November 3, 1990: Hypersonic, Mental Cube, Red Bandit, Rebel M.C., Caveman


PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE LIMITED (PPL), according to their officer Rehan Khan, have terminated the Disco Mix Club’s ‘dubbing’ licence and issued a writ in the latest stage of a continuing dispute about the terms of the licence — a blanket royalty agreement which was originally conceived, at a rate of 15 per cent of revenue, for firms who compile and copy existing records onto cassette (perhaps to make background music-type programmes) for rental only, but which has been adapted into a special ‘mixing’ licence at a slightly higher 17½ per cent of their revenue for services like the DMC who in return are enabled to supply subscribers with remixes and megamixes on vinyl (having first also obtained individual clearances from the record companies concerned for the tracks used). The situation now, while PPL registered companies wait for the pending litigation to be resolved, means that the club is limited to using only non-PPL labels’ material in its mixes, which will appear this coming month without interruption according to the DMC’s Tony Prince, who, in a letter circulated to the record industry, says “More than anything, I hope you will appreciate better than the people who do not know us, that our integrity is not in question” . . . 808 State have combined both ‘Cübik’ and ‘Olympic State’ for their UK newie, confusingly labelled as ‘CübikOlympic808State’ (ZTT ZANG 5T), only received so far as a seven inch but due to have the fruity fart tones and ‘Dr Who’-type spacey synth prodded ‘Cübik’ in its Jimi Hendrix-like guitar introed and freaky effects outroed jerky Original Mix (123¾bpm) plus a Pan Am Mix (presumably the hot import Pan American Excursion version, which was a smoother 124¼bpm), flipped by the friskily melodic bleeping ‘Olympic State’ in a new attractive bell tinkled light Flutey Mix (122½bpm) plus a Euro Bass Mix (presumably the original promo’s driving house-ier Heavy Bass Euromix, 122¾bpm) . . . Prince ‘New Power Generation (LP Version)‘ (110¾-112bpm) (Paisley Park Records W9525T), the latest single from his ‘Graffiti Bridge’ album, has also only arrived on seven inch so far but is a good funkily lurching chantalong stomper, fluctuating in tempo — and if, as seems likely, the raucous Pt II (112¼-113¼bpm) is continuous, it climaxes even faster (with a ragged slow finish) . . . 2 Tuff ‘Slow Down‘ (96¾bpm) (eastwest YZ542T), the unhurried husky rap that combines ‘Hold On’ and ‘Ghetto Heaven’ among its familiar main elements and pays ’nuff respect to Soul II Soul for helping slow down dance rhythms again, was originally promoed back in June (with limited availability later) on an Intrigue pressing intended primarily for export to meet demand in Italy and Germany for its then B-side, ‘Tribute‘, a drily chatted plea for unity among rappers, included here in just its “whoo/yeah” prodded slinkily jaunty old reggae beats underpinned “Ska” Remix (106¾bpm), both now newly flipped by the Jazzie B-style rapped and girls cooed attractive sinuously pulsing ‘Elevate Your Mind‘ (101¼bpm) . . . Teena Marie’s ‘Since Day One (Remix)‘ (97bpm) (Epic 656429 6) is a perfect example of the type of quality soul that Kiss 100 fm is returning to popular prominence in London, usefully just as Teena returns to her typically wailing and scatting superb soul style of old, this Jazzie B produced track from her ‘Ivory’ album being a naggingly catchy gorgeous swooping and searing slinky jogger underpinned by Barry White’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby’ bass and piano at times, out this week but promoed as a twinpack with its Instrumental (96¾bpm) on the other disc . . . Bristol’s FTP incremental radio station is now linked financially with the Chiltern Radio Network, whose lessons learnt in particular at black music orientated Horizon Radio and Choice FM seem likely to be passed on . . . Caroline Pead in a fortnight leaves Phonogram to handle dance music A&R and set up a DJ mailing list at the actual Virgin label, as opposed to the Associated Virgin Labels (AVL) division . . . Gwen Guthrie ‘Miss My Love’ (Reprise W9763), reviewed on import w/e September 22 and promoed as a US white label, is now out here . . . Nightmares On Wax’s fast selling ‘Aftermath’ is due also now in a remix by L.F.O. . . . Steve Eusebe is the featured vocalist with not only Sound Of Shoom but also Mr Monday, on the latter’s good ‘Pushing‘ B-side . . . Mr Monday actually is the debut release on DJs Judge Jules and Roy the Roach’s own label, Elevation Inc. . . . London’s Brown’s club, formerly Blitz, really has been blitzed — or at least apparently burnt out in a fire . . . Brian Gardner changes the pace with D.Stress Tuesdays starting this week (Oct 30) at Soho’s Wag Club, promising plenty of rare groove, soul, swingbeat and other slinky stuff but positively no house . . . Dean Thatcher, Mark Doyle, Normski and guests celebrate the second birthday of Freestyle this Thursday (Nov 1) at Ealing’s Haven Stables, where you’re likely to hear everything from Bruce Hornsby & The Range, Zoe, Young Disciples and the Soup Dragons to Tommy Roe’s ‘Dizzy’ (not forgetting The Aloof, eh Dean?!) . . . Paul Major promises a totally terrifying ‘Tunnel Of Horror’ leading all the way upstairs to Lowestoft’s Bluenotes II for his Hallowe’en party this Thursday (1), half price entry and cash prizes for fancy dressers . . . London’s gay Bolts has returned with DJ Norman Scott on Fridays to its old home, formerly Lazers but now called the Arena in Haringey’s Green Lanes, where stars like George Michael used to be regulars . . . Total Kaos with all sorts of fun, including fireworks and foghorns, is promised by DJ Sy, Micky Finn, DJ SS, MJP, DJ Chipie, Formation 5, Hardcore Trio, Yorkie and DJ Tony this Friday {2) at Leicester’s Spectrum “round the corner from the Helsinki”, while rather confusingly Johnny Walker reckons he’s headlining a Spectrum allniter this Saturday (3) at Leicester’s Oasis . . . The Scientist’s follow-up will be ‘The Bee‘, with a buzzzzzzing bee effect making the ultimate bleep! . . . DAMN’ FINE!

Reviewed by DJ Streets Ahead and James Hamilton

GALLIANO ‘Welcome To The Story
OLETA ADAMS ‘Rhythm Of Life’ (Rhythm Dub/Full Remix)
MUSTO AND BONES ‘Dangerous On The Dancefloor (Club Remix)
ROZALLA ‘Born To Love Ya
FATBACK BAND ‘Bus Stop (Remix)
ALISON LIMERICK ‘Where Love Lives’ (Knuckles and Morales Mix/Red Zone Mix/Knuckles Mix)
KINGS OF SWING ‘Nod Your Head To This (Norman Cook Remix)
THE LIGHTNING SEEDS ‘Lightning Beats’ [All I Want (Extended Mix)]
2 FOR JOY ‘In A State (Juno Latuno Mix)

HYPERSONIC ‘Dance-Tones’ (D-Zone Records DANCE 001, via 0708 727029)
Lacking details like the same label’s N-R Gee Posse/Ree-Venge promo double-sider, this fully released instant fast seller from Dance Zone Records is a “3,000 cycles per second” tone introed then thrumming and bleeping unhurried techno instrumental (124¼bpm), ending with another test tone that continues right around the run-out groove, while on the ‘Cübik’ prodded flip are slightly more hip house tempoed (124¾bpm) and fiercer siren filled (124¼bpm) treatments of the same tune, the siren again continuing through the run-out groove. The next big bleeper?

MENTAL CUBE ‘Chile Of The Bass Generation’ (118bpm) (Debut DEBTX 3104)
Driven by a thrashing drum and repetitively looped flute squawk, this variety filled funkily driving instrumental is underpinned by ever shifting bursts of rumbling and yowling low frequency oscillation as it builds through organ and wah wah guitar, making it refreshingly different and very fresh, flipped by the less essential blippy chugging ‘Q’ (119¼bpm) and short frantic ‘Dope Module‘ (138bpm).

RED BANDIT ‘I’m Back (Funk Mix)’ (99¾bpm) (Motown ZT 44138)
Starting with an amusingly (and misleadingly!) sexy answering machine greeting before mumbling rapper James Bowman leaves his message, which amounts to the song that follows, this P’funkily rumbling and slithering judderer is in fact his answer version to Lisa Stansfield’s ‘All Around The World’, and not only is addressed to Lisa in the lyrics but also actually samples brief phrases by her amidst the tumbling beats (less confused in its ‘Atomic Dog’-ish Funk Instrumental), the sparser pleasant gently wriggling Single Version (99½bpm) having more of Lisa herself.

REBEL M.C. ‘Culture (Dancehall Mix)’ (90bpm) (desire WANTX 38, via Pacific)
Catchily based on Jimmy Cliff’s (credited) ‘Many Rivers To Cross’ as sung by Danny Beatfreak (one presumes, from the label), this ‘The Power’ bell jingled densely tugging slow reggae swayer is flipped by a bass bumped Roots Mix plus the jerkily jittering reggae/hip house ‘Comin’ On Strong (Ruff Neck Mix)‘ (115bpm) featuring Tenor Fly.

CAVEMAN ‘Fry You Like Fish’ (117bpm) (Profile PROFT 286)
Rapper of the century MCM (1990, geddit?) and DJ Diamond J’s good frenetic word spitting jumpy swirler is in brassily JB-ish churning Jazz Remix, Jazz Remix Instrumental and funkier scratching Original Mix versions, hot already on Kiss 100 fm and out this week, coupled also by the flute tootled slithery rare grooving ‘Introduction To A Caveman‘ (105¼bpm).

KING FOR A DAY ‘Kick That Rhythm’ (113¾bpm) (Crucial Dance CD 3, via 071-403 9658)
Kicked off and catchily punctuated by synthesised sax tones similar to L.A. Mix’s in ‘Coming Back For More’, this infectious lightweight Snap-type shuffler mixes up a repetitively cooing girl, more urgent “sing hallelujah” exclamations, and some background male chatter to end up a less than original but very effective funky drummer groove, more than a song, flipped by a slow starting dub treatment.

PAL JOEY ‘Runaway’ (Champion CHAMP 12-266)
A steadily finger snapping classy lean jazz-funk instrumental, Joey Longo’s cheeky revamp of the classic breezy Roy Ayers Ubiquity ‘Running Away’ bassline is here in an organ and brass overdubbed fuller, faster but slightly shorter Joey’s UK Remix (119¾bpm) flipped by the import’s sparser, slower but slightly longer Original NY Mix (118¾bpm). Dood’n doo!

ASHLEY & JACKSON ‘Solid Gold’ (113¼bpm) (DFM Records DFM 008)
Produced by A Certain Ratio’s Martin Moscrop, Sheffield duo Paul Wheatcroft and Steve Cobby’s moodily muttered brassy wukka-wukker sounds like something from the soundtrack of an early Seventies “blaxploitation” flick, Denise Johnson adding some mournful wailing as it progresses through the Vocal and Inst. that were originally coupled with the huskily moaned deep house ‘Fonda‘ (119¾bpm) and more sparsely cantering techno ‘K.T.T.’ (119¾bpm), but now those Original mixes themselves couple the Adam Fuest remixed, possibly less distinctive but more brightly trotting and airily arranged ‘Solid Gold (Version)’ (113¾bpm) (Big Life/DFM Records BLR 34T) and its Version lnst, due for wider release in a fortnight.

N-R-GEE POSSE ‘Themes’ (122½bpm) (D-Zone Records DANCE 003)
From a division of Dance Zone Records but on a very limited black label 33⅓rpm promo pressing designed to attract major label interest (the etching where the matrix number is normally stamped even invites A&R men to call 0831 472804!), this burbling low frequency oscillations underpinned and “hey DJ, play the theme” punctuated throbbing bleeper continually drops into different famous old break beats, followed by an alternative sometimes backwards running version (122¼bpm), and is likewise flipped by the separate (catalogue number DANCE 002)

REE-VENGE ‘Dreams Of Life’ (105¼bpm), an ambiently introed and outroed, atmospheric humming synth washed, ‘Sn/appiness’-type mellow instrumental jiggler with rifling piano and a few “utterly preposterous” comments, followed by its disjointed sparse dub (105bpm). Both sides are good, ‘Themes’ having the commercial edge.

OLU ROWE ‘One Nation (Apapa Mix)’ (123¾bpm) (Ten Records TENR 323)
Not so hot in its tricky slow then friskily skipping attractive original Zimba Mix (TENX 323), this lightly soulful Portsmouth (actually, Portchester) guy’s Paul Witts produced song of hope is now less vocal but still slow starting in its beefier bass wriggled frantically skittering nervy new remix (both mixes flipped by their Instrumentals).

The MARtian ‘Get Up To My Groove’ (Champion CHAMP 12-265)
Created in New Jersey by Marlon (MARIon the MARtian) Grant, this trendy bleeps filled though in fact fairly old fashioned washing machine-type twitterer sizzles and thumps through its title muttering Groovy Mix (121½-121¼bpm), instrumental Busy Mix (121½bpm), Smooth — here much shortened and printed as Shootn’ — Mix (121¾bpm) and Bonus Beats (121¼bpm), actually losing the beat quite jarringly during several edits in each.

N.W.A. ‘100 Miles And Runnin” (111½-112bpm) (4th + B’way 12 BRW 200)
Lead cut on a typically “motherf**ker” filled four-tracker (it lacks ‘Real Niggaz’ here), this fleeing from the police effects introed then relentlessly wordy churning angry rap holds some surprises as it progresses, coupled by the hilarious love talk and anatomy sucking instructions introed — juvenile maybe but good smutty fun! — slow rolling ‘Just Don’t Bite It‘ (83¼bpm), police informer ‘phonecall dialogue introed then disturbing ‘F*** Tha Police’ scenario extending ‘Sa Prize (Part 2)‘ (100bpm), and new album plugging short ‘Kamurshol‘ (100½bpm).

RONIN INC. ‘On The Mix’ (122½-122¾bpm) (Ronin-Records RONIN 5, via 071-792 9650)
Kicking off a 33⅓rpm four-tracker, this flurrying funky drum break beats and vocal samples woven cantering episodic semi-instrumental (fluctuating largely around 122¼bpm with a slightly faster start, tempoless pause two-thirds through, and nearly 123bpm finish) is an exciting enough hip house-ish groove without much ultimate point, coupled by its basic break beat ‘Maniac Beats’ (122¾bpm), the “funky dope assassin” (plus other stuff not for airplay!) muttering slow juddery ‘Ronin Step’ (91¾bpm), and frenetically churning percussive ‘Havoc‘ (125bpm).

LANCE ELLINGTON ‘Don’t Ever Leave Me Again’ (81bpm) (A&M/PM AMY 702)
With a tempoless lush breathy intro, this tender wailingly pleaded Marvin Gaye-ish romantic groin grinder is in Straight Pass, Noir, Rhodes and Soul Mixes, each with a different intensity of rhythm and all sexually healing.

THE KICK SQUAD ‘Sound Clash (Champion Sound)’ (125½bpm) (Kickin/GTI Records GTI 015T, via Southern)
This trio of Ladbroke Grove session musicians weaves bleeps, low frequency oscillations, house beats and ragga comments into what’s claimed as a dancehall/techno fusion, although it’s a lot less ragga than some other recent fusions, in Hyper Dancehall, Scientific (with a jauntily repeated Depeche Mode sample), and DJ Hyper Mixes, out this week.

Preceded by a similarly titled limited edition sampler EP (P STUMM 85) containing four of this instrumental double LP’s tracks, most exciting (and due as a commercial 12 inch remix) being the violent bass thundered galloping ‘Thunder’ (119½-119¼bpm) with silky strings seemingly playing ‘The Good Life’ amongst many other episodic quotes as it rampages along, plus the clompingly percussive pulsing ‘Women Respond To Bass‘ (117bpm), shufflingly lurching ‘Transworld Siren‘ (105bpm) and throbbingly meandering ‘Deadly‘ (111bpm), the actual album has the same ‘Thunder’ (119¼-119bpm), ‘Women Respond To Bass’ (116¾bpm), ‘Transworld Siren’ (105½bpm), ‘Deadly’ (111¼bpm), plus the plinky plunking ethnic thumping strange ‘Bacteria‘ (92½bpm), dull plodding ‘Transition‘ (100½bpm), meandering ‘Pocket Porn Dub‘ (47¾/95¼bpm), squidging slow ‘Holgertron‘ (86bpm), reggae-ish sparse quiet ‘Recognise And Respond‘ (100¼bpm), dubwise reggae ‘Black Eye Boy‘ (80bpm), and to be frank is not terribly thrilling. My advice is wait for the 12!

GEORGE MICHAEL ‘Waiting For That Day’ (86¾bpm) (Epic GEO T2)
Starting with the guitar chords intro and fading out with the title line lyrics from the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (a 1969 ‘Let It Bleed’ album track), this melancholy swayer also hints at some Lou Reed inspired “doop de doop” as it weaves through a gently tapping funky snare drummer’s beat, flipped by the mariachi brass brayed jittery staccato ‘Fantasy‘ (116¾bpm).

JASON DONOVAN ‘I’m Doing Fine’ (180bpm) (PWL Records PWLT 69)
Jason benefits as has Kylie from Stock Aitken Waterman’s current nostalgia kick, on this ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’-ishly tempoed mid-Sixties style jerky galloper with catchy Beatles-type effects, and a terrific Beatles-type video to match (Instrumental flip). A pity the thin mix isn’t just a bit beefier.

NITZER EBB ‘Fun To Be Had (Long Mix)’ (119½bpm) (Mute Records 12 MUTE 115)
Mixed by George Clinton & Stewart Hanley, this unison shouted/rapped steadily motoring sparse powerful industrial smacker with a lengthy instrumental central section is practically in hip hop style, while the flip’s hoarsely shouted ‘Getting Closer‘ in Tony Garcia’s Trance Mix (119¾bpm) is a frantic twittery bleeper!

THE DREAM ACADEMY ‘Love’ (blanco y negro NEG46T, via WMI)
This anniversary recognising remake of John Lennon’s song (in roughly similar vocal style) is given a D.N.A. ‘Tom’s Diner’-type rhythm treatment in the humpbacked whale effects introed Extended Mix (99bpm), which is possibly why the flip’s alternative chunkily snapping buoyant Dream House Mix (101 bpm) sounds fresher and more powerful!

CANDY FLIP ‘Space (Funnyfag)’ (101¼bpm) (Debut DEBTX 3102, via Pinnacle)
Intriguingly combining bleeps with a properly downtempo reggae rhythm, this rolling lurcher is coupled by a rockier blandly jiggling radio version of the actual song ‘Space’ (101½bpm) plus the wriggly rave instrumental ‘Konspiracy‘ (120¾bpm), while different again now is Boy George O’Dowd’s de-reggaefled gently pulsing and breathily crooned tranquil Jesus Loves You remix (101½bpm), confusingly labelled just as ‘Space’ (Debut DEBTXR 3102) and flipped by his emptily snicking disco Dub Mix (102¾bpm) plus the fluttery bleeping ‘Evolution‘ (118bpm).

ANNA MWALE ‘Get Free’ (97¼bpm) (Epic 656103 6)
Originating from CBS Schallplatten GmbH in Germany, this ‘The Power’ bells jiggled and funky drummer chugged slinky swayer comes in The Eden Upstairs and more stridently sung The Eden Downstairs Remixes.

MASTER ACE ‘Take A Look Around’ (Cold Chillin’/:r 7599-26179-1)
Recently warm on import, the intelligent rapper’s album has the original US 12-inched version of the JB prodded unrushed rolling ‘I Got Ta’ (103¾bpm), strong Crusaders ‘Street Life’ based ‘Postin’ High‘ (107¼bpm), gently swaying though ultimately boisterous conversational ‘As I Reminisce‘ (88¼bpm), Cymande The Message’ based Biz Markie guying ‘Me And The Biz‘ (88½bpm), jauntily jiggling hip house ‘Can’t Stop The Bumrush‘ (120bpm), sinuously funky ‘Music Man‘ (98¼bpm), Maceo sax spiked ‘Ace lz Wild‘ (107bpm), calmly reflective ‘Movin’ On‘ (106¼bpm), Miracles introed nervily jittering ‘Letter To The Better (Remix)‘ (115½bpm), slinky quiet social commentary ‘Take A Look Around‘ (90¾bpm), beggar scenario message ‘The Other Side Of Town‘ (97¼bpm), weaving ‘Brooklyn Battles‘ (82/41bpm), lightly bouncing ‘Maybe Next Time‘ (104½bpm).

KASH DA MUSTA ‘Get Ya Self Together (Jealousy Mix)‘ (Big One VVBIG 26)

THE CLUB CHART – November 3, 1990


01 01 LET’S PUSH IT (BIG BEAT MIX) Innocence, Cooltempo 12in promo
03 05 AFTERMATH Nightmares On Wax, W.A.R.P. 12in
04 14 IN ZAIRE African Business, Urban 12in promo
05 03 ELEVATION Xpansions, Optimism/Arista 12in
06 13 FANTASY/RACAPELLA Blackbox, de/Construction 12in
07 06 EVERYBODY (RAP) Criminal Element Orchestra featuring Wendell Williams, de/Construction 12in
08 23 U.K. BLAK Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in promo
09 15 ANTHEM N-Joi, de/Construction 12in
10 16 I’M THE ONE (EXTENDED VERSION) Steve Harvey, A&M PM 12in promo
12 17 GET YOURSELF TOGETHER Young Disciples, Talking Loud 12in promo
13 47 SINCE DAY ONE (REMIX) Teena Marie, Epic 12in promo
14 04 IT’S A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love featuring True Image, Cooltempo 12in
15 11 TOTAL CONFUSION (LIMO) (CONFUSION MIX) A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd, Tam Tam 12in
16 07 BACK TO REALITY (DRUM AND BASS MIX) The Intelligent Hoodlum, A&M PM 12in promo
17 18 FREQUENCY/DEMONS Rhythmatic, 0742/Network 10in promo
18 12 LOVE WILL NEVER DO (WITHOUT YOU) Janet Jackson, A&M PM 12in promo
19 21 LITTLE BROTHER Blue Pearl, W.A.U!/Mr. Modo/Big Life 12in
21 51 I HATE HATE Sound Of Shoom, Creation 12in promo
22 44 CAN’T GIVE YOU UP (FULL CLUB MIX) Life On Earth, RePublic 12in promo
24 20 CONTRIBUTION (THE REVOLUTION MIX) Mica Paris featuring Rakim, 4+B 12in
25 26 CAN’T STOP (ONE WORLD 12″) After 7, Virgin America 12in promo
26 25 POWER OF LOVE (SAMPLADELIC REMIX) Deee-Lite, Elektra 12in promo
27 34 DIFFERENCE (STENG MIX) Djum Djum, Outer Rhythm 12in promo
28 42 DANGEROUS ON THE DANCEFLOOR (CLUB REMIX) Musto & Bones, Citybeat 12in promo
29 10 THE EXORCIST The Scientist, Kickin 12in
30 50 FEELS GOOD (BEN LIEBRAND MIX) Tony! Toni! Toné!, Wing 12in
31 76 RHYTHM TAKES CONTROL (ORIGINAL STYLE MIX) Unique 3 (featuring Karin), Ten 12in
32 43 TELL ME WHY?/WISDOM The Sindecut, Virgin 12in promo
33 19 FREE (C’MON) (TO THE POINT MIX) Catch, ffrr 12in promo
34 53 DOWN TO EARTH Monie Love/RING MY BELL Monie Love (featuring Ultra Naté), Cooltempo 12in
36 — CAN’T DO NUTTIN’ FOR YA MAN (FULL RUB MIX) Public Enemy, Def Jam 12in promo
37 09 HEAVEN (MIXES) The Chimes, CBS 12in
38 86 LOVE’S GOT ME (EXTENDED VERSION) Loose Ends, Ten 12in promo
39 — MOVE TO THE BIGBAND (CLUB MIX) Ben Liebrand featuring Tony Scott, Epic 12in
40 31 PHILLY Fluke Creation, 12in promo
41 35 FOUND LOVE Double Dee featuring Dany, Italian Onizom 12in/US Epic 12in
42 38 JAZZ THING (VIDEO MIX) Gang Starr, CBS 12in promo
44 97 SLOW DOWN 2 Tuff, East West 12in promo
45 68 INTO THE NIGHT K Klass, f.r.o. 12in
46 — IT’S ALRIGHT NOW (BACK TO BASICS) Beloved, East West 12in promo
47 66 TEKNOLOGI (R.J. FLIP MIX) Urban Hype, Reachin’ 12in promo
48 59 YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY En Vogue, Atlantic 12in
49 69 CLOSE TO ME (REMIXED BY PAUL OAKENFOLD) The Cure, Fiction 12in promo
50 37 SO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE (EXTENDED LP MIX) Samuelle, East West 12in
51 62 KEEP IT UP L.U.P.O., Low Spirit/Yo-bro 12in promo
52 29 MISS MY LOVE (URBAN MIX) Gwen Guthrie, US Reprise 12in
53 55 GIVE IT UP Creation, de/Construction 12in promo
54 99 INSIDE OUT (ANTI-POP MIX) Electribe 101, Mercury 12in promo
55 33 IT’S MY LIFE (BOILERHOUSE MIX) Maureen, Urban 12in
56 Re LISTEN TO THE BAND (12″ MIX) Faze 1 FM, Arista 12in
57 — IN A STATE (MIXED EMOTION) 2 For Joy, Mercury 12in promo
58 79 HERE WE GO AGAIN Paradiso, Boy’s Own Productions 12in promo
59 Re FRY YOU LIKE FISH (JAZZ REMIX) Caveman, Profile 12in promo
60 Re NOW IS TOMORROW (EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND PART 1) Definition Of Sound, Circa 12in
61 60 T.T.O. (FANTASY U.F.O. MIX) Turntable Overload, Made On Earth 12in white label
62 61 SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAY Zoe, W.A.U!/Mr Modo 12in promo
63 Re KEEP GROOVIN’ (ORIGINAL MIX) T.D.C., Big One 12in promo
65 — SUNDAY’S CHILD GNE (Great Northern Electric), Polydor 12in white label
66 74 KINKY AFRO Happy Mondays, Factory 12in promo
67 24 LIVIN’ IN THE LIGHT (BRIXTON BASS MIX) Caron Wheeler, RCA 12in
69 32 THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THIS Omar, Kongo Dance 12in
70 46 FANTASY (CLUB CUT MIX) Fantasy U.F.O., XL Recordings 12in
71 — BRAINSTORM LFO, Fast Forward 12in
72 64 WHERE LOVE LIVES (RED ZONE MIX) Alison Limerick, Arista 12in promo
73 — NENA DE IBIZA (VOCAL) Crazy Eddie + O.O. Freestyle, Creation 12in
74 — SOUND CLASH (CHAMPION SOUND) The Kick Squad, Kickin 12in white label
75 80 RELAX YOUR SOUL (CLUB MIX) Fun 4 Fun, Logic 12in
76 73 SPLIFFHEAD The Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance 12in promo
77 82 H-O-U-S-E Doug Lazy, US Atlantic 12in
79 Re CONSCIENCE (100 EFFM MIX)/OPEN SPACE Treble Rock 3, Streetbeat 12in promo
80 70 NOD YOUR HEAD TO THIS (NORMAN COOK REMIX) Kings Of Swing, Bumrush/Virgin America 12in promo
81 HYPNOTIZIN Hibrid, Megablast Recordings 12in
83 — THINK (JUST A LITTLE BIT) Pick-4 featuring M.D. Duke, Global Village 12in promo
84 Re I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD CALL YOU BABY Soul Family Sensation, One Little Indian 12in
85 — TRANSFUSION Blood Brothers, Big Wave 12in white label
86 75 PURE (G FORCE MIX) G.T.O., Cooltempo 12in
87 71 MUST BEE THE MUSIC King Bee, Dutch Torso Dance 12in
88 58 MAKE IT MINE Shamen, One Little Indian 12in
89 87 BACK2BACK Pressure Drop, Big World 12in promo
91 54 ALL JOIN HANDS Ce Ce Rogers, US Atlantic 12in
93 — TECHNARCY Cybersonik, Champion 12in promo
94 Re ZIG IT UP Ninjamen & Flourgon, Sure Delight 12in
95 — CAN YOU FEEL ME Incognito, Talkin Loud 12in promo
96 — RHYTHM OF LIFE (MIXES) Oleta Adams, Fontana 12in promo
97 — I’M BACK (FUNK MIX) Red Bandit, Motown 12in promo
98 45 SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT (SLAMMIN CLUB MIX) Slam Slam featuring Dee C Lee, MCA 12in
99 95 BAREFOOT IN THE HEAD A Man Called Adam, Big Life 12in
100 Re I’LL BE THERE Donna Gardier, Pump House Productions 3 Virgin 12in promo

NEXT TWENTY: 101 (41) FASCINATING RHYTHM — Bass-O-Matic (Guerilla 12in), 102 (89) THEMES — NRG Possee/Ree-venge (12in white label), 103 (65) BODY LANGUAGE — Aventures Of Stevie V (Mercury), 104 (—) PROJECT 1 EP.— Project 1 (Tam Tam 12in EP), 105 (67) WAITING FOR LOVE (12″ MIX)— Cool Down Zone (10 12in), 106 (—) DANCE BEFORE THE POLICE COME (LP) — Shut Up And Dance (Shut Up And Dance LP), 107 (—) FLOWERS (WIZDOM 12″ MIX) — The Emotions (CBS 12in), (108) (—) OVERLOAD (LP)— Altern 8 (Network 12in), 109 (—) FRONTERA DEL ENSUENO — Rey De Copas (Kickin’ Vinyl 12in promo), 110 (98) TRUST NO ONE — Unit 93 (Bass-ic 12in), 111 (—) DEVOTION Nomad (Rumour 12in promo), 112 (92) IT’S A MOMENT IN TIME — 4 For Money (Tam Tam 12in), 113 (—) DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER — Less Stress featuring Katherine Wood (Boy’s Own Productions 12in promo), 114 (77) JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE — Massonix (Spirit/Noise 12in promo) 115 (49) GHETTO CHILD (BOILERHOUSE REMIX) — Detroit Spinners (East West 12in), 116 (—) I CAN’T TAKE THE POWER — Offshore (German CBS 12in), 117 (—) GIVIN’ YOU THE BENEFIT — Pebbles (MCA 12in), 118 (—) GET FREE — Anna Mwale (Epic 12in), 119 (91) DON’T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN (STRAIGHT BASS) — Lance Ellington (A&M PM 12in), 120 (84) WE GO SUBSONIC — Subsonic Two (Unity 12in)

2 thoughts on “November 3, 1990: Hypersonic, Mental Cube, Red Bandit, Rebel M.C., Caveman”

  1. I’ve ntoiced a real coalescing of what would be the hardcore/rave scene suddenly this week with big tunes like Kick Squad, Technarchy, Spliffhead, Phaze 1 FM, TTO – Turntable Overload, GTO , The Scientist, Rhythmatic, Shut Up and Dance, Total Confusion, Altern 8, Subsonic 2, Catch, Project 1, Fantasy UFO, Xpansions, Aftermath, Urban Hype, 2 For Joy, LFO, NRG Posse, and the Unique 3 all in the charts this week. They were all the staples of Steve Jackson’s legendary Rave chart on Tuesday (IIRC) evenings on Kiss FM and then his playing the latest tunes afterwards – often exclusive plays of memorable tunes I think soon after this he gave the first radio play to 4Hero’s Mr Kirk’s Nightmare and you didn’t get more boundary breaking that that little tune. Steve Jackson’s show is still talked about over 30 years later when people mention how good Kiss was in the early days. Although about 1994/95 instead of opting for going with early jungle, happy hardcore or even banging house/hard house it made a dramatic shift to playing US Garage/vocal American house which was a big turn off for many of the regular, faithful and massive audience he’d built up all over the Kiss catchment area.

    I’d stopped raving by now (for a few years) but this was how I kept up with the latest stuff coming through. Kiss was still so pirate-like and street like back then that you’d get the most bangin’ hardcore rave tackle dropped in the middle of the day and a bit later who can forget in the middle of peak radio listening hours at sometime between 2 and 4pm Pete Wardman playing a daily no commercials interrupted 20 minute hardhouse mix – and this was when Tony De Vit was in his pomp and hard house was worth listening to. To me Kiss from the start until about 1997 (when I moved away up north) but I’ve heard not long after that think it crashed in quality soon after that as big business finally starting calling the shots. And it became just another (albeit a supposedly dance station) commercial radio station.


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