May 2, 1981: Shirley James & Danny Ray, The Master Dub Band, Atmosfear, Players Association, L.A.X.


RICK JAMES will be on extended UK 12in, but – and it’s a big but – there is a dynamite US promo remix with an even longer instrumental B-side which will not be available, only 250 having been pressed of which 50 are over here – it’s gold dust time folks! . . . Morgan Khan (‘Mr Reliability’ to those who used to know him) has secretly snapped up the old Eastside Connection ‘You’re So Right With Me’ and Penthouse / Love Symphony Orchestra ‘Let Me Be Your Your Fantasy’, both currently revived especially at Caister, for imminent release – wait for it – back-to-back on Excaliber 12in . . . Aurra ‘Nasty Disposition’ / ‘Are You Single’ will be on Excaliber 12in even sooner . . . Champaign is now on UK 12in, while UK Champagne has picked up Midas Touch and CBS, just as it’s finally dead, go with Spectrum ‘Takin’ It To The Top’ . . . General Caine II ‘L.R.J. Pop’ will be on Rokel 12in . . . Stephanie Mills is due on remixed UK only 12in, while Clash is indeed imminent on commercial UK 12in. Other 12in confirmations being Japan, Eric Hine and Watson Beasley . . . 12in pressings get priority for obvious reasons on this page, so why aren’t they all being serviced to me? . . . Motown have a promo-only extended 12in of Jermaine Jackson ‘You Like Me Don’t You’ flipped by Smokey Robinson ‘Being With You’ . . . Tantra ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ is now on US 12in ‘En Espanol’ as ‘Las Colinas De Katmandu‘ for the Spanish speakers among you . . . Unlimited Touch ‘Searching For Your Love’, Carol Jiani ‘Hit ‘N’ Run Lover’ and Young & Co ‘Waiting For Your Love’ are amongst other US 12in remixes due imminently, according to first-time New York visitor Alan Jewell (‘Wal’ to those who know him) . . . Alan reports the biggest hit at New York’s Paradise Garage is The Clash, DJ Larry Levan’s attempts to push Funk Masters ‘Love Money‘ being rather less successful . . . Downstairs Records has moved out of the subway and is now upstairs at street level. Further hot poop from the Big Apple (or actually the Garden State in this instance) being that Sugarhill will be releasing a disco mixer using all original artists from various labels – with legal permission! . . . Sharon Redd is Gene Redd Jr’s sister and thus presumably Gene Sr’s daughter – and, er, does she have a label switch in mind? . . . East Anglian DJ Assn as anticipated has disbanded to form three smaller new associations based in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk – jocks in the latter county should contact the Norfolk Area DJ Assn’s Pete May at 4 Aerodrome Road, Thorpe, Norwich NR7 OBD (Norwich 35084) . . . Funktion-founder Tony Jenkins packed 700 funksters into the opening Monday of his new weekly venue at Harrow Weald’s Middlesex & Herts Country Club, having severed connections with Funktion (or should we now just call it the Barracuda?) . . . Virgin’s Richard Branson, well known Old Stoic, has added Kensington’s Rooftop Gardens (ex-Regines) to his nightclub chain of the Venue and Heaven . . . Froggy has left Copford Windmill on Tuesdays to Bob Jones on his own, and Bob’s doing nicely at Braintree Barn on Wednesdays as well . . . Jeff Young goes it alone at Canvey Goldmine on Fridays now, minus guest jocks . . . Craig Protnek (Edgbaston) is going crazy for the specially re-recorded remix of Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’ which, together with the similarly toyed up Abba ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ current US disco smash, is only available on exclusive and strictly limited 12in to subscribers of the Disconet service operated by Sugarscoop Inc in New York, a sort of “remix of the month” club aimed at gay-orientated DJs . . . UK-recorded Vogue ‘Free To Be Me‘, deserving more attention, turns out to be by a Brixton/Peckham-based band without a trace of reggae, and is finally getting distribution by Pinnacle . . . MCA’s mystery Fleetwood Mac-sounding ‘Strange Changes’ white label teaser turns out to be by Lynsey De Paul – oh, goodie! . . . Sugar Minott has sold far faster than it’s charted for disco jocks – whassamatter, don’t your club managers let you play reggae? . . . Placido Domingo, classical opera singer, makes so many records that one trade chart has by mistake been listing at number one the LP title ‘Yet Another Recital By Placido Domingo’ – how long before Record Shack start listing ‘Yet Another Nondescript Britfunk Instrumental’?! . . . Archie Bell’s new import LP is disappointingly dull. Blue Magic’s is full of sweet soul slowies, while a veritable deluge of import albums is expected this week . . . Sheffield’s Radio Hallam were fair pounding Star Sound and Liquid Gold over Easter . . . Capital Radio’s new ‘It’s Jazz’ show on Sunday nights at 11pm, hosted by Barbara Thompson & Tony Myatt, should be worth attention by jazz-funk fans, as it’ll be playing all the artistes you know and love but often in their earlier or more acoustic jazz style . . . Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ – cor! . . . Metal Mickey came up with a classic reply to the question, “Round, black, flat and horrible – what do you call that?” – “A Bee Gees record!” . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


KEITH BARKER-MAIN jocks at Earls Court’s gay Graffiti in the Old Brompton Road and finds he’s currently having to revive oldies due to the lack of good new gay product. Worth their weight in gold he opines are these singers from the good old days . . .

1. Deputy Of Love – Don Armando – US Ze 12in
2. Love Insurance – Front Page – US Panorama 12in
3. Come To Me – France Joli – US Prelude 12in
4. Harmony – Suzi Lane- US Elektra 12in
5. Come Into My Heart – USA-European Connection – US Marlin LP
6. Feed The Flame – Lorraine Johnson – US Prelude 12in
7. One Love – Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – US TK 12in
8. Shoot Me (With Your Love) – Tasha Thomas – US Orbit 12in
9. That’s The Meaning / Boogie Motion – Beautiful Bend – US Marlin LP
10. Lovin’ Is Really My Game – Brainstorm – US Tabu 12in

Similarly, Tricky Dicky of London’s various Dicks Inn gay venues says that as ordinary discotheques get further into UK-produced jazz-funk, so the gay DJs stay looking for Europop at 120bpm or over. Now, unlike Keith Barker-Main, I’d have thought that while there wasn’t a flood of this sort of material there is still a hell of a lot coming in every week from either Canada or Europe itself, which added to the futurist-aimed electro-disco makes quite a selection even now that “disco” is “dead”. Dicky reckons that the likes of Lime, Azoto, African Magic Combo, Skip Mahoney or Mother (F) could hit UK pop if given the chance – and what about Vivien Vee, Voggue, Vogue or Vera? Dicky will be celebrating his tenth anniversary as a gay DJ/entertainer with some interesting special nights soon, details as they come. OK, Pete (Manchester)?


SHIRLEY JAMES & DANNY RAY: ‘Why Don’t You Spend The Night’ (Black Jack BJD 4509).
For months now I’ve been touting this as the next Sugar Minott style monster reggae crossover and at last it’s on the way with proper distribution via Arista and saturation Capital Climber radio play. Originally a US Country hit for Ronnie Milsap, the winsomely duetted sweet 83-87bpm 12in lovers rock chugger is so darned catchy that even the old folks should want it too . . . and then you’re talking sales!

THE MASTER DUB BAND: ‘For The Love Of Money’ (Good City Records GC 001).
The dub side of this 1975 UK-recorded O’Jays cover always was best (I remember mixing it with CHA ‘Foxy Lady’, I think), and now it’s been revamped into a long 118-119-0-118bpm 12in meandering sparse instrumental with jazzy additions to the well meshed hi-hat, wah-wah and bass beat, so that it comes out very usefully sounding like the Clash!

ATMOSFEAR: ‘Interplay’ (LP ‘En Trance’ MCA MCF 3110).
Listening to this homegrown jazz-funk set is like being buried in cotton wool, all soft, mushy and with nothing sticking out. This attractively airy though busily pattering 0-127-126bpm electric keyboards instrumental not having enough of the lovely lightweight singing at each end, ‘Invasion‘ being a Funk Masters-style bass bumbled 127bpm ticker with vocoder effects, ‘Return Of LB‘ a confidently meandering 121bpm instrumental throbber, ‘Duende‘ an at times somewhat tentative 128-129bpm jazzy instrumental, ‘Free Tonight’ a synth-introed sparse bumbling and schlurping 0-125-123-125-124bpm ramble let down by some ragged vocals, ‘Funk The Rock’ a bassily booming 124-126-124bpm churner, and ‘Creators Dream’ a languidly building 117(intro)-120-123-124bpm bass burbled vocal doodler.

SKIP MAHONEY: ‘Janice (Don’t Be So Blind To Love)’ (Underworld 12UNDY 1).
O’Jays-style excellent soul vocal group-type bassy feet churning but smooth 135-134bpm 12in galloper with many nice touches, from some time ago, when Greg Edwards used to plug it.

MYSTIC MERLIN: ’60 Thrills A Minute’ (Capitol 12CL 16190).
. . . and 125 Beats! A jaunty enough repetitive chanted jiggly clomper now on 12in. It’s been getting requested in London clubs.


PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘Get On Up Now’ (US Vanguard SPV 41).
Immediately recognisable and in fact almost too self-consciously typical all-happening bubbly busy 125bpm 12in churning romper with thunking beat, tootling trumpet and “get down” vocal, most of these elements being true too of the electronically jittering 114½bpm ‘Let Your Body Go!’ B-side snapper. Meanwhile their new album is already being pressed here for rush release – oh, and, contrary to Morgan Khan’s expectations elsewhere on this page, Aurra will not be on Excaliber but on Salsoul via RCA, eventually (however he’ll be promoting it).

L.A.X.: ‘Possessed’ (US Prelude PRL D 609).
Long awaited since initially hot on LP and now finally remixed on odd two tune/4-Track 12in, this shuffling tense jittery jogger with exaggeratedly elongated vocal lines is in fact dominated by a dynamite effectively simple jazzy piano break (mixable with Level 42) which many jocks start at in the first 106-107-105(piano)-107-106bpm version, the immediately following second version being a beefier bass probed much rearranged useful 107-106(piano)-107bpm instrumental, the flip housing two treatments of the rambling butch 118bpm ‘Fight Back‘.

TIMES SQUARE: ‘You’re Hot’ (US New York City Records NYCR 14/121).
Sonny Casella of mid-’70s Dooley Silverspoon / Jeanne Burton fame returns with all his old imaginative tricks as producer/arranger/creator of this latest example of S.O.N.N.Y. (Sound Of New New York), an extremely good ever changing unpredictable combination of funky rap, soulful singing and “rock” rhythm breaks woven surprisingly melodically into a jaunty little 116-118-116-117-118bpm 12in smacker by a happy sounding R&B group – do listen to it all the way through (the final 118bpm – lacking shorter ‘American Version’ is actually possibly punchier).

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: ‘Hey Everybody (Party Hearty)’ (US West End WES-22133).
Almost laughably simple but powerfully effective bass burbled hard driving beefily skittering jumping 122-121-122-120-(solo bass)-122-120(outro)bpm 12in romper with staccato cliched chanting tossed in over the basic infectious instrumental groove.

LEON BRYANT: ‘Something More’ (LP ‘Leon Bryant’ US De-Lite DSR 8501).
Although otherwise a vocal soul set, this really rather nice grow-on-you attractively swaying purposefully pushing ‘Rise’-ish 102-104-0bpm jazz jogger is an episodic solo-filled instrumental led by Leon on piano, ‘Mighty Body (Hotsy Totsy)‘ being a thrashing and bashing vigorously hollered 128-126-128bpm whomper stomper, ‘Just The Way You Like It‘ a jolting 112bpm thudder with harmonica and bragging lyrics, ‘Come And Get It’ a husky 32(intro)-31bpm sensual smoocher and ‘I Promise’ a jiggly 116-114-113bpm declamatory lurcher.

EIGHTIES LADIES: ‘Turned On To You’ (US Uno Melodic UMD 7002).
Possibly tricky to mix while it builds up to the main plodding bass beat, this haunting atmospheric pent-up repetitive 92-0bpm 12in semi-slow burner has a Yarbrough & Peoples flavour (though definitely not their sound) as the girls chant sinuously over the monotonously jittering steady ambiguous groove, finally reaching an abrupt then resonantly doodling finish.

TWO MAN SOUND: ‘La Musica Latina’ (US JDC 12-8).
Trite but happy fast leaping 135bpm 12in Latin disco pounder struts gaily along with silly syndrum “poo poos” and a madly infectious if monotonous lick, driven by an unusual shrill organ-filled powerful steady beat – which synchs sensationally with the backward running central section of Kat Mandu ‘The Break (Remix)’!

VERA: ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ (Canadian Rio R10-8).
Already briefly dismissed (only through lack of time) as a gay galloper, this extremely Fleetwood Mac (ie Stevie Nicks)-ish cool little deceptively fast jiggly 133(intro)-136-133(break)-134bpm 12in chugger with echoing hollow sounding drum breaks is so hauntingly effective thanks to the deadpan-sung “New York City Woman” lyrics offset against a bubbly drive that it’s shaping up as a monster for many.

VOGGUE: ‘Dancin’ The Night Away’ (Canadian Celsius 12 CLS-7004).
Comfortably familiar sounding lovely dated Motown-style 123bpm 12in girlie group swinger with an easy lilt, squeaky strings, soaring sax and a slightly unexpected electronically echoing hollow drums break (similar to Vera), all adding up to good UK pop hit chances.

VIVIEN VEE: ‘Let Him Go’ (US Emergency UNI-1048).
Maddeningly familiar and extremely infectious pop-aimed bouncy 128bpm 12in galloper with guitar backing and possibly better instrumental flip – what is that it’s copying? as it already sounds like some other hit. It does sound like a hit (for radio at least).

CLAUDJA BARRY: ‘Radio Action’ (Canadian Polydor PDDS 516).
Rumbling tone introed ‘I Feel Love’-like but much more frantic 137bpm 12in synth pounder flipped by a Boney M-style 0-134bpm update of Harry Belafonte’s ‘Banana Boat (Day-O)‘.

CLAY HUNT: ‘Keep Me On Fire’ (LP ‘Part One’ US Polydor PD-1-6319).
Freddie Perren-produced fresh faced soulster gets all het up on this snappily arranged bright little jittery chugging 114bpm smacker, ‘I Know Something We Can Do Together‘ being a bass synth driven steady clapping 112bpm strutter. ‘Love Hoppin‘ a conversational Sam Cooke-ish 113bpm bubbler . . . and he further shows his roots with a dead slow revival of Otis Redding’s ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’.

KLYMAXX: ‘Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman’ (US Solar YD-12224).
Convolutedly tugging busily backed jiggly slow smacking 103(intro)-108-103-107-103-107-109bpm 12in girlie group squawker.

WOODS EMPIRE: ‘The Boogie’s Gonna Get You’ (US Tabu 4Z8-02026).
Guffawing intro against all the odds leads into a frantic 141bpm 12in smacker that though aimed R&B sounds more futurist.

CHARLES MANN: ‘Shonuff No Funny Stuff Love’ (US LA 7012).
The beefy synth snapped instrumental intro sounds great for mixing but is the strongest part of a messily structured 118-121-122bpm 12in soul jolter.

UK Disco Top 90 – May 2, 1981

01 01 Whispers – It’s A Love Thing – Solar 12”
02 02 Linx – Intuition – Chrysalis 12”
03 03 Light Of The World – Time (Remix) / I’m So Happy – Mercury 12”
04 08 Freeez – Flying High / Remix – Beggars Banquet 12”
05 10 Shalamar – Make That Move – Solar 12”
06 07 Jacksons – Can You Feel It – Epic 12”
07 04 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – Epic 12”
08 18 Carol Jiani – Hit ‘N’ Run Lover – Champagne 12”
09 14 Gap Band – Humpin’ – Mercury 12”
10 21 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going – RCA 12”
11 06 Kleeer – Get Tough / De Kleeer Ting – US Atlantic LP
12 09 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ – GTO 12”
13 12 Level 42 – Love Games – Polydor 12”
14 13 Alphonze Mouzon – By All Means – Excaliber 12”
15 16 Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz / The Dude / Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me / Turn On The Action – A&M LP
16 05 Freeez – Southern Freeez / Version – Beggars Banquet 12”
17 15 Webster Lewis – Let Me Be The One / Kemo-Kimo / El Bobo / You Are My Life / ‘Bout The Love / Flying High – US Epic LP
18 23 Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida / Stuff Like That – A&M 12”
19 26 Incognito – Shine On / Sunburn / Interference / Chase The Clouds Away / Walking On Wheels – Ensign LP
20 19 Firefly – Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) – Excaliber 12”
21 11 Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out – Ensign 12”
22 17 Leprechaun – Loc-It-Up – Excaliber 12”
23 24 Stevie Wonder – Lately – Motown
24 25 Landscape – Einstein A Go-Go – RCA 12”
25 28 Spandau Ballet – Glow / Muscle Bound – Reformation 12”
26 40 Eddy Grant – Can’t Get Enough Of You – Ensign 12”
27 65 Thelma Houston – If You Feel It – US RCA 12”
28 27 Strikers – Body Music – US Prelude 12”
29 59 Starsound – Stars On 45 – CBS 12”
30 46 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby – Motown 12”/US promo remix
31 22 Kool & The Gang – Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite 12”
32 20 Sister Sledge – All American Girls – Atlantic 12”
33 35 Jeff Lorber Fusion – Spur Of The Moment / Monster Man / Magic Lady – Arista 12”
34 30 Dave Pike – Swan Lake / Spirit’s Samba – US Muse LP
35 29 Bernard Wright – Just Chillin’ Out / Bread Sandwiches / Firebolt Hustle / Master Rocker – US Arista GRP LP
36 34 Funk Masters / Powerline / Inversions / Not James Player – Love Money / Double Journey / Mr Mack / Friends Again – Champagne LP
37 48 Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – CTI 12”
38 49 Champaign – How ‘Bout Us – CBS 12”
39 54 Imagination – Body Talk – R&B 12”
40 38 Dynasty – Groove Control – Solar 12”
41 45 Revelation – Feel It – Handshake 12”
42 32 Jerry Knight – Perfect Fit – A&M LP
43 43 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One / Carry On – US Prelude LP
44 33 Scratsch Band – Your Place Or Mine? (Instrumental) – Groove/EMI 12”
45 47 Raydio – Still In The Groove / It’s Your Night / A Woman Needs Love / Old Pro / So Into You – Arista LP
46 61 Various (Enigma) – Ain’t No Stopping – Disco Mix 1981 – Skratch 12”
47 31 Shakatak – Living In The UK – Polydor 12”
48 41 K.I.D. – Don’t Stop – Groove/EMI 12”
49 52 Isley Brothers – Tonight Is The Night / Who Said? – Epic/LP
50 75 Jay Hoggard – Reverend Libra – US Contemporary LP
51 42 Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage – Solar 12”
52 72 Burundi Black – Burundi Black – Barclay 12”
53 NE The Clash – The Magnificent Seven / The Magnificent Dance – US Epic 12”/CBS 12” promo
54 66 Harvey Mason – How Does It Feel / Going Through The Motions / On And On / We Can Start Tonight – Arista LP
55 37 Mystic Touch – Get Yourself Together – Champagne 12”
56 56 The Quick – Zulu – Epic 12” promo
57 64 Teddy Pendergrass – The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me / Love T.K.O. – Phil Int 12” promo
58 58 Sun – Jammin’ In Brazil / Reaction Satisfaction / On My Radio – US Capitol LP
59 39 Ray Carless – Tarantula Walk – Ensign 12”
60 63 Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her? – 20th Century-Fox 12”
61 55 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Continental Shuffle – Solar LP
62 53 Benny Golson / Johnny Harris / Richard Tee – The New Killer Joe (Rap) / Odyssey / First Love – CBS LP
63 44 Mel Sheppard – Can I Take You Home / I Love Making Love To You – US TSOB 12”
64 62 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
65 70 Aurra – Nasty Disposition / Keep Doin’ It / Party Time – US Salsoul LP
66 60 Adrian Baker – High Time – Polo 12”
67 NE Duran Duran – Planet Earth (Night Version) – EMI 12”
68 NE Bobby Thurston – Is Something Wrong With You / Main Attraction / Keep It Going / Very Last Drop – US Prelude LP
69 57 Second Image – Dance Dance Dance / The Jazzy Dancer – Polydor 12”
70 36 Harry Thumann – Underwater – Decca 12”
71 NE Midas Touch – Too Much Too Soon – Maaw 12”
72 68 Passage – Power / I See The Light – A&M LP
73 73 Bill Summers – Call It What You Want – MCA 12”
74 79 General Caine II – L.R.J. Pop / Get Down Attack / Shake / Jungle Music – US Groove Time LP
75 NE Esther Williams – I’ll Be Your Pleasure – US RCA 12”
76 NE Atmosfear – Free Tonight / Interplay / Invasion / Return Of LB / Duende / Funk The Rock – MCA LP
77 50 Free Expression – Chill-Out! – Vanguard 12”
78 51 Marvin Gaye – Praise – Motown 12”
79 82 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown LP/12” promo
80 78 Gene Dunlap – It’s Just The Way I Feel / Love Dancin’ – Capitol 12”
81 NE Rah Band – Downside Up – DJM 12”
82 76 Atlantic Starr – When Love Calls – US A&M/LP
83 67 Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love – Champagne 12”
84 71 Jerome – It’s Mine And You Don’t Own It – DJM 12”
85 89 Eastside Connection – You’re So Right For Me – US Rampart LP
86 83 Harris Simon Group – Wind Chant – Japanese Overseas LP
87 84 Jack McDuff – Say Sumpin’ Nice / Kisses / Primavera / Nasty – US Sugarhill LP
88 RE Shock – Angel Face / R.E.R.B. – RCA 12”
89 81 Jason Black – I’m Walking Alone – Beggars Banquet
90 74 Manu Dibango – Goro City / Happy Feeling – Island 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Players Association: ‘Get On Up Now’ / ‘Let Your Body Go’ (US Vanguard 12in)
Victor Feldman: ‘Skippin’ / ‘In My Pocket’ (US Cohearent Sound LP)
Coati Mundi: ‘Que Pasa/Me No Pop I’ (US Antilles 12in)
LAX: ‘Possessed (Remix)’ (US Prelude 12in)
Bert Ligon: ‘Saturday’ / ‘The Unicorn’ (US Inner City LP)
Heaven & Earth: ‘I Really Love You’ / ‘Kick It Out’ (US WMOT LP)
David Bendeth: ‘Just De Mix (Feel The Real)’ (Ensign 12in)
Aurra: ‘Are You Single’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Hot Cuisine: ‘Who’s Been Kissing You’ (Kaleidoscope 12in)
Heath Bros: ‘Use It (Don’t Abuse It)’ / ‘Dreamin’ (US Columbia LP)
Aretha Franklin: ‘I Can’t Turn You Loose’ / ‘United Together’ (Arista 12in)
Kellis Ethridge: ‘Quickie Nirvana’ (US Inner City LP)
Fantasy: ‘(Hey Who’s Gotta) Funky Song’ / ‘Too Much Too Soon’ (US Pavilion LP)
Shirley James / Danny Ray: ‘Why Don’t You Spend The Night’ (Black Jack 12in)
Soft Cell: ‘Memorabilia’ (Some Bizzare 12in)
Roland DeVille Orchestra: ‘Come Dancing’ (Dummy)
Ronnie Jones: ‘Video Games’ (US Polydor 12in)
Peoples Choice: ‘Hey Everybody’ (US West End 12in)
Vera: ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ (Canadian Rio 12in)
Claudja Barry: ‘Radio Action’ / ‘Banana Boat (Day-O)’ (Canadian Polydor 12in)
Empress: ‘Dyin’ To Be Dancin’ (US Prelude 12in)
Master Dub Band: ‘For The Love Of Money’ (Good City 12in)
Mother (F): ‘Hot Wax’ (Canadian Matra 12in)
Eugene Paul: ‘Children Go To School’ (Ensign 12in)
Black Slate: ‘Amigo’ (TCD LP)
Rick James: ‘Fire And Desire’ / ‘Ghetto Life’ (US Gordy LP)
Not James Player: ‘Friends Again (Re-remix)’ (Ultimate 12in)
Lime: ‘Your Love’ (US Prism 12in)
Delroy Washington: ‘For Your Love’ (Ankh)
Abba: ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ (US Disconet 12in remix)
Skip Mahoney: ‘Janice’ (Underworld 12in)
Smokey Robinson: ‘Being With You’ (Motown/12in promo)
Level 42: ‘Sandstorm’ / Powerline: ‘Journey (Remix)’ (Elite 12in)
Junior English: ‘Keep On Trying’ (Ethnic 12in)
African Magic Combo: ‘La Chica’ (Canadian Sirano 12in)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(1) Shakin’ Stevens, 2(4) Bucks Fizz, 3(2) Kim Wilde, 4(3) Adam ‘Kings’, 5(5) Visage, 6(7) Nolans, 7(8) Liquid Gold, 8(6) Roxy Music, 9(20) Hazel O’Connor, 10(9) Coast To Coast, 11(10) Adam ‘Antmusic’, 12(13) Ennio Morricone, 13(12) Duran Duran, 14(11) Kiki Dee, 15(17) Dave Stewart, 16(21) Keith Marshall, 17(14) Toyah, 18(18) Kelly Marie, 19(15) Teardrop Explodes, 20(16) Talking Heads, 21(29) Philip Lynott, 22(-) Bill Haley, 23(25) Bad Manners, 24(-) Classix Nouveaux, 25(-) Heaven 17, 26(-) Bauhaus, 27(22) Phil Collins, 28(23) Who, 29(28) Lene Lovich, 30(19) B-Movie.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
Madness 83f, Clash 117f, Judas Priest 171-174-0c, Stray Cats 133-0c, Way Of The West 141-143-0r, Bill Haley 183-168-162-158c, Tenpole Tudor 0-167-164f.


TERRY DAVIS spins current disco-funk on alternate Fridays at Wimbledon Football Club’s Nelson’s amongst other gigs, but tonight (Thursday 30th) he and guest Ian Clark present a special ’60s Soul Night in the Downstairs Bar at Hammersmith’s Clarendon Hotel. He confidently expects to be playing the following at his ‘Boogaloo On Broadway’ (Hammersmith Broadway, that is!) . . . and what more excuse do we need to remember such gems as these?

1. Boogaloo Down Broadway – Fantastic Johnny C – London
2. Selfish One – Jackie Ross – Chess
3. Tramp – Lowell Fulsom – Fontana
4. Sitting In The Park – Billy Stewart – Chess
5. She’s Looking Good – Rodger Collins – Vocalion
6. Call On Me – Bobby Bland – US Duke
7. Can I Get A Witness – Marvin Gaye – Stateside
8. Thread The Needle – Clarence Carter – Atlantic
9. Dead – Carolyn Sullivan – Philips
10. You Better Move On – Arthur Alexander – London


ALAN COULTHARD, now mixing solidly at Barry Island’s Atlantic Wine Bar in South Wales ever since his mike plug broke and the manager discovered that the lack of voice didn’t matter, was until about two weeks ago a soul fan only. Then he saw the light. Alan writes, “Almost over night my musical tastes radically altered to incorporate many of the so-called futurist sounds. I think I began to appreciate the electro-disco scene from the moment I heard the quite brilliant ‘Memorabilia‘ and started actually listening to other records like it. The other main reason for my conversion to a lot of the electro-disco material is that I find it exhilarating to mix. Using Tantra and then Harry Thumann as a basis before experimenting with even faster tempos, I found that there was so much good electro and what you would call gay-slanted material which was compatible and with similar BPMs. I do think however that futurist DJs would only get away with some of the records I’m now using by mixing them properly as otherwise there’d be no flow to the evening. The whole point surely, as I’ve now learnt, is not to categorize records rigidly and ignore anything that doesn’t fit a particular pigeon hole. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a hard core funk and soul fan and will continue to be so. Before, I did not think the two forms of music were compatible, but now I realize that they most definitely are.” The records Alan’s using in this style are as follows:

1. Memorabilia – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12in
2. Video Games – Ronnie Jones – US Polydor 12in
3. Glow – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12in
4. Breakaway – Watson Beasley – Creole 12in
5. Hills Of Katmandu – Tantra – US Importe 12in/LP
6. Einstein A Go-Go / Japan – Landscape – RCA 12in
7. Hot Wax – Mother (F) – Canadian Matra 12in
8. Angel Face / R.E.R.B. – Shock – RCA 12in
9. We Move / Mind Of A Toy – Visage – Polydor 12in
10. Underwater – Harry Thumann – Decca 12in
11. Planet Earth (Night Version) – Duran Duran – EMI 12in
12. Burundi Black – Burundi Black – Barclay 12in
13. I’m Ready / It’s A War – Kano – US Emergency LP
14. The Break (Remix) – Kat Mandu – Canadian Unidisc 12in
15. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang – Heaven 17 – BEF 12in
16. Intuition – Linx – Chrysalis 12in
17. I Can’t Turn You Loose – Aretha Franklin – Arista 12in
18. Reformation – Spandau Ballet – Reformation LP
19. Pop Along Kid – Shalamar – Solar 12in
20. Tender Force – Space – PRT 12in

Well, that makes a welcome break from the Rush Release stranglehold! Or, on closer examination, does it? There’s not a lot they haven’t handled promotion for! Anyway, two rare hotsies worth looking out for and introduced to me by Gareth at Groove (who unfortunately don’t stock them) are a dynamite 4-track 12in on the enigmatic Red label by Material, ‘Reduction‘ being a stark ‘Another One Bites The Dust’-ish bass bumper, and an even starker slinky chick-sung revival of the Coasters classic ‘Shopping For Clothes’ by Snatch on Fetish 12in. Is it expecting too much for DJs to go out and find rarities, though, rather than waiting for their material to drop through the letterbox onto the mat. Finally, on a page that would otherwise be devoid of a Rusty Egan namecheck, did anyone watching ‘Oklahoma!’ on telly over Easter notice his remarkable resemblance to Gordon MacRae?


Editors Note: Record Shack were long time advertisers on James’s Disco Page, where they listed disco/jazz-funk records for sale and a casual paragraph or so under the heading ‘Gossip From The Shack’. This week’s gossip was a change from the norm and quite critical of James, due to his poor review of their own-label track ‘Ease Your Mind’ by Touchdown in last weeks column … (James said, “Well enough made but totally emotionless and uninspired tinkling, dribbling and burbling 125-126-127bpm 12in example of UK jazz-funk by numbers, debuting Record Shack’s own logo”) … and also his increasing coverage of Futurist music.

In their advertisement they stated: “Touchdown are now doing even better, could James have been listening to the same record or does Futurist now rule? We’ve just picked up that hot U.S. import by Michael McGlory called ‘Won’t You Let Me Be The One‘ (that’s the 12” with the phenomenal disco break) and I hope James manages to review it between listening to the Landscape album. This Gossip should be read at 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 BPM etc. etc. etc. and mixes well into Blues & Soul.”

The above should help explain some of James’s retaliatory comments aimed at Record Shack in the Odds ‘N’ Bods section both this week (“how long before Record Shack start listing ‘Yet Another Nondescript Britfunk Instrumental’?!”) and over the next few weeks.

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