April 26, 1986: The S.O.S. Band, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, Dhar Braxton, Marvin Gaye, TKA


JOHN MORALES is remixing Candi Staton ‘Young Hearts Run Free’, for re-release … Cashflow will have two separate 12 inch versions, due on white label now, ‘Mine All Mine (LP Version)‘/’Party Freak (Latin Rascal Edit)‘ plus a four-tracker with two different rather less Fatback-like Mark Berry remixes, his dub, and ‘Party Freak’ again … Chris Paul’s finished ‘Expansions 86‘ features a surprise guest vocalist, David Joseph! … Princess’s three-track remix is due Monday with Pete Waterman’s Funky Sisters Dub Mix as A-side, Cheese ‘n’ Chad’s techno-hop cut-ups as flip … City Beat picked up Crown Heights Affair for a Les Adams remix (with stronger intro) … Froggy is starting his own Master Disk label through Streetwave, releases to include a Decade Remix of Crystal Grass ‘Crystal World’, Kreamcycle ‘No News, Good News’, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde ‘Fast Life’/’The Challenge’ – wot, no Intruders? … Portsmouth’s plucky little Domino Records label is reissuing Hamilton Bohannon ‘Let’s Start II Dance Again’ (DOM 3T, via Charly) … Kelly Marie’s love-hate Hi-NRG 1980 pop chart-topper ‘Feels Like I’m In Love’ has been remixed by Vince DeGiorgio for his Canadian Power label … Anita Baker ‘Rapture’ LP (Elektra 960 444-1) is now out here, as is the intelligent Bognor-aimed Kleeer ‘Kleeer Winners — The Best Of Kleeer‘ (Atlantic WX 42) … Choice Reunion’s review last week should read 86-0bpm … Guinn ‘Open Your Door’ is on 12 inch here May 12, just ahead of their album … Oliver Cheatham’s London-recorded new Champion LP will include a ‘Get Down Saturday Night Part 2′ … Chicago’s hot DJ International Records signed Loleatta Holloway … Kleeer, now they’ve actually been dropped by Atlantic, want to sign direct to a UK label for the world as they appreciate that (like so many US black acts) their profile is higher in Europe than at home … Adrian Allen, previously the Sex Dwarf at South Shields’ Chelsea Cat but now Teeside’s Soul Brother Numero Uno, starts his own weekly 7-10bpm black music show from next Wednesday (30) on Radio Tees – well done! … Pete Tong has created a stir featuring Dusty Springfield’s soulful old ‘Just A Little Lovin’‘ on his Sunday evening Invicta Radio show … Bognor’s oldies (especially Marvin Gaye) obviously had most impact but, although no “chart” as such was compiled, it seems tough newies included Aurra, George Clinton, Serious Intention, J M Silk, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Fingers Inc, Private Possession, Dhar Braxton, Nu Shooz, Russ Brown, Mantronix ‘Ladies’, Joeski Love, Cut Master DC, Macattack, Joyce Sims, Aleem, Modern-nique, Alexander O’Neal ‘What’s Missing’, Janet Jackson ‘When I Think Of You’, Cashflow ‘Mine All Mine’, Thomas & Taylor, Michael Jeffries, Chris Paul (off acetate) … Atlantic Starr’s Bognor biggie was in fact their old ‘Silver Shadow‘ … Chris Hill feared it was an ill omen when the record he’d planned as the finale anthem, the Supremes & Four Tops ‘Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)‘ (rather than Diana Ross’s), snapped in two as he took it off the turntable on the very first night, but luckily Colin Hudd had a copy as well so Sunday’s finale featured that, then Vera Lynn ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and Detroit Spinners ‘I’ll Be Around’ – all the DJs, having held hands, then sloping off stage only to reappear (running around behind scenes) from the other side over and over again! … Colin Curtis, soldiering on despite being taken ill just before one of his sets, reckons the North will be even better represented at October’s Bognor now that word’s got back … “Bugger Bognor”, the famous last words of George V (the king who put the Regis into Bognor by his patronage of the place), could make a suitable slogan for Showstopper Promotions T-shirts after their latest mafia-lacking Caister! … Saturday (26) Nicky Holloway has another Do At The Zoo (Regents Park) with Martin ‘Caister’ Collins, Pete Tong, Chris Brown, Gilles Peterson, Chris Bangs … Andrew Holmes funks Manchester’s International Club (Anson/Dickenson Roads) next Wednesday (30), then weekly from May 21 … Thursday (1) the Cool Notes play live with Take Five and guest PAs plus Simon Goffe at the Woolwich Coronet … Belfast’s new Soul In The City moveable venue club holds once monthly soul-funk-jazz nights for around 100 fans so far, contact Steven Brodie at 3 Rochester Drive, Cregagh, for news of the next one … Peter C Helyer wants more presenters to join him on Cardiff’s in-store Radio Top Shop – send tapes and details to him at 8 Petrel Close, Lavernock Park, Penarth CF6 2U (the only pay is from selling commercial airtime for the station) … Hardcore Groove Masters, a five strong Mastermind-style mixing/classic funk DJ team just back from a winter in Holland’s clubs, wants North London gigs (Ilford-Acton) on 01-597 6572 (ask for Robin) … UK mixing runner-up Jon Davis’s fame has become such that at a Cornish wedding the best man asked for a demonstration as all the guests had read about him, and even the grannies got bopping to his scratched up ‘Set It Off! … Mildred Scott, glamorous young looking veteran since 1967 of The Glories, Quiet Elegance and Cut Glass, is called Mildred at home but happily answers to Millie too! … Q-Pid Featuring Nikki Q was actually cut a year ago … May Bank Holiday deadlines loom, and although it never makes much difference when we ask DJs this, PLEASE post your chart returns NOW to arrive by Tuesday! … RELEASE THE TENSION!


The S.O.S. BAND ‘Sands Of Time’ LP (Tabu TBU 26863)
Not actually out here until May 6, but already white labelled and about on import, this is so predictable it’s almost a self-parody of Jam & Lewis’s past productions! You’ll know exactly what to expect of the 101¼-0bpm ‘Borrowed Love‘ (‘Change Of Heart’ for instance), 98½bpm ‘Even When You Sleep‘, 86⅔-0bpm title track, 104⅓bpm ‘Nothing But The Best‘, (0-)110¼bpm ‘The Finest‘, 105½bpm Two Time Lover‘, 0-87⅔-0bpm ‘Do You Still Want To?‘ Even the Princely pumping 123½bpm ‘No Lies‘ is good, though. You know what you like, you like what you know.

MODERN-NIQUE featuring Larry Woo ‘Love’s Gonna Get You (Watch Out Baby For Love)’ (10 Re-cords TEN T 123)
Steve Arrington’s rhythm bubbles through an excellent very current sounding soul vocal for a madly infectious here 116¾bpm romp (in four mixes) that’s hot on import and sure to smash. Why do so many DJ’s spell ’em as Monique?

DHAR BRAXTON ‘Jump Back (Set Me Free)’ (US Sleeping Bag Records SLX-00019)
Snapped up already by 4th + B’way here, this is like a female Russ Brown but breezier and brighter, a more soulful Lisa Lisa/Rochelle/Shannon, jammed through an emulator and bounced all over a leaping light 115¼bpm electro beat with bounding bass (in five versions). Brill!

MARVIN GAYE ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ (Motown ZT 40702)
Never exactly unavailable, this instant chart re-entry proves conclusively that Britain’s mass public has to SEE music on TV to be motivated into buying it. What happened to ears? Anyway, on 12 inch the 115¼-118½-118¾bpm classic joins the similarly Norman Whitfield produced 54/108-109⅓-110⅓-112-110⅓bpm ‘That’s The Way Love Is’ and seminal 168bpm ‘Can I Get A Witness’, 171bpm ‘You’re A Wonderful One’ Holland-Dozier-Holland stompers.

TKA ‘One Way Love’ (US Tommy Boy TB 866)
Total Knowledge in Action, four Latinos from Spanish Harlem, follow in Lisa Lisa’s footsteps on another bright little 117¼bpm hip hop pop lurcher, co-prod/mixed by the Latin Rascals (two dubs).

SHALAMAR ‘A Night To Remember (The M&M Mix)’ (MCA Records SHALT 3)
John Morales’ typically percussive though still brightly rolling (0-)109bpm remix oddly has a dreadful rhythm-losing edit, half a beat out, before the vocals begin (inst, and original 90½bpm ‘Sweeter As The Days Go By’ flip).

JAMES BROWN ‘Soul Power’ (Boiling Point POSPX 783)
Four-tracker with this classic 1971 funk (veering fractionally through 105¾ -105-104⅔ etc), the sinuous short 100⅓-102⅓bpm ‘Don’t Tell It‘, sinister 50bpm ‘King Heroin‘ and original unissued 0-67-69bpm demo of ‘It’s A Man’s World‘ (which he played to me in August 1964!).

STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY ‘Jack Your Body’ (US Underground UN-101)
Steve, who I’ve met, is actually J M Silk himself (and white, photos showing his black vocalists), his appearance now on a label other than DJ International Records being a mystery, especially as the repeated name “J M Silk” is the only lyric over the typical 122bpm garage groove of ‘Jack Your Body — Home Made’. In ‘Jack Trax’ style there are four variants on this groove, the 125¾bpm ‘Steve “Silk” Hurley‘ repeating that name, while (with ‘Set It Off’ pshta pshta beats) the 122bpm ‘Club Your Body’ and 121¾bpm ‘Dub Your Body‘ merely repeat the overall ‘Jack Your Body’ title. Another mystery, considering the current popularity of this Colonel Abrams derived sound, is why his similar ‘Music Is The Key’ first US disco smash never did anything here last autumn.

LOVEBUG STARSKI ‘Amityville (The House On The Hill)’ (LP ‘House Rocker’ Epic EPC 26878)
Co-prod/penned by Kurtis Blow in bouncy 88bpm go go hip hop style and already huge with B Boys, this horror movie impersonations-filled rapping update of ‘Monster Mash’/’Dinner With Drac’ screams out to be a single here, and surefire smash. Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

JANICE ‘Bye-Bye’ (US 4th + B’way BWAY-424)
“Kate Bush meets Shannon”, says Chris Hill, boosting this maddening monotonous jaunty 113½bpm teen nagger, full of gibberish emulator hooks and silly little breaks between brief Bush-like bursts (in five versions). Massive if kids get to hear it, almost another Whistle.

MICHAEL JEFFRIES ‘Razzle Dazzle’ (US Warner Bros 0-20450)
From Goldie Hawn s new American Football movie ‘Wild Cats’, and big at Bognor, this Hawk Wolinski co-prod/penned jittery jiggly (0-)110⅔bpm wriggler has some of that ‘Plane Love’ doom-laden drive but is much bubblier (inst Dub Version too).

LEVEL 3 ‘Central Line’ (US Fleetwood Records FW 005)
Timmy Regisford & Boyd Jarvis are fast becoming famous as remixers, writers and producers, here wearing all three hats in various combinations for — guess what? — another Colonel Abrams-ish 119⅕bpm garage groove, a good one (less vocal flip).

BEASTIE BOYS ‘Hold It, Now Hit It’ (US Def Jam 44-05369)
The white punk rappers get genuinely hip hop as they plug White Castle budget burgers and generally gangster rock over scratched 95⅓bpm cuts from several famous break beats (in three versions).

LEVEL 42 ‘Lessons In Love’ (Polydor POSPX 790)
Another bass thrummed lurching 0-113bpm pop chugger, reviewed here because its flip includes the Wally Badarou dominated exciting 0-114bpm electro-samba skittering ‘World Machine’, long their LP’s hottest dance cut.

KATRINA AND THE WAVES ‘Is That It?’ (Capitol 12CL398)
Steeped in the brassy mid-Sixties Stax sound, this beefily chugging 114½-0bpm R&B pastiche may be by some popsters but it’s darned good, and I love it!

THE MAIN ATTRACTION ‘Reconsider’ (US RCA Victor PW-14322)
“Even the President can make mistakes”, prophetically sing the guys amidst Jacksonesque yelps and hard driving (0-)106⅓bpm beats reminiscent of The System’s ‘You Are In My System’, with a dubby Dance Mix and sub-Prince 130bpm ‘Private Spot‘ flip.

SWEET “G” ‘Waiting For Your Love’ (US The Fever SF 803)
Prod/co-penned by Juicy, mixed by Grandmaster Flash, this quite nagging juddery 97½bpm swayer follows the Kurtis Blow format being a soulful rap with sung choruses, and scatting fade (inst flip).

THE TEMPTATIONS ‘A Fine Mess’ (US Motown 1837MF)
Very pleasant soulfully jogging 96bpm title song from a new Ted ‘Cheers’ Danson movie, flipped on seven inch by SMOKEY ROBINSON’s 116½bpm ‘Wishful Thinking‘.


BEATS PER MINUTE for last week’s top 75 entries on seven inch (f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant ends):

Grange Hill Cast 120¾-122c amateurish anti-drugs song, Gary Numan 43½-87-0r glum fan fodder, Princess 118⅔f catchy soul bounder, Aurra 108¼f wriggly black pop, Hear’n Aid (0-)108⅓-108-107-110-111⅓-110f all-star metal chugger, ZZ Top 0-79f mournful rock slowie, Joyce Sims 109¼f nagging electro-soul, INXS (0-)115¼f exciting rock-funk, England World Cup Squad 124½r ‘Y Viva Mexico’.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – April 26, 1986

01 01 THE FINEST, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
02 03 YOU AND ME TONIGHT, Aurra, 10 Records 12in
03 04 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
04 03 SERIOUS, Serious Intention, London/Pow Wow Records Inc 12in
05 05 GOTTA FIND A WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Russ Brown, 10 Records 12in
06 06 (YOU ARE MY) ALL AND ALL, Joyce Sims, London 12in
07 08 DO FRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE, George Clinton, Capitol 12in
08 10 PRISONER OF LOVE (UK RE-EDIT), Millie Scott, 4th + B’Way 12in
10 19 HEADLINE NEWS (EXTENDED REMIX), William Bell, Absolute Records 12in
11 07 YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING (THE DECADE REMIX 76-86), The Real Thing, PRT 12in
12 14 I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
13 21 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, 10 Records 12in
14 11 WHAT’S MISSING (REMIX)/A BROKEN HEART CAN MEND, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
15 23 STAY, The Controllers, MCA Records 12in
16 09 SECRET LOVERS, Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
17 40 NOVELA DAS NOVE (SPIDER WOMAN)/CHIEF INSPECTOR (PRECINCT 13), Wally Badarou, 4th & B’way 12in
18 13 TENDER LOVE, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
19 17 THE HEAT OF HEAT (CLUB HEAT MIX), Patti Austin, Qwest 12in
20 50 IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Capitol 12in
21 31 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, US Atlantic 12in
22 41 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (M&M REMIX), Shalamar, MCA Records 12in
23 28 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, US Thom/Tay 12in
26 51 CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE, Five Star, Tent 12in
27 27 WHEN I THINK OF YOU, Janet Jackson, A&M LP
29 65 JUMP BACK (SET ME FREE) (114¼bpm), Dhar Braxton, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
30 15 (NOTHING SERIOUS) JUST BUGGIN’, Whistle, Champion 12in
31 18 GALVESTON BAY (EXTENDED RE-EDIT), Lonnie Hill, 10 Records 12in
32 24 HIGH HORSE (REMIX)/TAKE A CHANCE, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
33 25 TRUTH OR DARE (REMIX), Shirley Murdock, Elektra 12in
34 16 DARE TO DREAM (LONDON REMIX), Viola Wills, Streetwave 12in
35 20 SET ME FREE, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in white label
36 43 SHADOWS OF YOUR LOVE, J.M. Silk, US DJ International Records 12in
37 26 PARTY FREAK (LATIN RASCAL EDIT), Cashflow, US Mercury 12in
38 33 GIVE IT UP FOR LOVE, Steven Danté, Cooltempo 12in
39 39 THE ART OF DRUMS, Macattack, Baad Records 12in
41 38 LADIES/DUB INSTRUMENTAL, Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
42 53 LET’S MAKE LOVE, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
43 55 GO-GO GADGET, Louie Oxley, Cooltempo 12in
44 56 ON MY OWN, Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, US MCA Records 12in
45 85 HE’LL NEVER LOVE YOU (LIKE I DO), Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
46 37 DO YOU LOVE ME (REMIX), Durell Coleman, Fourth & Broadway 12in
47 49 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE, Cut Master D.C., US Zakia Records 12in
49 — SOUL POWER/DON’T TELL IT, James Brown, Boiling Point 12in
50 62 PEE-WEE’S DANCE, Joeski Love, US Vintertainment 12in
51 42 STYLE (PETER GUNN THEME), Grandmaster Flash, US Elektra 12in
52 48 PRISONER OF LOVE, Mildred Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
53 — WORLD MACHINE (0-114)/LESSONS IN LOVE (0-113bpm), Level 42, Polydor 12in
54 52 ARE YOU WID IT, Private Possession, US Mega Bolt 12in
56 44 I’M NOT GONNA LET YOU (UK REMIX), Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
57 68 ALL PLAYED OUT, L.I.F.E., Lovebeat International 12in
58 32 THE RIVER/SUNSHINE (INSTRUMENTAL), Total Contrast, US London 12in
59 95 VERY REAL WAY (REMIX)/LET MY PEOPLE GO (M&M REMIX), The Winans, Qwest 12in
60 59 DREAMIN’/OPEN YOUR DOOR, Guinn, US Motown LP
61 29 YOU CAN DO IT (IT’S SO EASY), Dino Terrell, Lovebeat International 12in
62 47 FIRESTARTER, Tease, Epic 12in
63 54 DON’T WASTE MY TIME, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
64 69 HOLD IT, NOW HIT IT, Beastie Boys, US Def Jam 12in
65 61 WHAT’S MISSING/IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
66 63 CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, James Cobbin & Prime Cut, US Tuckwood 12in
67 — I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE, Marvin Gaye, Motown 12in
68 80 MY LATIN LOVER, Q-Pid featuring Nikki Q, US Sunnyview 12in
69 46 ROCK ME TONIGHT, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
70 58 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, US Warner Bros 12in
71 79 RELEASE THE TENSION/DUB THE TENSION, J-A Groove, US Studio Records 12in
72 97 RAZZLE DAZZLE, Michael Jeffries, US Warner Bros 12in
73 — RECONSIDER (0-106⅓bpm), The Main Attraction, US RCA Victor 12in
74 75 KISS, Prince And The Revolution, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
75 — YOUR SMILE (35 7/8 /71 ¾)/SECRET RENDEZVOUS ’86 (100⅔-0-99⅓-99-99⅓bpm), René & Angela, Club 12in white label
76 — THE FOOLISH THING TO DO, Heaven 17 featuring Jimmy Ruffin, Virgin 12in
77 71 I CAN’T LET YOU GO (NEW YORK REMIX), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
78 re FREAK IN ME, Danté, Bluebird/10 12in
79 77 I’M FASCINATED, The Temptations, Motown 12in
81 78 BASSLINE/HARDCORE HIP-HOP, Mantronix, 10 Records LP
82 57 STROLLIN’ ON (EXTENDED REMIX), Maxi Priest, 10 Records 12in
83 87 I’M NOT GONNA LET YOU (US REMIX), Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
84 60 JACK YOUR BODY – HOME MADE/CLUB YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
85 45 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Jocelyn Brown, Warner Bros 12in
86 — INTO THE MOTION, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in promo
87 64 FOOL’S PARADISE/DO ME BABY, Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol LP
88 93 CENTRAL LINE, Level 3, US Fleetwood Records 12in
89 89 DON’T STOP THAT GO GO BEAT, Effectron, MDM Records 12in
90 98 JUST ANOTHER LOVER, Johnny Kemp, US Columbia 12in
91 re LOVE’S GONNA LAST, Steve Myers, Pressure 12in
92 100 THE JAMMIN’ NATIONAL ANTHEM/INSTRUMENTAL, Steve Arrington, US Atlantic 12in
93 90 A LOVE BIZARRE, PARTS I AND II, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
94 re WHAT I LIKE, Anthony And The Camp, US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
95 86 MAKE ME THE ONE, Crown Heights Affair, US Releaseme 12in
96 — WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT (DANCE REMIX) (108bpm), Total Contrast, London 12in white label
97 70 CHAIN REACTION (DANCE MIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
98 74 HEY! DON’T WASTE MY TIME, The Walkers, Club 12in
99 re JOHNNY THE FOX, Tricky Tee, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
100 re HELLO DARLING, Tippa Irie, UK Bubblers 12in


01 01 YOU’RE A BEAT, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
02 02 ANOTHER DAY COMES, ANOTHER DAY GOES, Kiki Dee, Columbia 12in
03 05 E.S.P. (EXTRA SENSUAL PERSUASION), Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
04 09 REFLEX ACTION, Louise Thomas, R&B 12in
05 03 LOVE’S GONE MAD (EUROBEAT MIX), Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
06 04 GIVE ME UP, Michael Fortunati, Belgian Ariola 12in
07 12 MALE STRIPPER, Man 2 Man & Man Parrish, US Recan 12in
08 06 THIS GIRL’S BACK IN TOWN, Paul Jabara, US Warner Bros LP
09 08 KEEP ON ROCKIN’, Hemyl, Italian Missing 12in
10 16 C’MON C’MON (REMIX), Bronski Beat, London 12in
11 — WE ARE THE BOYS, Until December, US Columbia 12in
12 24 I LOVE MY RADIO (MIDNIGHT RADIO) (US REMIX), Taffy, US Emergency 12in
13 15 NOTHING IN COMMON, Wagner, Italian Best 12in
14 17 IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Capitol 12in promo
15 — BURNING, Sapphire, Passion 12in
16 14 AGAIN, Do Piano, French EMI 12in
17 21 OH L’AMOUR, Erasure, Mute 12in
18 27 YOU’RE MY FIRST, YOU’RE MY LAST, Linda Jo Rizzo, German ZYX 12in
19 26 THIS IS MY LIFE, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
20 18 ANIKANA-O, Afrika System, Italian X-Energy 12in
21 07 DANGER FOR LOVE, Deborah, German ZYX 12in
22 10 CHAIN REACTION (DANCE REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
23 13 TWIST MY ARM, Pointer Sisters, US RCA 12in
24 20 LOVE WAVES, Patty Heart, Belgian ARS 12in
25 19 LOVE HOSTAGE, Jessica Williams, Mexican Mastered 12in
26 23 ANOTHER NIGHT (DANCE MIX), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
27 30= FASHION, Parking, Italian Power 12in
28 re FLY TO ME, Aleph, Italian Disco Magic 12in
29 re BOLERO, Fancy, Swedish Mega 12in
30 re DIAL MY NUMBER, The Black Bag, German Transport 12in

7 thoughts on “April 26, 1986: The S.O.S. Band, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, Dhar Braxton, Marvin Gaye, TKA”

  1. Many of the projects mentioned in Odd ‘N’ Bods seemed to come to naught: I could find no evidence of Froggy’s label, or any of the remixes/reissues planned for it, and likewise for the Canadian remix of Kelly Marie and Oliver Cheatham’s “Get Down Saturday Night Part 2”. The Dhar Braxton is that rare thing, a positive review by James of a freestyle/Latin hip hop track (note that the genre still doesn’t have a name). The forgotten Home Made mix of “Jack Your Body” still gets top billing, but the hardest mix to track down was the “Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley” mix, which has faded into almost total obscurity. For my own part, I heard the dub mix months before the club mix, firstly on a radio show which I taped, and secondly on a UK compilation album called “Upfront 1”, which I’m fairly sure was the first time that any of the mixes were made available on a UK release. To be honest, I still prefer it over the club mix to this day.


  2. Is that the mix actually called ‘Steve Silk Hurley’ as I seem to remember that being on the UK 12” (there was only a 12” iirc) although I could be wrong as I got rid of it with all my vinyl in the mid/late 90s.

    JM Silk, Fingers Inc, Steve Silk Hurley, Serious Intention – little did I know when I’d gone to Bognor I’d gone to what was virtually a rave! 😉 Another big tune there which JH omitted From his list was James Brown’s ‘Don’t Tell It’ – I’d never heard it before then but it was played a hell of a lot everywhere in the next couple of years.


  3. Also a bit of historical context for this week’s column the Saturday which it’s dated was according to a really good book (Midnight at Chernobyl) I’m currently reading the day of the Chernobyl Disaster.
    A few days before I attended a football match and got doused in possibly radioactive rain!


  4. Yes, the mix is actually called ‘Steve Silk Hurley’, which makes it even harder to find on YouTube! However, since publishing this post, I’ve discovered that it has also become known as the Bedroom Mix, so I’m updating the YouTube link for it.


    1. Yeah, this is almost up there with “the lead-singing chick does sound so incredibly white” when James reviewed Rufus & Chaka in 1974, except this time they’ve allegedly met! Was some imposter passing himself as Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley?!


      1. I wonder if James got Steve “Silk” Hurley confused with Rocky Jones, the (white) owner of the DJ International label, who picks up Executive Producer credits on both the J.M. Silk releases, as well as most of the label’s other early output?


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