January 17, 1981: Ned Doheny, K.I.D., Fantasy, Katsutoshi Morizono, Wizzdom


SOLAR RECORDS are reportedly leaving RCA for Elektra worldwide, while the Whispers are rumoured to be leaving Solar – all of which may have some bearing on RCA UK’s earlier stated decision not to go with the current Shalamar and Whispers US singles . . . RCA meanwhile have picked up Ensign, who have left Phonogram . . . Phonogram’s offices you may have seen on telly being badly damaged by fire – they may be amazingly hot in the disco chart but that was ridiculous! . . . Central Line is now on Mercury (LINE 12) . . . 12in hotsies next week include MFSB and Unlimited Touch . . . Millie Jackson’s 12in edits out that naff discordant piano . . . Gap Band 12in ridiculously loses the great revving-up intro . . . Beggar & Co commercial 12in copies will be an extended remix . . . Champagne serviced disgruntled DJs only with 7in copies of Gil Scott-Heron ‘The Bottle’, causing so much muttering they might as well not have bothered (presumably a vital 12in will follow) . . . Billy Ocean will now only be on 12in if you can prove to CBS’s Loraine Trent that the demand is there . . . Freeez LP pressings ran out immediately and are unlikely to be replaced for a while . . . Record Shack will be working on Spectrum ‘Taking It To The Top‘, which actually is a goodie – a well played purposefully trotting mid-teens BPM jazzy swayer with the (not very) vocal side unexpectedly becoming a rapper briefly . . . Fred Dove’s WEA mailing list is now back in full operation . . . Pye’s Graham Betts joins CBS Press next week . . . US imports eagerly awaited include sets from Joe Sample and Bill Summers . . . DJ-serviced Mercury 12in promos due commercially next week are ConFunkShun ‘Too Tight’ 120 – 121 (break) – 120bpm, Bar-Kays ‘Boogie Body Land’ 120 – 121 (rapper on) bpm . . . GTO’s advertising department ought to know which of Heatwave’s faces fit the names by now, surely? . . . Ian Nick Titchener’s Rush Release Limited, 2nd Floor, 15 Trinity Road, London SW17 7SD, servicing pop-slanted material, needs more genuine hard-working jocks especially from Northern Ireland . . . James ‘Fish’ Heron (who says Country & Western has always been big around Stranraer – it must be all those ferries from Ireland!) now works for the even more pop-orientated Public Eye Enterprises Ltd, Penthouse Suite, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY and is revamping their mailing lists too . . . Swindon Bo Jangles (in the Rolleston Arms, Commercial Road, Old Swindon) may cease to exist by losing its licence unless funkateers can turn up in sufficient numbers to prove it’s needed – Stuart Mac plays the right sounds so catch him there Fri/Saturdays and look out for such as Sean French & Chris Brown on the next two Wednesdays . . . Chris Dinnis (OK, London jocks, stop laughing!) invites top DJs and jazz-funk bands to call him on 06476-271 for gigs at Exeter Boxes (doubtless Steve Walsh’s manager will be on the blower soon) . . . Alan Rice (known to certain London soul radio listeners) works Mon-Wed Kensington Muppets, Fulham Scamps Wine Bar other nights, but really wants a six night residency (or less, as long as it’s somewhere else, he says) – after that, he’ll need it, so call 01-274 5312 afternoons . . . Soul Ingredient Records on Saturdays only at ABC Discomart, 56 Surbiton Road, Kingston-upon-Thames sell good value cheap new imports . . . Graeme Bilton, recently moved from London to St Neots (0480-75282), wants local Cambridgeshire work . . . Eddie Rosemond ‘Funk It‘ has evidently been bootlegged and is selling well in the North-East . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillans) missed the LWT Royalty programme and is after borrowing, hiring or buying a video of it (051-526 5407) . . . 1980’s Disco Champs chart somehow omitted Odyssey ‘Use It Up And Wear It Out’ at number 9, sorry ‘baht that . . . Brickhouse Records in Grays have in stock some early Demo Cates LPs which are West Indian and feature a bloke on the sleeve, while the Canadian LP sleeve’s lady was photographed by Carib Studios, which certainly sounds West Indian, but why feature this particular lady if she isn’t in fact Demo? . . . L.A.X. are the initials by which Los Angeles International airport is locally known . . . Bob Boyer, teamed on some of the Demo Cates singles, is the Canadian-based David Bendeth bands vocalist . . . John Grant, with whom I recently had an interesting lunch, says the Whispers’ US 12in is big around Manchester even if nowhere else . . . West London’s Norwich Soul Bokkers (Staines Branch), who may be changing their tribal name to avoid confusion, nevertheless maintain that all jazz/funk/soul came from the sheep shearing countryside of East Anglia, ‘Dominoes’ first being sung by tribes of farmers around their campfires in the West Norwich plantations, while ‘Movin’ was the anthem of those millions or Norfolk peasants forced to emigrate to the Americas by evil Henry VII (‘Liquid Gold’ to his friends) – hmm, I see! . . . January 8th was the birthday not only of Elvis Presley, David Bowie and – er – Shirley Bassey, but of Chris Hill too – which must explain something! . . . Chris & Carol Hill’s Christmas party sounds like it was Dallas with the wraps off – who pulled whose wife? . . . and which well-known DJ gave his wife a radio for Christmas, so she could listen to him when out in the garden?! . . . Morgan Khan, whose new domesticity hopefully won’t take his mind off the job too much, didn’t holiday in Sao Paulo after all but hit Casablanca, El Jadida and Sri Lanka instead – like I said, it helps when your dad runs (and girlfriend works for) an airline! . . . Paul Major (Lowestoft) had New Year’s Eve fun with crazy foam pie fights, silly string and spraying champers, but Kev James (Golders Green, Refectory on Thursdays) warns jocks that a DJ colleague in a similar situation is being sued by someone who lost a contact lens – so think before you squirt in future . . . UK Disco 90 is once again after Xmas at last based more on fact than guesswork – contributors keep your charts coming and it would be nice to hear from more jocks who go out to find their sounds rather than waiting for the mailman to deliver them . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


THIS SATURDAY (17) sees the reunion of Fatman & Megamix – yes, Graham Canter and myself, plus the excellent Rudi ‘Rapper’ Gilpin, will be funking Soho’s Le Beat Route back together again on a weekly basis. I’ll still be with Graham Gold at Mayfair Gullivers on Fridays, playing to a slightly older and largely black crowd, while at the Beat Route (conveniently just over Greek Street from Groove Records – which stays open until 10pm remember) a younger crowd is encouraged, making it probably a better venue for real jazz-funkers and out of town visitors. Various funk mafia jocks will be joining us in future, while this first Saturday there’s a special introductory discount entrance charge for anyone carrying a copy of Record Mirror. Come by and say “hi” sometime soon, OK?

JAMES MTUME, Philadelphia – raised amidst the musical influence of his father and uncles, the Heath Brothers Jazz group, did not turn to music himself until he headed West in the ’60s to Pasadena College, playing congas with Hugh Masekela. Switching to guitar he then gigged with Sonny Rollins and Herbie Hancock before moving back east to Newark, New Jersey, working with Joe Henderson and Freddie Hubbard. Four years followed with Keith Jarrett, Gary Bartz, Ndugu and Michael Henderson in the influential Miles Davis line-up, Mtume then forming his own band with current co-composer/producer Reggie Lucas to work in particular with Roberta Flack, as well as on many hit records. Mtume the group consists of Hubert Eaves (keyboards), Howard King (drums), Reggie Lucas (guitar), James Mtume (congas / keyboards / vocals), Tawatha (vocals), Basil Fearrington (bass) and is pronounced “Em – too – may”.


NED DOHENY: ‘To Prove My Love’ (CBS 13-9481).
1980’s most eagerly awaited release, only available then for those with the cash, on hard-to-find Japanese LP, is now 1981’s first no-stopping-it 12in smash! A superb mellow 112 – 113bpm bumpily chugging swayer with gently crooned George Benson-ish humming and easy flow, it incidentally synchs sensationally keyed in bar on bar for a long running mix with Shakatak ‘Feels Like The Right Time’. Just watch this one go!

K.I.D.: ‘Don’t Stop’ (Groove Production GP 104).
. . . and the first brand new no-stopping-it smash of 1981 is this dynamite synth burbled ultra catchy simple naggingly monotonous bubbling 114bpm 12in disco clomper with electronic voices and basic repetitive Yarbrough & Peoples lyrics, which has already exploded overnight in London on limited white label. The similarly repetitive but triter 115bpm ‘Do It Again‘ flip is worth pop attention too.

FANTASY: ‘You’re Too Late’ (Epic 13-9500).
Just a part of CBS’s concerted New Year attack on the chart, this excellent cleanly produced creamily striding 121 – 122bpm 12in import smash with chix on one side, instrumental the other, vari-mixes perfectly out of GQ (and then on into Skyy) and is catchy enough hopefully to sell well. 

NEW YORK SKYY: ‘Here’s To You’ (Excaliber EXCL 504).
Equally strong and coming up now very fast indeed, this chix-dominated simple 123 – 122 – 124bpm 12in bumper goes into a great synth break which with its Young & Company-type shopgirl appeal should chart it too. Check the funkily chanted acappella 112bpm ‘No Music’ Skyyzoo flip for silly fun.

INVERSIONS: ‘Mr Mac’ (Groove Production GP 106).
An enormous buzz having been created by their Capital Radio-broadcast session tapes, this jazz-funk instrumental outfit debut on excellent limited white label 3-track 12in with this nagging 60 – 120 – 122 – 120bpm jerky loper, the leaping 128 – 127 – 129 – 130 – 128bpm ‘Passport‘ and beautiful 30bpm ‘In The Meantime’.

MFSB: ‘Mysteries Of The World’ LP (TSOP PIR 84251).
A monster on import, the moodily-introed, but then happily bounding jittery 0 – 119 – 120bpm title track jazz-funk instrumental will be on 12in next week (whether extended or not is uncertain) while the pitter-pattering 108/54 – 109 – 110 – 111 – 110bpm ‘In The Shadow‘ swayer has what sounds like a musical saw, the brassily accented 91bpm ‘Fortune Teller‘ jiggler has fiddle and the 43/86 bpm ‘Manhattan Skyline‘ is a ‘Rise’-type jogger.

WILTON FELDER: ‘Insight’ (CA MCAT 665).
Much remixed great bouncily looping economically spaced happy 0 – 110 – 111 – 112bpm 12in bounder sung by Wilton’s son with female support, flipped by the jazzier pulsating 108/54 – 109bpm ‘I Know Who I Am‘.

HEATWAVE: ‘Gangsters Of The Groove’ (GTO GT 13-285).
Much altered and extended UK-only new 56 – 112 – 113 – 112 – 113bpm 12in version of Rod Temperton’s smooth tripper. Not initially his most impressive but now made familiar by incessant radio plugs, hiccups offputtingly during the new intro.

SLAVE: ‘Watching You’ (Atlantic K 11645T).
Jauntily tripping little 112bpm 12in swayer with nice “walking down the street” hookline and fruity bass break, the spiky bass-prodded 117 – 118 – 117 – 118 – 0bpm ‘Dreamin‘ being flip.

CLOUD: ‘All Night Long (Remix)’ (UK Champagne FUNKY1).
Tidied up 121 – 122 – 123 – 124 – 128 (break) – 126 – 124bpm 12in remix of the recent scratchy sax-squawked Swindon Sound jazz-funk instrumental flipped by the beefier new hard driving 128 – 130 – 128bpm ‘Take It To The Top‘.

NICK STRAKER BAND: ‘A Little Bit Of Jazz’ (LP ‘A Walk In The Park’ CBS 64608).
Synth-sizzled steady 116bpm thudder (117bpm on the already serviced 12in promo) with nice piano and squeaky singing is surprisingly respectable and will be on commercial 12in at the end of the month.

THE DELLS: ‘Your Song’ (20th Century-Fox TC 2468).
Catchy old-fashioned 124 – 126 – 124bpm 7in loper aimed at familiarity-seeking radio programmers.

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Love Makes Me Sing’ (RCA 24).
Stevie Wonder impersonating lovely “la la la” – filled 0 – 45/91 – 46/92bpm 7in swayer, still to my mind more danceable than the plugside’s spurting 25 – 52/104 – 105bpm ‘Feel My Love‘ throbber.

DIANA ROSS: ‘It’s My Turn’ (Motown TMG 1217).
Smash radio-aimed dead slow-starting 0 – 37 – 39bpm 7in piano ballad.

GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS: ‘Still Such A Thing’ (CBS 9496).
Jolting emotive 40bpm 7in soul slowie.

LENNY WILLIAMS: ‘Ooh Child’ (MCA 660).
Yearning slow 35bpm 7in Stairsteps oldie.


KATSUTOSHI MORIZONO WITH BIRD’S EYE VIEW: ‘The Cadillac Kid’ (LP ‘Escape’ Japanese Electric Bird K28P-6018).
Traffic noises-introed bomping jittery subdued specialist haunting 97bpm instrumental by a young Japanese jazz guitarist of Ben Sidran’s tune, with many different moods and textures linked into the steadily pulsing beat. It’ll cost ya!

WIZZDOM: ‘Free Bass’ (US TK Disco 455).
Cowbell clanking hard handclapping useful 116bpm 12in smacker (dedicated to Richard Pryor?) funkily chanted and rapped over thudding bass, the similar 116bpm ‘W-I-Z-Z-D-O-M‘ flip having added synth and P’funkier chanting, both being dynamite for mixers varied-up out of Gap Band ‘Rubber’!

Deadline times prevent me from detailing the other few paltry 12in imports about at time of writing. Full reviews next week.


ALAN COULTHARD (Barry Island Atlantic Wine Bar, but looking on Barry 733745 for any Cardiff area club work that’ll give him more experience) mixes Whispers ‘Up On Soul Train’ over instrumental break synch onto TS Monk ‘Candidate For Love’ echoing drum beat two-thirds through synch with similar intro Melody Stewart ‘Get Down Get Down’ (keeping Melody’s orgasms going through TS Monk’s rock guitar & vocal Section), chop any break into Shalamar ‘Right In The Socket’.

My own minimix, all fine-tuned running mixes: Young & Co ‘Like’, Change ‘Glow Of Love’, LAX ‘All My Love’, Patrice Rushen ‘Never Gonna’, EWF ‘And Love Goes On’ – or another running one, all needing vari-speed adjustment: Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’, Morning Noon & Night ‘Bite Your Granny‘, Ernie Watts ‘Just Holdin’ On’, break into Nick Straker ‘A Little Bit Of Jazz’.

Morning Noon & Night on US Roadshow 12in promo at 119 (intro) – 117 – 112 – 117 – 118 (incl bass) – 119 – 117bpm is just one of several oldies that vinyl junkie me pulled out to stave off import starvation, others being:
– James Brown ‘Sex Machine’ (Polydor 12in – 108bpm)
– Linda Clifford ‘Runaway Love’ (US Curtom 12in promo – 106 – 107 – 108bpm, amazingly dynamite synched with ‘Sex Machine’!)
– Nigel Martinez ‘Better Things To Come’ (State LP – 118bpm)
– Quincy Jones ‘Stuff Like That’ (A&M LP – 120 – 121 – 120bpm, Nigel before and Quincy after being dynamite when mixed into Sweet Thunder ‘Everybody’s Singin’ Love Songs’ (US Fantasy WMOT 12in promo – 111bpm)
– Manu Dibango ‘Big Blow’ (French Fiesta 12in 123 – 124bpm, great with Bunny Mack ‘Love Me Forever’)
– Garnet Mimms & Truckin’ Company ‘What It Is’ (Arista 12in – 120 – 121 – 122 – 123bpm, good obviously with Brass Construction ‘Movin’)
– Bros Johnson ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ (TK LP – 94 – 95bpm)
– Eric Gale ‘Ginseng Woman’ (CBS LP – 105 – 106 – 107 – 106 – 107bpm)
– Eddie Russ ‘Zaius’ (US Monument LP – 128 – 130 – 132 – 129 – 131bpm), the latter confirmed by John Grant (Manchester) as great out of Freeez ‘Southern Freeez’.

UK Disco Top 90 – January 17, 1981

01 01 Eddy Grant – Do You Feel My Love – Ensign 12”
02 02 Kool & The Gang – Celebration – De-Lite 12”
03 04 Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – Mercury 12”
04 06 Patrice Rushen – Never Gonna Give You Up / Don’t Blame Me – Elektra 12”
05 03 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – Excaliber 12”
06 12 Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me – Mercury 12”
07 07 BT Express – Stretch / Express / Do It (Till You’re Satisfied) – Excaliber 12”
08 05 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out – Motown 12”
09 11 MFSB – Mysteries Of The World / In The Shadow / Fortune Teller – US TSOP LP
10 08 Light Of The World – I Shot The Sheriff / Painted Lady – Ensign 12”
11 10 Stephanie Mills – Never Knew Love Like This Before – 20th Century-Fox 12”
12 09 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On – TK 12”
13 16 James Brown – Rapp Payback – RCA 12”
14 17 UK Players – Everybody Get Up / Rivers – A&M 12”
15 24 L.A.X. – All My Love – Epic 12”
16 22 Level 42 – (Flying On The) Wings Of Love – Polydor 12”
17 14 Linx – Rise And Shine – Chrysalis 12”
18 40 Fantasy – You’re Too Late – Epic 12”
19 33 Blackbyrds – Better Days / Love Don’t Strike Twice / Don’t Know What To Say / Dancin’ Dancin’ / What’s On Your Mind / Do It Girl / Without Your Love – US Fantasy LP
20 29 Grover Washington Jr – Let It Flow / Winelight – Elektra 12”
21 21 Ottawan – You’re OK-D.I.S.C.O. (Segue) / You’re OK – Carrere 12”
22 * See Note
23 23 Jacksons – Heartbreak Hotel – Epic
24 37 (New York) Skyy – Here’s To You – Excaliber 12”

25 25 David Bowie – Fashion – RCA 12”
26 41 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Continental Shuffle / Up On Soul Train / Say You (Would Love For Me Too) – US Solar LP
27 19 Billy Frazier & Friends – Billy Who? – Champagne 12”
28 20 LaToya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk – Polydor 12”
29 38 Change – The Glow Of Love – WEA 12”
30 15 Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove – Excaliber 12”
31 31 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
32 46 Heatwave – Gangsters Of The Groove – GTO 12”
33 53 T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie / Candidate For Love – US Mirage LP
34 18 Seawind – What Cha Doin’ – A&M 12”
35 63 Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets – US Prelude 12”
36 32 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In / Spank – TK 12”
37 43 Black Slate – Boom Boom – Ensign 12”
38 26 Narada Michael Walden – I Want You / Get Up! – Atlantic 12”
39 62 James Brown – Funky Men / Honky Tonk – US TK LP
40 28 Light Of The World – Time – Ensign LP
41 * See Note
42 44 Coffee – I Wanna Be With You / Slip And Dip – De-Lite 12”
43 * See Note
44 30 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday / Lately / Did I Hear You Say You Love Me / Do Like You / As If You Read My Mind – Motown LP
45 35 Jerome – If You Walk Out That Door – DJM 12”
46 57 Young & Company – Strut Your Stuff / Waiting On Your Love / Checking You Out – US Brunswick LP
47 86 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – US Prelude LP
48 NE Freeez – Southern Freeez / Flying High / Mariposa (Butterfly) – Pink Rhythm LP
49 89 Stevie Wonder – I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It – Motown 12”
50 * See Note
51 69 Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On / Faces / Sparkle / Win Or Lose / You – CBS LP
52 NE Altitude – Six Nine Shuffle – UK Champagne 12”
53 83 Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love – CBS 12”
54 * See Note
55 * See Note
56 58 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ / Posin’ ‘Til Closin’ / Turn Around / Goin’ Crazy / Where Did I Go Wrong / All I Am – US Epic LP
57 90 Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson – Back Together Again / Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long – US Atlantic LP
58 49 Edit Point – Help Yourself – Magnet 12”
59 59 Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – The Bottle – Inferno 12”
60 NE The Reddings – Remote Control / The Awakening – Epic
61 78 Peter Jacques Band – Mighty Fine / The Louder – RCA 12”
62 66 L.A.X. – Possessed – US Prelude LP
63 54 The Reddings – Funkin’ On The One / Doin’ It – US BID LP
64 73 Patrice Rushen – The Funk Won’t Let You Down / Look Up / Time Will Tell – Elektra LP
65 NE Con Funk Shun – Too Tight – Mercury 12”
66 85 Funk Masters – Love Money – Tania Music 12”
67 77 Floyd Beck – Party Is The Solution – US Precision 12”
68 NE Skyy – Superlove / I Can’t Get Enough / Take It Easy – US Salsoul LP
69 * See Note
70 75 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – Elektra 12”
71 * See Note
72 50 Cameo – Throw It Down – Casablanca 12”
73 65 Billy Ocean – Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) – Dutch GTO 12”
74 * See Note
75 NE Rollercoaster – I Wish / Higher Ground – Calibre 12”
76 79 Demo-Barry – Funk / City Funk – Canadian Scorpio 12”
77 76 Millie Jackson – I Had To Say It – Spring LP
78 * See Note
79 NE Bar-Kays – Boogie Body Land – Mercury 12”
80 84 Fatback – Let’s Do It Again / Chillin’ Out – Spring 12”
81 NE Shalamar – Make That Move / Some Things Never Change / Pop Along Kid / US Solar LP
82 NE Dazz Band – Shake It Up – Motown/12” promo
83 * See Note
84 NE Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – Japanese CTI LP
85 * See Note
86 74 Demo Cates – Jamin’ (Sax) / Jamin’ – Canadian Scorpio 12”
87 * See Note
88 NE K.I.D. – Don’t Stop / Do It Again – Groove Production 12”
89 64 Kool & The Gang – Love Festival / Take It To The Top / Night People / Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite LP
90 * See Note

* Note: There was no Disco Chart printed this week. It was possible to work out most positions from next week’s chart, but there were 14 positions that could not be established. The below 14 entries are the best guess that we can make as to who filled the missing chart positions, as they featured last week but are not listed in next weeks chart:

Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – Champagne 12”
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Bourgie Bourgie – CBS 12”
Shakatak – Feels Like The Right Time / Covina – Polydor 12”
Blondie – The Tide Is High – Chrysalis
Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind – MCA 12”
Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce – Warner Bros 12”
GQ – Disco Nights (Remix) – Arista 12”
Nino Tempo & 5th Avenue Sax – (Hooked On) Young Stuff – A&M 12”
Real Thing – She’s A Groovy Freak / It’s The Real Thing – Calibre 12”
Charles Earland – Coming To You Live / Good Question – US Columbia LP
Peaches & Herb – Fun Time / One Child Of Love – Polydor 12”
Earth Wind & Fire – Back On The Road – CBS
Rodney Franklin –I Like The Music Make It Hot / In The Center / Windy City – CBS LP
Mtume – So You Wanna Be A Star – Epic 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Hiroshima: ‘Cruisin’ J-Town’ / ‘Warriors’ (Arista 12in)
Enchantment: ‘Settin’ It Out’ (RCA 12in)
Linda Clifford: ‘Runaway Love’ (US Curtom 12in promo)
Whispers: ‘It’s A Love Thing’ (US Solar 12in)
Central Line: ‘(You Know) You Can Do It’ / ‘We Chose Love’ (Mercury 12in)
Norman Giscombe Jnr: ‘Get Up And Dance’ (Pressure 12in)
Rose Royce: ‘I Wanna Make It With You’ / ‘You’re A Winner’ (Whitfield LP)
Larry Graham: ‘One In A Million You’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Slave: ‘Watching You’ / ‘Dreamin’ (Atlantic 12in)
Beggar & Co: ‘Help Me Out’ (Ensign 12in white label)
Inversions: ‘Passport’ / ‘Mr Mac’ / ‘In The Meantime’ (Groove Prod 12in white label)
Gap Band: ‘Humpin’ (US Mercury LP)
Wilton Felder: ‘Insight’ (MCA 12in)
Prince: ‘Head’ / ‘Dirty Mind’ / ‘Uptown’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Toshiyuki Honda: ‘Burning Waves’ (Japanese Electric Bird LP)
Nick Straker Band: ‘A Little Bit Of Jazz’ (CBS 12in promo/LP)
Cloud: ‘All Night Long (Remix)’ (Flashback 12in)
Shalamar: ‘Full Of Fire’ (US Solar 12in)
Raydio: ‘It’s Time To Party Now’ (Arista 12in)
Twennynine / Lenny White: ‘Just Right For Me’ / ‘It’s Music It’s Magic’ (US Elektra LP)
Demo Cates / Barry: ‘Magic’ (Canadian Scorpio 12in)
Desi Roots: ‘One In A Million You’ (Hawkeye 12in)
Sugar Minott: ‘Good Thing Going’ (Hawkeye 12in)
Guardian Angel: ‘Alive And Kicking’ (Cavalis 12in)
Chi-Lites: ‘Have You Seen Her’ (20th Century-Fox LP)
Sunburst: ‘Sunburst’ / ‘Cool K’ (Japanese JVC LP)
Al Foster: ‘She Is The Greatest Dancer’ / ‘Whatsoever’ (Japanese Better Days LP)
Gregory Isaacs: ‘I Can’t Give You My Love’ (Shashamane 12in)
David Bendeth: ‘Goldmine’ / ‘Love Collect’ (Ensign 12in white label)
Jermaine Jackson: ‘Little Girl Don’t You Worry’ (Motown 12in)
Kanzaki On The Road: ‘Open My Road’ / ‘Watch Out’ (Japanese Philips LP)
ConFunkShun: ‘Kidnapped’ / ‘Lady’s Wild’ / ‘Touch’ (US Mercury LP)
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble: ‘Breaking And Entering’ (US Phil Int LP)
Parliament: ‘Agony Of Defeet’ (US Casablanca LP)
Bobby / Demo: ‘Ounce (Rap)’ (Canadian Scorpio 12in)

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