January 13, 1979: “All the currently played disco material arranged by number of Beats Per Minute”

This week the full UK Disco Top 90 now joins other charts in the expanded chart section on page 30, where it will in future always appear . . . leaving more room for reviews ‘n’ stuff on this page!  In its place for this issue only, you see alongside a rating of just about all the currently played disco material arranged by number of Beats Per Minute (a few imports I don’t have bpm info for, but they’re all that’s missing).  Cut out and treasure this piece of paper, as for just 18p you have purchased a reference work that in its closest American counterpart would cost you something like £120!  The American system of monthly up-dated computer printouts on all their bpms, Disco Beats, really only relates to the very different US market.  This listing, which took me many days to complete, duplicates very few of those US bpm ratings that are common to both countries – as many of the US bpms I found not to tally with my own computations.  Some will be the same, of course, but then an accurate bpm will be the same whoever computes it.  Remember, when mixing and using bpms as a guide, that you must use your ears as well!  The other major change which is about to happen is that from next week the Disco Chart will be computed using RB Research Ltd’s special computer, so all the resulting chart positions will be arrived at automatically.  It is vital that the hipper, import-orientated funk-jazz jocks keep me supplied regularly with charts . . . as otherwise we’ll be swamped by the Middle of the Road merchants!  All types of disco DJs are invited to contribute, but the so-called “hip” ones do seem to be laziest!

Listing in order of Beats Per Minute (bpm) of all disco product currently in use by chart-contributing DJs: 

21 – ISAAC HAYES: ‘Just The Way You Are’ (Polydor LP)
26 – HEATWAVE: ‘Always And Forever’ (26/52) (GTO 12”)
34 – MONACO: ‘God Only Knows’ (34/68) (Pinnacle 7”)
43 – OLYMPIC RUNNERS: ‘God Bless You’ (Polydor LP)
44 – SONIA: ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ (D-Roy 12”)
45 – HEATWAVE: ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’ (45/90) (GTO 12”)
46 – STANLEY TURRENTINE: ‘Feel The Fire’ (US Fantasy 12”)
47 – CHARLES JACKSON: ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (Tower 12”); TAVARES: ‘Never Had A Love Like This Before’ (47/95) (US Capitol 12”)
52 – WEATHER REPORT: ‘River People’ (52/104) (CBS 7”)
62 – ELTON JOHN: ‘Song For Guy’ (Rocket 7”); ROYAL RASSES: ‘Unconventional People’ (A-side) (Ballistic 12”)
63 – COMMODORES: ‘Just To Be Close To You’ (Motown 7”); ROYAL RASSES: ‘Unconventional People’ (B-side) (Ballistic 12”)
66 – HEPTICS: ‘Natural Woman’ (D-Roy 12”)
68 – FIL CALLENDER & JAH STITCH: ‘Baby My Love’ (Cactus 12”); FUSION: ‘Cold Outside’ (OCR 7”); MIKE MANDELL: ‘Just The Way You Are’ (at 33rpm) (Vanguard LP)
69 – GINO VANNELLI: ‘I Just Wanna Stop’ (A&M 7”)
70 – TAMLINS: ‘Ting-A-Ling’ (Hawkeye 12”); THIRD WORLD: ‘Cool Meditation’ (Island 12”); DOLLAR: ‘Shooting Star’ (Carrere 7”)
73 – HONEYBOY: ‘Sound Of Silence’ (Galactic 7”)
74 – BUNNY MALONEY: ‘Baby I’ve Been Missing You’ (Gull 12”)
75 – BARRY WHITE: ‘Just The Way You Are’ (20th Century 12”)
78 – DENNIS BROWN: ‘Money In My Pocket’ (Gibbs 12”)
84 – RICHARD ACE: ‘Stayin’ Alive’ (Blue Inc 12”); BEE GEES: ‘Too Much Heaven’ (RSO 7”); HI-TENSION: ‘Autumn Love’ (Island 7”)
86 – MILLIE JACKSON: ‘Go Out And Get Some’ (Spring 7”)
87 – TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘Close The Door’ (Philadelphia Int’l 7”)
93 – T-CONNECTION: ‘Funkannection’ (US Dash LP)
95 – BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN: ‘Disco To Go’ (US Atlantic 12”); MIKE MANDELL: ‘Just The Way You Are’ (at 45rpm) (Vanguard LP)
97 – BRECKER BROTHERS: ‘East River’ (Arista 7”)
99 – GROVER WASHINGTON: ‘Do Dat’ (Motown LP)

101 – OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: ‘A Little More Love’ (EMI 7”)
102 – RONNIE LAWS: ‘All For You’ (UA 12”)
104 – BEE GEES: ‘Stayin’ Alive’ (RSO 7”); T-CONNECTION: ‘Funky Lady’ (US Dash LP)
105 – WILTON FELDER: ‘Let’s Dance Together’ (ABC LP); PARLIAMENT: ‘Aqua Boogie’ (Casablanca 7”)
106 – LEON HAYWOOD: ‘Party’ (MCA 12”); PARLIAMENT: ‘Flash Light’ (Casablanca 7”)

108 – BRASS CONSTRUCTION: ‘Help Yourself’ (UA LP); GREGG DIAMOND: ‘Fancy Dancer’ (TK LP); IAN DURY: ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ (Stiff 7”); GONZALEZ: ‘Just Let It Lay’ (EMI 12”); JOHN HANDY: ‘I Can Tell’ (US Warner Bros. LP)

109 – MELBA MOORE: ‘You Stepped Into My Life’ (Epic 12”)

110 – BEE GEES: ‘Night Fever’ (RSO 7”); CHANSON: ‘Don’t Hold Back’ (Ariola 12”); FRANKIE VALLI: ‘Grease’ (RSO 7”)

111 – INSTANT FUNK: ‘I Got My Mind Made Up’ (Salsoul 12”); LENNY WILLIAMS: ‘Midnight Girl’ (to 117) (ABC 7”)

112 – BILL BARCLAY: ‘Burns Night Fever’ (Safari 12”); DONALD BYRD: ‘Thank You For Funking Up My Life’ (Electra LP); OLYMPIC RUNNERS: ‘Energy Beam’ (Polydor LP); TIMMY THOMAS: ‘Freak In Freak Out’ (TK 7”)

113 – CHIC: ‘Chic Cheer’ (US Atlantic LP); MANDRILL: ‘Don’t Stop’ (US Arista LP)

114 – SIDNEY BARNES: ‘Foot Stompin’ Music’ (US Parachute LP); BONEY M: ‘Dancing In The Streets’ (to 117) (Atlantic 7”); BONEY M: ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ (Atlantic 7”); DONALD BYRD: ‘Have You Heard The News’ (Elektra LP); RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘I Like The Music Make It Hot’ (US Columbia LP); GAZ: ‘Sing Sing’ (US Salsoul LP); AL HUDSON: ‘How Do You Do’ (ABC 12”); JACKSONS: ‘Blame It On The Boogie’ (Epic 12”); LORD KITCHENER: ‘Sugar Bum Bum’ (Ice 12”); NEIL LARSEN: ‘Sudden Samba’ (Horizon LP); ROD STEWART: ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ (Riva 7”)

115 – BIONIC BOOGIE: ‘Chains’ (Polydor LP); LE PAMPLEMOUSSE: ‘Sweet Magic’ (US AVI LP); SUN: ‘Wanna Make Love’ (Tower 12”); STANLEY TURRENTINE: ‘Disco Dancing’ (Fantasy 12”)

116 – ASHFORD & SIMPSON: ‘It Seems To Hang On’ (Warner Bros. 12”); ATLANTIC STARR: ‘Stand Up’ (A&M 12”); JO BISSO: ‘Play Me’ (French Jobis LP); BRASS CONSTRUCTION: ‘Get Up’ (58/116-120) (UA LP); CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Say A Prayer For Two’ (Mercury 12”); JUDGE DREAD: ‘Jingle Bells’ (EMI 7”); CHAKA KHAN: ‘I’m Every Woman’ (Warner Bros. 12”); CHERYL LYNN: ‘Got To Be Real’ (US Columbia 12”); DAVID FATHEAD NEWMAN: ‘Keep The Dream Alive’ (US Prestige LP); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘The Woman’ (Mercury LP); BOBBY WOMACK: ‘I Can Understand It’ (UA 12”)

117 – ROY AYERS: ‘Running Away’ (Polydor LP); KEITH BARROW: ‘Turn Me Up’ (US Columbia LP); BLONDIE: ‘Heart Of Glass’ (Chrysalis 12”); GENE CHANDLER: ‘Get Down’ (US Chi-Sound LP); CAROLINE CRAWFORD: ‘A Nice Footing’ (US Mercury 12”); GENERAL JOHNSON: ‘Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do’ (US Arista 12”); MANDRILL: ‘Too Late’ (US Arista LP); OLYMPIC RUNNERS: ‘Sir Dancealot’ (Polydor 12”); THP ORCHESTRA: ‘Weekend Two Slap’ (US Butterfly LP); WAR: ‘Youngblood’ (MCA 12”)

118 – HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘You Bet Your Love’ (CBS 12”); EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING: ‘I Don’t Know If It’s Right’ (US RCA 12”); RAMSEY LEWIS: ‘Don’t Look Back’ (CBS LP); QUAZAR: ‘Funk ‘N Roll’ (Arista 7”); SHALAMAR: ‘Take That To The Bank’ (RCA 12”); SIDE EFFECT: ‘Disco Junction’ (US Fantasy LP); CANDI STATON: ‘Victim’ (Warner Bros. 12”); T-CONNECTION: ‘At Midnight’ (US TK 12”)

119 – BIONIC BOOGIE: ‘Fess Up To The Boogie’ (Polydor LP); HAMILTON BOHANNON: ‘Let’s Start The Dance’ (Mercury 12”); LENNY WILLIAMS: ‘You Got Me Running’ (ABC 12”)

120 – JERRY BUTLER: ‘Cooling Out’ (US Philadelphia Int’l 12”); GENE FARROW: ‘Dance With Me’ (to 122) (Magnet 12”); PHIL HURTT: ‘Giving It Back’ (Fantasy 12”); HOWARD KENNEY: ‘Save Some For The Children’ (US Warner Bros. LP); LAKESIDE: ‘It’s All The Way Live’ (RCA 12”); MIKE MANDELL: ‘Peg’ (Vanguard LP); MANDRILL: ‘It’s So Easy Loving You’ (US Arista LP); ORIGINALS: ‘Blue Moon’ (US Fantasy 12”); SEA LEVEL: ‘Fifty-Four’ (US Capricorn 12”); BARRY WHITE: ‘Your Sweetness Is My Weakness’ (20th Century 12”); KAREN YOUNG: ‘Hot Shot’ (US West End 12”)

121 – CHIC: ‘Le Freak’ (Atlantic 12”); CREATIVE SOURCE: ‘Who Is He And What Is He To You’ (US Paul Winley 12”); CAROL DOUGLAS: ‘Burnin’’ (Midsong 12”); FUNKADELIC: ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ (Warner Bros. 12”); DAMON HARRIS: ‘It’s Music’ (to 126) (Fantasy 12”); PATRICK JUVET: ‘I Love America’ (Casablanca 12”); LIQUID GOLD: ‘Anyway You Do It’ (Creole 12”); BOB MCGILPIN: ‘Superstar’ (to 123) (Ember 12”); THP ORCHESTRA: ‘Tender Is The Night’ (US Butterfly LP); THIRD WORLD: ‘Now That We Found Love’ (Island 12”)

122 – AQUARIAN DREAM: ‘It Ain’t Whatcha Say’ (Elektra LP); OLLIE BABA: ‘Stomp Your Feet’ (Polydor 12”); BROTHERS JOHNSON: ‘Ride-O-Rocket’ (A&M 12”); RONNIE FOSTER: ‘Happy Song’ (US Columbia LP); CISSY HOUSTON: ‘Think It Over’ (Private Stock 12”); MANDRILL: ‘Stay Tonight’ (US Arista LP); TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘Only You’ (Philadelphia Int’l 12”); PHREEK: ‘Weekend’ (US Atlantic LP); RACHEL SWEET: ‘B-A-B-Y’ (Stiff 7”); LAURA TAYLOR: ‘Dancing In My Feet’ (US TK 12”)

123 – CERRONE: ‘Supernature’ (Atlantic 12”); FANTASTIC FOUR: ‘BYOF’ (US Westbound LP); HI-TENSION: ‘Hi-Tension’ (Island 12”); EDDIE HORAN: Turn My World Back Around’ (US HDM LP); JIMMY BO HORNE: ‘Spank’ (US Sunshine Sound 12”); LEMON: ‘A-Freak-A’ (US Prelude LP); RAMSEY LEWIS: ‘All The Way Live’ (CBS LP); DIANA ROSS & MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘Ease On Down The Road’ (MCA 12”)

124 – AFRO-CUBAN BAND: ‘Rhythm Of Life’ (Arista 12”); BEE GEES: ‘You Should Be Dancing’ (RSO 7”); DENNIS COFFEY: ‘Gimme That Funk’ (US Westbound LP); SARAH DASH: ‘Sinner Man’ (US Kirshner 12”); MANU DIBANGO: ‘Big Blow’ (Decca 12”); LUISA FERNANDEZ: ‘Lay Love On You’ (Warner Bros. 7”); GOODY GOODY: ‘Superjock’ (US Atlantic LP); ISAAC HAYES: ‘Zeke The Freak’ (Polydor LP); FREDA PAYNE: ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’ (Tower 12”); DAVID SIMMONS: ‘Will They Miss Me’ (to 128) (US Fantasy/WMOT 12”); JOE THOMAS: ‘Plato’s Retreat’ (US TK 12”); TASHA THOMAS: ‘Shoot Me With Your Love’ (US Atlantic 12”); BARRY WHITE: ‘Look At Her’ (20th Century LP)

125 – ROY AYERS: ‘Get On Up, Get On Down’ (Polydor 12”); BIONIC BOOGIE: ‘Cream’ (US Polydor LP); BLUES NOTES: ‘Disco Explosion’ (US Fantasy 12”); BONEY M: ‘Rasputin’ (Atlantic 12”); ALICIA BRIDGES: ‘I Love The Nightlife’ (Polydor 12”); LOVE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ (US Penthouse LP); MONTANA: ‘You Know How Good It Is’ (to jazz finish) (US Atlantic LP); NITE SCHOOL: ‘Do You Speak French’ (US AVI 12”); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘San Francisco’ (DJM 12”)

126 – AQUARIAN DREAM: ‘You’re A Star’ (Elektra LP); ARPEGGIO: ‘Let The Music Play’ (US Polydor LP); KEITH BARROW: ‘Joyous Music’ (US Columbia LP); CHANTER SISTERS: ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ (German Safari 12”); GREGG DIAMOND: ‘Star Cruiser’ (TK LP); JUDGE DREAD: ‘The Hokey Cokey’ (EMI 7”); EARTH, WIND & FIRE: ‘September’ (CBS 7”); FAT LARRY’S BAND: ‘Boogie Town’ (US Fantasy/WMOT 12”); GARY’S GANG: ‘Keep On Dancin’’ (US Columbia 12”); ISAAC HAYES: ‘Shaft II’ (Polydor LP); LORRAINE JOHNSON: ‘Feed The Flame’ (US Prelude LP); SAMUEL JONATHAN JOHNSON: ‘You’ (US Columbia 12”); RONNIE JONES: ‘Groovin’’ (Lollipop 12”)

127 – GB EXPERIENCE: ‘Disco Extravaganza’ (US Atlantic 12”); PAM TODD & THE GOLD BULLION BAND: ‘Baise Moi’ (US Channel 12”); HI-TENSION: ‘British Hustle’ (Island 12”); HOT R.S.: ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ (Chrysalis 12”); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘My Roommate’ (Mercury LP)

128 – BEAUTIFUL BEND: ‘That’s The Meaning’ / ‘Boogie Motion’ (US TK 12”); CLASS: ‘Get Your Chic Together’ (vocal) (US TK 12”); GREGG DIAMOND: ‘This Side Of Midnight’ (TK LP); MANU DIBANGO: ‘Sun Explosion’ (Decca 12”); CLEVELAND EATON: ‘Bama Boogie Woogie’ (Gull 12”); GOODY GOODY: ‘#1 Dee Jay’ (Atlantic 12”); RAHNI HARRIS: ‘Six Million Steps’ (Mercury 12”); KIKROKOS: ‘Jungle DJ’ (Polydor LP); LEMON: ‘Chance To Chance’ (US Prelude LP); MECO: ‘Wizard Of Oz’ (RCA 7”); PHREEK: ‘Everybody Loves A Good Thing’ (US Atlantic LP); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘Hot Cop’ (Mercury LP); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘YMCA’ (Mercury 12”)

129 – CERRONE: ‘Je Suis Music’ (CBS 12”); IDRIS MUHAMMAD: ‘Disco Man’ (Fantasy LP); PHILLY CREAM: ‘Sly-Hi’ (US Fantasy/WMOT 12”); VOYAGE: ‘Souvenirs’ / ‘Tahiti’ / ‘Let’s Fly Away’ (GTO LP)

130 – SARAH BRIGHTMAN & HOT GOSSIP: ‘Starship Trooper’ (Ariola Hansa 12”); MIQUEL BROWN: ‘Symphony Of Love’ (Polydor 12”); FINISHED TOUCH: ‘I Love To See You Dance’ (US Motown 12”); FIRST CHOICE: ‘Hold Your Horses’ (US Gold Mind 12”); EDDIE HENDERSON: ‘Cyclops’ (disco version) (Capitol 7”); METROPOLIS: ‘New York Is My Kind Of Town’ (Salsoul 7”); MONTANA: ‘I Love Music’ (US Atlantic LP); PARADISE EXPRESS: ‘Poinciana’ (US Fantasy 12”); PHREEK: ‘I’m A Big Freak’ (US Atlantic LP); EDWIN STARR: ‘Contact’ (US 20th Century 12”); WHITE HEAT: ‘Dancing Like A Superstar’ (MAM 12”)

131 – KEITHE BARROW: ‘Physical Attraction’ (US Columbia LP); GAZ: ‘Boogie Woman’ (US Salsoul LP); DAN HARTMAN: ‘Instant Replay’ (US Blue Sky 12”); LUV YOU MADLY ORCHESTRA: ‘Rocket Rock’ (US Salsoul 12”); MACHO: ‘I’m A Man’ (EMI 12”); CURTIS MAYFIELD: ‘No Goodbyes’ (Curtom 12”); MUSIQUE: ‘In The Bush’ (original mix) (CBS 12”); PARADISE EXPRESS: ‘Dance’ (US Fantasy 12”); SWEET CREAM: ‘I Don’t Know What I’d Do’ (Ember 12”); TRAMMPS: ‘Disco Inferno’ (Atlantic 12”)

132 – AMANT: ‘If There’s Love’ (US TK 12”); AQUARIAN DREAM: ‘Fantasy’ (Elektra LP); ROY AYERS & WAYNE HENDERSON: ‘Heat Of The Beat’ (Polydor 12”); BEAUTIFUL BEND: ‘Make That Feeling Come Again’ / ‘Ah Do It’ (US TK 12”); CLASS: ‘Get Your Chic Together’ (instrumental) (US TK 12”); CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘I’m Gonna Love You Forever’ (Mercury 12”); JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA: ‘Ain’t That Enough For You’ (Miracle 12”); JOE FARRELL: ‘Night Dancing’ (Warner Bros. 12”); FOXY: ‘Get Off’ (TK 12”); GANYMED: ‘It Takes Me Higher’ (Creole 12”); HI-TENSION: ‘Unspoken’ (Island WIP 7”); AL HUDSON: ‘Spread Love’ (ABC 12”); LORRAINE JOHNSON: ‘Learning To Dance All Over Again’ (to 134) (US Prelude LP); MANDRILL: ‘Having A Love Attack’ (US Arista LP)

133 – AMANT: ‘Hazy Shades Of Love’ (US TK 12”); CAROLYN CRAWFORD: ‘Coming On Strong’ (US Mercury 12”); EROTIC DRUM BAND: ‘Plug Me To Death’ (US Prism LP); DAN HARTMAN: ‘Countdown / This is It’ (Blue Sky LP); EVELYN “CHAMPAGNE” KING: ‘Shame’ (RCA 12”); SATURDAY NIGHT BAND: ‘Come On Dance Dance’ (CBS LP); SYLVESTER: ‘You Make Me Feel’ (Fantasy 12”); T-CONNECTION: ‘Saturday Night’ (US Dash LP); VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘Macho Man’ (DJM 12”)

134 – DOUBLE EXPOSURE: ‘Newsy Neighbors’ (US Salsoul 12”); DOLLY PARTON: ‘Baby I’m Burning’ (US RCA 12”); PEACHES & HERB: ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ (Polydor 12” promo); SYLVESTER: ‘Dance (Disco Heat)’ (Fantasy 12”)

135 – DAVID BOYDELL: ‘City Music’ (Electric 12”); CHARO: ‘Ole Ole’ (US Salsoul 12”); EROTIC DRUM BAND: ‘Love Disco Style’ (US Prism LP); MUSIQUE: ‘In The Bush’ (remix) (CBS 12”)

138 – WILLIE BOBO: ‘Always There’ (US Columbia LP); EDDIE HENDERSON: ‘Prance On’ (Tower 12”)

140 – CLASSICAL MECHANICS: ‘Woman Of Ice’ (white label promo)

141 – EDDIE DANIELS: ‘I Go To Rio’ (to 144) (US TK 12”); KING SPORTY: ‘Move And Groove’ (US TK 12”); BARRY WHITE: ‘Sha La La Means I Love You’ (20th Century LP)

144 – AMII STEWART: ‘Knock On Wood’ (Atlantic 12”)
147 – BIONIC BOOGIE: ‘When The Shit Hits The Fan’ (Polydor LP)
157 – VELVELETTES: ‘Needle In A Haystack’ (Motown 7”)
160 – JOHN TRAVOLTA: ‘Greased Lightning’ (Midsong 7”)
172 – RACEY: ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ (86 1/2) (Rak 7”)

Disco News

Melba Moore and Zulema are due belatedly any day on UK 12in! . . . James Brown ‘Take A Look At Those Cakes’, flipped by a 12 minute remix of ‘Sex Machine’ will be on Polydor 12in next week! . . . Edwin Starr and Gene Chandler will be on pink vinyl 12in within a fortnight, while Herbie Hancock’s dynamite newie on 12in and Bobby Caldwell (at last!) on 7in are out next week . . . CBS have finally set T-Connection, Cheryl Lynn, Gold Bullion Band and Keith Barrow for late Jan/early Feb, while Ariola finally do the Winners ‘Get Ready For The Future’ this month . . . Polydor have Isaac Hayes ‘Zeke The Freak’, Sea Level and Millie Jackson’s remixed ‘My Man’s A Sweet Man’ / ‘All The Way Lover’ / ‘Here I Come Again’ on 12in soon . . . Pye plan coloured vinyl 12in release for DC LaRue ‘Cathedrals’, Mike Mandell ‘Peg’ and a lemon yellow Le Pamplemousse LP . . . DJF (GB) have now arranged their special £13 premium Public Liability Insurance for affiliated regional association members, who got £250,000 of cover – which previously could have cost from £45-200 (if you could find a friendly insurance company) . . . HOT VINYL: a quick check of last week’s paper will show which of the bubbling under imports were minus a bpm rating and so not included in this week’s listing, but brand new import chart entries would have been Grey & Hanks ‘Dancin’ (US RCA LP), Herbie Mann ‘Superman’ (US Atlantic 12”), Lonnie Liston Smith ‘Space Princess’ (US Columbia 12”), Ron Lewis Smith ‘Party Freaks Come On’ (US Sunshine Sound 12”), plus – reviewed this issue – Side Effect, Blue Notes, Jimmy Bo Horne.

New Spins

INSTANT FUNK: ‘Got My Mind Made Up’ (Salsoul 12 SSOL 114) (BNDA debut 1/27/79)
Rightly monstrous already, this ridiculously catchy, clapping Bo & Ruth-type 111bpm happily stamping swayer has a great “say what?” hook line and is out here on 5:16 12in (though there’s a 9:00 US remix due soon too!). A smash.

JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA: ‘Ain’t That Enough For You’ (Miracle M2-12) (BNDA debut 9/2/78)
Dynamite rhythm-rattling 132bpm pounder on remixed 9:06 12in, spasmodically sweetened by some prettily cooing chix but absolutely dominated by the driving percussion track.  The 126bpm ‘Disco Fever’ flip was warm once too.

RONNIE LAWS: ‘All For You’ (UA 12UP 86481)
Killer of a powerful heavy funk lurcher in the Herbie Hancock style, much more dynamic than 102bpm would suggest, on a beautifully packaged 5:51 12in with bonus twin coupling of the similarly superior funk-jazz joggers ‘Let’s Keep It Together’ (4:30 at 114bpm) and ‘Nuthin ‘Bout Nuthin’ (5:08 at 115bpm). This is UA’s best disco release ever, not to be missed.

DAMON HARRIS: ‘It’s Music’ (Fantasy 12FTC 165)
Ex-Temptation’s excellent gradually-building 121-126bpm stamper on 8:26 12in, hot as an import for ages, has girlie group support, burbling background rhythm and two long percussion breaks.

EDDIE HENDERSON: ‘Cyclops’ (Capitol CL 16034)
Originally a slow 48bpm instrumental (now on the flip), speeded up on 3:48 7in into the 130bpm jazz-funk flier it became when the original LP cut was played by hip jocks at 45rpm!

BOB MCGILPIN: ‘Superstar’ (Ember EMBSL 365) (BNDA debut 8/26/78)
Purposefully pounding 121-123bpm stomper on 6:01 12in has a Dan Hartman feel (Bob’s white too), while the two-track flip includes his hit US 114bpm ‘Go For The Money’ chugger.

LEIF GARRETT: ‘I Was Made For Dancin’’ (Scotti Brothers K 11202)
Frothy 129bpm leaper with a commercially catchy Continental Europop sound although lovely Leif is American . . . and on picture disc (so it’ll be a hit regardless!).

BOBBY WOMACK: ‘I Can Understand It’ (US 12UP 36462)
Soulfully rasped and still fresh-sounding 1972 classic weighs in at 116bpm on a prettily packaged 6:20 12in, worth getting (let’s encourage UA while they’re in the mood!).

MIKE MANDEL: ‘Just The Way You Are’ (from LP ‘Sky Music’, Vanguard VSD 79409)
Now out here, the gorgeous instrumental version mixes nicely for fun out of Barry White’s rap intro at its original 68bpm, or else speeds up to 96bpm played at 45rpm and becomes a mellow swayer! The other hot cuts are the sexily stamping 120bpm ‘Peg’ and jerky 121-117bpm jazz-funk ‘Jupiter Finger’.

CLEVELAND EATON: ‘Bama Boogie Woogie’ LP (Miracle MLP 3001)
Specially complied for the UK from the jazz-funk bassist’s three rather experimental US LPs, with the full 5:40 128bpm title track and its drivng 126bpm ‘Funky Cello’ flip joining the jerky 117bpm ‘Whammy Omy’ and two lovely slowies ‘Pure Love’ (34bpm) and a ‘Float On’-echoing ‘Flying High’ (35bpm).

VARIOUS: ‘Westbound Sizzlers’ LP (Westbound/Atlantic K 50546)
Solid oldies set features full-length Dennis Coffey’s great 122bpm ‘Wings Of Fire’ jazz-funk guitar blazer, together with CJ & Co. ‘Devil’s Gun’ (125bpm), Detroit Emeralds ‘Feel The Need’ (122bpm remix), Mike Theodore ‘The Bull’ (123bpm) – all past hits in hip venues – plus Fantastic Four ‘Night People’ / ‘Lies Divided By Jive’ (120bpm).

GANYMED: ‘It Takes Me Higher’ (Creole CR 167)
Spacily synthetic 132bpm Euro skipper with syndrum effects and gruff voices, on 12in, picked up by pop jocks over Christmas.

SUPERMAX: ‘Lovemachine’ (Atlantic K 11170)
Cooly clopping 132-134bpm Continental hit, with strangely empty sound and deadpan vocals.

BRASS CONSTRUCTION: ‘Get Up’ (from LP ‘IV’, UA UAG 30210)
Slow 58bpm clap ‘n chant intro fills into 116bpm main beat and reaches 120 by the disappointingly unadventurous 8:00 track’s end. The ‘Help Yourself’ US single is a dull 108bpm strutter.

GLORIA GAYNOR: ‘I Will Survive’ (Polydor 2095017) (BNDA debut 11/11/78)
Diana Ross-ish slow starting 117bpm loper gets kinda symphonic with more than a hint of ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’ to it.

FREDA PAYNE: ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ / ‘Happy Music’ / ‘I’d Do Anything For You’ (Capitol 12CL 16030)
Old show tune medleyed into a fairly crass 132bpm frothy zinger on 5:52 12in, with a pleasant gently loping 124bpm melodic 5:32 double-A coupling.

MICHAEL JOHNSON: ‘Almost Like Being In Love’ (EMI America AM 604)
Gorgeous smoochy 47bpm revival of Lerner & Lowe’s standard, especially good MoR.

THREE DEGREES: ‘Woman In Love’ (Ariola ARO 141)
Pretty little 40bpm smoocher on blue vinyl 7in (and promo-only 12in).

POINTER SISTERS: ‘Everybody Is A Star’ (Planet K 12324)
Sly Stone oldie slowed down Rose Royce style to 42bpm, doubling-up with vocal clucking to an 88bpm finish.

THE JACKSONS: ‘Destiny’ (Epic EPC 6983)
Lurching slow smoocher with a gradually erupting 88bpm beat.

MAINLAND: ‘Who Do You Love’ (Christy CML 0104)
Hot Choc-type swaying slow 90bpm pop jogger slots well out of the Jacksons.

ERUPTION: ‘Leave A Light’ (Atlantic K 11213)
Stolidly chugging 111bpm swayer builds up with some gritty singing.

KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND: ‘Who Do Ya Love?’ (TK TKR 7514)
Jittery rhythm 120bpm repetitive pop jigger.

TERI DE SARIO: ‘Back In Your Arms Again’ (Casablanca CAN 187)
Lightweight 132bpm pop skipper.

THE FOUR KINGS: ‘Non Stop Dancing’ (Parole PURL 2)
New wave R&B with a 136bpm disco beat!

THE DOLL: ‘Desire Me’ (Beggar’s Banquet BEG 11)
Blondie-type 140bpm synthesizer speeder, with a longer 33 1/3rpm version on twin-packed separate free disc.

RUBY: ‘S.O.S. (Save Our Souls)’ (Atlantic K 11187)
Abba-type 136bpm Europop story song.

CELI BEE: ‘Boomerang’ (TK TKR 7509)
110bpm pop chugger.

J.A.L.N. BAND: ‘Mockin’ Bird Hill’ (Magnet 12MAG 137)
Jolly but ambiguously fast 136bpm reggae-type party treatment of the catchy Les Paul & Mary Ford oldie, better known by the Migil 5 in a similar pop-ska style, on 6:45 12in or 3:30 7in.

Jolly silly medley of themes from Tom & Jerry, Muppets, Popeye and Laurel & Hardy, fun for some MoR jocks maybe?

SECOND LIFE: ‘Island In The Sun’ (Decca FR 13818)
Bouncy Belgian MoR update of Harry Belafonte’s “other” oldie.

THE ROMEOS: ‘Juliet’ (RCA PB 5119)
1964 Four Pennies chart-topper given a ‘50s doo-wop smooch styling!

SACHA DISTEL: ‘Forever And Ever’ LP (Carrere EMC 3267)
Zingy fast 4:41 title-track medley of a dozen Bacharach & David oldies is a good idea but possibly too fast at 140bpm for his MoR fans.


FLB: ‘Boogie Town’ (US Fantasy WMOT D-121)
Renamed Fat Larry’s Band with a joyfully jumping 126bpm stamper on dynamite remixed 7:41 12in with Herbie Hancock-type vocoder vocal, chanting chix and brassy background . . . sure packs a punch!

T-CONNECTION: ‘At Midnight’ (US TK Disco 121) (BNDA debut 1/6/79)
Monotonous 3:09 drums intro can be skipped as this 9:55 12in is scrolled with visual cue bands at each break in its 118bpm thump tempo. Due here in a fortnight, it’s surprisingly smooth sounding for T-Connection and relies on repetition for its power.

CHERYL LYNN: ‘Got To Be Real’ (US Columbia 3-10808) (BNDA debut 11/25/78)
Soulfully wailing laid-back subtle slow 116bpm strutter, sorta Emotions meet Chaka Khan, has a long but languid instrumental break with the beat stamping steadily through it all. This is the 5:10 7in – there’s a 12in too, which I haven’t heard.

SIDE EFFECT: ‘Disco Junction’ (from LP ‘Rainbow Visions’, US Fantasy F-9569)
Brass Construction (old style)-type infectious 118bpm jiggler with rudely raspberry-blowing brass and happy chant, only 3:30 on LP.

JIMMY BO HORNE: ‘Spank’ (Sunshine Sound SSD 205) (BNDA debut 4/7/79)
Bright-sounding 123bpm smacker on 6:10 12in gets a bit monotonous when heard cold but works well on the floor.

MARILYN MCCOO & BILLY DAVIS JR: ‘Shine On Silver Moon’ (US Columbia 23-10875) (BNDA debut 1/27/79)
Terrific 7:29 12in remix with totally new long Latin-type 126bpm rhythm intro and break – in fact, pleasant though it always was, the singing takes a real back seat!

THE ORIGINALS: ‘Blue Moon’ (US Fantasy D-118)
Long dead slow skippable intro to the oldie eventually erupts into a closely harmonised 120bpm jolter on 8:27 12in, which mixes beautifully (speeded up) out of Marilyn & Billy’s rhythm break (thanx, Fatman!).

THP: ‘Tender Is The Night’ LP (US Butterfly FLY 014) (BNDA debut 11/25/78)
Slickly jiggling 121bpm 6:46 title track’s a typically American smooth girlie group hustler, while also warm is the equally slick 117bpm 13:34 ‘Weekend Two Step’, which progresses quite interestingly, if gaily.

UK Disco Top 90 – January 13, 1979

01 01 Village People – YMCA – Mercury 7″/12″/US Casablanca 12″ remix
02 02 Chic – Le Freak – Atlantic 7″/12″
03 04 Musique – In The Bush / (remix) – CBS 7″/12″/LP
04 03 Dan Hartman – Instant Replay – Blue Sky 7″/US 12″/LP
05 05 Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman – Warner Bros. 7″/12″
06 08 Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove – Warner Bros. 7″/12″/LP
07 10 Earth, Wind & Fire – September – CBS 7″
08 06 Shalamar – Take That To The Bank – RCA 7″/12″
09 11 Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy – Riva 7″/12″ promo
10 09 Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat) – Fantasy 7″/LP/US 12″
11 07 Rahni Harris – Six Million Steps – Mercury 12″
12 12 Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip – Starship Trooper – Ariola Hansa 7″/12″
13 14 Two Man Sound – Que Tal America – Miracle 12″
14 20 Edwin Starr – Contact – US 20th Century 7″/12″/LP
15 15 Gene Chandler – Get Down – US Chi-Sound 7″/12″/LP
16 18 Goody Goody – #1 Dee Jay – Atlantic 12″
17 13 Boney M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Dancing In The Streets – Atlantic 7″
18 44 Ian Dury – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Stiff 7″
19 23 Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up – US Salsoul 7″/12″ promo
20 40 Dan Hartman – Countdown / This Is It – Blue Sky LP/12″
21 36 Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – Heat Of The Beat – Polydor LP/US 7″
22 21 Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven – RSO 7″
23 32 Peaches & Herb – Shake Your Groove Thing – Polydor 7″/12″ promo
24 25 Mankind – Dr. Who – Pinnacle 12″
25 17 Alicia Bridges – I Love The Nightlife – Polydor 7″/12″
26 34 Racey – Lay Your Love On Me – Rak 7″
27 33 Lakeside – It’s All The Way Live – RCA 12″
28 27 Gaz – Sing Sing / Boogie Woman – US Salsoul LP
29 29 Macho – I’m A Man – EMI 12″
30 35 Keith Barrow – Physical Attraction / Turn Me Up / Joyful Music – US Columbia LP
31 30 Wilton Felder – Let’s Dance Together – ABC LP/US 12″ promo
32 47 Barry White – Just The Way You Are / Your Sweetness Is My Weakness – 20th Century 7″/12″
33 16 Patrick Juvet – I Love America – Casablanca 7″/12″/LP
34 38 Joe Farrell – Night Dancing – Warner Bros. 12″
35 22 Heatwave – Mind Blowing Decisions / Always And Forever – GTO 7″/12″
36 41 Donald Byrd – Thank You For Funking Up My Life / Have You Heard The News – Elektra LP/US 7″/12″
37 24 Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Fantasy 7″/12″/LP
38 43 Chanson – Don’t Hold Back – Ariola 12″
39 37 Voyage – Souvenirs / Lady America / Tahiti Tahiti – GTO 7″/12″/LP
40 50 Montana – I Love Music / You Know How Good It Is – US Atlantic LP
41 26 Chanter Sisters – Can’t Stop Dancing – Safari 7″/German 12″
42 59 Curtis Mayfield – No Goodbyes – Curtom 12″
43 55 Gregg Diamond – Star Cruiser / Fancy Dancer / This Side Of Midnight – TK 7″/LP
44 19 Phil Hurtt – Giving It Back – Fantasy 12″
45 54 Carolyn Crawford – Coming On Strong / A Nice Feeling – US Mercury 7″/12″/LP
46 39 Aquarian Dream – You’re A Star / It Ain’t Whatcha Say / Fantasy – Elektra LP
47 RE Ronnie Jones – Groovin’ / Me And Myself – Lollipop 12″
48 58 Phreek – I’m A Big Freak / Everybody Loves A Good Thing / Weekend – US Atlantic LP
49 61 Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket – Gibbs 12″ promo
50 51 Sea Level – Fifty Four – US Capricorn 12″/LP
51 52 Rodney Franklin – I Like The Music Make It Hot – US Columbia LP
52 48 Foxy – Get Off – TK 12″
53 53 Willie Bobo – Always There – US Columbia 7″/LP
54 70 Fantastic Four – BYOF – US Westbound LP
55 84 Damon Harris – It’s Music – Fantasy 12″ promo
56 31 The Jacksons – Blame It On The Boogie – Epic 7″/12″
57 72 Village People – Macho Man / San Francisco – DJM 12″
58 80 John Davis & The Monster Orch. – Ain’t That Enough For You – Miracle 12″
59 NE Olympic Runners – Sir Dancealot – Polydor 12″
60 62 Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force – Pye LP
61 69 Paradise Express – Dance / Poinciana – US Fantasy 12″
62 67 Erotic Drum Band – Love Disco Style / Plug Me To Death – US Prism LP/12″ remix
63 66 War – Youngblood – MCA 12″
64 NE Rachel Sweet – B-A-B-Y – Stiff 7″
65 68 David Fathead Newman – Keep The Dream Alive – US Prestige LP
66 88 Bionic Boogie – Cream – Polydor 12″
67 83 Lorraine Johnson – Feed The Flame / Learning To Dance All Over Again – US Prelude LP
68 NE Parliament – Aqua Boogie – Casablanca 7″
69 NE T-Connection – At Midnight / Saturday Night – US Dash LP/TK 12″
70 73 Third World – Cool Meditation – Island 12″
71 RE Diana Ross & Michael Jackson – Ease On Down The Road – MCA 12″
72 87 Brides Of Funkenstein – Disco To Go – Atlantic LP/US 12″
73 81 Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real – US Columbia 7″/12″
74 89 Dollar – Shooting Star – Carrere 7″
75 45 Luisa Fernandez – Lay Love On You – Warner Bros. 7″/12″
76 90 Zulema – Change – London 7″/US Le Joint 12″
77 RE Melba Moore – You Stepped Into My Life – Epic 7″/12″
78 46 Tasha Thomas – Shoot Me With Your Love – US Atlantic 12″
79 63 Liquid Gold – Anyway You Do It – Creole 7″/12″
80 28 Ashford & Simpson – It Seems To Hang On – Warner Bros. 7″/12″
81 60 Stanley Turrentine – Disco Dancin’ / Feel The Fire – Fantasy 12″/US LP
82 82 Quazar – Funk ‘N Roll – Arista 7″/LP
83 NE Miquel Brown – Symphony Of Love – Polydor 12″
84 65 Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood – Atlantic 7″/12″
85 56 Donna Summer – MacArthur Park – Casablanca 7″/LP/12″ promo
86 NE Blondie – Heart Of Glass – Chrysalis 12″
87 57 Teddy Pendergrass – Only You / Close The Door – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
88 RE Love Symphony Orchestra – Let Me Be Your Fantasy – US Penthouse LP
89 NE David Simmons – Will They Miss Me – US Fantasy/WMOT 12″
90 NE Cerrone – Je Suis Music – CBS 12″
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (BNDA debut 10/21/78) / #2 (BNDA debut 10/21/78) / #3 (BNDA debut 7/29/78)
#4 (BNDA debut 8/19/78) / #5 (BNDA debut 12/2/78) / #6 (BNDA debut 11/11/78)
#9 (BNDA debut 1/20/79) / #10 (BNDA debut 7/8/78) / #13 (BNDA debut 9/22/79)
#14 (BNDA debut 11/18/78) / #15 (BNDA debut 11/18/78) / #16 (BNDA debut 9/9/78)
#18 (BNDA debut 10/20/79) / #19 (BNDA debut 1/27/79) / #23 (BNDA debut 10/28/78)
#25 (BNDA debut 9/16/78) / #29 (BNDA debut 9/16/78) / #32 (BNDA debut 10/14/78)
#33 (BNDA debut 6/3/78) / #37 (BNDA debut 7/8/78) / #38 (BNDA debut 10/14/78)
#39 (BNDA debut 12/2/78) / #42 (BNDA debut 9/9/78) / #43 (BNDA debut 9/2/78)
#52 (BNDA debut 5/6/78) / #56 (BNDA debut 1/6/79) / #57 (BNDA debut 3/18/78)
#58 (BNDA debut 9/2/78) / #61 (BNDA debut 12/9/78) / #62 (BNDA debut 10/14/78)
#63 (BNDA debut 10/7/78) / #66 (BNDA debut 11/11/78) / #67 (BNDA debut 11/25/78)
#69 (BNDA debut 1/6/79) / #73 (BNDA debut 11/25/78) / #76 (BNDA debut 1/6/79)
#77 (BNDA debut 10/28/78) / #78 (BNDA debut 11/4/78) / #83 (BNDA debut 1/6/79)
#84 (BNDA debut 2/3/79) / #85 (BNDA debut 9/23/78) / #86 (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
#90 (BNDA debut 11/4/78)

No Bubbling Under titles this week.

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