September 29, 1990: A Homeboy A Hippie And A Funki Dred, Wendell Williams, Western Block/Terri Symon, Zoe, The Intelligent Hoodlum


SOUL II SOUL appear not to be releasing ‘People’ here at all, going with ‘Missing You’ in time for Christmas instead . . . Nigel Webb, previously at BMG, has replaced Eddie Gordon as head of club promotions at east west, where he will be running his own new DJ mailing list (WEA, Electric Lighting Station, 46 Kensington Court, London W8 SDP) . . . ‘Pal Joey’ Longo reveals that he looped Carl Bean’s ‘I Was Born This Way’ through the Earth People’s ‘Dance’ (along, of course, with Chic) — so that is what it is! . . . Nightmares On Wax’s “There’s something going round inside my head, I think it’s something I feel, it’s something unreal” acappella vocal hook in ‘Aftermath’ (as their newie turns out to be titled) sounds like Cuba Gooding’s remake of Main Ingredient’s ‘Happiness Is Just Around The Bend’ — thanx to Dave Lee at RePublic Records for the memory jog . . . US Cutting Records have remixed Hashim’s seminal ‘Al-Naafyish’ for imminent import release . . . Rhythmatic, Nottingham’s Mark Gamble and Leroy Crawford, have revived their ‘scam’ Sheffield telephone code 0742 Records label for a 10-inch pre-release pressing of ‘Frequency‘ (124½bpm), a twittery bleeping and spurting East Midlands techno bounder, coupled with the bassily throbbed jerkier Detroit style ‘Demons‘ (121¼bpm), due for eventual 12-inch release on Network (NWKT 13) . . . T.A.S. The Altered State’s B-side ‘Make Some Noise‘ is turning into the hot side thanks to play on guess which new radio station . . . Professor Griff & The Last Asiatic Disciples’ ‘The Verdict’, reviewed on import this issue, is due for UK release on October 15, when some alternative remixes by none other than Norman Cook will also be separately 12-inched — and there is a strong possibility that Griff will be touring here next month, too . . . October 22 looks like a busy date, most of the current promos seeming to be scheduled for release then! . . . Buffalo Soldiers are a new US rap group featuring Cameo leader Larry Blackmon’s son . . . The Boys enliven their video for ‘Crazy’ with impersonations of George Michael, Bobby Brown, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson (a brilliant send-up of his ‘Thriller’ video), and Milli Vanilli (possibly funniest of all) . . . MTV has been showing the video of Virginity 99’s ‘Kiss My Cherry Lips‘, a girl sung translation set to a hip hop-ish beat of ‘Das Erdbeermund’, rather late after Culture Beat’s German treatment but still interesting if anyone can find it . . . Diamond Duel Discotheques, no sooner had I finished writing last week’s mention, had the van containing their Cruisin’ Caraoke and other disco equipment stolen from right outside their shop — but Steve Crosby managed to get another set of gear in time to continue their Bishopsgate B.B.’s Thurs/Friday residency without a break (information leading to recovery of the missing property is however welcomed on 081-393 6265) . . . Superstition, “the original legal West End rave” (actually, a carefully disguised activity for University Of London students, open to the public) returns with DJs CJ Mackintosh, Marco and guests plus live musicians this and every second Saturday (Sept 29, Oct 13 and 27, etc), 10pm-4am, in Thornhaugh Street off Bloomsbury’s Russell Square . . . Innocence featuring Gee Morris perform a 30 minute live PA for Ben & Andy (the Boilerhouse boys) at Reasons To Be Cheerful this Saturday (29) in Brixton’s The Fridge, while over the road at the same time, Brixton’s The Academy hosts The Hats ‘N’ Roses Autumn Ball (wear either or both) with Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley, Fabio, The Grooverider, Mark Webster, Steve Lee plus PAs by Bass-O-Matic, Movement .98 and Spider (£12.50 advance credit card bookings on 081-392 2922) . . . Chris Forbes gets upfront for the over-20s (smart dress) every Friday at Welwyn Garden City’s West 1 Nightclub . . . Chad Jackson, once renowned for his slashed jeans, is these days sporting a moptop hairstyle and wickedly thin goatee beard as his new beatnik look . . . BOOMIN’!

Reviewed by Graeme Park and James Hamilton

RIO RHYTHM BAND ‘Carnival De Casa
UNIQUE 3 (featuring KARIN) ‘Rhythm Takes Control
DEBRA LEWIS ‘New Love Affair’/‘Don’t Change Me
TRU FUNK ‘4am’
RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE ‘In Dub’ (‘Thunder’/‘Deadly’/‘Women Respond To Bass’/‘Transworld Siren’)
JAH WOBBLE AND THE INVADERS OF THE HEART ‘Bomba’ (Andrew Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson remixes)
TONY! TONI! TONÉ! ‘Feels Good’ (US remix by Ken ‘Dr Shaft’ Kessie)
2XL ‘Destruction
RHYTHMATIC ‘Frequency’
L.U.P.O. ‘Keep It Up
AZTECH ‘Symphony Of Brotherhood’/‘Symphony Of Ska
VOICES ‘Give Me Your Body’/‘I’m Your Freak

A HOMEBOY, A HIPPIE AND A FUNKI DRED ‘Total Confusion’ (123bpm) (Tam Tam Records TTT 031)
From the Rising High Collective, this word spittingly rapped rumbling frantic thunderer is in excitingly blazing Confusion Mix, aptly titled less frantically throbbing instrumental Mellow Mix and a shorter Reprise, hot on white label already ahead of release next week.

ED TERRY ‘Show Me Love
EVOLUTION BRIDGE ‘Simplicity’/‘Meree In Two
RON WILSON ‘Prove It To Me
THE RHYTHM METHOD featuring RUBBER RONSKI ‘The Call Of The Wild’
EXTORTION featuring DIHAN BROOKS ‘How Do You See Me Now
RALPHI ROSARIO featuring SK-TA ‘Running Away
MOE-WET featuring KAREN WAITE ‘In The Heat Of The Night’

WENDELL WILLIAMS ‘Everybody’ (122bpm) (de/Construction Records PT 44072)
Outrageously prodded by swirling bursts of what sounds like Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’, among other things including Black Box’s (credited) ‘Everybody Everybody’ title line, the Arthur Baker produced fantastically exciting hip house leaper has not surprisingly exploded in British clubs while still on US import, the biggest import in a long time, here slightly slower in just edits of its (Everybody) Rap Your Body and Disco Lives Saxophonic Acid Vibe Rock Don’t Stop It Rave Mix versions, and full (Everybody) Swing Your Body version.

WESTERN BLOCK introducing Terri Symon ‘Right Here Right Now’ (100bpm) (Epic 656182 6)
Renamed from Eastern Bloc to prevent confusion with Manchester’s record shop and label distribution set-up of the same name, Paul Witts and Rob Manley’s group debuts with an excellent Terri Symon wailed, familiar bass burbled jiggly jogging street soul groin grinder initially circulated in Alternative Twelve and Extended Twelve mixes, and now not necessarily improved but also due separately in Creative Source’s more Latin flavoured jittery Society MIX (Epic 656182 5), flipped by Witts & Manley’s jerkily pattering Jazzy Mix.

ZOE ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ (98bpm) (W.A.U! Mr. Modo Recordings MAGX 6 DJ, via Polydor)
Discovered busking in Baghdad by Youth, latter day flower child Zoe’s previously acoustic and still swoopingly sung folksy surging Mamas & Papas-ish singalong hippy anthem is given a Ben & Andy (the Boilerhouse Boys) co-produced ‘Tom’s Diner’-type treatment with an hypnotically rolling jiggly beat in Extended 12″ Master, Instrumental, Boiler House ‘Power’, and blooping tabla tapped Acappella Mixes, already causing quite a stir although not due commercially until October 22!

THE INTELLIGENT HOODLUM ‘Back To Reality’ (100¼bpm) (A&M/PM AMY 598)
Juice Crew’s 18-years-old Tragedy made his recording debut aged just 13 as MC Jade with ‘Coke Is It’, but now he’s back to reality rapping this Marley Marl produced but CJ Mackintosh remixed slinkily jiggling roller, most obviously repeating its girl sung title line hook from Soul II Soul’s ‘Back To Life’ over a similar rhythm in its therefore instantly familiar (and massive) Drum And Bass Mix, now released here commercially coupled by more bassily jittering Back To Basics, jogging Ragamuffin Version, and squidgy Ragadub alternative remixes too.

ORBITAL ‘Omen Remixes’ (ffrr FXR 145)
Flipped on its original pressing (FX 145) by the spacily pulsing and mumbling ‘2 Deep‘ plus the same rhythm based but beefily building much more twittery ‘Open Mind‘ (119½bpm), the Hartnoll brothers’ ‘Omen’ (120bpm) began as an only gently bleeping canterer but now is very differently treated in properly bleeping style with vocodered fully electro jittery The Chariot and similar The Tower (118bpm), and rave aimed jerkily rattled bounding Wheel Of Fortune and similar The Fall (122bpm) versions.

M.C. TUNES versus 808 STATE ‘Tunes Splits The Atom’ (ZTT ZANG 6T)
With a backing that sounds sorts like a pastiche of the Rolling Stones’ ‘We Love You’ and Jimi Hendrix guitar, this wordily busy weaving jiggly pop rap is in Original Rap (121bpm) and instrumental Zero Gravity Mix (120bpm) versions, flipped by the repetitively ‘Get Up Stand Up’ and ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ quoting but otherwise instrumental bass and drums rumbled ‘Dance Yourself To Death (Marley Mix)‘ (119½bpm), while separately promoed now as a brand new remix is the differently titled ‘Creamatomic‘ (120bpm) (ZTT ZANG 6TX), punctuated by Cream’s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ chords in freakily fluttering jittery Rap and Instrumental versions, flipped by the nervily fast talking ‘Cool Atom’ (120bpm) variation on the original ‘Tunes Splits The Atom’ also in Rap and Instrumental versions.

XPANSIONS ‘Elevation’ (Optimism Records OPT 12001, via Pinnacle Recuts)
Rubber stamped on white label promo as being by Xpantions but now properly spelt and — after heavy Kiss 100 fm play — climbing fast on its commercial pressing, this London recorded though Italian styled simple repetitive stuttery “move your body” girls chanted and snarling synth underpinned surging simple canterer is in brightly bounding Club Mix (121¾bpm), more jittery jangling Alternative and percussive Other Mixes (121¼bpm). Apparently it has also now been signed by de/Construction Records.

M.I.C. ‘Oobe 1’ (125½bpm) (Slippy Gimbo Records SLIMBO 1) Apparently created for all of fifty quid by two Newcastle upon Tyne jocks (surnames Phillips & Rama), this exciting wriggly techno bleeper jumps about in lively style once it gets going, with a few booming low frequency oscillation breaks and hollow gurgling drain effects but chiefly just lots of twiddly leaping bleeps, flipped by a more immediately starting and percussively galloping ‘Oobe 2‘ Club Mix.

FANTASY U.F.O. ‘Fantasy’ (122¾bpm) (XL Recordings XLT-15, via WEA)
The solo creation of M-D-Emm’s Master Of The Universe, Mark Ryder, this low frequency bass punctuated skittery bleeping and fluttering electro wriggler is in moodily tolling death knell started Club Cut Mix, guys and squeaky girl chanted more beefily jittering Fusion Of Dreams Mix, tightly twittering Strictly Underground Remix (possibly hottest), and again bell introed booming fractionally faster Melt The Speaker Mix (123bpm) variations.

adventures of STEVIE V ‘Body Language’ (Mercury MERXR 331)
Again sung more by the girl than rapped by Stevie, this jerkily jumping staccato wriggler was promoed in Phil Chill’s boomingly cantering Hot Mix (119½bpm) coupled with S & P Jervier’s much more jittery early Eighties effects spiked Full Rub Mix (119bpm), both quite different.

TWENTY 4 SEVEN featuring Capt. Hollywood ‘I Can’t Stand It (Club Remix)’ (122¼bpm) (BCM Records BCM R 395)
Germany’s DJ David having switched labels, instead Bruce Forest has friskily remixed this phonetic guy rapped and catchily chorussed Technotronic-type Dutch pop-hip house galloper from back in the spring (when the original was reviewed), subsequently big around Europe’s holiday hotspots and now a late summer hit here too, prodded in its later stages by ‘Back Stabbers’ style “what they doin’?” repetition and flipped by Bruce’s piano jangled instrumental Dub Mix.

PHALON ‘Dance Floor Of Life’ (US Elektra/Mega Jam Records, Inc 0-66612)
Not exactly rapped so much as spoken by a lightly husky chap with girl group choruses, pizzicato Soul II Soul-type strings and a nice jazzy piano break, this slinkily rolling ‘All Night Long’-style strong nagging groin grinder sounds best in Mark Richardson’s LP Version and similar Radio Edit (99¾bpm), with his less effective Jazze’s House Mix (111¼bpm) plus DJ Mark The 45 King’s starker Extended Version, Radio Mix, Bonus Beats and instrumental (100¼bpm) too.

With a parental advisory warning in an interesting twist for the former Luke Skyywalker label that there are “no explicit lyrics contained in this recording”, the sometime Public Enemy rapper’s courtroom scenario setting and James Brown comments punctuated powerful driving angry political lurcher, reminiscent of ‘The Message’, is indeed in totally clean though controversially worded Radio Edit (106bpm), at times backwards running LP Version/Curseless At Its Best (105¾bpm), good funkily grooving The Supreme Court Instrumental (106¾bpm) and acappella mixes, coupled also by the L.A.D. ensemble rapped heavily thumping slow rocky ‘Suzi Wants To Be A Rock Star‘ (97½bpm).

808 STATE ‘Olympic State’ (ZTT SAM 702)
Despite their remixed ‘Cübik’ being massive on import, promoed instead way ahead of October 29 UK release is this less radical friskily melodic bleeping electro house instrumental, originally commissioned to accompany Manchester’s — as it turned out — unsuccessful application for the 1996 Olympics but now the theme tune of Channel 4’s new “yoof’ programme ‘The Word’, in Swiss chimes clanged squiggly cantering August 90 (122½bpm) and jauntily jumping Original (123½bpm) Mixes or a fiercer driving Heavy Bass Euromix (122¾bpm), coupled by the unrelated atmospheric moody juddering ‘Eurotrack‘ (117½bpm).

BASS-O-MATIC ‘Rockers Vs Ravers‘ (Guerilla GRRR 7)

L&M ‘A Rhythm To Make U’ (Desire WANTX 35, via Pacific)
Created by London DJs Lewis Copeland and Mathew B (their first name initials have nothing to do with Lower tar, More flavor cigarettes!), this ‘Tubular Bells’-ishly tinkled very 1983 electro style twittery juddering jitterer is in Cuicca and Techno Mixes (120bpm), flipped by The Blue Lewis Jam and Mat B Passing Thru (118bpm) versions, all purely instrumental.

HARDCORE ‘I Like John’ (126-125¾bpm) (XL Recordings XLT-13, via WEA)
The sort of single I like, with just one track on each side, Brighton DJ Dave Clarke’s vinyl debut is a repetitive “feel the bass” introed, “let your mind be free”, “it’s a love song” and other comments prodded, apparently PiL and Duran Duran derived simple throbbing sparse groove (119½bpm).

SHAMEN ‘Make It Mine (Remix)’ (120½bpm) (One Little Indian 46TP 12L, via Rough Trade)
Their fuzz guitar yowled indie dance hit having initially appeared in sparsely booming episodic jaunty Lenny D instrumental, stuttery NOR Vocal (120bpm) and more fully pop Lenny D Vocal (120½bpm) versions, coupled also with the jumbled bassily churning ‘Something Wonderful’ (119½bpm), it is now also more fiercely remixed by ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards and guitar-less in three noisier jittery twittering and thumping versions (untitled on white label so listed in order) with raucous gor-blimey pop vocals, instrumental electro bleeps, ‘Move Any Mountain’ chanting, or a slower sparse more Lenny D-like electro dub (119½bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – September 29, 1990

01 02 IT’S A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love featuring True Image, Cooltempo 12in promo
03 05 EVERYBODY Wendell Williams, US Minimal 12in
04 01 LIVIN’ IN THE LIGHT (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in
05 10 BACK TO REALITY (DRUM AND BASS MIX) The Intelligent Hoodlum, A&M PM 12in promo
06 17 LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
07 07 HEAVEN (MIXES) The Chimes, CBS 12in promo
08 04 DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
09 06 FASCINATING RHYTHM (LISA LOUD MIX) Bass-O-Matic, Guerilla 12in
10 08 THE CULT OF SNAP (IBIZA ’90 EDIT) Snap, Arista 12in
11 11 FANTASY (CLUB CUT MIX) Fantasy U.F.O., XL Recordings 12in
12 44 I CAN’T STAND IT! (CLUB REMIX) Twenty 4 Seven, BCM 12in
13 13 SO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE (EXTENDED LP MIX) Samuelle, East West 12in promo
14 12 GOT 2 BE FREE (PARADISE MIX) New Life, A&M PM 12in
15 25 MAKE IT MINE Shamen, One Little Indian 12in
16 16 ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism 12In
17 45 I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD CALL YOU BABY Soul Family Sensation, One Little Indian 12in
18 14 HARD UP (HARD CORE MIX) Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in
20 34 THAT MAN (HE’S ALL MINE) (REESE’S TECHNO-LOGICAL MIX) Inner City, Ten 12in promo
21 31 CUBIK (US REMIXES) 808 State, US Tommy Boy 12in
22 77 GHETTO CHILD (BOILERHOUSE REMIX) Detroit Spinners, East West 12in
23 18 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
24 30 BODY LANGUAGE The Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in
25 22 DANCE (CLUB MIX) Earth People, Champion 12in
26 24 THE SPACE JUNGLE Adamski, MCA 12in promo mixes
27 19 SUN WORSHIPPERS (POSITIVE THINKING) (PT 1) Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, ffrr 12in
28 21 YOU’RE WALKING (CORPORATE DEF MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in
29 20 THE BOOMIN’ SYSTEM (THE UNDERGROUND MIX) LL Cool J featuring Uncle J, Def Jam 12in
30 48 IT’S A MOMENT IN TIME 4 For Money, Tam Tam 12in
31 29 BREAKDOWN/GROOVE ME Seduction, US Vendetta 12In
32 51 KISS ME WITH THE WIND (THE MONTY MIX) Brenda Russell, A&M PM 12in promo
33 42 DANCE DANCE Deskee, Big One 12in
34 15 PEACE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Maxi Priest featuring Jazzie B, 10 Records 12in
35 — OLYMPIC STATE (AUG. 9), 808 State ZTT 12in promo
36 43 OMEN Orbital, ffrr 12in
37 73 THE TRUTH Andre Léon, Reachin’ 12in
38 23 A BEAT CALLED LOVE The Grid, East West 12in
39 27 TUNES SPLITS THE ATOM M C Tunes Versus 808 State, ZTT 12in
40 39 TOTAL CONFUSION (LIMO) (CONFUSION MIX) A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd, Tam Tam 12in
41 — SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT (SLAMMIN CLUB MIX) Slam Slam featuring Dee C Lee, MCA 12in promo
42 68 PEOPLE (REMIXES) Soul II Soul, US Virgin 12in
43 38 ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson featuring Shawn Christopher, Arista 12in
44 54 TEKNOLOGI (R.J. FLIP MIX) Urban Hype, Reachin’ 12in promo
45 57 SUNRISE (SATORI MIX) Movement .98 (featuring Carroll Thompson), Circa 12in
46 26 NOTHING TO LOSE/FIND TIME TO BE YOURSELF (VOCAL MIX) S*Express, Rhythm King 12in promo
47 87 CRAZY (DIZZY MIX) MC B. featuring Daisy Dee, Big One 12in promo
48 32 BAREFOOT IN THE HEAD A Man Called Adam, Big Life 12in
49 — ITAL’S THEME Ital Rockers, Bass-ic 12in
50 40 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW Western Block introducing Terri Symon, Epic 12In
51 60 I LIKE JOHN/GET A LITTLE STUPID Hardcore, XL Recordings 12in
52 83 CAN’T STOP (ONE WORLD 12″) After 7, Virgin America 12in promo
53 — AFTERMATH Nightmares On Wax, W.A.R.P./Outer Rhythm 12in
54 41 SPACE 3001 Space Opera, XL Recordings 12in
55 61 SUPERFLY 1990 (MANTRONIX REMIX) Curtis Mayfield & Ice-T, Capitol 12in
56 49 V.L.S.I HEAVEN Epoch 90, Oh’Zone 12in White Label
57 36 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
58 re DO YOU REALLY WANT MY LOVE (WANNA DANCE MIX) Melba Moore, Capitol 12in
59 56 ALL JOIN HANDS Ce Ce Rogers, US Atlantic 12in
60 re WOW WOW — NA NA Grand Plaz, Urban 12in
61 59 NOW’S THE B TURN (EXTENDED MIX) Laquan, 4+B’ 12in
62 92 DO ME (MENTALLY HIP HOP MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
63 — THE EXORCIST The Scientist, Kickin 12in promo
64 — IN ZAIRE African Business, German ZYX 12in
65 91 LA SERENISSIMA DNA, Bass Raw 12in
66 78 LIFE (TONY HUMPHRIES VOCAL MIX) Truth, ffrr 12In promo
67 — SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS (12″ VOCAL) Queen Mother Rage, Cardiac 12in promo
68 — JAZZ THING (VIDEO MIX) Gang Starr, CBS 12in promo
69 47 DON’T GIVE UP (MIX 1) Double Trouble, Desire 12in
70 — GET YOURSELF TOGETHER Young Disciples, Talking Loud 12in promo
71 — SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAY Zoe, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo 12in promo
72 50 DREAM (PHUTURE WORLD INCORPORATED MIX) Insync featuring Dellroy, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo 12in promo
73 71 FACE THE SUN (JOURNEY INTO NOMAD’S LAND) Band Of Gypsies, White Label 12in
74 90 SOUL THUNDER (DRILLER MIX) Juno, Bass-ic 12in
75 28 TOM’S DINER DNA featuring Suzanne Vega, A&M 12in
76 46 TOGETHER AS ONE Spider, 10 Records 12In
77 re WAITING FOR LOVE Cool Down Zone, Ten 12in promo
78 63 HEAVEN KNOWS (12″ EDIT) Lalah Hathaway, Virgin 12in
79 — INTRO 2 DANCE/IT’S A FORCE THING J.V.C. Force, US Idlers 12in
80 70 1814 MEGAMIX Janet Jackson, A&M 12In
81 85 HAPPY (SKI FEAR RECALL)/FAR AWAY (EXTRAVAGANZA MIX) Robert Owens, 4+B’ 12in promo
82 — AIN’T IT GOOD TO YOU (RADIO REMIX EDIT) M.C. Shan, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
83 75 GET FREE (THE EDEN UPSTAIRS MIX) Anna Mwale, Epic 12in promo
84 74 I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (EXTENDED) Neneh Cherry, Circa 12in
85 67 I DON’T WANT YOUR LOVE, Lynda Law Perfecto 12in
86 58 YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
87 95 LFO (THE LEEDS WAREHOUSE MIX) LFO, W.A.R.P/Outer Rhythm 12in
88 53 RAINFOREST SERENADE The It, Black Market/Big Life 12in promo
89 55 CULT OF SNAP Hi-Power, Rumour 12in
91 — MIND OF AN ORDINARY CITIZEN Blade, US 691-Influential 12in
92 94 RAGE Fabio And The Grooverider With Excel D, Dance D-Vision Discs 12in
93 — SPIN THAT WHEEL (TURTLES GET READY) (12″ PIZZA MIX) Hi Tek 3 featuring Ya Kid K, The Brothers Organisation
94 98 LET’S DANCE T.D.P., Reachin’ 12in promo
95 35 100 MILES AND RUNNIN’ N.W.A., US Ruthless/Priority EP
96 — HANG IN LONG ENOUGH (PETTIBONE 12″ MIX) Phil Collins, Virgin 12in
97 79 BUSTIN’ A RHYME The M! Inc. Guest MC Valentino, Parlophone 12in
98 33 FLOWERS Titiyo, Arista 12in promo
99 — RHYTHM TAKES CONTROL (ORIGINAL STYLE MIX) Unique 3 (featuring Karin), Ten 12in promo
100 re FREE (C’MON) (TO THE POINT MIX) Catch, ffrr 12in promo

Compiled by Alan Jones from a sample of over 400 DJ returns and shop sales. This week’s shops: Groove (London), Trax (London), Elpees (Orpington), Hitville USA (Newcastle), Manchester Underground (Manchester) and 23rd Precinct (Glasgow).

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