September 22, 1990: Slam Slam/Dee C. Lee, Snap, The She Project/Jenni Evans, Mica Paris/Rakim, Caron Wheeler


KISS 100 fm’s free launch party at Highbury Fields turned into such an instant roadblock that by early afternoon, before the star PAs had even begun, the station was already warning people to stay away in order to prevent the danger of injury from the crush — overcrowding backstage too meant that the stars were not allowed to linger after doing their PAs, but everything otherwise appears to have gone off well enough . . . Mark Webster and Graham Gold, the station’s breakfast show presenters, have a novel way of “breaking” records on air, records they don’t like, literally into pieces — smashed last week was the Saint Etienne newie, described as “a piece of poo”! . . . Les and Emma Adams of LA Mix didn’t have a honeymoon after their wedding, instead the next day they drove up to Manchester to appear on Piccadilly KEY 103, Sunset Radio, and ‘The Hit Man And Her’ (however, they did manage to have two separate wedding receptions, three days and 60 miles apart)! . . . Steve Crosby of Worcester Park’s Diamond Duel Discotheques (081-393 6265) doesn’t only do mobile discos, he has a mobile Cruisin’ Caraoke — karaoke (the correct spelling, meaning “empty orchestra” in Japanese) being the sing-a-long to backing tracks craze currently popularised by Steve Wright on Radio 1 — which is both available for hire and also in residency on Thursday and Friday evenings at B.B.’s in Bishopsgate, near London’s Liverpool Street Station . . . de/Construction Records have snapped up the Arthur Baker produced Club Chart storming Wendell Williams ‘Everybody’ here . . . Samuelle ‘So You Like What You See’, already reviewed twice on import, has been promoed here way ahead of eventual UK release (Atlantic A6151 T) in the same, superior, Extended LP Mix (99¾bpm), Teddy Riley 12-inch Remix (104¾bpm) and Club Remix (108¼bpm) . . . Ann-Marie Smith is the singer who sounds so much like Adeva in A&M/PM’s new duo New Life, in which she partners Justin Phil-Ebosie . . . ‘Summer‘, in its commercially released Full Blog Version (as it turns out to be called), is credited as being by Ben Chapman’s Loop De Loop featuring J. J. . . .  Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘In The Ghetto‘ (94bpm), briefly introed by the very start of Donny Hathaway’s live version of ‘The Ghetto’ as a separate nice little tribute, has lovely repeated lush piano notes like those from Barry White’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby‘ — thanks for the memory jog to Jon Jules at Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre, where Jesus Jones keyboardist lain Baker is the latest addition to the counter staff! . . . Jamie Bromfield, who previously often partnered YoYo as remixing engineers at the PWL studios, is now partnered by Dan Lycett at their own Crucial Dance label for which he is building a DJ mailing list on 071-403 9658 — initial releases have been by Grand Plaz (before it was signed to Urban) and King For A Day . . . Richard Lowe, leaving Rough Trade/RePublic to go freelance doing press promotion for Tam Tam Records/Savage among others, is building not a DJ mailing list but a specialist black/dance music journalist mailing list on 071-837 2655 . . . Warriors Dance is starting a sister label called Addis Ababa Records for “sweeter” soulful types of music, while Pacific is launching a more pop oriented Planet Pacific label for which demos are invited at Pacific House, Vale Road, London N4 1QB . . . Submission Records, home of East Midlands house music, has moved to The Square Centre, 389-394 Alfred Street North, Nottingham NG3 1AA (telephone 0602 417272, FAX 0602 412277) . . . Florida based Luke Skyywalker Records, home of US notoriety attracting foul mouthed rappers 2 Live Crew, is now called just Luke Records to prevent confusion with the ‘Star Wars’ character of similar though slightly differently spelt name . . . Bob Jones’s ears must have been burning recently, to judge from all the praise his Sunday 3-5pm (when last heard) real soul show on Kiss 100 fm has been getting . . . BOOMIN’!


SLAM SLAM featuring DEE C. LEE ‘Something Ain’t Right’ (116¾bpm) (MCA Records MCAT 1444)
Paul Weller, Dr Robert and Dee C. Lee get together for a sturdily bounding galloper throatily moaned mainly by the latter with mixer Dancin’ Danny D joining in soulfully on his Slammin Club Mix, flipped by a more thinly skittering Jammin Urban Mix, out next week.

SNAP ‘Cult Of Snap (World Power Mix)’ (110bpm) (Arista 613 596)
Already promoed in a strictly limited single sided Ibiza ’90 Edit (109¾bpm), merely re-edited from the LP as a temporary stop gap to hold off the cover version by Hi Power, this now properly remixed (and, unusually for the UK, 33⅓rpm) corny but catchy “zoombah yay” Afro chanted jiggly throbbing chugger has twiddly Middle East sax effects by Bobby Sattler and newly permanent group member Pennye Ford (Sharon Redd’s kid sister) chorussing between gruff MC Turbo’s bursts of butch rap, flipped by a percussively thundering (like a slowed down ‘Burundi Black’) Ibiza ’90 Mix — totally different to the Ibiza ’90 Edit, note — plus its original, Pennye-less and less punchy, Album Version.

THE SHE PROJECT featuring Jenni Evans ‘Summer Reprise’ (103½bpm) (SHE Records SHE 12002, via 081-421 2478)
Previously the standout from their otherwise house filled ‘Technofusion’ album of last December, created and remixed by Sahara’s Steve Sinclair, Peter Hinds & Kevin Ellis (link up their surname initials to see that it’s not the feminist project one might at first glance have supposed), this Jenni sung sweet sultry street soul jogger now jiggles perhaps just a little bit too deliberately in sort of Soul II Soul stylee through its Sound System Mix, flipped however much more sympathetically by a sparser gently jiggling Warm Bass Mix and similar Album Remix.

MICA PARIS featuring Rakim ‘Contribution’ (4+B’ 12 MICA 1)
With some guest rap halfway by Eric B.’s MC Rakim, and a vaguely ecological “p(l)ay your part” message, this title track from Mica’s upcoming second LP is a sultrily sinuous swayer wailing more tensely as it builds through Dancin’ Danny D’s funky drum tripped The Revolution Remix and Transistor Mix (101¾bpm), Ultimatum’s chunkily chugging The Make A Stand Mix and The Make A Stand Instrumental (105¾bpm), plus the album’s Nile’ Rodgers guitared much looser jiggly The Original (102¾bpm), while her own self produced jazzily soulful short ‘Showers Of Love’ (98bpm) is mixed by The Scientist (see separate review).

CARON WHEELER ‘Livin’ In The Light (The Larger Than Light Mix)’ (102¾-102½bpm) (RCA PT 43942)
Perhaps hotter now than the Blacksmith mix, David Morales’ starkly pure and unadorned remix is acappella then drily tapping with Peter ‘Ski’ Schwartz and Eric Kupper’s lush synth and piano chords gradually washing through it, flipped by David’s stuttery guy introed then funkily instrumental Red Zone Mix (102¾bpm) and largely tempoless The Sensual Mix.

A MAN CALLED ADAM ‘Barefoot In The Head’ (121bpm) (Big Life BLR 28T)
In nasally crooning Lisa Stansfield style, Sally Rodgers slinkily nags, worries and works up a sweat through this brightly bubbling attractive ambient canterer, with waves washing both her slow outro and the mumbled Mediterranean reminiscences midway male break presumably by co-creator Steve Jones (Instrumental and Radio Edit too).

DETROIT SPINNERS ‘Ghetto Child (Boilerhouse Remix)’ (108¼bpm) (Atlantic A7814T)
Upsetting soul purists but bound to be a pop hit as plugged for weeks already on Radio 1, Ben & Andy the Boilerhouse Boys’ jaunty remix adds now obligatory fluttering and thumping funky drums to the Spinners’ huskily tuneful 1973 oldie, of which the unadulterated jerkily surging Original Version (108-111½bpm) is included anyway along with a 7″ Boilerhouse Remix.

DICE ‘Never Knew About Love’ (123bpm) (Production House PNT 011)
Phrased like — but not otherwise all that similar to — Alexander O’Neal, this ‘Al-Naafyish’ noise punctuated and breezy harmonies cushioned pleasant lightly mournful throbbing UK soul skipper builds up an infectious lick that’s well worth checking, flipped by its own Instrumental plus the unrelated more jerkily racing semi-instrumental ‘Do What You Want To Do (Pump It Up Homeboy…)‘ (122¼bpm).

GWEN GUTHRIE ‘Miss My Love’ (113bpm) (US Reprise 0-21586)
Co-produced by Gwen with Sly & Robbie and remixed by Yvonne Turner, this percussively cantering wriggly burbler rambles on perhaps a bit too repetitively but, despite not necessarily being another ‘Rent’, will obviously generate interest, some rap breaks by Queen Latifah interspersing its Urban Mix and Urban Dub, not its Urban Edit and slower Album Version (112bpm).

M.C. HAMMER ‘Have You Seen Her (Album Version)’ (72bpm) (Capitol 12CL 590)
The Chi-Lites’ 1971 classic revived in similarly backed mushy slow rolling style with sweet harmonies supporting Hammer’s huskily mumbled reading of the lyric, all very pleasant if hardly radical, flipped by its rap-less Instrumental and a Rick James ‘Super Freak’ quoting KMEL Mix of ‘U Can’t Touch This’ (133¼bpm), out next week.

K.A.T.O. ‘Disco-Tech’ (111¾bpm) (US Nugroove NG 058)
Sounding almost satirically like an amalgam of various Seventies jazz-funk classics, this Ronald Burrell created fast selling treat especially for older clubgoers is a whining lush synth chords and schlurping cymbal driven shuffler with breathily harmonised “keep on, keep on, dancin’, do the hustle, and the bus stop, just like dance to the rhythm now, right on right on, don’t stop, can you dig it” type lyrics — really quite amusingly clichéd — in subtle 3 Piece Suite, Studio 54, Saturday Nite, Apple Jack, and short Soul Brother Disco Mix variations, great fun.

THE SCIENTIST ‘The Exorcist’ (131¾bpm) (GTi/Kickin Records GTI 013T)
Exploding in London as a white label ahead of full release next week, thanks largely to play on Kiss 100 fm, this “send them to the cemetery” speech punctuated blazingly frantic electro galloper — very exciting of its type — is by an only 17 years old although already veteran keyboardist (and reggae/soul recording engineer for such as Mica Paris), so he’s sorta like an Adamski with bleeps, additional “cemetery” samples overlying the flip’s more jerkily surging mix but not its short driving beats (131½bpm).

L.A. MIX featuring The Problem Child ‘Coming Back For More (Back Off Girl) (The Remix)’ (101 bpm) (A&M AMX 579)
Over the last few weeks of August, without ever catching its namecheck, I kept hearing a terrific rap record on the radio prodded by the same catchy sax riff as LA Mix’s Francesco sung current hit, and when I warned Les Adams he said “I’ll sue the bums”, neither of us realizing that it was in fact this official remix of his own record, being played not terribly helpfully even before release of the original soul version (which I have not actually heard as often)! Anyway, now it too is out, and it will help, being a ‘The 900 Number’-ish fruity sax emphasising funky drummed jiggly male rap adaptation, the still elegantly agonising Francesco only souling the flip’s ‘Coming Back For More (Extended Mix)‘, with Bonus Beats too.

CURTIS MAYFIELD & ICE-T ‘Superfly 1990’ (Capitol 12CL 586)
Curtis Mayfield (tragically paralysed from the neck down since August 13 when an outdoor stage lighting rig was blown on top of him) has updated his 1972 movie song for a ‘The Return Of Superfly’ album that will include not only Ice-T but also Eazy-E, Def Jef, Tone Loc, Mellow Man Ace, King Tee, The Uzi Bros and CPO as guest rappers, the US 12-incher’s six mixes here being reduced to just Curtis Mantronik’s funky drum ticked sinuous jiggly Mantronix Remix (108¼bpm), Taavi Mote’s more jittery Fly Mix (108½bpm), and Taavi Mote & Steve Beltran’s jauntily syncopated New Jack Swing Remix (108¾bpm), all with drily muttering Ice-T and the typically squeaky Mayfield swapping alternate verses.

PET SHOP BOYS ‘So Hard (Extended Dance Mix)’ (119¾bpm) (Parlophone 12RDJ 6269)
Promoed ahead of October 8 release, when hopefully it should become a big enough pop hit to be useful for the party season, this Harold Faltermeyer co-produced, Julian Mendelsohn mixed, bleepingly introed then dated late Seventies style Kraftwerk/Giorgio Moroder-ish electro driven rattling twittery pulser is lispingly groaned as usual, with an even stronger more solidly electro instrumental Dub Mix flip.

THE BLUE NILE ‘Headlights On Parade’ (98bpm) (Linn Records LKS 412, via Virgin)
Attractively haunting, this mournful guy moaned languid blue-eyed jogger sways through a gently remorseless jittery ticking rhythm without ever really reaching a climax (which merely makes it endlessly repeatable!) in both its Bob Clearmountain Remix and Album Version, lovely stuff to my mind.

GENASIDE II ‘Death Of The Kamikasee’ (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ 12TOT 8)
About for a while and now startin’ to kick, this rumbling and throbbing electro semi-bleeper has vocodered voices, screams and an odd doodling outro in its I Left My Wallet In Brixton Kentucky Mix (123¾bpm), flipped by an alternative slower starting funkier skeletal lurching version (123bpm), both an Inter-State Alchemy Mix and a Shy Da Eye Mix being labelled although only one is included.

Promoed with nothing other than their name on the label, the A-side’s bass boomed tapping wriggly percussive thrummer (124¾bpm) starts and is punctuated with the disturbingly acappella “There’s something going round inside my head, I think it’s something I feel, it’s something unreal”, flipped by a vigorously bounding jittery electro bleeper (126¾bpm) introed and punctuated by — to my ears, indecipherable — gibberish that sounds roughly like “Grant your plonker, you want” and “I’m more real”.

E.U. ‘I Confess’ (100bpm) (US Virgin 0-96437)
Catchily nagging and bouncily percussive for rubber legged jiggling, the guys give up go go for swingbeat in this David Morales remixed choppily soulful jitterer’s New E.U. 12″, E.U. Dub, Sugarless Radio and Sugar Radio Mixes, plus the sparsely wriggling ‘Funky Like A Monkey‘ rap (89bpm).

MARTAY-N-DBM ‘Summertime’ (Cooltempo COOLX 216)
Based on the jolting rare groove chords of Sweet Charles’s ‘Yes, It’s You’ (a remake of which was Diana Brown & The Brothers’ debut, you may remember), this jiggly lurcher by Monie Love-ish 14 years old female rapper MC Martay and her Manchester colleagues D.B.M. is in a Norman Cook Mix (102¼-102bpm) and a slightly lighter The DBM Manchester Bass Mix (103¾-104bpm), plus Norman’s alternatively grooving Hotter Than July Mix (101-100¾bpm).

J.V.C. FORCE ‘It’s A Force Thing’ (US Idlers WAR-082)
This repeatedly “get down everybody” and hog calling-like “acieed” punctuated jiggly rolling rapid fire wordy rap is in a drum rattled Radio Mix (113½bpm) or Hamilton Bohannon-ishly backed Club Mix and Instrumental (112¾bpm), coupled with the unrelated, ‘Good Times’ rhythm jolted ‘A Force Thing‘ (108bpm), plus the more lethargically chatted lurching ‘Intro 2 Dance‘ (96bpm) in Radio Mix and dubwise Instrumental, with a nice dangerously teased out gap between “Dick” and “Tracy”!

MEGABASS ‘Time To Make The Floor Burn’ (120¼-124¼bpm) (Music Factory Dance 12 MEGAX 1)
Edited down from the TV advertised megamix album ‘Megabass’ created by ‘Def On A Rival’ Mastermixers Daren Ash & Martin Smith, this Black Box, Double Trouble, Bizz-Nizz, Jungle Brothers, Inner City, Mr Lee, Technotronic and The 49ers medleying galloper fluctuatingly builds through 7:20 long 12″ Son Of Megabass Club Edit and 4:30 short abrupt 7″ Radio Mega-Edit versions.

JULIE WRIGHT ‘It’s Allright With Me’ (US Panthera Records PANTUS-1023)
Julie calmly wails the fully vocal tight Dance Mix and infectious jittery jumping Razzle-Dazzle Cut versions (119½bpm) of this lurching canterer, created by 2 Men On A Trip, who themselves chant more than she does in the very loosely rambling Paradise Dub and N.Y. Club Mixes (120bpm), recently selling in Manchester.

DON PABLO’S ANIMALS ‘Long Train Running (Rappin’ Version)’ (124¼bpm) (Rumour Records RUMAT 23, via Pinnacle)
With a guitar scrubbed jitter both faithful to the Doobie Brothers’ 1973 original and similar to that of ‘Venus’ (Shocking Blue’s 1969 original), this now rather naff “wooh yeah” prodded pop aimed leaping Italo hip house treatment is flipped by BHF — Bisiach/Hornbostel/Ferrucci — Productions’ own nervily skittering ‘A Different Story‘ (124½bpm).

ICY D & DOC DAZE ‘Get On Up And Dance’ (124bpm) (Domino Records DOM T13, via Total/BMG)
The Portsmouth label having already reissued Hamilton Bohannon’s ‘Let’s Start II Dance Again’, as its first release some years back, now probably not just by chance also has the tune’s hook line and rhythm driving this frantic lightweight hip house rap, in Club Mix, 7″ Mix, Acappella, and especially the rewritten stronger ‘Gotta Like Hip….House (Dance Mix)‘ variations, licensed from Holland.

THE CLUB CHART – September 22, 1990

02 03 IT’S A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love featuring True Image, Cooltempo 12in promo
04 04 DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
05 05 EVERYBODY Wendell Williams, US Minimal 12in
06 06 FASCINATING RHYTHM (LISA LOUD MIX) Bass-O-Matic, Guerilla 12in
07 07 HEAVEN (MIXES) The Chimes, CBS 12in promo
08 12 THE CULT OF SNAP (IBIZA ’90 EDIT) Snap, Arista 12in promo
10 59 BACK TO REALITY (DRUM AND BASS MIX) The Intelligent Hoodlum, A&M PM 12in promo
11 21 FANTASY (CLUB CUT MIX) Fantasy U.F.O., XL 12in White Label
12 08 GOT 2 BE FREE (PARADISE MIX) New Life, A&M PM 12in
13 22 SO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE (EXTENDED LP MIX) Samuelle, East West 12in promo
14 11 HARD UP (HARD CORE MIX) Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in
15 13 PEACE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Maxi Priest featuring Jazzie B, 10 Records 12in
16 14 ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism 12in
17 — LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in
18 18 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
19 09 SUN WORSHIPPERS (POSITIVE THINKING) (PT 1) Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
20 19 THE BOOMIN’ SYSTEM (THE UNDERGROUND MIX) LL Cool J featuring Uncle J, Def Jam 12in
21 24 YOU’RE WALKING (CORPORATE DEF MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in promo
22 16 DANCE (CLUB MIX) Earth People, Champion 12in
23 36 A BEAT CALLED LOVE The Grid, East West 12in
24 81 THE SPACE JUNGLE Adamski, MCA 12in promo mixes
25 29 MAKE IT MINE Shamen, One Little Indian 12in
26 23 NOTHING TO LOSE/FIND TIME TO BE YOURSELF (VOCAL MIX) S*Express, Rhythm King 12in promo
27 52 TUNES SPLITS THE ATOM M C Tunes Versus 808 State, ZTT 12in
28 15 TOM’S DINER DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in
29 37 BREAKDOWN/GROOVE ME Seduction, US Vendetta 12in
30 55 BODY LANGUAGE The Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in promo
31 28 CUBIK (US REMIXES) 808 State, US Tommy Boy 12in
32 43 BAREFOOT IN THE HEAD A Man Called Adam, Big Life 12in
33 31 FLOWERS Titiyo, Arista 12in promo
34 58 THAT MAN (HE’S ALL MINE) (REESE’S TECHNO-LOGICAL MIX) Inner City, Ten 12in promo
35 48 100 MILES AND RUNNIN’ N.W.A., US Ruthless/Priority EP
36 re OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
38 32 ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
39 47 TOTAL CONFUSION (LIMO) (CONFUSION MIX) A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dred, Tam Tam 12in promo
40 53 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW Western Block introducing Terri Symon, Epic 12in
41 62 SPACE 3001 Space Opera, XL 12in promo
42 25 DANCE DANCE Deskee, Big One 12in
43 45 OMEN Orbital, ffrr 12in
44 27 I CAN’T STAND IT! (CLUB REMIX) Twenty 4 Seven, BCM 12in
45 33 I DON’T EVEN KNOW Soul Family Sensation, One Little Indian 12in
46 34 TOGETHER AS ONE Spider, 10 Records 12in
47 35 DON’T GIVE UP (MIX ONE) Double Trouble, Desire 12in promo
48 30 IT’S A MOMENT IN TIME 4 For Money, Tam Tam 12in
49 20 V.LS.I HEAVEN Epoch 90, Oh’Zone 12in White Label
50 — PHUTURE (WORLD INCORPORATED MIX) Insync featuring Dellroy, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo 12in promo
51 68 KISS ME WITH THE WIND (THE MONTY MIX) Brenda Russell, A&M PM 12in promo
52 66 SUMMER/AMOR Ben Chapman, de/Construction 12in promo
53 44 RAINFOREST SERENADE The It, Black Market/Big Life 12in promo
54 69 TEKNOLOGI (R.J. FLIP MIX) Urban Hype, Reachin’ 12in promo
55 17 CULT OF SNAP Hi-Power, Rumour 12in
56 64 ALL JOIN HANDS Ce Ce Rogers, US Atlantic 12in
57 42 SUNRISE (SATORI MIX) Movement .98 featuring Carroll Thompson, Circa 12in promo
58 74 YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
59 49 NOW’S THE B TURN (EXTENDED MIX) Laquan, 4+B’ 12in
61 96 SUPERFLY 1990 (MANTRONIX REMIX) Curtis Mayfield & Ice-T, Capitol 12in promo
62 80 WONDERFUL WORLD (FX MIX) Wildski, Arista 12in
63 39 HEAVEN KNOWS (12″ EDIT) Lalah Hathaway, Virgin 12in
64 54 OBOE 1 M.I.C., Slippy Gimbo 12in
65 40 IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (DEE CGUBNMIX) Julian Jonah, Cooltempo 12in
66 — TO DA BREAK OF DAWN LL Cool J, Motown 12in EP
67 38 I DON’T WANT YOUR LOVE Lynda Law, PerfectO 12in
68 67 PEOPLE (REMIXES) Soul II Soul, US Virgin 12in
69 63 II DAM FUNKY (JOHN WADDELL & CJ MACKINTOSH MIX) Outlaw Posse, Gee Street 12in promo
70 51 1814 MEGAMIX Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
71 — FACE THE SUN (JOURNEY INTO NOMAD’S LAND) Band Of Gypsies, White Label 12in
72 60 STEP OFF (DANCIN’ DANNY D’S SLAMMIN’ & JAMMIN’ MIX) Junior Giscombe, MCA 12in
73 79 THE TRUTH (VOCAL) Andre Leon, Reachin’ 12in White Label
74 92 I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (EXTENDED) Neneh Cherry, Circa 12in promo
75 — GET FREE (THE EDEN UPSTAIRS MIX) Anna Mwale, Epic 12in promo
76 re CERTAIN STATE OF MIND Digital Distortion, Atmosphere 12in
77 — GHETTO CHILD (BOILERHOUSE REMIX) Detroit Spinners, East West 12in promo
78 — LIFE (TONY HUMPHRIES VOCAL MIX) Truth, ffrr 12in promo
79 91 BUSTIN’ A RHYME The M! Inc. Guest MC Valentine, Parlophone 12in
80 re THE WRATH OF KANE (LONG PLAY MIX) Mystic Knights, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo 12in
81 re ANTHEM N.Joi, deConstruction 12in
83 — CAN’T STOP (ONE WORLD 12″) After 7, Virgin America 12in promo
84 50 STEP RIGHT ON Young Disciples, Talkin Loud 12in
85 94 HAPPY (SKI FEAR RECALL)/FAR AWAY (EXTRAVAGANZA MIX) Robert Owens, 4+B’ 12in promo
86 99 ANYONE… (FULL LENGTH MIX) Smith & Mighty featuring Jackie Jackson, 3 Stripe Prods./ffrr 12in
87 87 CRAZY (DIZZY MIX) MC B. featuring Daisy Dee, Big One 12in promo
88 re RAGGA TRIP/HOOLIGAN 69 The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in
89 88 THAT’S MY ATTITUDE (CLUB EDIT) Troop, WEA 12in promo
90 — SOUL THUNDER (DRILLER MIX) Juno, Bass-is 12in
91 re LA SERENISSIMA DNA, Bass Raw 12in
92 — DO ME (MENTALLY HIP HOP MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
93 re I NEED RHYTHM (REMIX) Splash, East West 12in
94 78 RAGE Fabio And The Grooverider With Excel D, Dance D-Vision Discs 12in White Label
95 84 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
96 46 GROOVY TRAIN (TERRY FARLEY MIX) The Farm, Produce 12in
97 re INDEPENDENT (REMIX) (INDEPENDENT FUNK MIX) Salt-n-Pepa/Sybil, ffrr 12in
98 77 LET’S DANCE T.D.P., Reachin’ 12in promo
99 76 A RHYTHM TO MAKE U (CUICCA MIX) L&M, Desire 12in promo
100 61 JUST LET GO (EXTENDED MIX) Petra & Co., BCM 12in

Compiled by Alan Jones from a sample of over 400 DJ returns and shop sales. This week’s shops: Replay (Bristol), WARP (Sheffield), 23rd Precinct (Glasgow), Groove (London), Vinyl Zone (London).

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