January 24 1981: Marvin Gaye, Joe Sample, Ozone, Freeez, MFSB


BEGGARS BANQUET have snapped up the Freeez LP for re-release this week . . . Level 42 ‘Wings Of Love‘ is circulating on acetate in a superior new ’81 Mix’ based on the ‘UK Dance Floor’ version, at 114 (intro) – 112 – 113 (vocal) – 116 (break) – 115 – 116 (guitar) – 115 – 114 (vocal) – 118bpm . . . Sharon Redd ‘Can You Handle It’, due on UK 12in mid-Feb, is evidently already on bootleg 12in . . . Billy Ocean will now definitely be on UK 12in next week, followed in a fortnight by EWF ‘And Love Goes On’, Trammps ‘Looking For You’, Pointer Sisters ‘Could I Be Dreamin’, the Heatwave LP and Narada Michael Walden’s Sister Sledge set . . . Radiation ‘Rocket In The Pocket’ has been remixed, probably a good thing as the original in fact sounded very strange through a club system . . . Rose Royce’s follow-up will indeed be ‘I Wanna Make It With You’ . . . Island’s Elaine Sutcliffe invites all types of DJ to send their work details to Disco Promotions, Island Records, 22 St Peters Square, London W6 9NW, for mailing list consideration – she’s got my address, so maybe she’ll service me too? . . . Rush Release are trying their hardest to service decent disco music rather than pop and currently handle DJM/Champagne product . . . Fatman Graham Canter and Jeff Young sit in for Robbie Vincent on Radio London this Saturday morning (24) . . . Robbie Dee (Southend Quills) now does the weekday early afternoon show on Radio Basildon . . . Severn Sound has a great car window sticker, “I get it loud in Stroud”! . . . Funktion at the Embassy every Sunday now costs £5 which includes ALL your drinks from 7 till 1am (their ‘Blue Ball’ there the other Monday was even checked out by talkative Gary Numan), while Funktion at Heaven is free this Tuesday (27) . . . East Anglia DJ Assn holds an anniversary dinner dance on Tuesday 10th March at Thetford’s Anchor Hotel (tickets £8), donations from record companies or shops for their fund raising tombola are welcomed . . . Ashley Woods (Stretford 0529-3-3531) will accept the highest bid for his Benny Golson ‘Killer Joe’ LP and 7in and Chick Corea ‘Central Park’ 12in . . . Robbie Collins (Ilford Room At The Top/Richmond Cheekee-Pete’s) regularly visits Glasgow and wonders if any disco or promoter would give him a gig when he’s there call 01-520 7547 evenings 6-7pm . . . Chris Green, highly considered around Watford, wants a gig anywhere (Garston 70178 / Watford 35195) . . . Paul Clark’s Rustington Smugglers Roost venue has closed due to new ownership, but he’s still with Phil Leppard every Thurs/Sunday at Brighton Metro, where Friday 30th sees Brighton’s first all-niter with Chris Brown, Martin Collins and many more . . . Southampton University’s Bootsies soul club has sadly been finished by its organisers, due to pressure from exams . . . Alan Coulthard (Barry Atlantic Wine Bar), a keen mixer now calling himself Tom Moulinex, recommends Newport’s Flashback Records shop as the meeting place for South Wales funkateers . . . Dave Van Sieger (Southampton Barbarellas) on a recent visit to Iceland discovered a Ronnie Laws / Mass Production-influenced local jazz-funk band, Mezzaforte – and they’ve an album out too . . . Tony Reeve & Steve Harvey, known as the ‘Gruesome Twosome’ when they jazz-funk Watford Rolls Royce (thanx for the drink lads!), tip as a left field outsider ‘Night Train‘ off Steve Winwood’s new LP . . . Gap Band had never seen “rowing” until they did a PA, and joined in on the floor, at Soho’s Le Beat Route last Saturday – where I had a lovely time playing Freeez, Inversions, Eddie Russ and the jazzy like, hopefully turning it into a useful West End venue for the music in civilised surroundings (smart casual dress I’m afraid) . . . Morgan Khan, Alan Jewell and I looked in at Harringey Lazers on Thursday for a pina colada, but Nicky Price had run off with the coconut cream . . . Tony Perkins’ pal Sue Halder upstaged the Playboy bunnies by wearing what looked like a skin-tight beige jersey, which closer inspection proved to be just skin! .. Ben Cree, or someone very like him, is rumoured to be alive and well and living with a sunray lamp in Cambridge . . . Tony Hodges, booked for a gig in Bedford, ended up unable to find the venue – in Bradford! . . . Tony Monson, the most “wanted” man in Chelsea? . . . Andy Hunter, despite publicity for the place, has left Brixton’s Solar shop . . . Ralph Tee and chums have made an hilarious demo tape of ‘Love Groove’ . . . Groove’s Chris Palmer boasts the phone in his car is the hardest number to get in London – or does he mean the hardest to get connected to? . . . K.I.D. nearly had a battle from a note-for-note cover version allied to a media blitz until a last minute cease-fire . . . White Heat could be the next London jazz group to emerge from Capital Radio sessions . . . Polydor personnel, just about to move into the Polygram building, were more affected by the fire than Phonogram staff . . . Alexis Korner on Radio 1 once again kindly credited me with turning him on to Otis Redding, more years ago than we ought to remember . . . James Brown’s hit is ‘Rapp Payback’, NOT ‘Playback’ with an “L”, but when will people realize? . . . Steve Wiggins (Barry Freddies Bar), who had a letter read out on Tiswas, has now sent me a tea bag – unused – to have a New Year’s drink! . . . UK Disco 90 this week really shows up which companies have had a DJ mailing since Christmas – but there are some extremely hot imports up there too, which people have had to buy . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


MARVIN GAYE: ‘Heavy Love Affair’ (LP ‘In Our Lifetime’ US Tamla T8-374M1).
Despite all the odds this comfortingly familiar new set, part recorded in London, finds him back at the peak of his powers with this dynamite deceptively rhythmic ‘What’s Goin’ On’-type 99 – 98 – 99bpm jiggling swayer (useful out of Yarbrough & Peoples) likely to become its classic, a bass-bubbled continuation of his old ethereal multi-layered sound easing along the rolling 112 – 114 – 113bpm ‘Funk Me‘ and skipping 120 – 122 – 121bpm ‘Love Party‘, ‘Love Me Now Or Love Me Later‘ at 81 – 79 – 80bpm and ‘Life Is For Learning’ at 75/37bpm being slowies, while trickier are the lilting convoluted smooth 0 – 117 – 118bpm ‘Praise’, ramblingly rhythmic then suddenly close 121 (intro) – 118 – 119 – 120 – 31 – 0bpm title track and disjointed strange 109 – 108 – 21 – 109bpm ‘Far Cry’.

JOE SAMPLE: ‘Burnin’ Up The Carnival’ (LP ‘Voices In The Rain’ US MCA MCA-5172).
Latin-flavoured lovely throbbing and thrumming 106 – 107 – 108 – 110 – 0bpm jaunty piano jiggler sung by Josie James with Flora Purim and Seawind’s Pauline Wilson, the only obvious dancefloor filler (it works with Sharon Redd) on an otherwise downtempo listening set, although such as the 102/51bpm ‘Greener Grass’ and 93/46bpm ‘Dream Of Dreams’ may get specialist jazz play.

OZONE: ‘Love Zone’ (LP ‘Jump On It’ US Motown M8-950M1).
Excellent strong dance set combines Narada-style smack with an often jazzy instrumental flow and mellow yet staccato soul group vocals, the killer being hard to predict but possibly this gently starting thumping 115 – 116bpm bounder, or the sleazily jolting 108 – 109bpm ‘Rock And Roll, Pop And Soul‘, or then again the slow starting solidly strutting 0 – 120 – 121bpm ‘Mighty-Mighty‘ has bright pop appeal, ‘Come On In‘ being a jittery 109bpm judderer, the title track a spurting 115bpm thudder and ‘Ozonic Bee Bop‘ a bass jiggled 112bpm bumper. They’re all good! 

FREE EXPRESSION: ‘Chill-Out!’ (US Vanguard Disco SPV 39).
Bass synth boomed heavy slow driving 108 – 107 – 108bpm 12in funk thudder mixes sensationally on into the Gap Band LP’s ‘Humpin’ and has some greasy live chat amongst a grunting beat – emphasizing chant and squealing sax.

Uninspired set built around precise bass lines and sub-Family Stone vocals gets lost amidst too many overly similar empty funk frameworks lacking strong songs, this 116bpm fragment at least being a dynamite mix with Young & Co’s ‘Strut Your Stuff’ (but that’s only to boost DJs egos), while the 114bpm title track‘s a staccato bumper, others being the 115 – 113bpm ‘Come On Out‘ and 78/39bpm ‘I Believe In You’.

ONE ON ONE: ‘Body Music’ (US Bonus BN-5552).
Repetitive guys-sung buoyantly clomping bass-bumped steady 117bpm 12in driver, good and solidly made without being spectacularly different.

FINAL EDITION: ‘Betcha Can’t Love Just One (Can’t Keep Running Away)’ (US VAP VAR-15811).
Soulfully sung smoothly rolling steady 117 (intro) – 116 – 117bpm thudder, less mellow than Luther Vandross or LAX but similar in general flavour, builds up excitement with braying brass and synth.

CONVERTION: ‘Let’s Do It’ (US Sam S-12336).
Ponderously rattling-introed 109bpm 12in builds through an early rapper stage to become a chix-prodded jerky jitterer with rattling outro as it began, evidently useful with ‘Possessed’.

AMBER: ‘Ready Or Not’ (LP ‘Amber’ US MCA MCA-5164).
Much made-up masculine-looking lady, with Lee Ritenour & Paulinho DaCosta amongst the backing, sounds winsomely feminine enough on this purposefully jogging 100bpm lightweight swayer, which could be useful out of Yarbrough & Peoples.

CENTER STAGE: ‘Never’ (US Prelude PRLD 608).
Chix-sung swirling fast zingy 132 – 131 – 133bpm 12in ‘disco’ galloper with nice lines about “you will never get into my body until you get into my mind” and “you really cook when you’re in my oven” – it could have ‘Casanova’ appeal despite the zinginess.

ESTHER PHILLIPS: ‘We’ve Got A Good Thing Going’ (LP ‘Good Black Is Hard To Crack’ US Mercury SRM-1-4805).
Benny Golson-produced superb set mainly for sophisticates. Hank Crawford blowing a line through this lovely sparse little 108 – 109bpm bluesy jiggler, which with the similar but beefier bass bubbled 105bpm brassily climaxing ‘Pull Yourself Together‘ and blander 111 – 112bpm ‘Changin‘ are sorta in the Sharon Redd/Roberta Flack bag but more subtle. Sam Dees: 73/36bpm ‘Cry To Me’ and the Willie Nelson-penned 32bpm ‘Crazy’ Patsy Cline classic being the ace smoochers.

THE TWO TONS: ‘I Been Down’ (LP ‘Backatcha’ US Fantasy / Honey F-9605).
Harvey Fuqua-produced Sylvester-supporting rotund gospel ladies with a great soul-drenched 94 – 93bpm jittery jogger.

DEMO CATES: ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ (LP ‘Stealing Love’ Canadian Scorpio DK 0037).
Chix-chirruped and not immediately recognisable 121 (intro) – 123bpm sax version of the McFadden & Whitehead soul standard, this being the album whose sleeve features a nice looking lady.

EDWIN BIRDSONG: ‘Rapper Dapper Snapper’ (US Salsoul SG 342).
Zapp-ish strange convoluted slow 103bpm 12in heavy funker with jazzy touches through the booming bass and electronically snicking busy beat, not really a rapper though the eventually emerging disjointed stereo multi layered title line isn’t exactly sung either (the flip’s instrumental).

RHYTHM MAKERS: ‘Zone’ (LP ‘Soul On Your Side’ US Vigor VI-7002).
Suddenly swamping London’s soul stores as a cheap cut-out, this 1976 offering by an earlier version of the GQ line-up contains the classic bass, guitar and hi-hat driven Brass Construction-ish 0 – 114 – 113 – 112bpm instrumental that was only ever out here as a cramped 7in, prone to skip grooves, while also cropping up in the cut-out bins are the more recently available jazz greats, WILLIE BOBO ‘Hell Of An Act To Follow’ LP (US Columbia PC 35374) with the 126 – 128 – 130bpm ‘Always There‘ and JOHNNY HAMMOND ‘Gears’ LP (US Milestone M-9062) with the 0 – 120 – 122 – 124 – 126bpm ‘Los Conquistadores Chocolates‘ and 108 – 109 – 110 – 111 – 112 – 113bpm ‘Shifting Gears‘.

GIL SCOTT-HERON: ‘The Klan’ (LP ‘Real Eyes’ US Arista AL 9548).
Buoyantly booming bouncy sparse 119 – 121bpm bumper with a lovely airy feel but only very specialist appeal. ‘Waiting For The Axe To Fall‘ being a bass-rumbled spurting 0 – 118bpm typical message croaker with jazzy brass, liked by the Manchester mafia.

STONE CITY ‘BAND: ‘Freaky’ (LP ‘The Boys Are Back’ US Gordy G8-1801M1).
Bass synth splurged tight little 120bpm jiggler combines AWB ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ with the Troggs ‘Wild Thing’ and although Rick James-produced remains a “white”-sounding effort, as does the plodding 104bpm ‘Funky Reggae‘ despite jazzy flute, while the Kinks’ old ‘All Day And All Of The Night‘ gets a pop-orientated electronic 129bpm futurist treatment with traces of ‘Funkytown’.

STERLING HARRISON: ‘Love I’m Coming Home Again’ (LP ‘Sterling Harrison’ US Real World RW 38-134).
Holland-Dozier-Holland penned/produced gruff old-style soulster with an angry ‘Going Back To My Roots’-style jittery 114 – 113bpm bass jiggler, ‘One More Time For Love‘ being a rolling 122bpm backbeat spurter.

LA PREGUNTA: ‘The Girl From Uganda’ (US GNP Crescendo GNP 12604).
Chix-hummed old-fashioned pleasant 119 – 121 – 122 – 121 (break) – 123 – 122bpm 12in Latin hustler with tootling flute and cowbell break, coupled by an equally dated 126bpm discotization of — wait for it! — ‘Rock Around The Clock’.


FREEEZ ‘Southern Freeez’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 51T).
Good enough that the terrific jerkily throbbing 125 (intro) – 128bpm UK jazz-funk smash is now on widely available 12in, but the really sensational news is that the flip is a dynamite 126 (intro) – 128bpm remix with added percussion and oomph! Likely to be another Azymuth-sized crossover hit, it’s an absolute killer mix before both Eddie Russ ‘Zaius’ and Inversions ‘Passport’.

MFSB: ‘Mysteries Of The World’ (TSOP PIR 13-9501).
Not in fact extended but shortened, now starting straight at the first “voom voom voom”, this creamily pushing subtle 120bpm 12in instrumental has taken over from Deodato ‘Night Cruiser’ as the current US jazz-funk monster – a shame though that it hasn’t been lengthened to give more beat before the doodling pause. ‘Manhattan Skyline‘ is the ‘Rise’-inspired stolid slow 86bpm flip.

UNLIMITED TOUCH: ‘I Hear Music in The Streets’ (Epic EPC 12-9477).
Beefily bumping “rapper” type bass synth intro adds chix, counterpointing chaps, naggingly jittery passages and a building tension on 113 – 116 – 117 – 115bpm 12in to become a much-requested import smash with simple Young & Co-style shopgirl appeal, the similarly bassy but more straight-forwardly clomping 121 – 124bpm ‘In The Middle‘ B-side reaching a wailing climax.

GIL SCOTT-HERON / BRIAN JACKSON: ‘The Bottle’ (Vintage Champagne VATS 302).
Classic croaked and tootled jazzy 116 – 115 – 116 – 114bpm loper now on hopefully better distributed green vinyl 12in in both “sober” and “drunken” versions – the latter relating to the otherwise identical music’s slurring intro, which some find useful through MFSB’s lull and is now on the A-side, the more easily cued “sober” version having to share the flip for some reason with a short radio edition.

BLONDIE: ‘Rapture’ (Chrysalis CHS 122485).
Pop-orientated maybe but nevertheless terrific steadily strolling jittery haunting 108bpm rapper now on extended 12in remix with added percussion break – try mixing on into the sequence Police ‘Voices’, Bowie ‘Fashion’, Queen ‘Dust’.

MILLIE JACKSON: ‘I Had To Say It’ (Spring POSPX 223).
For the third time of saying it in nearly as many weeks, this 110bpm mickey-taking poke at Kurtis Blow is an excellent rapper with the filthy words left in but the discordant piano break now edited out on 12in.

HARRY THUMANN: ‘Underwater’ (Decca LF 13901).
Ultra-zingy though brilliant pop-orientated 131bpm 12in instrumental driven by churning synth with dramatic stereo orchestration and exciting effects over the top builds up like something from ‘Star Wars’, to be greeted as “a breath of fresh air” by Stringfellows’ Pete Tyler and playlisted by John Grant amongst other jazz jocks (so it’s a crossover, kids).

TOM BROWNE: ‘Midnight Interlude’ (Arista ARIST 12387).
Chick-sung (Toni Wilson?) long dead slow intro to a ‘Rise’-type jogging 0 – 100 – 101 – 103 – 101 – 105bpm 12in swayer with pleasant trumpet and “shoobedoobedoobedowupdowah” bits, so much better than the horrendously messy raucous and badly mixed 118 (intro) – 121 – 118 – 122 – 121 (incl break) bpm ‘Magic‘ A-side, which very few people actually prefer.

CONFUNKSHUN: ‘Too Tight’ (Mercury MERX 50).
Jerky staccato 121 – 122 (break) – 121bpm jiggly strutter ludicrously like Earth, Wind & Fire. The recently printed BPM’s for this, the Bar Kays and some oldies may have been wrong by about 1bpm I’m afraid, thanks to – you guessed – voltage fluctuations!

BAR KAYS: ‘Boogie Body Land’ (Mercury MERX 58).
Unattractively introed at first, this jerky bass-bumped 121 – 122 (rap on) bpm 12in jitterer develops a smacking beat and even a rapped central section.

GRACE KENNEDY: ‘I’m Starting Again’ (DJM-DJR-10983).
Tunefully flowing lightweight 123 – 122bpm 12in happy canterer goes halfway into a long, tensely jittering rhythm variation. Sorry there isn’t time to cover the few other UK-released breakers that haven’t so far been reviewed.

UK Disco Top 90 – January 24, 1981

01 03 Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – Mercury 12”
02 06 Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me – Mercury 12”
03 01 Eddy Grant – Do You Feel My Love – Ensign 12”
04 09 MFSB – Mysteries Of The World – TSOP 12”
05 02 Kool & The Gang – Celebration – De-Lite 12”
06 15 L.A.X. – All My Love – Epic 12”
07 13 James Brown – Rapp Payback – RCA 12”
08 04 Patrice Rushen – Never Gonna Give You Up / Don’t Blame Me – Elektra 12”
09 32 Heatwave – Gangsters Of The Groove – GTO 12”
10 18 Fantasy – You’re Too Late – Epic 12”
11 10 Light Of The World – I Shot The Sheriff / Painted Lady – Ensign 12”
12 05 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – Excaliber 12”
13 26 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Up On Soul Train / Continental Shuffle – US Solar LP
14 07 BT Express – Stretch / Express / Do It (Till You’re Satisfied) – Excaliber 12”
15 31 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
16 24 (New York) Skyy – Here’s To You / No Music – Excaliber 12”
17 48 Freeez – Southern Freeez / Flying High / Mariposa (Butterfly) – Pink Rhythm LP
18 08 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out – Motown 12”
19 33 T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie / Candidate For Love / Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself – US Mirage LP
20 14 UK Players – Everybody Get Up / Rivers – A&M 12”
21 20 Grover Washington Jr – Let It Flow / Winelight – Elektra 12”
22 16 Level 42 – (Flying On The) Wings Of Love – Polydor 12”
23 47 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It / Try My Love On For Size / You Got My Love – US Prelude LP
24 53 Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love – CBS 12”
25 12 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On – TK 12”
26 19 Blackbyrds – Love Don’t Strike Twice / Better Days / Don’t Know What To Say / Dancin’ Dancin’ / Do You Wanna Dance – US Fantasy LP
27 11 Stephanie Mills – Never Knew Love Like This Before – 20th Century-Fox 12”
28 60 The Reddings – Remote Control / The Awakening – Epic
29 21 Ottawan – You’re OK-D.I.S.C.O. (Segue) / You’re OK – Carrere 12”
30 44 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday / Lately / Do Like You / Rocket Love / Did I Hear You Say You Love Me – Motown LP
31 49 Stevie Wonder – I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It – Motown 12”
32 35 Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets – US Prelude 12”
33 30 Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove – Excaliber 12”
34 52 Altitude – Six Nine Shuffle – UK Champagne 12”
35 29 Change – The Glow Of Love – WEA 12”
36 46 Young & Company – Strut Your Stuff / Waiting On Your Love / Checking You Out – US Brunswick LP
37 59 Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – The Bottle – Vintage Champagne 12”
38 70 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – Elektra 12”
39 23 Jacksons – Heartbreak Hotel – Epic
40 17 Linx – Rise And Shine – Chrysalis 12”
41 88 K.I.D. – Don’t Stop / Do It Again – Groove Production 12”
42 34 Seawind – What Cha Doin’ – A&M 12”
43 56 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ / Posin’ ‘Til Closin’ / Turn Around / Goin’ Crazy / Where Did I Go Wrong / Dreamin’ You’ – US Epic LP
44 NE It’s A Love Thing – Whispers – US Solar 12”
45 66 Funk Masters – Love Money – Tania Music 12”
46 80 Fatback – Let’s Do It Again / Chillin’ Out / Hot Box – Spring 12”
47 65 ConFunkShun – Too Tight – Mercury 12”
48 73 Billy Ocean – Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) / Everlasting Love – Dutch GTO 12”
49 27 Billy Frazier & Friends – Billy Who? – Champagne 12”
50 45 Jerome – If You Walk Out That Door – DJM 12”
51 28 LaToya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk – Polydor 12”
52 51 Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On / Sparkle / Faces / Turn It Into Something Good / Win Or Lose – CBS LP
53 81 Shalamar – Make That Move / Some Things Never Change / Pop Along Kid / US Solar LP
54 25 David Bowie – Fashion – RCA 12”
55 38 Narada Michael Walden – I Want You / Get Up! – Atlantic 12”
56 NE Wilton Felder – Insight – MCA 12in
57 79 Bar-Kays – Boogie Body Land – Mercury 12”
58 57 Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson – Back Together Again / Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long / Love Is A Waiting Game – US Atlantic LP
59 64 Patrice Rushen – Look Up / The Funk Won’t Let You Down – Elektra LP
60 36 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In / Spank – TK 12”
61 37 Black Slate – Boom Boom – Ensign 12”
62 NE Blondie – Rapture – Chrysalis 12”
63 84 Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – Japanese CTI LP
64 NE Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out – Ensign 12” white label
65 NE Inversions – Passport / Mr Mac – Groove Production 12”
66 NE Central Line – (You Know) You Can Do It / We Chose Love – Mercury 12”
67 RE Hiroshima – Cruisin’ J-Town / Warriors (Segue) – Arista 12”
68 82 Dazz Band – Shake It Up – Motown/12” promo
69 61 Peter Jacques Band – Mighty Fine / The Louder – RCA 12”
70 89 Kool & The Gang – Take It To The Top / Love Festival / Night People / Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite LP
71 42 Coffee – I Wanna Be With You – De-Lite 12”
72 39 James Brown – Funky Men – US TK LP
73 NE Cloud – All Night Long (Remix) / Take It To The Top – UK Champagne 12”
74 RE Frankie Smith – Double Dutch – WMOT 12”
75 68 Skyy – Superlove / I Can’t Get Enough / Take It Easy – US Salsoul LP
76 58 Edit Point – Help Yourself – Magnet 12”
77 RE Slave – Watching You / Dreamin’ – Atlantic 12”
78 86 Demo Cates – Jamin’ (Sax) – Canadian Scorpio 12”
79 75 Rollercoaster – I Wish / Higher Ground – Calibre 12”
80 76 Demo-Barry – Funk / City Funk – Canadian Scorpio 12”
81 40 Light Of The World – Time – Ensign LP
82 RE Rose Royce – I Wanna Make It With You / Help Yourself / You’re A Winner – Whitfield LP
83 67 Floyd Beck – Party Is The Solution – US Precision 12”
84 NE Norman Giscombe Jnr – Get Up And Dance / Hot Up And Heated – Pressure 12”
85 NE Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit Of Jazz – CBS LP/12” promo
86 77 Millie Jackson – I Had To Say It – Spring LP/12” promo
87 72 Cameo – Throw It Down – Casablanca 12”
88 63 The Reddings – Funkin’ On The One – US BID LP
89 NE Enchantment – Settin’ It Out – RCA 12”
90 62 L.A.X. – Possessed – US Prelude LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Joe Sample: ‘Burnin’ Up The Carnival’ (US MCA LP)
Grace Kennedy: ‘I’m Starting Again’ (DJM 12in)
Linda Clifford: ‘Running Away’ (US Curtom 12in promo)
Hot Cuisine: ‘Dancin’ Me To Ecstasy’ / ‘All Fired Up’ (Kaleidoscope 12in)
Crusaders: ‘Last Call’ / ‘Honky Tonk Strutting’ (MCA 12in)
Odyssey: ‘Hang Together’ (RCA 12in)
Toshiyuki Honda: ‘Burning Waves’ (Japanese Electric Bird LP)
David Bendeth: ‘Goldmine’ / ‘Love Collect’ (Ensign 12in white label)
Freeez: ‘Southern Freeez (Remix)’ (Beggars Banquet 12in promo)
Raydio: ‘It’s Time To Party Now’ (Arista 12in)
Sheila Hylton: ‘The Beds Too Big Without You’ (Island 12in)
Marvin Gaye: ‘Heavy Love Affair’ / ‘In Our Lifetime’ / ‘Funk Me’ / ‘Love Party’ (US Tamla LP)
Harry Thumann: ‘Underwater’ (Decca 12in)
Banda Black Rio: ‘Miss Cheryl’ (RCA 12in)
Guardian Angel: ‘Alive And Kicking’ (Cavalis 12in)
Mammatapee: ‘Dance With Me Baby’ / ‘Monster Fun’ (US Whitfield LP)
Mikio Masuda: ‘My Delight’ (Japanese Electric Bird LP)
Dee Dee Bridgewater: ‘When Love Comes Knocking’ (Elektra 12in)
Sunburst: ‘Sunburst’ / ‘Cool K’ (Japanese JVC LP)
Dan Siegel: ‘Full Moon’ (US Inner City LP)
One On One: ‘Body Music’ (US Bonus 12in)
Frankie Valli: ‘Soul’ (MCA 12in)
Tom Browne: ‘Midnight Interlude’ / ‘Magic’ (Arista 12in)
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble: ‘Breaking And Entering’ / ‘I Love You Anyway’ / ‘See You Later’ (US Phil Int LP)
Rhythm Makers: ‘Zone’ (US Vigor LP)
Sylvia Striplin: ‘Give Me Your Love’ (US Uno Melodic 12in)
Mystic Touch: ‘Party People’ / ‘Get Yourself Together’ (US Reflection 12in)
Wizzdom: ‘Free Bass’ / ‘W-I-Z-Z-D-O-M’ (US TK 12in)
Free Expression: ‘Chill-Out!’ (US Vanguard 12in)
Remix by Mach: ‘Funky Mix’ (US Remix 12in)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(2) Police, 2(1) Spandau Ballet, 3(3) John Lennon ‘Imagine’, 4(9) Lennon ‘Starting Over’, 5(15) Nolans, 6(6) Abba, 7(5) Jona Lewie, 8(20) The Look, 9(4) Adam ‘Ant Music’, 10(14) Madness, 11(18) Status Quo, 12(13) John & Yoko, 13(-) Susan Fassbender, 14(10) Robert Palmer, 15(19) Stray Cats, 16(12) Streisand/Gibb, 17(22) Spandau Ballet ‘The Freeze’, 18(16) Police ‘Voices’ / ‘Canary’, 19(7) Boomtown Rats, 20(8) Roxy Music, 21(23) Visage, 22(24) David Bowie, 23(-) Kenny Rogers, 24(-) Bad Manners, 25(11) UB40.

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