experiences of supposed ghosts at Capital Radio, which during my 10½ years there were always quite convincingly rationalised as being noises and surges in the air conditioning system, an explanation that still fits most of these latest occurrences (as I grew up in a thoroughly haunted house, this is not a denial of the supernatural) . . . Brian Mason, armed with a copy of rm, recently had a live on-air telephone chat discussing current club music trends with Jody B, his one time DJ-ing partner at Cricklewood’s Ashtons, on her Sunday afternoon Radio One show — in Finland, that is! . . . Cardiff born and bred Damon Rochefort was filmed last week for a half-hour special to be shown on HTV in November, tracing the ‘Rake’s Progress’-like rise of this local boyo made good as journalist/record producer in wicked London — what’s more, he had to do half the programme in Welsh, which he hasn’t spoken now for seven years! . . . Paul ‘Trouble Those Decks’ Anderson, amongst his other “happenin'” London gigs, is starting a new house orientated ‘What It Is!’ 9pm-2am late Sunday night, just down Clerkenwell Road from our typesetters, at Turnmills . . . DJ Pete Heller hosts this Thursday’s weekly Sub Club at Notting Hill’s Subterania in Acklam Road (off Portobello Road under the Westway) . . . DJ guests like ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards and Noel Watson rock the house on two floors for housequake—pure groove every Friday in Mayfair at Cork Street’s Academy (can that be the same Academy as Auberon Waugh’s new literary boozing club?!) . . . Justin Smith spins upfront house ‘n’ beats on Fridays, and on non-alcoholic under-18 Tuesdays, at Ealing’s Stocks . . . Jim Thompson The MCJT and Alan ‘The Fatman’ Ritson spin ltalo house, garage grooves and acid pop every Friday from 7.30pm at Liverpool’s The Queens, Waterloo . . . Mike Howard and Chrissy J mix everything up (including some straight pop) Downstairs at Papa’s pasta joint in West Croydon’s London Road every Friday/Saturday night . . . ILR soul show presenters ‘Big’ Rich Edwards and Jerry ‘Happy Hippo’ Hipkiss team up every Monday at Hereford’s over-2I s Lovejoy’s . . . Mark King’s upfront hip hop and house Sundays at Chertsey’s Galleon are going so well he’s doing the same now on Saturdays at Bagshot’s Hero . . . D.J. International Records in the US have issued a compilation album called ‘Hip House‘ (DJ# 1021) — containing already available stuff by combinations of Fast Eddie, Tyree, Kool Rock Steady, K.A. Posse, Julian “Jumpin” Perez — the sleeve of which takes pains to point out that, although there may indeed have been “house raps” previously, it was Fast Eddie in 1988, on combining hip hop and house for ‘Yo Yo Get Funky’, who first used the actual musical description “hip house” . . . Frankie ‘Bones’ and Tommy Musto, amongst many other various aliases, are now teaming up as the Flowmasters for an EP due soon on XL Recordings . . . RePublic Records are releasing Da Posse featuring Martell ‘Searchin’ Hard’ here, in new US mixes including a swingbeat version . . . Mike Pickering & Graeme Park have remixed Snowboy ‘Snowboy’s House Of Latin’ . . . Nile Rodgers is working on a new album for Chic . . . Janet Jackson’s comeback single may have topped the pop chart in the US, where ears are obviously more attuned to the current jerkily mechanical production techniques of mainstream American dance music, but in house crazy Britain its impact has been much less, although ironically most of its limited dancefloor reaction has noticeably come from the North (which one might have presumed to be the stronghold of house) . . . Southgate’s Cloud 9 Discotheques (01-368 7447) had one of their vans stolen back in August during a Sunday lunchtime, loaded still with an entire mobile disco including such as a Citronic Delaware console, Wilding Sound speakers, Opti Solar 250 projectors, Pulsar Zero 3000 lighting units, other effects and a complete set of records – obviously one has every sympathy in such a loss, but it does point up the need for any vehicles used regularly by mobile discos to be both as anonymous looking as possible (ie: not sign written) and fitted with an alarm if they are likely to be left loaded even for only a short time, on private property just as much as in the street, while ideally whenever busy schedules allow they should of course be completely unloaded between gigs, even if that is a sweat (it’s how I always operated, touch wood without mishap) . . . BCM Records in Germany actually sell a slipmat, bearing their dancing footprints logo, sensibly packaged in a sleeve like an album and with a catalogue number to boot (BCM 70179)! . . . Barry Tomes of Birmingham’s newly renamed PromoBeats DJ mailing list (021-460 1645) is awarding 15 record tokens to the senders of the first five reaction reports received after each mailout, whereas most other better experienced club pluggers usually prefer DJs to wait for up to a fortnight (with maybe interim ‘phoned in reports) in order to form a more fully considered reaction . . . Andy Baker, busy now also with a day job as assistant manager of Bangor’s Our Price record shop, is offering expenses to encourage artist PAs and product promotions to visit his North Wales venues, busy black music Thursdays at Wrexham’s Mr C’s and Fri/Saturdays at Rhyl’s recently refitted Roxannes . . . MANWEB to boost Webbo! — a cryptic way of revealing that the Merseyside And North Wales Electricity Board, as part of their current Manweb Music Machine sponsorship programme in the area, will be sponsoring Adrian Webb of Livewire Promotions’ upcoming sixth Prestatyn weekender (which, incidentally, is now completely sold out) . . . I have for the first time this week not only typed but also totally typeset (thanks to my newly boosted word processor) every word you read in the DJ Directory, so any mistakes are mine alone, leaving just The Club Chart for technical reasons having to be copied from my old word processing package’s print-out (hence the decimal points still instead of fractions) — BUT NOT FOR LONG!


INNER CITY ‘Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ (Def Mix)’ (10 Records TENX290)
Kevin ‘Reese’ Saunderson daringly changes pace by reviving Stephanie Mills’ Mtume & Lucas penned slinkily attractive oldie, but he and singer Paris Grey should get away with it as it’s close to the Soul II Soul groove – the only way you can sell soul here these days – in this 0-105½-0bpm Morales & Knuckles remix, weavingly jogging through long lush instrumental passages, flipped by their more bumpily rolling 104⅔-104⅞bpm Master Reese Meltdown Mix plus the stutters spiced though fairly dreary techno (0-)122⅜bpm ‘Set Your Body Free (Marc Kinchen’s London Remix)‘. Not out commercially until November 6, it’s sure to be huge by then!

TONGUE ‘N’ CHEEK ‘Encore’ (Big Buzz BUZZ001)
Total Contrast return, rapping briefly, in an amazing samples woven jiggly tugging 108⅝bpm running synch between the James Brown ‘Funky Drummer’ break beat and bass jogged Cheryl Lynn classic, ‘Encore’ (as big an enduring underground “sleeper” from 1984 as Fatback’s similarly tempoed ‘I Found Lovin’’, hence this virtual remix’s high entry last week in all the dance charts that matter!), flipped by the enigmatically titled ‘Instrumental’, a totally unrelated house tempoed 122¼bpm skittery burbler. Massive!

JIVE BUNNY AND THE MASTERMIXERS ‘That’s What I Like’ (Music Factory Dance MFDT 002)
Actually sent to me this time (thanks!), Andy Pickles & Les Hemstock’s latest party classics crammed 163-161-163-0bpm megamix again is underpinned by the John Anderson Big Band, using their ‘Hawaii Five-0’ at beginning and end, with a clever (if safe) combination of Chubby Checker, Chris Montez, Surfaris, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Eddie Cochran and Dion in between. Let’s twist again!

FLUKE ‘Thumper!’ (Fluke FLUKE 1)
Major label bidding has already started for this Beaconsfield trio’s privately pressed slinkily jogging, jiggling and jauntily building (0-)105bpm flute tootled and brass accented frisky instrumental, flipped by its fruitier original 105bpm ‘Cool Hand Flute‘ 8-track version and jazzily drifting 0-52½bpm ‘Coolest Hand Flute’ (the latter sounding nothing like it although setting the same sax to a lush half tempo). The next Unique 3/Qaurtz/Forgemasters, to judge from the way it’s shaping.

GRACE JONES ‘Love On Top Of Love-Killer Kiss’ (US Capitol V-15508)
Created by Clivilles & Cole, who also seem to have been listening to Soul II Soul, this welcome return by the sinister lady is a ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’-ish sombre jiggler in brass punctuated (0-)105-104⅞bpm The Funky Dred Club Mix, guy rapped more percussive squiggly 104⅞bpm The Funky Dred Dub Mix, sparsely jittering 105⅛-0bpm Grace’s Swing Mix (which the sleeve prints in the wrong order), and long acappella introed then largely unrelated muzzily bounding (0-)121¾(-0)bpm The Cole & Clivilles Garage House Mix – though don’t get too excited in anticipation of the latter!

ELECTRIBE 101 ‘Tell Me When The Fever Ended’ (Mercury MERX 310)
Promoed for months and only now finally out, this Kate Bush-like girl warbled hauntingly tuneful twittering and ticking 120⅝-0bpm house canterer, flipped by a smoother 120⅝bpm Instrumental and reggae quoting bounding 123bpm Raggamix, is already proving less hot than its October 30 released Larry ‘Mr Fingers’ Heard remixed 119½bpm more zingily pulsing and pushing After Dark Mix (Mercury MERXR 310) and attractively flowing 121bpm Yankee Mix (plus the group’s own 0-120½bpm Radio Version). Maybe Kate Bush should record stuff like this herself?

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR ‘I’ll Do Anything’ (SBK.One 12SBK 7003)
In a week that sees quite a few returns, the Seventies veterans are back with a Marshall Jefferson remixed stuttery then soulfully nagged nervily romping brassy thumper that fits the house bag without perhaps having been purpose built, both the 123⅔bpm Club and 124bpm Dub versions being in fact vocal (tempoless Acappella too).

JULIAN JONAH with Linda Muriel ‘Better Day’ (Cooltempo COOLX 193)
Produced by Julian with Paul Simpson, this classily tumbling and swinging unhurried 119bpm garage/house strider is soulfully wailed by Linda with just a few bursts of gruffly mumbled “gotta keep on keepin’ on just keep on” muttering rap counterpoint from JJ (piano jangled 117¼bpm Dub Mix too), good but not enough of a song to cross over.

YOUNGER GENERATION ‘We Rap More Mellow’ (RePublic Records LICT 008)
Successfully revived over the years by DJs like Essex’s Kev Hill and scheduled for UK release for almost as long, here at last in a limited white label pressing of just 4,000 (they say) is this 110bpm early rap by Melle Mel and the Five MCs who became better known as Grandmaster Flash’s Furious Five, pretty rudimentary in Sugarhill Gang ‘Rappers Delight’ style (it’s the same vintage), flipped by the different Marvellous Three crew’s similar though less good 0-118¼-118⅝-119¼-120bpm ‘Rapping All Over‘.

SYBIL ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ (Champion CHAMP X 12-213)
Although the label calls it a remix (which technically it is, of the subsequently issued import album’s version), this in fact is the same US Black Singles chart-topping 96⅓bpm mix that was originally out here, the sweetly appealing Smith & Mighty-ish Dionne Warwick revival now being flipped by the calmly striding 113bpm ‘Falling In Love (Remix)’ with which Sybil made her debut, and the ‘Pump Up The Volume’ driven 0-118¼-0bpm second remix of ‘My Love Is Guaranteed’.

PAUL SIMPSON ‘One’ (Cooltempo CTLP 16)
Good soulful listening without perhaps being essential dancefloor fodder, Paul’s album relies on guest vocalists, the Terry Burrus vibes tinkled soaring and wailing standout 122bpm ‘We Are The Ones (Gospel Mix)’ featuring Colonel Abrams, Will Downing, Rochelle Flemming, Loleatta Holloway, Toney Lee, Anthony Malloy, Fonda Rae, Barbara Roy, Simphonia, Ray Simpson and Jaisun Smith — wow! — while excellent throatily agonising Anthony White wails David Ruffin’s still distinctively trotting 113½bpm ‘Walk Away From Love‘, the fluid bubbly cantering 0-115bpm ‘The Truth Will Set You Free‘ and weaving deep soul 76¾bpm ‘God Bless The Day‘, less impressive Terri Jeffries handles the currently 12-inched 113bpm ‘Everybody’s A Star’ and lacklustre short 117bpm ‘Spread It’, Adeva and Carmen (Marie) Brown worry the 0-113bpm ‘Freedom’, Paul playing the instrumental 114bpm ‘Musical Freedom’ version and pleasant tranquil 103/51½-0bpm ‘Paul’s Mood’.

MC BUZZ B featuring Shorn ‘The Sequel’ (Play Hard Records DEC 16, via De-Mix/The Cartel)
Shorn in fact is MC Buzz B, the Manchester-rapper who works with acrobatic mixing DJ Owen D, here droningly fast talking a thrumming and twittering 116bpm murky jitterer (115¾bpm Instrumental) that stutteringly keeps namechecking his previous ‘How Sleep The Brave’, included again on the flip in its not dissimilar 110⅔bpm Seventies Mix and excellent more subtle delicately jiggling 102-0bpm Jazz Mix from earlier this year.

HOME BOYS ONLY ‘Turn It Out’ (US Atlantic 0-86284)
Kraftwerk ‘Trans Europe Express’ inspired sneakily catchy scratching and shuffling, thumping and chugging subdued groove, with surges of chatting guy and wailing girl, self produced but mixed (and recorded at his studio) by Vaughan Mason in so-called 118⅝-118¾-118⅝bpm Hip House, 118⅝-118¾bpm Go-Go House and 118⅝bpm Chop Dub versions (Acappella too).

REGINA BELLE ‘Good Lovin’ (12″ Remix)’ (CBS 655230 8)
A Narada Michael Walden produced Anita Baker-ish wailing soulstress moulded here by remixer Frankie Foncett more into the current Alyson Williams style in this chunkily lurching and rambling 0-107⅞bpm treatment (Alternative 7″ Remix and drier 107⅞bpm Dub Mix too), whereas her true vocal power pours out of the marvellous un-retouched rip roaring swingbeat (0-)107¼bpm 7″ Version, which may not be so trendy but sure sounds good.

THE TEMPTATIONS ‘All I Want From You (12″ Remix)’ (Motown ZT 43234)
Created by the By All Means guys but remixed by Paul Witts & Egor, this typically soulful huskily sung and punchily “do do do” harmonised 107⅞bpm rolling jiggler throbbingly shuffles now to the funky drummer’s beat, with a 12″ Remix Radio Edit and 108-0bpm Dub plus the emptily snapping swingbeat-ish 108bpm Original Version, which sounds plain in comparison.

IMPORTS also include, for later full review, the girl and guy muttered jittery bright leaping PANDELLA ‘This Way, That Way‘ (US Easy Street); once Cooltempo promoed here, but now in six remixes, bounding hip house KYZE ‘Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body)‘ (US Warner Bros); girls cooed pulsing sinuous house BLAKK SOCIETY ‘Just Another Lonely Day‘ (US Alleviated Music); drily rapping jittery hip house K. ALEXI SHELBY AND MCD-TA of The K.A. POSSE ‘Dig This‘ (US Underground); Manuel Göttsching (of the original ‘E2-E4’) guitar-ed SUENO LATINO ‘Sueno Latino (Winter Version)‘ (Italian DFC); “Spanish Sabrina”-style girl whispered ‘Sueno Latino’-like ISAMAR & COMPANIA ‘Amor Suave‘ (Italian DiscoMagic); ‘Grand Piano’-like samples swamped cantering Italo house EL CHICO ‘House Music Lovers‘ (German BCM); good jogging unhurried wordy rap THE PROPHET L-CEE ‘The Prophecy‘ (US Profile); Looney Tunes remaking 101 ‘Just As Long As I Got You‘ (Belgian Speed); GQ ‘Disco Nights’ beat looping girl wailed rambling house SCRAPPY featuring WET BOXX ‘Love Motion‘ (US C-Thru); samples muddled hip house TYREE featuring J.M.D. ‘Move Your Body‘ (US DI International); acidic five-track TIME FOR TECHNO PRESENTS THE UNKNOWN ‘Get On It‘ (Housetime Records); samples studded piano pounding Italo house D.J. LELEWEL ‘Magic Atto II°‘ (Italian Dee Jay Lelewel); grand piano jangled slick Seventies soul style Italo house RAF GIUSTI ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ (Italian DiscoMagic); odd quietly burbling and weaving house JEEP STYLE ‘If There’s A Cure‘ (US Top Secret); joltingly swaying throatily soulful BERT ROBINSON ‘Occupy My Love‘ (US Capitol); downtempo murky female rap MC LYTE ‘Cha Cha Cha‘ (US First Priority Music).

UK NEWIES include the long awaited variety packed L.A. MIX ‘On The Side‘ (Breakout LP); mystically swirling atmospheric deep house, already hotter in a separate Danny Rampling remix, BELOVED ‘The Sun Rising‘ (WEA); girls’ talk started soulfully wailed powerful chunkily clomping JO ANN JONES ‘I Don’t Need Your Love‘ (Champion); claustrophobically pent-up swaying jittery slow street soul MAXEEN ‘Last Time‘ (Soultown); jerkily swingbeat-ish though mellow sweetly soulful RICK CLARKE ‘Groovin’ On The Bass Line‘ (WA); Asdic pinging strange sinister slow (although on one 33⅓rpm side playable at 45rpm!) rumbling atmospheric DEPTH CHARGE ‘Depth Charge‘ (Vinyl Solution); derivative plaintive girl rapped hip house NIKKI ‘Uh-Uh No Way!‘ (Swanyard); sweetly tender soul ballad JERMAINE JACKSON ‘Don’t Take It Personal‘ (Arista). And that’s only some of them!


DONNA SUMMER ‘Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivilles & Cole 12″ Mix)‘ (Warner Bros U7494 TX), attracting attention on import for a while and now belatedly out here, this vastly superior 0-124bpm remix turns her most recent, rather limp, Stock Aitken Waterman creation into a superb solidly bounding and soaring stormer in the classic “disco” style of a decade ago;

DAVID GRANT (featuring Mike Stevens) ‘Life (Brixton Bass Mix)‘ (Fourth & Broadway 12 BRX 145), remixers Blacksmith beef up Mike Stevens’ originally jazzy production to make an acappella introed, rare groove sampling, chunkily jiggling (0-)97⅔bpm swingbeat swayer that’s more the mood of the moment;

D MOB introducing Cathy Dennis ‘C’Mon Get My Love (Love & Kisses Mix)‘ (ffrr FXR 117), as anticipated, this brand new jauntily trotting 119⅞bpm commercial remix by Winston Jones & Dave Shaw is indeed flipped by the Jools Holland keyboarded joltingly jumping jangly 0-119⅔bpm Keys II My Love Mix which has proved hottest of all, plus the also previously promoed “harder” (0-)119⅔-0bpm D Second Coming Mix.

THE CLUB CHART – October 21, 1989

01 15 EYE KNOW (KNOW IT ALL/LAZY DAISY MIXES) De La Soul, Big Life 12in
02 05 THE REAL WILD HOUSE (WILD MIX) Raul Orellana, BCM Records 12in
03 08 STREET TUFF (SCAR/CLUB MIXES) The Rebel MC & Double Trouble, Desire 12in
04 04 PACIFIC STATE 808 State, Creed Records 12in EP
05 01 PUMP UP THE JAM Technotronic featuring Felly, Swanyard Records Limited 12in
06 02 SUENO LATINO (LATIN DREAM MIX) Sueno Latino, BCM Records 12in
07 07 WISHING ON A STAR Fresh 4 (Children Of The Ghetto) featuring Lizz E., 10 Records 12in
09 16 ALL AROUND THE WORLD (MIXES) Lisa Stansfield, Arista 12in pre-release
10 03 RIDE ON TIME (MIXES) Black Box, de/Construction 12in
11 10 IF ONLY I COULD (EXTENDED/PACHA GARDEN) Sydney Youngblood, Circa Records 12in
12 17 GRAND PIANO/PIANO GROOVE The Mix Master, Spanish blanco y negro Music 12in
13 13 SUMMER MADNESS (REMIXES) kc Flightt, RCA/Popular 12in
14 28 AIRPORT ’89 (MIXES) Wood Allen, German BCM Records/Italian Dee Jay Lelewel 12in
15 33 GET BUSY (MIXES) Mr Lee, US Jive 12in
16 12 YOUR LOVE Frankie Knuckles Presents, Trax Records 12in
17 19 C’MON AND GET MY LOVE (KEYS II MY LOVE/SPAGHETTI WESTERN MIXES) D Mob introducing Cathy Dennis, ffrr 12in pre-release
18 54 THE MESSAGE IS LOVE (CUPID MIX) featuring Al Green/THE MESSAGE IS CLUB Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples/, Breakout 12in
19 35 ALL I WANT FROM YOU (12” REMIX) The Temptations, Motown 12in
20 14 LIVE ON STAGE (MIXES) Roxanne Shanté, Breakout 12in
22 34 GIT ON UP (MIXES) Fast Eddie featuring Sundance, US DJ International Records 12in
23 63 THE THEME (MIXES) Unique 3, 10 Records 12in
24 — PUMP UP THE JAM (PUNANI MIX) Technotronic featuring Felly, Swanyard Records Limited 12in
25 30 ENCORE Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Big Buzz 12in
26 45 JUST WANNA TOUCH ME Fidelfatti with Ronnette, Italian Magic Service 12in
27 97 WELCOME/YO (VERSIONS) Gino Latino, US Harbor Light Records 12in
29 26 (YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY) TRUE LOVE (MIXES) Seduction, Breakout 12in
30 22 NUMERO UNO (MIXES) Starlight, CityBeat 12in
31 20 LOVE TOGETHER (LOVERS MIXES) L.A. Mix (featuring Kevin Henry), Breakout 12in
32 25 MELTDOWN (CLUB MIX) Qaurtz, iT Music 12in
33 — C’MON AND GET MY LOVE (DANCE HALL/SPAGHETTI WESTERN MIXES) D Mob introducing Cathy Dennis, ffrr 12in
34 79 WE RAP MORE MELLOW Younger Generation, RePublic Records 12in white label
35 29 STORIES (THE STORIE MIX) Izit, Italian New Music 12in
36 18 NEW JACK SWING (MIXES) Wrecks-N-Effect, Motown 12in
38 74 SOMEBODY FOR ME (VERSIONS) Heavy D And The Boyz, US Uptown Records 12in
39 re LET ME LOVE YOU FOR TONIGHT (MIXES) Kariya, Sleeping Bag Records 12in
40 73 IT’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT Ruby Turner, Jive 12in promo
41 37 AFRO DIZZI ACT Cry Sisco!, Escape Records 12in
42 46 SUGAR DADDY (SUGAR HOUSE MIX) Thompson Twins, Warner Bros 12in
43 42 SNOWBOY’S HOUSE OF LATIN (MIXES) Snowboy featuring Victor Hugo, Urban 12in
46 66 I’LL DO ANYTHING (CLUB/DUB) Crown Heights Affair, SBK.One 12in pre-release
47 21 EVERYBODY’S A STAR (MIXES) Paul Simpson featuring Terri Jeffries, Cooltempo 12in
48 re HOUSE OF CALYPSO/CALYPSO OF HOUSE K. Tronics Ensemble featuring Double J. Flash, Italian IRMA casadiprimordine 12in
49 — LIFE (BRIXTON BASS MIX/UPSO MIXES) David Grant (featuring Mike Stevens), Fourth & Broadway 12in
50 38 GRAND BEAT The Mixmaster, Demo Motor 12in
52 53 OH WELL (REMIX) Oh Well, German 8ighty.8ight Records 12in/Parlophone 12in
53 — HOUSE MUSIC LOVERS (MIXES) El Chico, German BCM Records 12in
54 84 FEEL SO GOOD (CLUB MIX) Life, Prophet Records 12in
55 52 IT ISN’T, IT WASN’T, IT AIN’T NEVER GONNA BE (MIXES) Aretha & Whitney, Arista 12in
57 44 WARM IT UP, KANE/SMOOTH OPERATOR Big Daddy Kane, Cold Chillin’ 12in
58 re OH WELL (UK/EXTENDED/DANCE MIXES) Oh Well, US 8ighty.8ight Records 12in/Parlophone 12in
59 80 TELL ME WHEN THE FEVER ENDED (AFTER DARK/YANKEE MIXES) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in pre-release
60 — RUN AWAY (HIP HOUSE/SALSOUL/STRAIGHT UP/TECHNO DUB MIXES) Urban High featuring Dee Dee Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in promo
61 48 I LIKE IT (MIXES) Landlord featuring Dex Danclair, US Bigshot Records 12in
62 — DEPTH CHARGE (HAN DO JIN/DRUM DEATH/BASS IT) Depth Charge, Vinyl Solution 12in
63 36 CASANOVA (THE RAISING HELL REMIX/SWING TO THE HIP HOUSE/ORIGINAL MIXES) Jazz & The Brothers Grimm featuring Baby D & MC Juice, Production House Records 12in
64 75 ALL RIGHT, ALL READY/FEEL THE BASSLINE The Rhythm Masters, US UnderWorld Records 12in EP
65 40 DREAMS (MIXES) Adonte, GTi Records 12in
66 — DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL (VERSIONS)/CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Jermaine Jackson, Arista 12in
67 58 MAS QUE NADA (THE JUSTIN STRAUSS REMIXES) Sergio Mendes, Breakout 12in
68 60 I FEEL FOR YOU (L.A. MIX) Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
69 91 GOOD VIBRATIONS (THE IT’S NOT OVER MIX) “J.D.” (Remix), US Requestline Records 12in
70 — TRACK WITH NO NAME Forgemasters, Outer Rhythm/W.A.R.P. Records 12in
71 — MAGIC ATTO II° (THE DEEP/THE HOUSE) D.J. Lelewel, Italian Groove Groove Melody 12in
72 — HIP IN ADR (HIP HOUSE/JAZZY)/DEEP IN ADRIATIC (LATIN/HAMMOND) Crociani, Italian Adriatic Style 12in
73 re RAPPERS DELIGHT (BEN LIEBRAND HIP HOP REMIX) Sugarhill Gang, Dutch 4 Jocks Only/German SugarHill 12in
75 57 OUR LOVE (IT’S OVER) (MIXES) Dee Holloway, US Active Records 12in
76 87 IT’S YOU (MIXES) Mr & Mrs Dale, US Bigshot Records 12in
77 — THIS WAY, THAT WAY (REMIXES) Pandella, US Easy Street 12in
78 39 LIFE/(INSTRUMENTAL) David Grant featuring Mike Stevens, Fourth & Broadway 12in
79 31 TELL ME WHEN THE FEVER ENDED/(RAGGAMIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in pre-release
80 re EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH AN “E”/(REMIX) E-Zee Posse, More Protein 12in
81 re WALK ON BY/LOVE’S CALLING Sybil, US Next Plateau Records Inc LP
82 64 ANOTHER MONSTERJAM (MONSTER MIX) Simon Harris featuring Einstein, ffrr 12in promo
83 76 THUMPER!/COOL HAND FLUTE Fluke, Fluke 12in white label
84 85 GOOD LOVIN’ (12” REMIX) Regina Belle, CBS 12in
85 72 BETTER DAY Julian Jonah with Linda Muriel, Cooltempo 12in pre-release
87 99 TURN IT OUT (MIXES) Home Boys Only, US Atlantic 12in
88 — SUENO LATINO (WINTER VERSION) (featuring Manuel Gottsching)/(ANGELINO VERSION/AGUA VERSION) Sueno Latino featuring Carolina Damas, Italian Dance Floor Corporation 12in
89 — WATCHA GONNA DO WITH MY LOVIN’ (DEF MIX/MASTER REESE MELTDOWN MIX) Inner City, 10 Records 12in pre-release
90 — DOUBLE STANDARD (UNDERGROUND VOCAL MIX/SPARSE MIX) Dee Lewis, Mercury 12in pre-release
91 — SOUL MAN/(JEEP MIX/INSTRUMENTAL) Isidore aka Izzy Ice, Jive 12in mailing list promo
93 47 IN THE POCKET (HIP HOUSE/HIP HOP MIXES) The Dynamic Duo, Tam Tam 12in
94 49 DON’T TELL ME (GARAGE MIXES) Freestyle Orchestra feat. Little Louie Vega, SBK.One 12in
96 re TEST OF TIME (VERSIONS) Will Downing, US Island 12in
97 re WHIP OF THE RHYTHM (VERSIONS) Chicco Secci Project, Italian Creative Records 12in
99 — LOVE ON TOP OF LOVE-KILLER KISS (MIXES) Grace Jones, US Capitol 12in
100= 69 CLUB SCENE (ED’S DINER/ED’S SPECIAL MIXES) Special Ed, Profile 12in

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