September 1, 1990: Cabaret Voltaire, The K.L.F., Electribe 101, Lynda Law, Tony! Toni! Toné!


SNAP’S ALBUM version of ‘Cult Of Snap‘ was merely re-edited, with increased repetition of its chant, to create the Ibiza ’90 Edit that crashed into The Club Chart last week as a strictly limited edition of only 400 pressings, distributed to key shops rather than direct to DJs (many of whom, however, by then were doubtless already playing the original album track) in an effort to stave off the cover version by Hi Power that is now out in UK, Italian, Belgian and bootleg pressings — commercial UK release of the Snap original is still not scheduled until September 10, by which time newly permanent group member Pennye Ford’s vocal will have been added to a proper 12 inch remix, although this is not yet confirmed as the mix that will be released first . . . Kiss 100 fm started their continuous test transmission last Wednesday and, within hours, they and all of London’s other ILR stations went off air, the joke immediately doing the rounds being that, just from force of habit, the DTI’s pirate busters by mistake had raided the IBA’s FM transmitter (where in fact a fuse had blown!) — the black and dance music station’s full service begins at noon this Saturday (September 1) . . . Robbie Vincent, still hosting a nightly ‘phone-in on LBC, will be presenting a Sunday lunchtime show for Kiss 100 fm, all of whose original DJs will have specialist evening shows while the more generally aimed weekday slots will be filled through the day by Dennis O’Brien (5-7am), Graham Gold & Mark Webster (7-9am), Dave Pearce (9am-noon), David Rodigan (noon-2pm), Trevor ‘Madhatter’ Nelson (2-4pm), just the ‘drive time’ 4-7pm slot having yet to be filled, probably by (so the whisper has it) a mystery figure who might not be free to start for a few weeks — the station celebrates its launch with a massive open air party for all the family next Sunday afternoon (September 9) in Highbury Fields, where, among star appearances by such as the Chimes, Pasadenas and many more, Tony! Toni! Toné! are scheduled to make their live UK debut . . . Lindon T is the lynchpin at new “no restrictions/no pretensions” Redemption Saturdays in Paddington’s The Starlight (under the Great Western Hotel, Praed Street), joined in weekly rotation by guest jocks Bryan Gee (this week), Trevor Madhatter, Rocky ‘n’ Diesel, Femi, Fat Tony . . . LiveWire and The Incredible Organisation present another Kaos 3 rave weekender at Gt. Yarmouth Pontins over October 19/20/21, featuring “a major American act” plus DJs Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Pete Tong, Dave Dorrell, Fabio, Groove Rider, Graeme Park. Fat Tony, Marvin Connor, Johnnie Walker, Lisa Loud, Nancy Noise, Phil Perry, Glen Gunner, Steve Bicknell, Rocky ‘n’ Diesel, Steve Lee, Dean Thatcher and Carl Cox (£50 tickets and train booking details on 081-364 1666) . . . Camber Weekenders meanwhile have Camber 5 at Camber Sands Pontins over November 2/3/4 with guest PAs plus DJs Greg Edwards, Carl Cox, Bob James, Stuart Vant, Rob Huntley, Richie-D, Simon Grant, Trevor Hadley, Dave Reeves, DJ Sheff, ‘J-D’, and the full Sunrise FM team including Bad Boy West, Tony White, Peter Stapleton and Andy M (£45 credit card bookings on 0233 633652) . . . Piccadilly KEY 103 main man Stu Allan and Cee host house/soul/hip hop nights at two different Shades nightclubs, in Reddish (Stockport) on Mondays and in Stalybridge on Thursdays, both with no dress restrictions . . . Premier Leisure promise 3D laser lighting, apparently the first of its kind in the country, when they open their new £4,000,000 The Palladium in Ponders End, Enfield, on October 5 . . . Mellow Man Ace and the Ruthless Rap Assassins are the latest acts to be featured on promotional slipmats . . . Sheffield’s W.A.R.P. Records, in a bit of a tizzy, point out that a track called ‘Brainstorm‘ currently white labelled as being by LFO has no connection with their own ‘LFO’ hit makers, apparently being a revived old recording by a different act who already happened to have the same name . . . KICKIN’!

reviewed by DJ Streets Ahead and James Hamilton

SNAP ‘The Cult Of Snap (Ibiza ’90 Edit)’
HYPNOTONE ‘Dream Beam (Danny Rampling Remix)
GRAND PLAZ ‘Wow Wow – Na Na
SPIDER ‘Together As One
TACKHEAD ‘Class Rock
THE SHAMEN ‘Make It Mine
LAQUAN ‘Now’s The B Turn’/‘Witness The Drift
A CERTAIN RATIO ‘Shack Up (Machine Mix/Norman Cook Mix/Man Mix)’
SALT ‘N’ PEPA ‘Independent (Independent Funk Mix/Rhyddim Mix)’
ORBITAL ‘Omen’/‘2 Deep’/‘Open Mind
THE CURE ‘Let’s Go To Bed (Remix)

CABARET VOLTAIRE ‘Easy Life (Remixes)’ (Parlophone 12RX 6261)
Remixed by co-producer Robert Gordon of Sheffield’s FON Force, the synth instrumental is now slower in new gently bleeping attractive so-called Vocal Mix (120½bpm), Very Strange Mix (120¼bpm) — which is breathily vocal, a labelling mix up? — and just plain Strange Mix (120½bpm) versions.

THE K.L.F. ‘What Time Is Love? (Moody Boys Vs. The KLF Mix)’ (125-104¼bpm) (KLF Communications KLF 004Y)
Last and now this summer’s rave fave in a new ragga quotes introed and punctuated much more electronic bleeping faster though unrushed remix, flipped by also new lopingly pulsing bubbly Echo & The Bunnymix (119bpm) and Asdic pinged tempoless ambient Virtual Reality Mix versions.

ELECTRIBE 101 ‘You’re Walking’ (Mercury MERX 328)
Much plugged already on Radio 1 by Jeff Young and now at last promoed, probably well ahead of commercial release, this excellent loosely striding cool sparse chugger is expressively warbled by wailing Billie Ray Martin in its Corporate Def Mix (110½bpm), with Maze ‘Twilight’/Wally Badarou ‘Chief Inspector’-type “blink-blink” noises, flipped by faster though less urgent more slinkily wriggling Peeping Tom and gently thumping atmospheric instrumental Ambient Groove Mixes (114½bpm).

LYNDA LAW ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’ (119¾bpm) (Perfecto Records/RCA PT 43958)
Originally lead singer of Johnson Dean’s ‘Somebody Somewhere’ on W.A.U! Mr Modo Recordings last year, Lancashire lassie Lynda (no apparent relation of Joanna) has a distinctive and distinctly worrying, swooping and quavering falsetto vocal approach that keeps sounding as if she’s about to switch into ‘Walking In The Air’ from ‘The Snowman’ while warbling this instantly familiar seeming piano chorded sturdy house strider, snapped up by Paul Oakenfold for release on his label next week in his and Steve Osborne’s inevitable Land Of Oz Mix, flipped by Youth and Peter Lorimer’s Shiatsu Mix, both about as tight as they come.

TONY! TONI! TONÉ! ‘The Blues (The Mix)’ (101¾bpm) (Polydor/Wing Records WINGX 8)
Oakland strokers Raphael Wiggins, Dwayne Wiggins, Timothy Christian, Elijah Baker, Antron Haile and Carl Wheeler whip up a terrific solidly funky lurching vocal groove with some superb “doo wop” ensemble backing and other tasty touches but really it’s designed more for the US (where it has been huge), flipped by an appropriately titled thumping Greezy Drums Mix (102bpm) — called The Other The Mix on import — plus the staccato jolting ‘Jo Jo‘ (113bpm).

HELEN BAYLOR ‘There’s No Greater Love’ (90½bpm) (Expansion Records EXPAND 19)
Picked up from the Word gospel label and in fact religiously worded about the love of Jesus, this gorgeous tortuously weaving Anita Baker-ish lush swayer is helping to keep the deep soul flag flying here, with some exquisite sax and a squidgily jogging beat that would have sounded just the same ten years ago, flipped by the equally dated (and soulfully emoted) jerkier ‘Victory‘ (105¾-105½bpm).

ICE CUBE ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’ (108¾bpm) (4+B’ 12 BRW 192)
Belated UK release (not apparently promoed here so reviewed off its similar US pressing from back in April) for the N.W.A. rapper’s Public Enemy posse produced funky bass bumped angry strong jerky jolter, with explicit lyrics and abrupt bursts of different background effects, coupled by the equally foul mouthed slowly lurching ‘Once Upon A Time In The Projects‘ (76¾bpm) and flipped by their respective instrumentals.

RONIN ALL-STARS featuring The Bahala-na-Gang ‘Summer Breeze (The Dancehall Bass Mix)’ (92¼-92bpm) (Ronin Records RONIN 4, via Pacific)
Apart from the strange strategy of releasing such obvious summer material right at the very end of August, this Debbie Breeze wailed pleasant murkily pattering and jolting street soul revival of the Isley Brothers’ classic deserves to get some dancefloor action on whatever sweaty nights are left to come before autumn as it manages with commendable credit to avoid all the current clichés, flipped by a much more Isleys-ish Radio Mix (92bpm) copying their guitar, and a starkly lurching Big Beat Mix (91¾bpm).

CONFIDENTIAL ‘Jam The Frequency’ (121¾bpm) (Cats Records CATT 013, via Revolver)
Smacking and shuffling, burbling and lurching, this jaunty electro instrumental canterer bleeps less blatantly than some but certainly fits the current trend, and is flipped by the unconnected PRIMEA FACEY ‘Jet Black At Birth‘ (127¼-127¾bpm), a nervily edited deadpan dialogue repeating jittery bubbling leaper, each side self produced by the respective separate acts.

DOUBLE TROUBLE ‘Don’t Give Up’ (Desire WANTX 37)
Again wailed by Janette Sewell alone, this jiggly rumbling Soul II Soul-ish jogger is in good jazz-funkily introed and underpinned ‘club play’ Mix 1 (100bpm), electronically buzzed jerkily offbeat insistent ‘dubb play’ Mix 2 (99¾bpm), and pleasant jittery swaying ‘ragga style’ Mix 3 (100bpm) treatments, solidly satisfying for clubbers without maybe being spectacularly different enough to storm the pop chart.

EARTH PEOPLE ‘Dance’ (124¼bpm) (Champion CHAMP 12-258)
Magpie like ‘Pal Joey’ Longo’s latest terrific creation appears to borrow yet more beats and pieces to weave a Seventies-style zestfully thumping jazz-funky house bounder prodded through a catchy sax riff by what sounds like Chic’s ‘Dance Dance Dance’ in its compulsively hypnotic and powerful Club Mix, with further familiar interruptions in its Dub Mix and Beats, here fractionally slower than on import.

THE IT ‘Rainforest Serenade (Long Version)’ (107bpm) (Big Life/Black Market BCK 4T)
Likely to explode on promo ahead of its September 17 commercial release, this Larry ‘Mr Fingers’ Heard created superb steadily undulating piano plinked unrushed cool gentle jiggler is muttered and crooned — by co-composer Harri Dennis of the Jungle Wonz, presumably — as it builds a subtly infectious marathon 10 minute groove through a jazzy organ accented central break, with excellent instrumental Dub and odd jerkily tapping vocal Edit versions too.

ASWAD ‘Next To You’ (Mango 12 MNG 753)
Proving to be an instant pop radio hit rather than a hardcore floorfiller, although it’s so good it must surely redress the balance, this group penned maddeningly catchy jiggler has attractive vocoder underlined choruses and bursts of Drummie Zeb’s rap, with a jangly Jazz Mix (99½bpm) and piano plonked dubwise Tribal Jazz Mix (100bpm), rootsier Roughneck Mix (100bpm), and commercial Radio Edit (100¼bpm). The initial white label promo was disguised as being by Long MC, as if their name might be thought a turn-off for club DJs now, which does seem an awful pity.

BEN CHAPMAN ‘Summer’ (102¾bpm) (de/Construction Records FRO 1)
The previously Silver Bullet and Stepz associated producer/remixer now goes it alone with this solidly rolling jiggly calm instrumental clomper, washed by hippyesque effects (is that some ‘Spirit In The Sky’ fuzz guitar?), bursts of “p-p-party” chanting and other episodic colourations, setting up a good disco groove that may be a bit too short on blatant gimmickry for massive pop success, with an equally useful sex advice soundtracks overdubbed more jittery lurching ‘Amor‘ (99½bpm) flip.

ERIC B. & RAKIM ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Brixton Bass Mix)’ (109¼bpm) (MCA Records MCAT 1433)
Remixed by Blacksmith for the UK, the swirlingly fast talked nervy mumbler somehow seems if anything even speedier, in its drier Brixton Upso Mix too, than DJ Mark The 45 King’s jigglier and actually faster original import 12″ Vocal Version Remix, here called the Mark 45 King Mix (110bpm).

J.T. & THE BIG FAMILY ‘Foreign Affair’ (Champion CHAMP 12-254)
Driven by a skeletal adaptation of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ ‘Could You Be Loved’ rhythm, but repetitively prodded and washed by “ah yeah”, “everybody”, and other incongruously clichéd samples between its breathy male rap and female cooing, this unusually reggae tempoed Italian roller is here in not only the original import’s Reggae Style Mix, now retitled as the Beats Mix (100-99¾bpm), but also differently treated, new more chunkily jogging slinkier Raggamuffin Style (95bpm) and completely de-reggaefied sweetly chugging sparser Guys Mix versions, plus still the soulfully duetted attractive silkily drifting ‘Mad World‘ (91½/45¾bpm).

TITIYO ‘Flowers’ (Arista 613 212)
Neneh Cherry’s Scandinavia based half sister anguishedly gurgles and squeaks through a bumpy jiggler that has been unhelpfully promoed with four very varied mixes but no indication as to their names, in (listed by A/B side running order) classily arranged wriggly jogging Soul II Soul-ish (105bpm), drily drummed then hip hop-ishly climaxed (103¾bpm), good instrumentally started brightly trotting (104¾bpm), and jittery break beat looped (104¾bpm) treatments, all but the last having some exceptionally strong brass and piano. What will be included commercially is unclear. Like she keeps singing, “ooh ooh”!

S’EXPRESS ‘Nothing To Lose’ (120bpm) (Rhythm King SEXY 01TX)
Now confirmed as the commercially available single, this Indian tabla “blooped” and bass throbbed jangly pushing chugger features the new line-up of just Mark Moore and Bananarama-ishly wailing vocalist Sonique, flipped by its less episodic electronically thrummed ‘My Laser (Just Won’t Function Anymore)‘ variation, plus a title repeating more intensely driven Vocal Mix of the initially promoed ‘Find Time To Be Yourself‘ (116bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – September 1, 1990

02 04 LIVIN’ IN THE LIGHT (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in promo
03 03 TOM’S DINER DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in
04 16 SUN WORSHIPPERS (POSITIVE THINKING) Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
05 02 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
06 14 DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
07 24 IT’S A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love featuring True Image, Cooltempo 12in promo
08 06 HARD UP (HARD CORE MIX) Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in
09 05 PORTRAIT OF A MASTERPIECE The D.O.C., East West 12in
10 26 THE BOOMIN’ SYSTEM (THE UNDERGROUND MIX) L.L. Cool J featuring Uncle J, Def Jam 12in
11 — THE CULT OF SNAP (IBIZA ’90 EDIT) Snap, Arista 12in promo
12 09 BONITA APPLEBAUM A Tribe Called Quest, Jive 12in
13 25 HARDCORE UPROAR (ORIGINAL VERSION) Together, ffrr 12in
16 12 TRICKY DISCO Tricky Disco, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
17 07 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
18 18 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
19 22 HEAVEN KNOWS (12” EDIT) Lalah Hathaway, US Virgin 12in
20 19 I DON’T EVEN KNOW Soul Family Sensation (SFS), One Little Indian 12in White Label
22 17 DANCE DANCE Deskee, Big One 12in
23 10 ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
24 15 SPIRITUAL HIGH Moodswings, White Label 12in
25 — GOT 2 BE FREE (PARADISE MIX) New Life, A&M PM 12in promo
26 98 CULT OF SNAP Hi-Power, Italian Beat Club/Belgian USA Records 12in
27 36 I LIKE YOU (LONDON MIX) Culture Beat (introducing Lana E & Jay Supreme), Epic 12in
28 23 FLOWERS Titiyo, Arista 12in promo
29 58 1814 MEGAMIX Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
30 20 HEY VENUS (MAD THATCHER DISEASE MIX) That Petrol Emotion, Virgin 12in promo
31 40 OVER YOU Taken featuring Helen Bruner, 4+B’ 12in
32 29 SUMMER/AMOR Ben Chapman, deConstruction 12in promo
33 08 EASY LIFE Cabaret Voltaire, Parlophone 12in
34 66 FASCINATING RHYTHM (LISA LOUD MIX) Bass-O-Matic, Guerilla 12in
35 31 LA RAZA (LA RAZA MIX) Kid Frost, US Virgin 12in
36 27 PURE (PURE ENERGY) G.T.O., Cooltempo 12in
37 51 PEACE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Maxi Priest (featuring Jazzie B), 10 Records 12in promo
38 88 IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (DEF CLUB MIX) Julian Jonah featuring Billie Ray Martin, Cooltempo 12in
39 28 NOBODY (MIXES) Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, Syncopate 12in
40 53 SUMMERTIME (NORMAN COOK MIX) Martay-N-DBM, Cooltempo 12in
41 97 STEP RIGHT ON Young Disciples, Talkin Loud 12in promo
42 91 WOW WOW — NA NA Grand Piaz, Urban 12in
43 34 I NEED RHYTHM (REMIX) Splash, East West 12in promo
44 — OMEN Orbital, ffrr 12in promo
45 — EVERYBODY Wendell Williams, US Minimal 12in
46 82 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW Eastern Bloc introducing Terri Symon, Epic 12in promo
47 80 SUNRISE (SATORI MIX) Movement .98 featuring Carroll Thompson, Circa 12in promo
49 — DANCE (CLUB MIX) Earth People, Champion 12in promo
50 — I CAN’T STAND IT! (CLUB REMIX) Twenty 4 Seven, BCM 12in
51 71 STEP OFF (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S SLAMMIN’ & JAMMIN’ MIX) Junior Giscombe, MCA 12in
52 33 I DON’T WANT YOUR LOVE Lynda Law, Perfecto 12in promo
53 42 RAISE (63 STEPS TO HEAVEN) Bocca Juniors, Boys Own/ffrr 12in
54 73 A BEAT CALLED LOVE The Grid, East West 12in
55 38 DOIN’ OUR OWN DANG (DO IT TO THE JB’S MIX) Jungle Brothers, Eternal 12in
56 55 BETTER WORLD (12″ MIX) History featuring Madeleine Jo, SPK.One 12in promo
57 46 MOVIN’ (PAIN MIX) Lee Marrow, Champion 12in promo
58 re JUST LET GO Petra & Co., BCM 12in
59 — HEAVEN (MIXES) The Chimes, CBS 12in promo
60 69 JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT Mona George, Tuff Audio Prods/London 12in promo
61 59 TUNES SPLIT THE ATOM M.C. Tunes, ZTT 12in promo
62 — RAGE Fabio and the Grooverider with Excel D, Dance D-Vision 12in White Label
63 — YOU’VE GOT TO LOOK UP Derek ‘B’, HAL 12in White Label
64 47 SUMMER BREEZE (THE DANCEHALL BASS MIX) Ronin All-Stars featuring The Bahala-Na-Gang Ronin 12in promo
65 STATE OF THE ART Tech Trax Inc., US Nugroove 12in
66 45 GROOVY TRAIN (TERRY FARLEY MIX) The Farm, Produce 12in
67 30 LIFE (EXCURSION ON THE VERSION) David Grant featuring The Original Double Trouble, 4+B’ 12in
68 60 THE TRUTH (VOCAL) Andre Leon, Reachin’ 12in White Label
69 49 MAKE IT MINE/F***IN’ HARD Shamen, One Little Indian 12in White Label
70 48 WHERE ARE YOU BABY? Betty Boo, Rhythm King 12in
71 95 LET’S DANCE T.D.P., Reachin’ 12in promo
72 72 JERK OUT The Time, Paisley Park 12in
73 37 LET’S GET BUSY (PUMP IT UP): SNAP! THE REMIX! (ROBOMIXED) Clubland featuring Quartz, Supreme 12in
74 — IT’S A MOMENT IN TIME 4 For Money, Tam Tam 12in White Label
75 35 SILLY GAMES (NORMAN COOK REMIX) Lindy Layton featuring Janet Kay, Arista 12in promo
76 77 LET’S MOVE (CLUB LA MIX) MC Fixxit, Champion 12in promo
77 56 ANTHEM/HEAVEN N. Joi, A Strictly Underground 12in
78 — SPACE 3001 The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
79 44 RAGGA TRIP The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
80 76 BURUNDI DUB Beats International featuring Janet Kay, Go! 12in promo
81 — DON’T GIVE UP (MIX 1) Double Trouble, Desire 12in promo
82 94 LOVE RUSH Other People’s Money, Dedicated 12in promo
83 81 NAKED IN THE RAIN Blue Pearl, W.A.U.! Mr Modo, Big Life 12in
84 re WONDERFUL WORLD (FX MIX) Wildski, Arista 12in
85 61 DON’T HOLD BACK ON LOVE (ABSOLUTE CLUB MIX) Beat System, 4+B’ 12in
86 — THAT’S MY ATTITUDE (CLUB EDIT) Troop, WEA 12in promo
88 52 COME TOGETHER (WEATHERALL MIX) Primal Scream, Creation 12in
90 32 HOTEL CALIFORNIA (IBIZA 90 MIX) Jam On The Mutha, W.A.U! Mr Modo 12in
91 — RAINFOREST SERENADE The It, Black Market/Big Life 12in promo
92 — SHACK UP—MACHINE A Certain Ratio, A&M 12in promo
93 90 I WISH Ben Liebrand featuring Nasty Chat, Epic 12in
94 87 ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK Sting, A&M 12in
95 — TOGETHER AS ONE Spider, 10 Records 12in
96 — CHAINS (MEDIA MIX) Mimmo Mix featuring Valerie Etienne, Swanyard 12in
97 re ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism 12in White Label
98 — UNTITLED Hardnoise, Music Of Life 12in
99 — V.L.S.I. HEAVEN Epoch 90, Oh’Zone 12in White Label
100 74 INDEPENDENT (REMIX) (INDEPENDENT FUNK MIX) Salt-N-Pepa/Sybil, ffrr 12in promo

Compiled by Alan Jones from a sample of over 400 DJ returns and shop sales. This week’s shops: City Sounds (London), Vinyl Zone (London), Elpees (Orpington), Hitsville USA (Newcastle Upon Tyne), W.A.R.P. (Sheffield) and 23rd Precinct (Glasgow).

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