November 11, 1989: Roger Scott obituary, Rob ‘n’ Raz featuring Leila K, Electra, Twin Hype, Jimmy Bo Horne, Quartz


THIS WEEK, faced with more new entries in The Club Chart than ever before and a finite time in which to get everything completed prior to the Prestatyn weekender, Hot Vinyl of necessity features potted reviews with beats per minute for just the main tracks in order to cover as many actual records as possible (which does not rule out fuller reviews to follow) . . . Patti Day ‘Right Before My Eyes‘, which hit The Club Chart at 100 for one week back in February when first out on US Starway Records, Inc, prior to its current rather higher re-entry as a bootleg, is being issued here legally by Debut . . . Caron Wheeler, of Soul II Soul fame, has signed solo to RCA and is currently working with the likes of Rod Temperton, Afrika of the Jungle Brothers, Carl Macintosh of Loose Ends, and Jamaica’s Steely & Clevie on her debut album . . . 808 State’s remix, reviewed last week off info lacking ZTT white label, turns out to be called ‘Pacific 202’ in its A-side version, followed by the original ‘Pacific State’ and flipped by ‘Pacific 303’ plus the bonus beats-like ‘Cobra Bora (Short Cuts)’, a snippet of a forthcoming new tune from their December 4 released full eight track album . . . FPI Project present Rich In Paradise, on the Italian FPI Project label, is apparently the correct if confusing performer credit for the Club Chart climbing ‘Going Back To My Roots’ adaptation, snapped up here for November 20 UK release by Rumour Records — who’ve also signed A.C. Fax ‘Eventide’ . . . ‘Paradise’ seems to be a popular concept at the moment, incidentally, what with such as Rich In Paradise, Eden’s Paradise, and now Paradise Orchestra . . . Viceroy Records are rushing out Pandella ‘This Way, That Way‘ on their UK branch of the Easy Street label . . . CBS have promoed, ahead of November 20 release, The Chimes’ excellent soulful girl wailed ‘Heaven’, in Peter Hinds’ funky drum and tambourine wriggled 112½bpm mix flipped by Frankie Foncett’s more drily thrumming stark 113¼bpm Attack Vocal Club Mix . . . Jive have already promoed — ahead of release in the new year! — the Chic ‘I Want Your Love’ strings prodded strong She Rockers ‘Jam It Jam’, coupling a forcefully chugging 0-113bpm Pascal Gabriel Mix and messier jiggly 112⅔bpm Hip Hop Mix . . . Yazz’s oldies have been newly remixed for an album called ‘The Wanted Remixes’ in the current marketing fashion (well, Christmas is coming!), which includes the also separately promoed though not to be otherwise released, Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh remixed Soul II Soul-ishly jogging 98bpm ‘Wanted On The Floor‘ and Mark McGuire mixed ”live” jittery (0-)119-0bpm ‘Dream‘ (Big Life BRLX PROMO 1) . . . Dave Pearce and Mike Morrison have formed their own Reachin’ Records label (on 01-935 4679), launched later this month with the gruff guy rapped jauntily jumping 120¾bpm East London “jazz house” (though it sounds like hip house to me) T.D.P. ‘Ladies (Let’s Go)‘, and girls cooed acidically burbling 126bpm (with a Sly & The Family Stone inspired chorus) Pisces ‘Take Me Higher‘ . . . Sydney Youngblood’s November 20 follow-up, ‘Sit And Wait‘ (in instrumentally preambled rather pedestrian jolting 107¾bpm Stationary To Stationary Mix and 108bpm Dub) is being aimed by Circa Records at radio although the clubs aimed flip is far better hit material, the wailing Elaine Hudson duetted deliberately Soul II Soul-like resonantly rumbling 106¼bpm ‘Feeling Free (The “Jazzy Who?” Mix)‘, sure to be much hotter . . . Champion have at last turned Sybil’s revival of ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ into a proper hit but are in danger of being pipped to the post with its logical follow-up, her album’s also Smith & Mighty-style treatment of ‘Walk On By’, which has been covered on Jive in two similar (0-)93¾bpm mixes by Dina Carroll, currently promoed . . . BCM Records are rushing out D.J. Lelewel ‘Magic Atto II°’ next week, following The Mix Master’s fast chart climb here . . . Ben Liebrand Remix ‘The Eve Of The War’ is being rushed out November 13, promoed still in its German CBS pressing . . . de/Construction will finally be releasing Jam Machine ‘Everyday’ on single . . . Darren Ensom, previously of PRT’s defunct NiteShift promotion service, is now club plugging for labels like Rumour, Debut, Passion, Jumpin’ & Pumpin’, Radical, Westside, Trax and DanceMusic on 01-381 8315 at Encore Specialist Promotions . . . Alan Coulthard has a killer Inner City megamix up his sleeve! . . . Glasgow’s The Choice club is due to be staging a West Of Scotland Club DJ mixing competition round about now, featuring Glasgow’s top six mixing jocks, but unfortunately resident jock DJ Lars neglected to say exactly when . . . Jeff Thomas has moved his funky stuff again, as of this weekend swapping his short lived Barry Island venue for Swansea Marina’s Sloanes every Saturday and Wednesday, while his Mondays are rammed and slamming at Port Talbot’s Wall Street in the Aberafan Shopping Centre, with frequent guest Jeff Young on the 13th (as he keeps coming back for these gigs, you know they’ve gotta be good!) . . . Kevin ‘DJ Robi’ Robinson has started Sunrise Wednesdays at Darlington’s Club Lucy’s for upfront house, hip hop and urban beats . . . Balearic pioneers Nicky Holloway and Danny Rampling have switched allegiances to Italy, Nicky hosting Roma MCMLXXXIX Tuesdays at Romford’s Hollywoods, with Pete Tong as guest this week and Fabio next, while Danny’s Shoom Wednesdays at the Park in Kensington High Street are a “Grande Festa Latina!”, with actual Italian DJs from Italy, Europe, as guests each week . . . I keep hearing inaccurate pronunciations of Raul Orellana’s first name — it’s neither “Rowl” nor “Rorl”, it’s (roll those Rs now!) “R-R-Roww-oool” . . . Longsy D’s oddly slow (94⅔bpm) though jauntily syncopated L.D. Jam Inc ‘Rude Boyz Gettin’ Funky‘ on 1st Bass is turning into one of the underground “sleepers” of the year, consistently getting DJ reaction since July without ever hitting The Club Chart . . . Breakers bubbling just under The Club Chart this week include Starlight ‘Numero Uno (Remix)’ (Italian Groove Groove Melody), Cathy Dennis ‘Just Another Dream‘ (Polydor), Big Audio Dynamite ‘In Full Effect‘ (CBS), Adamski ‘Live And Direct’ LP (MCA), Shabazz ‘Respect‘ (US RCA), Will Downing ‘Come Together As One’ LP (US Island), Ruby Turner ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright‘ (Jive promo), LA Mix ‘On The Side’ LP (Breakout), DaMixx ‘Push (It’s Alright)‘ (US Bigshot Records), Criminal House ‘Rhythm Talk‘ (US Dance Mania) . . . ‘Too Soon’ on the Will Downing album is in fact 27-59⅓-0bpm (the first digit got eaten by my word processor last week!), the LP already being due out here (Fourth & Broadway BRLP 538) . . . Soul II Soul seem likely to have been much plugged at Prestatyn over the weekend, thanks to acetates supplied to those jocks who appreciate such things (you know who they are!) . . . BMG’s club plugger Eddie Gordon, rightly lamenting that “These are sad times for soul music”, has asked his mailing list DJs, “What kind of music do people prefer to make love to, rap, house, or soul? If it’s either of the first two then these are sad times for love as well. You are at the controls, you are the inspiration, soul music is the food of love — play on” . . . IT’S SUCH A GOOD VIBRATION!


ROB ‘n’ RAZ Featuring LEILA K ‘Got To Get (Extended Mix)’ (Arista 612 696)
Combining De La Soul’s bouncy Hall & Oates beat and a breezy sax lick that sounds like Prince, the Moroccan ancestry but Sweden born and based young rapper struts her staccato stuff in jauntily bounding 116⅓-0bpm hip house style, whipped together by Scandinavian mixing champions Rob ‘n’ Raz plus MC 11 Fresh, with a funkier 117½-0bpm Motor City Mix flip (on 33⅓rpm promo, anyway).

THE FUTURE Edition 3 ‘Autumn Love’
Cunningly disguised without in fact any label name identification as a deliberate (and successful!) single sided scam to hoodwink those with short memories, this Donna Summer “love to love you baby” quoting then Soul II Soul-ishly tempoed moodily swaying 0-97¾bpm attractive resonant organ swamped instrumental (with some white boy narration), and its piano led chunkier 97¾bpm ‘Purple’ break beat, are, as the label says, The B SIDE — but to what? For those who remember the B-sides of the various ‘Jibaro’ mixes, which were ‘The Future: Editions 1 & 2’, this “The Next Step” is indeed obviously the pre-released flip to the now fully pressed and promoed

ELECTRA ‘Destiny (The Rave Mix)’ (ffrr FXDJ 121),
a less subtle “olé olé” chanted brassier more deliberately ‘Balearic’ 0-101bpm fully vocal variation, the correctly credited flip (now 98bpm) being ‘Autumn Love (Future 3)’.

TWIN HYPE ‘For Those Who Like To Groove (Club Groove Remix)’ (Profile PROFT 270)
Jimmy Bo Home ‘Spank’ inspired guys droned burbling 117½bpm rap ‘n’ scratch, quite frisky but harder hitting in its alternative ‘Shaft’ and other breaks prodded (0-)116⅔bpm Hollywood Sweat Mix — which latter should now work well with the recent Germany remixed and obvious, party pleasing, samples overdubbed 120bpm even jauntier

JIMMY BO HORNE ‘Spank (The And Paarty Remix)’ (German Streetheat Music STH 544),
and especially its bouncier instrumental 120bpm ‘Paarty (The And Paarty Dub Version)’ variation.

QUARTZ ‘Meltdown (Hardcore Club Mix)’ (Mercury/iTMusic ITMR 101)
Spelling quartz correctly now they have major label support, Leytonstone’s Dave Rawlings & Ron Herel have remixed their own hollow ‘drain’ chugged sparsely bumping and panting 0-118½bpm instrumental lurcher, breaking 4 love, with the original 12″ as flip.

QUEEN LATIFAH & MONIE LOVE ‘Ladies First (45 King Mix)’ (Gee Street GEE T23, via Rough Trade/De-Mix)
A mutual admiration society, the American and British girls slyly trade lines rapping around a DJ Mark The 45 King produced joltingly shuffling 107bpm brassy funk break with buzzing sax (three more mixes too).

QUEEN LATIFAH ‘All Hail The Queen’ (Gee Street GEE A5)
Meanwhile the album from which the above comes is a heavy duty rap set, hottest tracks so far being the fruity baritone sax backed Soul II Soul-ish 0-94⅓bpm ‘Latifah’s Law’ and De La Soul dominated disjointedly idiosyncratic 0- 108⅛-0-108⅛bpm ‘Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children‘.

DESKEE ‘Let There Be House (WestBam Mix)’ (1st Bass RUFF 5)
Frankfurt based DJ/MC’s cowbell jangling lively 122⅔bpm hip house leaper in exactly the same format as reviewed on German import, with three more mixes.

101 ‘Just As Long As I Got You’ (Subway SPEED 003, via Rough Trade/The Cartel)
The same Looney Tunes tune in if anything a more immediate and livelier (0-)122¼-0bpm Belgian treatment by mournfully droning female singer Jade 4 U, still with Led Zep guitar, flipped by a painfully sub-Cher intoned ‘I Got Rock ‘N Roll‘ variation.

FIDELFATTI featuring RONNETTE ‘Just Wanna Touch Me (Sensual Mix)’
(Urban URBX 46) Piero Fidelfatti’s girl wailed 102bpm Soul II Soul tempoed powerful jolting thudder slightly renamed here, with a brand new piano plonked but otherwise self-descriptive Vibes & Horn Instrumental plus the Italian pressing’s electro-house 120bpm ‘Experience‘.

KELLI SAÉ ‘It’s Too Late (Club Mix)’ (Easy Street 12EASY 100, via The Total Record Company/BMG)
Launching Viceroy Records’ UK outlet for the New York label is this import ‘sleeper’, a gritty girl wailed friskily fluid garage/house bounder in 121¾-123-123⅓-121¾-123-123¼bpm  Club Mix, 123¼bpm Radio Edit, 122bpm Hard and Cool Dubs.

Black Havana presents KEITH THOMPSON ‘Can’t Take It (Trenchtown Rock Mix)’ (Syncopate 12SYDJ 31)
Mantronik remixed stuttery thumping then juddery jumping jerky 119bpm “raggamuffin house fashion” (ie: reggae rapped house, but not sk’acid/sk’ouse), with two more mixes, originally on the ‘Black Havana’ album.

IZIT ‘Stories (I’ve A Novella Mix)’ (Perfecto Records/ffrr FX 122)
First released here on Pig & Trumpet in February before being imported as a much stronger Italian remix, this guitar chinked, flute tootled and baritone saxed catchily weaving Chakachas oldie remaking instrumental with muttered breaks is now out here again in fact as a 95¼bpm UK recreation of that Italian remix (with two more mixes).

LOONEY TUNES ‘Just As Long As I Got You (Warehouse Rave Remix)’ (XL Recordings XLT-5)
Frankie ‘Bones’ & Lenny ‘Dee’ created, Tommy Musto & Frankie ‘Bones’ remixed, still guy droned title line nagged and Led Zeppelin ‘Whole Lotta Love’ guitar accented but now squidgily scrubbing 121bpm jiggly throbbing canterer (with three more mixes).

STEPHANIE MILLS ‘Something In The Way You Make Me Feel (Extended Version)’ (MCA Records MCAT 1375)
Angela Winbush created sweetly warbled densely lurching 93⅔bpm US black radio smash from some months back, now flipped by the here far hotter Marley Marl remixed 97⅓bpm bass and drum jiggled weaving Soul II Soul-ish Marley Mix and throbbing swingbeat-ish Hip Hop Mix.

OTHER NEWIES in brief include the girls squawked vigorous thundering funkily drummered hip house-ish SEDUCTION ‘Two To Make It Right (Clivilles & Cole Mixes)‘ (US Vendetta Records); nasally rapped acidic bounding M.C. MADD ‘Let There Be Hype‘ (US Bigshot Records); joltingly booming gruff hip house adventures of STEVIE V ‘Dirty Cash (Money Talks)‘ (Mercury promo); good lively LP (with some nostalgic soul samples!) D MOB ‘A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That’ (ffrr LP); Ten City & Marshall Jefferson created surprisingly slow weaving sultry jogging EVELYN ‘CHAMPAGNE’ KING ‘Day To Day‘ (US EMI); David Ruffin oldie reviving PAUL SIMPSON featuring Anthony White ‘Walk Away From Love (Walk On The Floor Mix)‘ (Cooltempo promo); Spanish guitar and shouts overlaid densely thrumming FLAMENCO MASSIVE ‘Mi Corazon Es Negro’ (Big World Records); also Spanish flamenco flavoured jerkily burbling semi-acidic SAVANNAH ‘Savannah (Transcendental Mix)‘ (Collision white label); largely downtempo album, with the slinky Aretha reviving ‘Until You Come Back To Me‘ and Soul II Soul-ish ‘Ain’t Nuthin’ In The World‘, MIKI HOWARD ‘Miki Howard’ (US Atlantic LP); previously imported chunkily wailing garage DEBBI BLACKWELL-COOK ‘Changing Up‘ (Avenue X Records); boomingly rumbling Soul II Soul-ish RUTHJOY ‘Soul Power (Power Mix)‘ (MCA Records); intensely throbbing percussive RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE ‘The Phantom (Remix)‘ (Mute); dull jiggly shuffling, though far stronger in Shep Pettibone’s funkily jittering B-side mixes, JANET JACKSON ‘Rhythm Nation‘ (Breakout); piano plonked but lusher than usual, title line repeating guy nagged and girl groaned, Italo house PARADISE ORCHESTRA ‘Satisfy Your Dream‘ (Italian X Energy Records); now UK issued FAST EDDIE featuring Sundance ‘Git On Up (The Tyree Cooper Mix)‘ (DJ International Records); punchier remixed JULIAN JONAH with Linda Muriel ‘(There’ll Be A) Better Day (Techno Mix)’ (Cooltempo promo); Basement Boys produced gargling girl wailed strong garage/house SUBLEVEL ‘Don’t Blame Me‘ (US Profile); excellent excitingly remixed STARLIGHT ‘Numero Uno (Remix)‘ (Italian Groove Groove Melody); buzzing synth snarled beefily chugging Euro electro FORCE LEGATO ‘System‘ (German abfahrt); slowed down ‘I Feel Love’ rhythm driven, Manic MCs inspiring, Italo instrumental HIPNOSIS ‘Droid‘ (Debut); monotonously throbbing twittery “hard beat” THE MACKENZIE ‘Party People‘ (Belgian MacKenzie); guy growled old fashioned chunkily trotting garage MAJOR WEEKS ‘Don’t Give Up‘ (US Epic); jerkily lurching stark house 2 MEN FROM JERSEY ‘Track Werk‘ (US On Track Records).

ROGER SCOTT died last Tuesday of an inoperable cancer of the aesophagus having previously shrugged off cancer of the throat. A consummate radio DJ who became one of the UK’s still prevailing style models, he gained invaluable experience by starting his jocking career in the US on a Buffalo, NY, station during the “Good Guy” top 40 era of the mid-Sixties. While there he was one of the table tappers on John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s hotel room recorded Plastic Ono Band ‘Give Peace A Chance’, and met Elvis Presley amongst other superstars — perhaps prophetically, as he went on to build close relationships with his other heroes, the Beach Boys and more recently Bruce Springsteen through his genuine and unflagging enthusiasm for their music (he in fact celebrated his 46th birthday just a fortnight ago surrounded by similarly starry friends). Only returning to the UK when commercial radio was on the horizon, Roger ran United Biscuits’ in-factory UBN closed-circuit radio network before helping launch London’s Capital Radio as its afternoon “drive time” jock, the slot that made him famous — and his carefully preconsidered terse microphone technique a much imitated legend. Whenever thinking about how most economically to say each announcement he would, in the early days, always (unfortunately, as it proved) light a cigarette, sweat heavily and thrum with his fingers so much on one section of the control panel that it was forever needing rewiring, something I know as for 10½ years from 1974 I completely compiled and provided all the records for his ‘Cruising’ rock ‘n’ roll and daily ‘3 O’Clock Thrill’ oldies shows. Despite his affection for oldies, his interest was in good, ballsy, uncontrived music of every era, so that, rather than let himself be shunted onto Capital Gold when the station recently split frequencies, he made a move that at one time he swore he would never contemplate, and joined BBC Radio 1, where his weekend programmes quickly revealed to the rest of the country what everyone in London had long known, he was one of the best radio presenters ever. It was only his intense unease when working under the gaze of a live audience that probably stopped him making more TV appearances, and reaching even more people. When last I spoke to him earlier this year, he could not have been happier with his move to the Beeb, praising the efficient way everything was done there. Back in 1974 we used to joke about Harry Chapin’s hit ‘W.O.L.D.’, about the radio station on which an ageing DJ ended up, a fate that Roger never needed to fear.

THE CLUB CHART – November 11, 1989

01 01 ALL AROUND THE WORLD (LONG VERSION) Lisa Stansfield, Arista 12in
02 03 GRAND PIANO/PIANO GROOVE The Mix Master, BCM Records 12in
03 04 EYE KNOW (KNOW IT ALL/THE KISS MIXES) De La Soul, Big Life 12in
05 07 AIRPORT ’89 (MIXES) Wood Allen, German BCM Records/Italian Dee Jay Lelewel 12in
06 21 LET THE RHYTHM PUMP (MIXES) Doug Lazy, Atlantic 12in
07 22 IT’S OVER NOW (MIXES) Ultra Naté, WEA 12in pre-release
08 12 GET BUSY (MIXES) Mr Lee, Jive 12in
09 13 THE THEME (MIXES) Unique 3, 10 Records 12in
10 33 YOU ARE ON MY MIND (MIXES) Roqui, RePublic Records 12in
11 02 PACIFIC STATE 808 State, Creed Records 12in EP
12 06 STREET TUFF (SCAR/CLUB MIXES) The Rebel MC & Double Trouble, Desire 12in
13 20 STRINGS OF LIFE ’89 (JUAN’S MAGIC MIX) Rhythim Is Rhythim, Kool Kat/Big Life 12in
14 23 ENCORE Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Big Buzz 12in
15 29 DON’T MAKE ME OVER Sybil, Champion 12in
17 08 WISHING ON A STAR Fresh 4 (Children Of The Ghetto) featuring Lizz E., 10 Records 12in
19 14 RICH IN PARADISE/GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS FPI Project present Rich In Paradise, Italian FPI Project 12in
20 19 THE MESSAGE IS LOVE (CUPID MIX) featuring Al Green/THE MESSAGE IS CLUB Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples, Breakout 12in
21 10 YOUR LOVE Frankie Knuckles Presents, Trax Records 12in
22 39 STOMP (MOVE JUMP JACK YOUR BODY) (MIXES) KYZE, US Warner Bros 12in/Cooltempo promo
23 — AUTUMN LOVE The Future (Electra), ffrr12in pre-release
24 11 WATCHA GONNA DO WITH MY LOVIN’ (DEF MIX/MASTER REESE MELTDOWN MIX) Inner City, 10 Records 12in pre-release
25 — FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO GROOVE (REMIXES) Twin Hype, Profile 12in
26 53 RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES (MIXES) Patti Day, D, Trax bootleg/US Starway Records, Inc 12in
28 34 WELCOME/YO (VERSIONS) Gino Latino, US Harbor Light Records 12in
29 — MELTDOWN (HARDCORE CLUB MIX) Quartz, Mercury/iTMusic 12in
30 27 GIT ON IT (UK FAST EDDIE MIX) Fast Eddie featuring Sundance, DJ International Records 12in
31 36 LET ME LOVE YOU FOR TONIGHT (“PUMPED UP”/ORIGINAL) Kariya, Sleeping Bag Records 12in
32 78 LADIES FIRST (MIXES) Queen Latifah & Monie Love, Gee Street 12in pre-release
33 50 LET THERE BE HOUSE (MIXES) Deskee, German Black Out 12in/1st Bass promo
34 30 JUST WANNA TOUCH ME (MIXES) Fidelfatti with Ronnette, Urban 12in
36 09 THE REAL WILD HOUSE (WILD MIX) Raul Orellana, BCM Records 12in
37 37 CHECK IT OUT (HIT ‘N’ RUN MIX)/DO YOU WANT ME (DISCO LATINO/LUSTFUL MIXES) Masters Of The Universe, Strictly Underground/Strictly Limited 12in
38 24 WE RAP MORE MELLOW Younger Generation, RePublic Records 12in white label
39 81 PLANET E (REMIX/HIP HOP MIX)/LET’S GET JAZZY (DOPE MIX) kc Flightt, RCA/Popular 12in pre-release
40 16 TRACK WITH NO NAME/SHALL WE…  orgemasters, Outer Rhythm/W.A.R.P. Records 12in
41 35 PUMP UP THE JAM Technotronic featuring Felly, Swanyard Records Limited 12in
42 re RUN AWAY (MIXES) Urban High featuring Dee Dee Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
43 84 IT’S TOO LATE (MIXES) Kelli Saé, Easy Street 12in
44 90 CAN’T TAKE IT (MIXES) Keith Thompson, Syncopate 12in pre-release
45 — STORIES (I’VE A NOVELLA MIX) Izit, PerfectO Records/ffrr 12in
46 re TEST OF TIME (CLUB VERSION) Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway 12in
48 43 NEVER TOO MUCH (JUSTIN STRAUSS EXTENDED REMIX ’89) Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
50 44 MELT YOUR BODY (TECHNO STYLE) Mark Summers, smr House 12in
51 76 YA BAD CHUBBS (MIXES) Chubb Rock with Howie Tee, Champion 12in
52 59 JUST AS LONG AS I GOT YOU (REMIXES) Looney Tunes, XL Recordings 12in
53 45 WISHING ON A STAR (“DANCIN” DANNY D REMIX) Fresh 4 (Children Of The Ghetto) featuring Lizz E., 10 Records 12in
54 52 PACIFIC STATE (PARADISE REMIX) Go-Nogo, Italian bhf Production 12in
55 57 THIS WAY, THAT WAY (REMIXES) Pandella, US Easy Street 12in
56 47 PIECES (MIXES) Revoked, US Hot Mix 5 Inc Records 12in
57 31 MELTDOWN (CLUB MIX) Qaurtz, iT Music 12in
58 49 SOMEBODY FOR ME (VERSIONS) Heavy D And The Boyz, US Uptown Records 12in
59 — HEAVEN The Chimes, CBS 12in promo
60 48 RESCUE ME (DANCE/DUB/CLUB/12” MIXES) Debbie Malone, Krunch Records 12in
61 — SOMETHING IN THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MARLEY MIX) Stephanie Mills, MCA Records 12in pre-release
62 66 STREET TUFF (REMIXES) The Rebel MC & Double Trouble, Desire 12in
64 17 ALL I WANT FROM YOU (12” REMIX) The Temptations, Motown 12in
65 73 GOT TO GET (MIXES) Rob ‘n’ Raz featuring Leila K, Arista 12in
66 69 HOUSE MUSIC LOVERS (MIXES) El Chico, German BCM Records 12in
67 79 LET’S GET HORNY/(BIG T’S MIX) Mister B, Rumour Records 12in
68 38 STORIES (THE STORIE MIX) Izit, Italian New Music 12in
69 re AFTER ALL Sam Dees, RCA 12in
70 85 LOVE ON TOP OF LOVE-KILLER KISS (MIXES) Grace Jones, US Capitol 12in
71 — LET THERE BE HYPE (INSANE MIX) M.C. Madd, US Bigshot Records 12in
72 — DIRTY CASH (MONEY TALKS) (DIME & DOLLAR MIX) Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in promo
74 99 RAPPERS DELIGHT (BEN LIEBRAND HIP HOP MIX) Sugarhill Gang, Dutch 4 Jocks Only/German SugarHill 12in
75 96 DAY TO DAY (MIXES) Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US EMI 12in
76 55 THE CHASE (MIXES) Model 500, Kool Kat/Big Life 12in
77 — WALK AWAY FROM LOVE (WALK ON THE FLOOR MIX) Paul Simpson featuring Anthony White, Cooltempo 12in promo
78 64 DREAMS (MIXES) Adonte, GTi Records 12in
79 83 MI CORAZON ES NEGRO (MIXES) Flamenco Massive, Big World Records 12in white label
80 — SAVANNAH (TRANSCENDENTAL/SPANISH GUITAR MIXES) Savannah, Collision 12in white label
82 40 I’LL DO ANYTHING (CLUB/DUB) Crown Heights Affair, SBK.One 12in
83 86 CHANGING UP (CAUGHT UP MIX) Debbi Blackwell-Cook, Avenue X Records 12in
84 — SOUL POWER (POWER MIX/SOUL MIX) Ruthjoy, MCA Records 12in
85 — THE PHANTOM (REMIX) Renegade Sound Wave, Mute 12in
86 54 SNOWBOY’S HOUSE OF LATIN (MIXES) Snowboy featuring Victor Hugo, Urban 12in
87 58 MAGIC ATTO II° (THE DEEP) D.J. Lelewel, Italian Groove Groove Melody 12in
88 — RHYTHM NATION (12” HOUSE NATION MIX/12” UNITED MIX/UNITED DUB) Janet Jackson, Breakout 12in
89 re TAINTED LOVE (CLUB MIX) Impedance, Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ 12in
90 — SATISFY YOUR DREAM (CLUB MIX) Paradise Orchestra featuring Melvin Hudson, Italian X Energy Records 12in
91 — GIT ON UP (TYREE COOPER MIX/JULIAN “JUMPIN” PEREZ MIX) Fast Eddie featuring Sundance, DJ International Records 12in
92 — (THERE’LL BE A) BETTER DAY (TECHNO MIX/JULIAN REMIX/LATIN MIX) Julian Jonah with Linda Muriel, Cooltempo 12in promo
93 — PACIFIC 202/PACIFIC 303/PACIFIC STATE 808 State, ZTT 12in promo
94 — JAM IT JAM (PASCAL GABRIEL/HIP HOP MIXES) She Rockers, Jive 12in pre-release
95 88 DEPTH CHARGE (HAN DO JIN/DRUM DEATH/BASS IT) Depth Charge, Vinyl Solution 12in
96 — DON’T BLAME ME (BASEMENT BOYS REMIX) Sublevel, US Profile 12in
97 65 JUST AS LONG AS I GOT YOU 101, Subway 12in
98 41 THE EVE OF THE WAR (DEEPSPACE MIX) Ben Liebrand Remix, German CBS 12in
99 71 OH WELL (UK/EXTENDED/88 DANCE MIXES) Oh Well, US 8ighty.8ight Records/Parlophone 12in

One thought on “November 11, 1989: Roger Scott obituary, Rob ‘n’ Raz featuring Leila K, Electra, Twin Hype, Jimmy Bo Horne, Quartz”

  1. The word “rave” appears for the first time this week in a couple of track titles, namely Looney Tunes ‘Just As Long As I Got You (Warehouse Rave Remix)’ and Electra ‘Destiny (The Rave Mix)’. It’s still a loose term at this stage, though, as evidenced by the tempo of Paul Oakenfold’s Electra track, which runs at a mere 101bpm.

    This is also borne out by the track listings on the two “Warehouse Raves” compilations which Rumour Records have released to date, which span a relatively wide range of genres and tempos (the second compilation even features Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘The Bottle’, which is about as far away from “rave” as you can get!).


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