October 13, 1990: Young Disciples, J.B. MC, Catch, Loose Ends, Pebbles


PRESJAM 8, the eighth Prestatyn weekender, fast approaching on November 2/3/4, will feature not only full live concerts by En Vogue and Light Of The World, as previously announced, but also PAs by the likes of Loose Ends, Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe, Bass-O-Matic, Master Ace, Unique 3, The Sindecut, Carlton, Martay-N-DBM plus the strong possibility of Monie Love, Jungle Brothers, LL Cool J, Innocence, the Chimes and even Public Enemy (confirmation of these and more to follow), while Robbie Vincent will be making a welcome return to the regular DJ team — £60 tickets from LiveWire Promotions on 081-364 1212, but hurry as only a few are left . . . BBC2-tv next Monday (October 15) in the ‘Def II’ slot (repeated the following Sunday) starts a series of ten 40 minute ‘Dance Energy’ shows, all pretty up to date as recorded the previous Thursday and featuring three live acts, various video promos, charts, Euro reports and guest DJ presenters — meanwhile, Channel 4’s rival ‘Dance Daze’ series, recently recorded at Brixton’s Academy, is not due to start until November 9 . . . The Video Pool’s latest October ’90 edition, No. 76, includes for the first time (approximate) Beats Per Minute information to help those DJs who might want to sequence the videos smoothly within their musical programme (whether they attempt running mixes with actual records is up to them) — full details of this monthly video clip compilation service, available to bona fide disco operators only, from Roz Bea at 170a Holland Park Avenue, London W1 1 4UH (071-602 5935) . . . Simon Walsh still has a few places to fill on various DJ mailing lists (like upfront, commercial, Hi-NRG) at Music Enterprises, who have just celebrated their fifth anniversary with a move to Elysium Gate, 126-128 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LZ (telephone 071-371 5005, fax 071-371 0160) . . . WEA is now known as Warner Music International — how long before it’s WMI, or “Wammie” for short?! . . . Record Mirror Club Chart topper Monie Love has been signed by Spike Lee to appear in his next film, ‘Jungle Fever’, and also looks like becoming a cast member of a new US TV sitcom series — here, her ‘Down To Earth’ album has been preceded by a 45rpm 12-inch promo (Cooltempo CTLPP 14) featuring four volume boosted tracks from it, the original chugging ‘It’s A Shame (My Sister)‘ (108bpm), George Clinton-ish lurching P’funky ‘Don’t Funk Wid The Mo‘ (108¾bpm), lunar countdown and old Roy Ayers “hey uhh what you say come on” chant started frantic hip house ‘Down To Earth‘ (123¼bpm), and Anita Ward oldie adapting Ultra Naté duetted ‘Ring My Bell‘ (121¾bpm) . . . Paul Mulholland presents a Saturday 7-8pm dance music show on Glasgow’s first community station, East End Radio 103.5fm . . . 23-year-old Californian Samuelle was lead singer with Club Nouveau on their ‘Lean On Me’ hit, his own previously reviewed ‘So You Like What You See’ (much plugged by Kiss 100 fm in London) being out here now . . . Adamski’s ‘Killer’ singer, a guy called Seal has signed solo to ZTT . . . M.I.C. ‘Oobe 1’/’Oobe 2’, previously reviewed on Slippy Gimbo Records, has been picked up by the new Planet Pacific label for wider release next month . . . Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Miss My Love’ is due for UK release on October 29, when Deee-Lite’s ‘Power Of Love’ is out . . . Neneh Cherry’s ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ has been slickly remixed by Blacksmith in a jazzy keyboard and strings backed Brixton Bass Mix (Circa Records YRTX 53), with nice Gato Barbieri-ish sax, usefully flipped by its Brixton Bass Instrumental Mix plus their very different alternative stark old fashioned funk jittered Upso Mix (all 103½bpm, precisely) . . . Titiyo’s ‘Flowers’, now it’s out commercially, is also in some fully labelled Remixes (Arista 613 213), with Frankie Foncette’s excellent sparsely sinuous Uptown Mix (105bpm), Magnus Frykberg & StoneBridge’s ‘Theme from Shaft’-ish cymbal tapped Overload and Mike Stevens & Aadil’s funky drummered Hip-Hopappella Mixes (104¾bpm) . . . Orbital are at The Fridge in Brixton this Thursday (October 11) . . . DJ Harry J’s live guests are the James Taylor Quartet this Friday (12) in The Strongroom at Windsor’s The Old Trout (Barry Avenue), where a fortnight later (Friday 26) Big H is joined by Jeff Young for the Harry’s House night . . . Jerry Dammers is special opening night guest this Saturday (13) at the first fortnightly Downbeat in Coventry’s Tic Toc club, with resident DJs Lof and Fresh E scratching and sampling slow beats, grooves, rap and ragga . . . Bedford based Forbidden Fruit Inc. is donating to local medical-type charities 30 per cent of all admission profits from its new Thursday night at Bedford’s Sweetings II nightclub, alternate weeks featuring either (like this week) the old and new soul, mellow grooves, jazz and ragga Blak Is Blak or (next week) the more house, rap, upfront soul Urban Jungle, with DJs including Bejan ‘Nutty B’ Huggins, John ‘Jon Boy’ Eagles, Neil ‘The Raider’, Mikie V, Richard ‘Rochie’ Rochester, DJ Louis, South River Crew, DJ Lethargic, Loft Groover, Colin Dale and guests (further details from Rochie on 0860 793540 or 0234 262773, who would welcome offers of PAs too) — meanwhile, both these nights’ musical styles are combined for The Word on Saturdays at Castaways, slightly closer to Rushden than Bedford on the A6, near the appropriately named Souldrop (a genuine village!) . . . BOOMIN’!


YOUNG DISCIPLES ‘Get Yourself Together’ (99¾bpm) (Talkin Loud TLK3, via Phonogram)
London jazz-funk DJs Femi & Marco’s classily subtle recording act debuted with the Outlaw Posse rapped slinkily rare grooving ‘Step Right On’ (93bpm), only available commercially as a track on the Gilles Peterson helmed new label’s ‘Talkin Loud’ compilation LP despite being promoed with vocal and instrumental Dubs too as a 12 inch (Talkin Loud TLKDJ2), while now on commercial 12 inch and selling massively in London at least (following deserved Kiss 100 fm plugs) is this excellent likewise rare grooving jigglier jogger sweetly wailed by their soulful new member Carleen Anderson, with similarly jiggling but MC Mell’o’ rapped ‘Young Disciples (Theme)‘ and ‘Mo’ Beats’ B-side variations both giving some gentle flute enough room to breathe.

J.B. MC ‘Reality’ (102¾bpm) (Rhyme ‘n’ Reason Records 12 RNR 9)
Produced by the intriguingly named Three Thieves And A Liar, this surprisingly attractive gently jiggling Soul II Soul-ish melodic swayer is lispingly chatted between soulful girl group choruses, with an Instrumental Vocal Mix flip, probably catchy enough to end up quite big.

CATCH ‘Free (C’mon)’ (124bpm) (ffrr FXDJ 147)
Another presumably Northern dancer designed for raves but naggingly commercial enough to cross over, this spasmodically ‘Popcorn’-like bleeping sparse jaunty simple old style electro instrumental (with occasional Roger Daltrey-ish “I’m free — yay, yay, yeah-heh” and “a-c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” punctuations) has been promoed just in To The Point and slow starting Fullest Mixes, getting enthusiastic response.

LOOSE ENDS ‘Look How Long’ (10 Records DIX 94)
Produced by sole original member Carl McIntosh (who’s a good singer), this slinky Soul II Soul-ish set has the Sunay Suleyman sung sweetly swaying lovely lush atmospheric ‘Love Controversy Pt. 1’ (89¼bpm), Carl sung attractively jogging ‘Don’t You Ever (Try To Change Me)‘ (95¼bpm) and jauntily chugging soulful ‘I Don’t Need To Love‘ (107¼bpm), Carl & Sunay duetted mesmeric moodily drifting ‘Hold Tight‘ (87bpm), Linda Corriere sung juddery rumbling hit ‘Don’t Be A Fool‘ (98bpm) and joltingly swaying ‘Time Is Ticking‘ (97bpm), Linda & Carl duetted jittery chugging ‘Look How Long‘ (103½bpm), Carl also soloing the funky drum rattled Marvin Gaye-ish ‘Love’s Got Me‘ (104bpm), short Isleys-style ‘Symptoms Of Love‘ (68¾bpm), jiggly rolling ‘Cheap Talk‘ (103¾bpm) and jerkily lurching ‘Try My Love‘ (101½bpm).

PEBBLES ‘Giving You The Benefit (Extended Club Mix)’ (102¼bpm) (MCA Records MCAT 1448)
Co-produced for the first time by Pebbles with her husband L.A. Reid and his partner BabyFace, her US black chart topper is an acappella introed typically jittering swingbeat jogger but with a powerfully tugging ‘Outstanding’-type bassline adding weight to the staccato vocal, flipped by useful Benefitstrumental and Benefit Of The Dub versions too.

THE SOUP DRAGONS ‘Mother Universe’ (95½bpm) (Raw TV/Big Life SOUP PROMO 10)
Not out commercially for another fortnight yet, this re-recorded oldie is a philosophical conversation introed brightly lurching pop jiggler with droning guitars and brass, its husky vocal turning quite early on into a crowd chorussed catchily repetitive singalong chant full of uplifting spirit, with (on promo at least) an instrumental ‘Mother Dub‘ (95¼bpm) flip.

THE SINDECUT ‘Tell Me Why?’ (107½bpm) (Virgin VST 1288)
Nervily wailed by Louise Francis with some rapping male support, this frenetic bass jittered disturbingly churning driver is flipped by its starker less urgent LP Version (103½bpm) plus the rare groove chords introed then dry guy rapped and Hendrix-type guitar yowled jiggly ‘Wisdom‘ (109½bpm), out quite hard on the heels of the ridiculously frantic fast talking Crazy Noddy rapped and Spikey Tee ragga chorussed ‘Live The Life‘ (137½bpm) (Virgin VST 1282) flipped by the Lyne-Lyn & Crazy Noddy rapped strange sometimes ska sampling ‘Demanding Cycle – Of A Word Bound Hammerhead‘ (113bpm) and plaintive Louise Francis wailed street soul-ish stark juddery ‘Slow Down‘ (103½bpm), plus in particular the more recently revamped much slower funkily churning ‘Live The Life (Part 2 – At The Barbeque)’ (Virgin VSTX 1282) flipped by the now even jerkier ‘Slow Down (Part 2 – A New Message)’ (103¼bpm).

INSYNC featuring DELLROY ‘Dream’ (W.A.U! Mr. Modo Recordings MWS 028T, via Rough Trade)
Remixed by Jonathan Moore of Phuture World Inc, this bongo tapped and tabla blooped mournfully moaned snickety chugging garage house strider builds subtle power through its Phuture World Incorporated Mix (117½bpm), very fractionally faster Instrumental Phuture and different bassily thrumming More Or Less Mixes, and not particularly danceable thunderstorm introed sparsely episodic Ambient Mix (117¾bpm), apparently out this week.

TONGUE ‘N’ CHEEK ‘This Is Tongue ‘N’ Cheek’ (Syncopate SYLP 6006)
Created by Total Contrast’s Bootsie & Snudge (Robin Achampong & Delroy Murray), the debut album by Maureen, Colin and Junior has the good catchily jiggling (nothing to do with Carly Simon) ‘Why?’ (108¼bpm), attractively cooed lazily rolling ‘Don’t Stop The Love‘ (94¾bpm), Frankie Knuckles remixed slickly churning ‘Tomorrow‘ (120¼bpm), Cheryl Lynn oldie reviving funky drummered ‘Encore‘ (108¾bpm), Patrice Rushen oldie reviving smoothly tripping ‘Forget Me Nots‘ (119½bpm), their own oldie reviving jiggly swingbeat ‘Nobody‘ (113¼bpm), bouncily jittering purposeful ‘It’s A Crime‘ (105¼bpm), delicately weaving slow ‘Cushion Of Love’ (40/80bpm), sax squeaked sweetly burbling ‘So Fine‘ (102¾bpm), juddery hip hop-ishly grooving ‘Street Thang‘ (106½bpm), and Dancin’ Danny D remixed stage compere introed raggedly funky old fashioned title track (104bpm).

L.L. COOL J ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ (Def Jam recordings 467315 1)
An immediately massive seller on import (off which its reviewed, although out here now) in London at least, thanks largely to the impact he made at Kiss 100 fm’s launch party, this Marley Marl produced boomin’ album by the languidly chatting wordy toaster has his current ‘The Boomin’ System’ (96bpm), also current Motown issued jolting ‘To Da Break Of Dawn‘ (103bpm), break beats backed infectious old ‘Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling)‘ (111bpm), jiggling old ‘Illegal Search‘ (110bpm), attractively jogging ‘6 Minutes Of Pleasure‘ (100bpm), chugging ‘Mama Said Knock You Out‘ (102¼bpm), weaving ‘Farmers Blvd. (Our Anthem)‘ (94bpm), sinuous ‘Around The Way Girl‘ (101bpm), rolling ‘Eat Em Up L Chill‘ (97bpm), sparse ‘Mr. Good Bar‘ (108½bpm), lazy ‘Cheesy Rat Blues‘ (99bpm), nervy ‘Milky Cereal‘ (111½bpm), frenetic ‘Murdergram (Live At Rapmania)‘ (116bpm), sombre ‘The Power Of God‘ (93bpm).

WHITNEY HOUSTON ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight (Extended Remix)’ (110½bpm) (Arista 613 594)
Created by L.A. & BabyFace and remixed by Yvonne Turner, her first newie in yonks is an appropriately bright though intensely wailed bumpily tumbling and jolting catchy trotter with vamping Latin piano and some surging melodic similarities to Diana Ross & The Supremes’ ‘Love Child’, strongly flipped by the slinkily strutting brassy swingbeat-ish ‘I’m Knockin’‘ (101bpm) and Bryan Loren penned romantically soulful ‘Feels So Good‘ (83½bpm), this latter bonus track being unavailable elsewhere.

VIRGINITY 99 ‘Kiss My…Cherry Lips’ (97½bpm) (yö-bro 12 YOBRX 12, via Total/BMG)
Only recently mentioned as an MTV shown video by chance just before it was out here, the German though English translated slinky (and fairly steamy!) girl groaned treatment of Culture Beat’s old ‘Das Erdbeermund’ is usefully set now to a juddering jiggly hip hop-ish new jack swing beat, flipped by two Dub Mixes. Oh, oh, oh!

MONA GEORGE ‘Just The Way You Like It’ (London/Tuff Audio Productions LONX 271)
Warm on promo back in August but now out fully, this ‘Just Be Good To Me’-type Jam & Lewis penned 1984 SOS Band oldie is pleasantly updated by Derek B (who raps briefly two thirds through) in street soul-cum-Janet Jackson style, with delicately squeaked and wailed tinkly jogging Down Beat, Full Length Tuff Dub (103½bpm) and Full Length Tribute (103¼bpm) Mixes, plus a totally acappella Mona’s Version (Pella).

HEATWAVE ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’ (100¼bpm) (The Brothers Organisation 12 HW 1, via Total/BMG)
Produced by Aswad’s Drummie Zeb and Tony Gad and, with sexy gruff rap by Johnny Daviz, featuring the original Heatwave members minus Johnnie Wilder and Rod Temperton, this strong re-recording of their classic smoocher now jiggles along nicely at the modern tempo in Head On Collision, Ragga House, and fractionally slower Decision Mixes, coupled also by the group produced audience participation old fashioned nervy jolting ‘Cover Discover‘ (114bpm).

OUTLAW POSSE ‘II Dam Funky’ (Gee Street GEET 31)
Although the Posse’s MC Bello B rapped on The KLF’s ‘What Time Is Love?’ smash, they strangely appear not to have attracted that much additional attention with this delicately introed then fast talking bubbly swingbeat jiggler, in John Waddell & CJ Mackintosh Mix (111¼bpm) and CJ Instrumental (111½bpm) versions — infectiously jaunty, but maybe too swingbeat/rap rather than rave/pop aimed for the commercial market? — flipped by the funkier rapping ‘Survival‘ in its Conscious Vocal and Dub (119½bpm).

JESUS JONES ‘Right Here Right Now’ (Food 12JJ 5, via EMI)
A funky drums rumbled, brass stabbed and not so funky guitar yowled hoarsely husky surging indie rock jiggler in Martyn Phillips Mix (106¾bpm) and more dance oriented tightly jittering Dean Krexa Mix (106½bpm) treatments.

THE FARM ‘Groovy Train (Terry Farley Mix)’ (115½bpm) (Produce Records MILK 102R, via Pinnacle)
Terry Farley’s jittery drum throbbed treatment of the scally band’s guitar thrashed and twiddled glumly intoned though catchy pop chanter is flipped by a totally different gentler Rocky & Diesel Mix with a breathy female vocal, Doors-like swirling organ, fierce scratching and an intro by beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

A MAN CALLED ADAM ‘Barefoot In The Head (Remix)’ (120¾bpm) (Big Life BLR 28R)
Influenced as in their The Grid remix by the coolly snapping rhythm of Isaac Hayes’ Disco Connection’, Terry Farley & Pete Heller’s at first episodically disjointed then smoothly shuffling Return To Pacha Mix doesn’t necessarily improve on the group’s own superb version, but is flipped by the brand new bassily bubbling attractive jittery percussive instrumental ‘Techno Powers‘ (123¼bpm), subtly jazzy and good.

No misprint, that’s the spelling of this eagerly awaited debut album by the erstwhile Soul II Soul singer, showing off a variety of styles from different producers with Carl McIntosh’s jiggly rolling ‘UK Blak’ (103¼bpm) and Mark Brydon’s slow then jittery swaying ‘Blue (Is The Colour Of Pain)‘ (95bpm) being the most predictably Soul II Soul-ish, plus duettist Raymond Simpson’s chirping crickets and love mumbling started Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle-like ‘Enchanted‘ (117bpm), Blacksmith’s funkily bouncing ‘No Regrets’ (116bpm) and likewise funkily wriggling (with an angry burst of MC Mell’o’ rap) ‘This Is Mine‘ (114bpm), The Twilight Firm’s slinkily rare grooving ‘Never Lonely’ (96½bpm) and afro flavoured odd throbbing ‘Kama Yo’ (114bpm), Steely & Clevie’s lurching reggae ‘Proud’ (85bpm), Jimmy ‘Senyah’ Haynes’ acoustic slow MoR ‘Don’t Quit‘ (59bpm) and drifting ‘Song For You’ (67bpm), Caron Wheeler & Derek Johnson’s acappella tempoless ‘Somewhere‘, and the Blacksmith mixed hit ‘Livin’ In The Light (The Remix)‘ (103bpm).

THE CLUB CHART – October 13, 1990


01 03 EVERYBODY (RAP) Criminal Element Orchestra featuring Wendell Williams, deConstruction 12in
02 01 ITS A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love featuring True Image, Cooltempo 12in
03 02 LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
04 14 ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism/Arista 12in
05 05 BACK TO REALITY (DRUM AND BASS MIX) The Intelligent Hoodlum, A&M PM 12in
06 04 LIVIN’ IN THE LIGHT (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in
08 07 HEAVEN (MIXES) The Chimes, CBS 12in
09 18 OLYMPIC STATE (AUG. 90) 808 State, ZTT 12in promo
10 12 FANTASY (CLUB CUT MIX) Fantasy U.F.O., XL Recordings 12in
11 09 FASCINATING RHYTHM (LISA LOUD MIX) Bass-O-Matic, Guerilla 12in
12 17 I CAN’T STAND IT! (CLUB REMIX) Twenty 4 Seven, BCM 12in
14 16 GHETTO CHILD (BOILERHOUSE REMIX) Detroit Spinners, East West 12in
15 63 THE EXORCIST The Scientist, Kickin 12in
16 11 THE CULT OF SNAP (IBIZA ’90 EDIT) Snap, Arista 12in
17 21 CONTRIBUTION (THE REVOLUTION MIX) Mica Paris featuring Rakim, 4+B 12in
18 29 FREQUENCY/DEMONS Rhythmic, 0742/Network 10in promo
19 10 SO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE (EXTENDED LP MIX) Samuelle, East West 12in
20 50 PEOPLE (US REMIXES) Soul II Soul, US Virgin 12in
21 32 AFTERMATH Nightmares On Wax, W.A.RP. 12in promo
22 19 MAKE IT MINE Shamen, One Little Indian 12in
23 26 JAZZ THING (VIDEO MIX) Gang Starr, CBS 12in promo
24 30 SOUL THUNDER (DRILLER MIX) Juno, Bass-ic 12in
25 — WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY (NEW YORK CITY MIX) Ten City, East West 12in promo
26 25 GET YOURSELF TOGETHER Young Disciples, Talking Loud 12in
27 45 SOMETHING AIN’TRIGHT (SLAMMIN CLUB MIX) Slam Slam featuring Dee C Lee, MCA 12in
28 41 TOTAL CONFUSION (LIMO) (CONFUSION MIX) A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd, Tam Tam 12in
29 31 CAN’T STOP (ONE WORLD 12″) After 7, Virgin America 12in promo
30 08 DON’T BE A FOOL (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, 10 Records 12in
31 24 BAREFOOT IN THE HEAD A Man Called Adam, Big Life 12in
32 27 FREE (C’MON) (TO THE POINT MIX) Catch, ffrr 12in promo
33 63 AIN’T IT GOOD TO YOU (RADIO REMIX EDIT) M.C. Shan, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
34 15 I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD CALL YOU BABY Soul Family Sensation, One Little Indian 12in
35 49 IT’S A MOMENT IN TIME 4 For Money, Tam Tam 12in
36 28 BREAKDOWN/GROOVE ME Seduction, US Vendetta 12in
37 55 CUBIK (US REMIXES) 808 State, US Tommy Boy 12in
38 34 RHYTHM TAKES CONTROL (ORIGINAL STYLE MIX) Unique 3 (featuring Karin), Ten 12in promo
39 35 WHAT TIME IS LOVE? (LIVE AT TRANCENTRAL) The K.L.F., KLF Communications 12in
40 46 MISS MY LOVE (URBAN MIX) Gwen Guthrie, US Reprise 12in
41 33 ITAL’S THEME Ital Rockers, Bass-ic 12in
43 23 BODY LANGUAGE The Adventures Of Stevie V, Mercury 12in
44 — LOVE WILL NEVER DO (WITHOUT YOU) Janet Jackson, A&M PM 12in promo
45 54 PURE (G FORCE MIX) G.T.O., Cooltempo 12in
46 82 TEKNOLOGI (R.J. FLIP MIX) Urban Hype, Reachin’ 12in promo
47 37 TELL ME WHY?/WISDOM The Sindecut, Virgin 12in promo
48 44 HARD UP (HARD CORE MIX) Awesome 3, A&M PM 12in
49 38 GOT 2 BE FREE (PARADISE MIX) New Life, A&M PM 12in
50 89 FEELS GOOD (BEN LIEBRAND MIX) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing/Polydor 12in
51 22 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW Western Block introducing Terri Symon, Epic 12in
52 40 TUNES SPLITS THE ATOM/CREAMATOMIC RAP M C Tunes Versus 808 State, ZTT 12in
53 Re SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAY Zoe, W.A.U!/Mr Modo 12in promo
54 — I’M THE ONE (EXTENDED VERSION) Steve Harvey, A&M PM 12in promo
55 43 I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (EXTENDED) Neneh Cherry, Circa 12in
56 75 KEEP GROOVIN (ORIGINAL MIX) T.D.C., Big One 12in promo
57 58 MOTHER UNIVERSE The Soup Dragons, Raw TV/Big Life 12in promo
58 — KEEP THE FIRE BURNING (THE SLAMMING CLUB MIX) Johnetta Alston, Global Village 12in promo
59 73 A BEAT CALLED LOVE The Grid, East West 12in
60 67 THE SPACE JUNGLE Adamski, MCA 12in promo mixes
61 — DIFFERENCE (STENG MIX) Djum Djum, Outer Rhythm 12in
63 — IT’S A CRYIN’ SHAME (UK REMIX) Ruby Turner, Jive 12in promo
64 52 KISS ME WITH THE WIND (THE MONTY MIX) Brenda Russell, A&M PM 12in promo
65 70 ALL JOIN HANDS Ce Ce Rogers, US Atlantic 12in
66 60 REALITY J.B. MC, Rhyme Reason 12in promo
67 56— IT’S MY LIFE (BOILERHOUSE MIX) Maureen, Urban 12in promo
69 56 ZIG IT UP Ninjaman & Flourgon, Sure Delight 12in
70 84 ANTHEM N. Joim deConstruction 12in
71 39 OMEN Orbital ffrr 12in
72 — LITTLE BROTHER Blue Pearl, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo/Big Life 12in
73 re I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU (C’EST WOT MIX) Londonbeat, Anxious 12in
74 — NOTHING BUT A PARTY (12″ VERSION) Basic Black, Motown 12in promo
75 47 YOU’RE WALKING (CORPORATE DEF MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in
76 59 NOTHING FOR LOVE Cool Down Zone, Ten 12in
77 — PHILLY Fluke, Creation 12in promo
78 57 V.L.S.I HEAVEN Epoch 90, Oh’Zone 12in White Label
79 83 THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THIS Omar, Kongo Dance 12in
81 — JUST ANOTHER DREAM (12″ MIX) Cathy Dennis, Cooltempo 12in
82 51 OUTSTANDING Kenny Thomas, Cooltempo 12in
83 93 IN ZAIRE African Business, German ZYX 12in
84 86 CARNIVAL DE CASA Rio Rhythm Band, 12in white label
85 68 SUNRISE (SATORI MIX) Movement .98 (featuring Carroll Thompson), Circa 12in
86 78 SPIN THAT WHEEL (TURTLES GET READY) (12” PIZZA MIX) Hi Tek 3 featuring Ya Kid K, The Brothers Organisation 12in
87 79 DO ME (MENTALLY HIP HOP MIX) Bell Biv DeVoe, MCA 12in
88 — NOW IS TOMORROW (EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND PART 1) Definition Of Sound, Circa 12in promo
89 — FUTURE Mr. Monday, Elevation Inc. 12in
90 — ONE NATION (APAPA MIX) Olu Rowe, Ten 12in promo
91 76 I GOT TA (BRIXTON BASS 12″) Master Ace, WEA 12in promo
92 — KINKY AFRO Happy Mondays, Factory 12in promo
93 95 JOHANNESBURG (RAMPLING MIX) Pressure Zone, Creation 12in white label
95 62 DREAM (PHUTURE WORLD INCORPORATED MIX) lnsync featuring Dellroy, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo 12in promo
96 — DANCE FLOOR OF LIFE (RADIO EDIT) Phalon, US Mega Jam Inc/Elektra 12in
97 53 THE TRUTH Andre Léon, Reachin’ 12in
98 71 SPACE 3001 Space Opera, XL Recordings 12in
99 48 DANCE (CLUB MIX) Earth People, Champion 12in
100 — BACK2BACK Pressure Drop, Big World 12in promo

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