July 24, 1982: Kool & The Gang, Patrick Boothe, Keni Burke, Sharon Redd, Freddie James, first gay club chart


ROCKERS REVENGE has been snapped up by Phonogram for rush release on London, Satril picked up Dunn & Bruce Street . . . I’ve finally invested in a quartz locked deck, so all bpm’s will now be absolutely accurate (unless marked with c for circa — meaning they were done in a shop) . . . Steve Walsh (01-724 1559) is looking for a lighting and sound engineer, to learn the business from scratch if necessary, at one of the World’s major ballrooms (I wonder which one?!) . . . M Platts now — beat this! — says: “When between DJ jobs my charts are more accurate than half those working” . . . Russ Winstanley reintroduces Northern Soul allniters to Wigan at Tiffany’s the second Friday of every month from Friday August 13 (let’s hope that’s not an omen!), with all the old Casino jocks plus the prospect of Edwin Starr live in September — £2 for members, 1am-8am, 1,200 capacity, lotsa sweat! . . . Capital Radio’s open air Jazz Festival at Knebworth last weekend, at least, had great weather for once . . . Top Of The Pops recent ‘Soul Train’-like edition had its effect — look at the top end of the pop chart . . . I stopped playing ‘Fame’ after the fifth time at a mobile gig last Saturday — the TV series’ Erica Gimpel must be bitter that it’s not her version that hit here, as most people probably think they’re buying her . . . UK pressings of the ‘KISS Mastermixes’ double album, although identified by catalogue number and sleeve logo as on Epic, actually use the Prelude label on the actual records — a long overdue British identity for the hot American disco outlet . . . Whitehaven Whitehouse’s Phil Haslehurst sent me a tape of local Cumbrian band It Bites, whose ‘Ytopio’ is a very accomplished catchy fast flowing sax-led jazz instrumental . . . Gary Crowley could make a fortune doing gigs, to judge from the likely lad’s first live Tuesday broadcast from the Camden Palace recently on Capital . . . Alan Coulthard’s Solar mix got everyone talking who’d heard it on Luxembourg last Friday at 10.10pm — like a fool I forgot to hear it as I was out drinking with Peter Young! . . . OK, Keith, so Persis Kambata is not in the new ‘Star Trek’ flick, though it’s still subtitled ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ . . . Richard Allinson just did a brill segue from Ultravox ‘All Stood Still’ into the similar Sheena Easton ‘Machinery’ — what a way to start sitting in for Nicky Horne! . . . Rush Release’s Ian Titchener marries Clare soon, and invited the world to Harringay Lazers to celebrate this Tuesday just gone . . . Nicky Sands, once disco plugger for such as CBS and UA but now an area manager for Alfred Marks, finally made Joy an honest woman and honeymooned in New York where they caught all the many doo-wop shows, both live and on radio (check 101FM Sundays 7pm-midnight, and twiddle through AM frequencies Saturday 10am-2pm to locate Bobby Jay’s show) . . . Rick Holland kindly gave me a replacement Willie Tee ‘Walking Up A One Way Street‘ so Tuesdays at Le Beat Route are cool again! . . . Rick himself jocks at Tulse Hill’s Bonne Bonne (pronounced “Bon Bonnie”) where he alternates with Tom Nelson (The Admiral), and at Twickenham’s Winning Post . . . Bristol’s Martin Starr, thanks to a mention on this page, temporarily does Dave Beeching’s Level One club in Neasden shopping centre every Mon/Thursday . . . Mayfair Gullivers lets you drink yourself legless for free up until midnight every Tuesday, provided you pay £5 admission . . . Pigbag ‘Big Bean’ on 12in is 129-131-129-131bpm . . . I have seen the likely reality of the 21st century on Earth, in a preview of the hit US movie ‘Blade Runner’, and it is not a pretty sight — but the movie and its visionary effects are stunning . . . Abba’s ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ was only on 12in here, but did indeed come out in the States on 7in . . . Ronnie Scott’s got a chef in his club who’s half black and half Japanese, so every December he attacks Pearl Bailey! . . . KEEP IT TIGHT!

DUTCH BAND Blue Feather, currently climbing the charts with ‘Let’s Funk Tonight’, play a string of dates starting this month.

They kick off by supporting Light Of The World at Hammersmith Odeon on July 31 followed by gigs in their own right at: Hitchin Regal August 5, Manchester Unity 7, Cardiff Top Rank September 3, Brighton Top Rank 10, London Venue 11.

More dates will be confirmed later.


KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Big Fun’ (De-Lite DEX 7).
‘Celebration’ meets ‘Get Down On It’ halfway at 116bpm — which really says it all — the 12in being flipped by the extended 110-111bpm remix of ‘Get Down On It’ previously only available for Walkman wearers on the ‘Dura-Dance’ cassette compilation.

PATRICK BOOTHE: ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’ (Streetwave STR A13-2596).
The Richard Jones-produced track is so truly awesome this time that the sinister bass figure is likely to do damage to your speakers as this purposefully pushing 109bpm 12in jitterer unwinds, Earth Wind & Fire’s overworked Phoenix Horns yet again braying behind pent up Patrick (instrumental flip) — but, vital to Streetwave though this release is, I still have the nagging doubt that not enough of a song develops, despite the last minute insertion at my suggestion of more variety towards the end. However, its immediate impact is strong (especially on radio), and it should do much better than that last disaster.

KENI BURKE: ‘Risin’ To The Top’ (RCA RCAT 252).
Around for ages on album, this beautifully soulful classy cool unhurried (0 -)94bpm 12in jogger has been flipped for value by his set’s next hottest cut, the similarly cool drifting and rolling 111-112½bpm ‘Hang Tight‘. On both, it’s the man’s vocal quality that counts.

HOT QUISINE: ‘Keep The Same Old Feeling’ (Kaleidoscope KRL A13-2560.)
Roy Carter-produced simple high pitched unison chanted and harmonised flowing spacious clean burbling 125bpm 12in kicker with synth twiddles breaking through the catchy vocal pattern. Now certainly on white label although there’s possibly a remix due.

BOYS TOWN GANG: ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ (ERC ERCL 101, via PRT).
Number one in Holland, as Jonathan King told the watching millions in the same ‘Top Of The Pops’ slot that launched ‘Da Da Da’ here, this simple MoR-styled chick sung (0-)129bpm 12in revival of the Frankie Valli / Andy Williams oldie should delight mums and dads everywhere. Here it’s flipped by the frantically galloping zingy 132bpm ‘Disco Kicks (Remix)‘.

DONNA SUMMER: ‘Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)’ (Warner Bros K 79302T).
Properly remixed, extended and decidedly strung out 132bpm 12in version of her Quincy Jones-produced current pop hit, with instrumental flip, not that this lengthening adds any punch to the more concise 7in.

BB&Q BAND: ‘Imagination’ (Capitol 12CL 257).
Jacques Fred Petrus-produced stark 117(intro)-119bpm 12in smacker bristling with vocodered title line bursts in the intro (fun to mix) before the guys worryingly wail over the moderately funky monotonous lurching sparse synthetic beat. Veteran Philadelphia soul DJ / group manager Kae Williams wrote it.

DISTINCTION: ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ (Hansa HANSA 12-16).
Appealing sounding Liverbird foursome with Real Thing connections, (but then what black Liverpudlians haven’t?) can’t avoid echoing KC’s similarly titled oldie as they chant this new Roy Carter-prod/penned lightweight spurting 119(intro)-121-119-121bpm 12in thudder, like a more soulful Bananarama.

LOUIS CLARK conducting THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: ‘If You Knew Sousa (And Friends)’ (RCA RCAT 256).
Terrific ultra jolly marching and galloping party fun, the 12in seguing both 128bpm parts in fact in reverse order to the 7in sides, the B-side Part 1 (if you get me) going nicely before Mario Lanza’s ‘Valencia’ (US RCA). Cor!

BLANCMANGE: ‘Feel Me’ (London BLANX 2).
John Luongo-mixed 111bpm 12in white boys funker starts promisingly in Peech Boys style but then naff spoken vocals spoil it, and unbelievably the instrumental flip lacks the Peech parts.


SHARON REDD: ‘Beat The Street’ (LP ‘Redd Hot’ US Prelude PRL 14106).
Sinnamon’s producer Eric Matthew concentrates too much on creating a hard dry rhythm texture which may be modish but lacks instant happy appeal, although this jittery burbling 117½bpm smacker pinches that “D” Train intro and hence synchs superbly out of Rockers Revenge’s middle bit (Bobby “O” is then great out of it — see later), ‘You’re The One‘ smacks starkly along at 110½bpm with electronic precision but little joy, ‘Never Give You Up‘ sways squidgily at 113bpm, ‘Send Your Love‘ is a purposefully rolling 101bpm chugger, and ‘In The Name Of Love‘ a lush 127bpm rhythm ballad. Not her best, but not bad.

FREDDIE JAMES: ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Love’ (US Artista CP 716).
Tony Green-prod/Tee Scott-mixed powerfully simple strong straight ahead no messin’ 113-112½bpm 12in disco roller builds through nagging vocals in a familiar fashion and mixes sensationally with Odyssey, the 2-track flip’s 112½bpm instrumental version starting electronically in Peech Boys style.

CONWAY & TEMPLE: ‘Love Lights (You Can Lay Your Head On My Shoulder)’ (US Old Town OTXL-1984).
Craftily compulsive well constructed chick ‘n’ chap duetted 110bpm 12in soulful swayer mixes perfectly out of Odyssey (in fact it was this rather than Odyssey which got my floor started on Friday!), the pleasant groove switching into some rap bits before the end. Nice to see the vintage label back, now based in suburban Woodbury rather than on Broadway in New York.

RAFAEL CAMERON: ‘Desires’ (US Salsoul SG 373).
Randy Muller-prod/penned moderately tuneful if loosely strung Stevie Wonder-ishly growled steadily accelerating 113-117bpm 12in swayer, more a mood than a song and very obviously in the Odyssey bag, ends up working into an impassioned sweat and is really rather good despite his new album in general being rather bad.

DAVID McPHERSON: ‘You Can’t Stop!’ (US SAM S-12349).
Shep Pettibone-mixed huskily sung swaying 115bpm 12in jitterer with slinky backing chix while the rhythm and intensity beef up under the smooth veneer until it reaches a rumbling, tapping and scrubbing break. The 2-track flip featuring (of course) an electronically freaky ‘Fierce Instrumental‘ as well as a ‘Traditional Instrumental’. It’s deceptive — my floor got surprisingly frisky while it was on.

BOBBY “O”: ‘Still Hott 4 U’ (US “O” Records OR 718).
Although there’s an ‘I’m So Hot For You‘ vocal A-side, it’s this dynamite rattling and smacking 122bpm 12in instrumental rhythm side that’ll grab most jocks — wild and “fierce” with flutter echo and all the trendy trimmings. It vari-synchs sensationally (and I mean, sensationally!) through Sharon Redd’s ‘Beat The Street’.

MIGHTY FIRE: ‘Just A Little Bit’ (LP ‘Mighty Fire’ US Elektra E1-60104).
Fairly mundane funk set serviced to DJs by Fred Dove (hence chart mentions), redeemed by this one gently twiddling attractive 98bpm jogger, much better than the dull funky 122bpm ‘Heavy Rotation‘, 115bpm ‘Start It Up‘, 112bpm ‘Sixth Street‘ — the group also have a new 12in, not on LP, ‘Take It To The Hoop — L.A. Lakers‘ (US Elektra 0-69900), a sparse c.126bpm funk smacker about basketball and their local team heroes.

HOWARD JOHNSON: ‘Say You Wanna’ (LP ‘Keepin’ Love New’ US A&M SP-4895).
I still think the ex-Niteflyte lead singer is too carefully controlled and quite frankly rather dull on this very samey set from Evelyn King’s production team, the only advantage in this 113-112-113-112bpm track being that it not surprisingly mixes perfectly with ‘So Fine’, ‘I’m In Love’, etc.

PATRICK COWLEY featuring SYLVESTER: ‘Do Ya Wanna Funk’ (US Megatone MT 102).
Sylvester is in ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ voice on this very similar 130bpm 12in synth and drumkit backed pounder, well done but now dated for all except Cowley’s camp followers.

DAVID SANBORN: ‘Rush Hour’ (LP ‘As We Speak’ US Warner Bros 1-23650).
The jazz saxist’s specialist convoluted c.116-112-116bpm instrumental burbler and moodier c.105bpm ‘Port Of Call‘ are naturally being charted by some jocks because, well, it’s David Sanborn. Real dance appeal is low even if the music’s OK.

PIECES OF A DREAM: ‘We Are One’ LP (US Elektra 60142).
Down tempo jazz apart from the last cut each side, The chix-sung jittery 109bpm ‘Yo Frat’ half-stepper and ‘Mt. Airy Groove‘, a slow 107bpm instrumental smacker starting with the currently trendy back-tracking beat effect.

LAURICE HUDSON: ‘Feel My Love’ (US Snowflake SDS 505).
Familiar sounding Maxine Singleton-ish lurching c.116bpm 12in midtempo rolling smacker, sung by a lady with an “L”, just lacks that vital magic spark.

GERALD MALLORY: ‘Lay It Down On Me’ (US Prelude PRL D 627).
Smoothly crooned intensifying c.125bpm 12in jitteringly tugging chugger, breaking only in the North-West (where they tend to chart anything that’s out).

THE SYSTEM: ‘It’s Passion’ (US Mirage DM 4837).
Synth heavy ponderously repetitive c.115bpm 12in instrumental smacker, which Peter Powell likes.

BRENDA JONES: ‘My Heart’s Not In It’ (US Wave DL 1215).
CM Lord co-prod/penned soulfully wailed emphatic c.113bpm 12in lurching thudder with lots of presence and bass synth.

BT (BRENDA TAYLOR): ‘You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It Too’ (US After Hour Records AHR 4100).
Purposeful c.112bpm 12in chunderer with insistent chaps behind wailing BT.

GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE: ‘The Message’ (US Sugarhill SH-584).
Rather good interestingly natural to begin with slow thudding c.110bpm 12in rap about hard times.

RICH LITTLE: ‘President’s Rap’ (US Boardwalk NB9-99901).
Ronald & Nancy Reagan impersonations (with applause) over the c.100bpm 12in ‘Genius Of Love’ riff, not very funny unless you’re in tune and in America.

ORANGE KRUSH: ‘Action’ (US Prep Street PSR-001).
Trendy electro beats, Cheri chipmunk voices and rapping soulful chick all weaving together at a slow c.106bpm 12in funk pace.

GLASS: ‘Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat’ (US West End WES-22145).
Trendy Peech-ish introed chix wailed c.112bpm 12in jolter. Instrumental flip.

VARIOUS: ‘Disco Breaks On The Double‘ LP (Dutch Rams Horn 2-6002).
Double album of recent (but not new) full length 12in material, half reasonable / half gay, all mixed and including yet another ‘You’re The One For Me’ phasing out of ‘Hit ‘N’ Run Lover’.

ROCK CANDY: ‘I Got Love’ (US Profile PRO-7009).
Tee Scott-mixed chick-sung chunkily tugging dull c.111bpm 12in jogger.

WYND CHIMES: ‘Checkin’ Out Your Stuff’ (US RCA PD-13249).
Guys yowled rumbling monotonous c.117bpm 12in snicker.

HI-RISE: ‘Funky Nite’ (US Hi-Smoke HSM 1000).
Heavy slow c.106bpm 12in funk in three different versions.

JAY W McGEE: ‘When We Party’ (Canadian Scorpio DK 82-01).
Stevie Wonder-ish chix supported clean c.120bpm 12in rumbling thudder, Jay’s name not actually being printed as the artist, oddly.

EASY GOING: ‘Go Away Little Girl’ (Italian Delirium DLM M25965).
Flowing c.118bpm 12in chugger with synthetic strings, not the old song.

DEE DEE WOP: ‘Get Off My Cloud’ (Canadian Rio RIO 39).
Exaggeratedly English accented chick talks through the Stones oldie over a thudding c.112bpm 12in beat.

TERRI GONZALEZ: ‘Born A Winner’ (US Becket BKD-510).
Ponderous slow tugging c.99bpm 12in thudder.

BARRY WHITE: ‘Change’ (US Unlimited Gold 4Z9-03051).
A striking start then dips disastrously before Barry hollers a c.131bpm 12in smacker about a change being needed. Indeed.

SOUND TROUPE: ‘Can You Really See Me’ (US SAM S-12348).
Chaps ‘n’ chix sung deliberately jolting slow c.116bpm 12in jiggler.

TOM COLLINS: ‘Do It’ (US URSA 12UA-100).
Vocally varied butch guy/chix interplaying bumpily jiggling c.121-122bpm 12in thudder.

CHERYL LYNN: ‘Instant Love’ (US Columbia 44-02914).
Dull jerky c.120bpm 12in tumbler.

UK Disco Top 90 – July 24, 1982

01 01 Larry Graham – Sooner Or Later (Inst) / (Vocal) – Warner Bros 12”
02 02 Odyssey – Inside Out – RCA 12”
03 04 Shalamar – A Night To Remember / Remix – Solar 12”
04 03 Blue Feather – Let’s Funk Tonight / Club Instrumental – Mercury 12”
05 05 Temptations/Rick James – Standing On The Top – Motown 12”
06 13 Imagination – Music And Lights – R&B 12”
07 08 Second Image – Star / Sambolic – Polydor 12”
08 06 Stevie Wonder – Do I Do – Motown 12”
09 07 Rick James – Dance Wit’ Me – Motown 12”
10 15 ‘D’ Train – Keep On / You’re The One For Me (Reprise) – Epic 12”
11 11 Fatback – She’s My Shining Star / On The Floor – US Spring LP
12 16 Narada Michael Walden – You Ought To Love Me – Atlantic 12”
13 09 Patrice Rushen – Number One / I Was Tired Of Being Alone / The Funk Won’t Let You Down – Elektra 12”
14 12 Howard Johnson – So Fine – US A&M 12”
15 10 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby – Ze 12”
16 19 Dazz Band – Let It Whip – Motown 12”
17 17 Candela – Love You Madly – Arista 12”
18 20 Sinnamon – Thanks To You – Becket 12”
19 14 Dennis Brown – Love Has Found Its Way – A&M 12”
20 21 Cheri – Murphy’s Law – Polydor 12”
21 34 Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine – US Streetwise 12”
22 28 ‘D’ Train / France Joli / Sharon Redd / Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day / Secret Weapon – You’re The One For Me / Gonna Get Over You / Can You Handle It / Come Let Me Love You / Must Be The Music (Remixes) – Epic LP
23 24 Change – The Very Best In You – London 12”
24 18 Atlantic Starr – Circles – A&M 12”
25 26 BLT – Tighten It Up – US Gold Coast 12”
26 29 McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night – Capitol 12”
27 33 Valentine Brothers – Money’s Too Tight – US Bridge 12”
28 23 Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top / Hang Tight – RCA 12”
29 31 Diana Ross – Work That Body – Capitol 12”
30 47 Jesse Green – Nice And Slow (US Remix) / Come With Me – Excaliber 12”
31 30 Linx – Plaything – Chrysalis 12”
32 50 Forrrce – Keep On Dubbin’ / Keep On Dancin’ – US West End 12”
33 36 Narada Michael Walden – Summer Lady / I’m Ready / Confidence / Safe In My Arms – Atlantic LP
34 39 Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait / Dub Mix – US West End 12”
35 58 Junior – Too Late (Remix) – Mercury 12”
36 25 Junior – Mama Used To Say (US Remix)– Mercury 12”
37 27 Redd Hott – Ecstacy – US Venture LP
38 35 Shock – Electrophonic Phunk / That’s A Lady – US Fantasy LP
39 57 Bobby McFerrin – Dance With Me / Moondance – Elektra Musician LP
40 52 Leon Ware – Why I Came To California / Slippin’ Away / Can I Touch You There – US Elektra LP
41 NE Deodato – Happy Hour / Sweet Magic / Night Cruiser – Warner Bros 12”
42 59 Jeffrey Osborne – I Really Don’t Need No Light – A&M 12”
43 44 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon – Ze 12”
44 67 Deodato – Keep On Movin’ – US Warner Bros LP
45 46 Sly Cabell – Feelin’ Fine – US Salsoul 12”
46 41 Heatwave – Lettin’ It Loose / Mind What You Find – Epic 12”
47 64 Thunderthumbs & The Toetsenman – Freedom / Freedom A Gogo – Polydor 12”
48 48 High Fashion – Feelin’ Lucky Lately – Capitol 12”
49 43 Jerome – (I’m Into) Your Love – RCA 12”
50 53 Rick James – Money Talks / Throwdown / Hard To Get / 69 Times – Motown LP
51 56 Gunchback Boogie Band – Funn (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
52 61 Feel – Let’s Rock (Over And Over Again) / Instrumental – US Sutra 12”
53 54 Dunn & Bruce Street – Shout For Joy – US Devaki 12”
54 60 Boys Town Gang – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – ERC 12”
55 32 Al McCall – Hard Times / Instrumental – US West End 12”
56 45 Shakatak – Streetwalkin’ / Go For It – Polydor 12”
57 79 Afrika Bambaataa/Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock – US Tommy Boy 12”
58 62 Manu Dibango – Waka Juju – French CRC LP
59 40 A Taste Of Honey – We’ve Got The Groove / Diamond Real – Capitol LP
60 NE Aretha Franklin – Jump To It – US Arista 12”
61 38 Majik – You Gotta Get Up – US Gold Coast 12”
62 68 Mighty Fire – Just A Little Bit / Heavy Rotation / Sixth Street / Sweet Lady – US Elektra LP
63 69 Sugarhill Gang – The Lover In You / Instrumental – US Sugarhill 12”
64 89 Passion – Don’t Stop My Love – US Prelude 12”
65 70 Chris Hunter – Moody / Keep This One In Tune – Polydor 12”
66 84 Bohannon – The Party Train / What Is A Dream – US Phase II LP
67 73 Freeez – One To One – Beggars Banquet 12”
68 55 Ritchie Family – I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby) – US RCA 12”
69 NE Zapp – Dance Floor / A Touch Of Jazz – Warner Bros LP
70 NE Freddie James – Don’t Turn Your Back On Love – US Arista 12”
71 77 The LIVE Band – A Chance For Hope – US TSOB LP
72 83 Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Instrumental) – US Uno Melodic 12”
73 NE Irene Cara – Fame – RSO 12”
74 66 Rose Royce – Best Love (Remix) – Epic 12” promo
75 74 Billy Griffin – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain / Be With Me – US Columbia LP
76 NE Kool & The Gang – Big Fun – De-Lite 12” promo
77 78 Trilark – Love Never Looked Better (Instrumental) – US Handshake 12”
78 63 Atlantis – Keep On Movin’ And Groovin’ / Instrumental – US Chaz Ro 12”
79 RE ABC – The Look Of Love (Pts. 1/3/2) – Neutron 12”
80 42 Roy Hamilton – Take Your Time (Instrumental) – White Label 12”
81 51 Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose (Remix) – US Sutra 12”
82 RE David Christie – Saddle Up – KR 12”
83 71 Lisa Hill – I Am On The Real Side – US Cherry Hill 12”
84 88 Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat – US Vanguard 12”
85 NE Patrick Boothe – Never Knew Love Like This Before – Streetwave 12”
86 RE Larry Graham – Dont Stop When You’re Hot / Easy Love / You’re My Girl – Warner Bros LP
87 NE Gino Soccio – It’s Alright / Remember – US Atlantic RFC LP
88 NE Sharon Redd – Beat The Street / You’re The One / Never Give You Up – US Prelude LP
89 85 Heatwave – The Blg Guns – Epic LP
90 80 David Sanborn – Rush Hour / Port Of Call – US Warner Bros LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Roundtree: ‘Hit On You’ (Aria 12in)
Kevin Toney: ‘Special K’ / ‘Spread The Word’ / ‘Red Tape’ (US Fantasy LP)
Magic Lady: ‘Give It Up’ (US A&M LP)
Pieces Of A Dream: ‘Mt. Airy Groove’ / ‘Don’t Be Sad’ (Elektra LP)
Shakatak: ‘Bitch To The Boys’ (Polydor LP)
Pigbag: ‘The Big Bean’ (Y 12in)
Dance Reaction: ‘Disco Train’ / ‘Train Sound’ (Carrere 12in)
Conway & Temple: ‘Love Lights’ (US Old Town 12in)
LJ Reynolds: ‘Special Effects’ (US Capitol 12in)
Bob James: ‘Spunky’ / ‘Shamboozie’ (Tappan Zee LP)
Mezzoforte: ‘Shooting Star’ (Steinar 12in)
Funkapolitan: ‘Run Run Run (Instrumental)’ (London 12in)

Nightclub Chart:

01 02 The Look Of Love (Pts. 1/3/2) – ABC – Neutron 12”
02 01 Inside Out – Odyssey – RCA 12”
03 04 I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
04 03 Work That Body – Diana Ross – Capitol 12”
05 18 Fame – Irene Cara – RSO 12”
06 07 A Night To Remember – Shalamar – Solar 12”
07 05 Music And Lights – Imagination – R&B 12”
08 13 Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran – EMI 12”
09 12 Do I Do – Stevie Wonder – Motown 12”
10 14 Murphy’s Law – Cheri – Polydor 12”
11 08 Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band – Mercury
12 09 Mama Used To Say (US Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
13 11 Torch – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
14 10 Forget Me Nots – Patrice Rushen – Elektra 12”
15 22 Night Train (Dance Mix) – Visage – Polydor 12”
16 16 Let’s Funk Tonight – Blue Feather – Mercury 12”
17 29 Da Da Da – Trio – Mobile Suit Corporation 12”
18 06 Happy Talk – Captain Sensible – A&M 12”
19 35 Shy Boy – Bananarama – London 12”
20 24 Sooner Or Later – Larry Graham – Warner Bros 12”
21 15 Standing On The Top – Temptations/Rick James – Motown 12”
22 19 Iko Iko – Natasha – Towerbell
23 17 Fantasy Island – Tight Fit – Jive 12”
24 45 Stool Pigeon – Kid Creole – Ze 12”
25 25 Dance Wit’ Me – Rick James – Motown 12”
26 20 Only You / Situation – Yazoo – Mute 12”
27 21 Save Your Love For Me / Magic Fly – Space – Metropolis 12”
28 56 Keep On – “D” Train – Epic 12”
29 60 Let It Whip – Dazz Band – Motown 12”
30 46 Lettin’ It Loose – Heatwave – Epic 12”
31 33 House Of Fun – Madness – Stiff
32 40 Going To A Go Go – Rolling Stones – EMI
33 61 Star – Second Image – Polydor 12”
34 57 Streetwalkin’ – Shakatak – Polydor 12”
35 51 No Regrets – Midge Ure – Chrysalis
36 26 Grace – The Band AKA – Epic/Streetwave 12”
37 32 Goody Two Shoes – Adam Ant – CBS
38 44 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
39 62 The Very Best In You – Change – London 12”
40 27 I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow – RCA 12”
41 43 The Meaning Of Love – Depeche Mode – Mute 12”
42 41 Club Country – Associates – Associates 12”
43 49 A Way You’ll Never Be / Love Cascade (Dance Mix) – Leisure Process – Epic 12”
44 34 Circles – Atlantic Starr – A&M 12”
45 31 I’ve Never Been To Me – Charlene – Motown
46 — Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) – EMI 12”
47 54 Love Has Found Its Way – Dennis Brown – A&M 12”
48 55 Beatles Movie Medley – Beatles – Parlophone
49 47 Space Age Love Song – A Flock Of Seagulls – Jive
50 36 Girl Crazy – Hot Chocolate – Rak
51 28 (I’m Into) Your Love – Jerome – RCA 12”
52 — Too Late (US Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
53 39 What / Memorabilia – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
54 63 I’m Afraid Of Me – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
55 38 Avalon – Roxy Music – EG/Polydor
56 50 Love Buzz (Remix) / Dancin’ The Night Away – Voggue – Mercury 12”
57 53 White Wedding – Billy Idol – Chrysalis LP
58 — Margate – Chas & Dave – Rockney
59 48 No Way Out / Dancing In The Street – UK Players – A&M 12”
60 64 Plaything – Linx – Chrysalis 12”
61 — Number One / The Funk Won’t Let You Down / I Was Tired Of Being Alone – Patrice Rushen – Elektra 12”
62 65 Der Kommissar (Remix) – ATF – CBS 12”
63 — Videotheque – Dollar – WEA
64 — Miss Attractive – Victor Romero Evans – Epic 12”
65 — Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Mercury 12”


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:
Yazoo 125½f, Cliff Richard 112f, Elkie Brooks 0-27-55-0r, The Firm 129f, Randy Edelman 0-46f, Belle Stars 0-89/188f, Chas & Dave 146c, Gary US Bonds 109-111-113f, Scorpions 152-153f, The Fixx 60-120-123-0r.


So many records have been hitting the Breakers purely on the strength of play in gay discos that it seems timely to list the specifically gay club hits on their own. Now that there’s more room, as promised, this could be a regular feature provided we get enough regular chart returns.

01. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
02. Love Pains – Yvonne Elliman – US Moby Dick 12”
03. Inside Out – Odyssey – RCA 12”
04. Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight – Lime – US Prism/Canadian Uniwave/Matra 12”/German Polydor LP
05. Rain – Goombay Dance Band – Epic 12” promo
06. Give Me Just A Little More Time – Angela Clemmons – Portrait 12”
07. (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up – Roni Griffith – Vanguard 12”
08. Stormy Weather – Viola Wills – US Sunergy 12”
09. Mama Told Me – Fantastique – Canadian Rio 12”
10. Passion – Flirts – Canadian Unidisc 12”
11. Sing Sing Sing – Charlie Calello Orchestra – US Profile/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
12. I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby – Kid Creole – Ze 12”
13. Do I Do – Stevie Wonder – Motown 12”
14. Torch – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
15. Da Da Da – Trio – Mobile Suit Corporation 12”
16. Don’t Come Crying To Me – Linda Clifford – US Capitol LP
17. Work That Body – Diana Ross – Capitol 12”
18. Keep On – “D” Train – Epic 12”
19. I Like Plastic – Marsha ‘Delite’ Raven – Red Bus 12”
20. It’s Alright / Who Dunnit? – Gino Soccio – US Atlantic RFC LP

4 thoughts on “July 24, 1982: Kool & The Gang, Patrick Boothe, Keni Burke, Sharon Redd, Freddie James, first gay club chart”

  1. With his description of Pieces Of A Dream “Mt. Airy Groove” as “starting with the currently trendy back-tracking beat effect”, I think we have James’s first mention of scratching! And in what really does feel like a pivotal month, with the sound of dance music mutating at a rapid pace, we also have the first mention of Grandmaster Flash “The Message”.


  2. And the first appearance (in the pop dance chart) of that perennial of mainstream nightclubs and wedding discos of the next 35+ years Come on Eileen.


  3. This weeks column is filled with fascinating cultural references. Wrath of Khan, Blade Runner- “I have seen the likely reality of 21st Century on Earth”… and here we all are looking back at 1982 with more than a hint of nostalgia! An almost casual throwaway mention of Grandmaster Flash “The Message”. Another significant cultural moment is the publication of a Gay Club Chart in a mainstream music mag.


    1. And of course Vangelis’s legendary Blade Runner soundtrack became such a famous part of the post 1988 dance culture.


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