June 11, 1983: Canute, George Benson, Michael Wycoff, Wickett, Electric Mind


ISLEY BROTHERS ‘Between The Sheets’ on UK 12in hopefully in a fortnight will have vocal and instrumental versions on the A-side, flipped by a medley of the old ‘Summer Breeze/That Lady/Harvest For The World’ — is that hot?! . . . Fatback’s fabulous ‘Is This The Future?’ is now on import 12in (US Spring SPR-12-411) in its original album form, flipped by a drastic remix which to accustomed ears ruins the track with sax spoiling the intro and all sorts of other groove disrupting stuff . . . Shalamar take their admiration of all things Anglo to ludicrous lengths on their ‘Dead Giveaway‘ newie, which is 149bpm pure pop and not disco or soul at all . . . Phonogram have put on promo only a Kool & The Gang ‘Ladies Night — ’83 Remix‘ to help plug the ‘Twice As Kool’ album — with a brand new intro and some “hey hey lady” additions it’s now a significantly different 113(intro)-110-111-112-115-112-115-114-117bpm . . . Polydor plan to release Advance in July — question is, will anyone even remember it then? . . . TMT have spiced into Status IV a bit of Toney Lee ‘Reach Up’ for 12in release soon — hopefully it’ll strengthen floor response as excellent vocals apart and chart placing notwithstanding, the beat at the moment doesn’t in honesty really grab ’em . . . Richard Jon Smith’s newie later this month will have a free cassette given with the first 5,000 copies, containing a 28:20-long medley of all his singles which I put together last week — ‘Baby’s Got Another/Stay With Me Tonight/Keep On Walkin’ Out That Door/Don’t Go Walkin’ Out That Door/She’s The Master (Of The Game)/This Is The Moment/Love Is What I’m After’ — the actual 4-track 12in being three versions of the 113bpm ‘She’s The Master (Of The Game)‘ (stupid title and, although it grew on me with familiarity, weakest of them all to my mind) plus the much stronger “ooh aah” punctuated 112¾bpm ‘Love Is What I’m After‘ (Jive JIVE T 38) . . . Alan Coulthard as you may have gathered has been busy creating special superstar megamixes for the now flourishing Disco Mix Club, brainchild of Tony Prince who actually quit his executive role at Radio Luxembourg to concentrate on this new concept, which as a recent advertisement revealed, supplies subscribing DJs/club managers (no general public allowed) with monthly packages of three cassettes and a good little DJ magazine, the cassettes (every individual track pre-cued by a jingle stab) divided up with one containing the Coulthard material — a superstar megamix (Michael Jackson, Imagination I’ve heard so far), a pop dance mix, and a funk disco floorfiller mix marathon — and then two containing a wide range of brand new dance records verbally identified by Prince: so, given a brace of cassette decks and your own microphone to cover any hiccups, you need never buy an actual record again! (details on 06286-63227) . . . I only recently was given the Disco Mix Club packs, and had held back on commenting about the scheme obviously until having the chance to judge it myself . . . Alan’s Michael Jackson mix was recently pressed in vinyl by CBS for distribution to record dealers as a promo only, one copy each, definitely not for sale — which seems pretty silly, as there’s guys out there forcing their grannies into white slavery to raise enough money to maybe bribe their local shop manager into slipping it under the counter (£50 is the oft quoted going offer, in fact)! . . . CBS’s distribution/pressing set up was on strike last week, causing aggro for record dealers and all the other CBS-distributed/pressed labels like Virgin and WEA — with shortages in the shops, a lot of hits will appear to dip in this week’s pop chart, and newies like I Level won’t even get started . . . Morgan Khan’s ‘Street Sounds — Edition 4‘ has been another worry for record dealers, as customers have stopped buying the featured singles while waiting for the budget priced album’s release — it’s got Sunfire ‘Young Free And Single’ / Mtume ‘Juicy Fruit’ / Gladys Knight ‘Overtime’ / “D” Train ‘Music’ / Maze ‘Love Is The Key’ / First Light ‘Daybreak’ / Class Action ‘Weekend’ / Forrest ‘Feel The Need’ / Luther Vandross ‘Sweetest One’ / Lenny White ‘Didn’t Know’ / Ingram ‘Groovin’ On A Groove’ / C.O.D. ‘Bottle/Smurf Megamix’ all full 12in versions, all for £2.43 (STSND 004) — could it be just too good for its own health? . . . Soul On Sound were still only paying me the same as when they started for my preview mix medleys and I decided for the amount of work involved it really wasn’t enough — so on the latest edition you’ll find a lot of rhythm breaks strung together by Xenon’s Peter Romer instead . . . Edgbaston’s Faces French club chain looks like adding two new venues later this year, and DJ boss Steve Dennis is checking out potential jocks by giving them guest spots at Faces — apply to him on 021-643 9433 weekday afternoons . . . Al Jarreau’s ‘Mornin’ video must’ve cost a fortune, he’s totally incorporated into a brand new but nostalgically old fashioned fully animated cartoon! . . . Tania Maria returns to London with her own group for a show at the Dominion on July 17 (box office 01-580 9562) . . . Chris Bangs revives the legendary Rio venue at Didcot Hadden Hill) this and every Friday now, promising a jazzy bias, aided by Gino . . . Martin Collins, Brother Louie, Ralph Tee & Shaun James get out the tackle this Friday too (10) at Aylesbury Civic Centre (Aston Hall), in aid of spina bifida . . . Fatman Graham Canter, now manager at Soho’s Le Beat Route, starts from this Friday selling all standard spirits for 50p a shot, all night every night! . . . Haringey Bolts annual National Gay Disco Dancing Championships currently through June has heats at boys town venues all over mainland Britain, culminating in the final at Bolts on July 1 . . . Miquel Brown meanwhile continues her boys town tour through Derby Gossips (Thur 9), Newcastle Rockshots (Fri), Edinburgh Fire Island (Sat), Birmingham Nightingales (Tues), Bristol Oasis (Wed), Oxford Coven (Thur 16) . . . Mary Wells is live at Mayfair Gullivers on Wednesday (15) . . . Millie Jackson on telly last week certainly showed fitting contempt for the candyfloss sentiments of ‘My Man A Sweet Man’, her only UK hit (for one week at 50 in 1972) — so why did she feel obliged to perform it (funny though her treatment was)? . . . I was watching at home, unfortunately with my mother, who kept saying “She isn’t black, I mean not really BLACK”, and “This isn’t soul music is it?” — no, not much, Ma! . . . Russ Winstanley has compiled a little ‘Wigan Casino Story’ booklet, available by post for 56p from him at Tiffanys, Standishgate, Wigan — or for 40p over the counter there at the allniter this Fnday (10) . . . North West DJ Association’s mobile-orientated disco exhibition is this Sunday (12) at Stockport’s Belgrade Hotel, Dialstone Lane, 11am-5pm . . . Maurice Bransfield of Moonfleet Records at 169 Clapham High Street, London SW4 infos that the recently mentioned Lee Lynch ‘Famous Shamus‘ is on Blue Angel (BA 001) and available from the shop’s huge stock of Irish records — they also do lotsa oldies, party stuff for mobiles, and all the current funk/dance stuff including imports . . . Huddersfield’s group called Galaxy have become Brazelia, with a self titled ‘Brazelia’ fast c.128bpm percussive instrumental samba flier on Broad Star 7in — however, Tony Monson on the radio said he had a 12in, so could someone get one to me please? . . . Paul Major, now ensconced at Hinckley Bubbles, has finally found an outlet for his voluminous jottings by turning them into a ‘Polly Promotions’ house mag for the Mecca disco chain . . . Gary Oldis dropped his Bee Jays nights in Darlington to concentrate on just the Bee Jays Country Club at Aycliffe . . . Cosmic seems increasingly busy with gigs now including three nights at Basildon New Yorker/Liberties, where for some reason he calls the Monday teen scene “Zit Night”! . . . Sean Brett, at Heywood Vickys every Sunday, has just added Mondays with Ricky Patrick at Bury Peelers . . . Kev Edwards & Baz Williams now soul Preston Clouds Tudor Room every Tuesday . . . Manchester’s Mike Shaft apparently hasn’t the necessary to launch his new mag ‘Groovin’ just now — or is that ‘NOW’? . . . Arthur Baker, hot New Yorker producer/mixer, turns out against probably most peoples mental image to be white, short, 26, with long dark hair and beard — not that there’s anything wrong with that! . . . Michael Jackson’s new 12in is not flipped by his original ‘Rock With You’ but disappointingly by The Jacksons’ live 121-120-0bpm version — which is OK in fact . . . Finis Henderson ‘School Girl’ ain’t as fast as all that (1125bpm printed last week!), it’s only 115bpm, while soul stars visiting Anglesey’s Minnies can probably double-up PAs at Bodelwydan Poppeys, 40 miles away (any week!) . . . 12in imports in the past fortnight that seemed less than essential were by Stone (be warned!), Skyy, Futura, Attitude, Brutus, Newcleus, Earons, Pamela Nivens, electro ones by Midnight Star, Private Sector, Brian & Zan, Little Toni Marsh, and an interesting sort of ‘Let’s Twist Again’ idea in the shape of Chase ‘Back To Funky Town‘ (US Central Park 12in) by ‘Funky Town’s original Lipps Inc producer; LP imports included soulful Anita Baker (Beverly Glen Music), GC Cameron (Malaco), plus disappointing Phyllis Hyman (Arista), predictable Chuck Mangione (US Columbia), duff One Two Three (Prelude), Strangers (Salsoul) . . . Gullivers resident Graham Gold about turns on I Level, he thinks the B-side is nice but this time rates the new A-side as “awful” — ooh, what will Pete Tong say? . . . Phil Mitchell at Newcastle Julies was surprised that visiting Harlem Globetrotters hadn’t even heard of Maze . . . Camberley’s Frenchies club incidentally had its 6th birthday last week . . . Midnite not surprisingly now want paying for PAs: while leaving a PA at Epping Forest Country Club a huge fight broke out in the car park and their van was badly damaged — and then at London’s Busbys new singer Carla suddenly realised that the dance troupe on stage were using her handbag as a prop, minus her purse and 50 quid . . . remember, LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


CANUTE: ‘Turn It Up’ (Loose End Records LET 106, via MCA)
Linx’s one-time guitarist has an unusual husky sorta shouting vocal style which sounds distinctively different (slightly “D” Train) on an incredibly infectious pounding remorseless 118½bpm 12in smacker — all about turning up the music as loud as it’ll go in defiance of authority! — set to this great driving beat that just don’t quit, and which is more blatantly electronic on the (co-writer) Roy Hamilton-ish instrumental flip. This really struts!

GEORGE BENSON: ‘Feel Like Making Love’ (LP ‘In Your Eyes’ Warner Bros 92-3744-1)
The quality laden Arif Mardin-produced set starts with its immediate smash killer, Roberta’s classic taken at an easy 112bpm backbeat (great with Dick Smith ‘Sunny’), the other instant standout being the acappella harmony introed creamily thrumming 102bpm ‘Never Too Far To Fall‘ (with trick pause towards end), there being further news of the Kashif-penned speedy 117½bpm ‘Inside Love’ US single in the review below, while other cuts include the gently harmonised steadily ticking 105bpm ‘Love Will Come Again‘, lush old-style smoochy instrumental 0-68/34-0bpm ‘Being With You’, gradually unfurling delicate 103bpm ‘Use Me’, and a couple of Lionel Richie-ish pop radio ballads.

GEORGE BENSON: ‘Inside Love (So Personal)’ (US Warner Bros 0-20110)
Keeping tabs on Benson’s vinyl configurations gets harder! Here’s the Kashif-penned/co-produced US single now on 12in with — just for a change — a much extended dynamite tripping scat ‘n’ guitar filled 117bpm instrumental remix as A-side, flipped by the suddenly less effective LP length vocal version (plus of course ‘In Search Of A Dream’!). It’s hot!

MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘Tell Me Love’ (LP ‘On The Line’ US RCA AFL1-4563)
Streaking away as biggest import cut of the week, a superb mellow long jittering 105-106bpm soul swayer with ultra-catchy “do you really love me?” call-and-answer hooklines, mixable between ‘All Night Long’ and Terri Wells. Not as Wonder-influenced as earlier efforts, the Webster Lewis-produced set is fine as a whole but this is the hit.

WICKETT: ‘Can’t Get Enough Of You’ (Streetwave WAVEL 4)
Huge on import and rushed out here at such short notice there wasn’t time for a “piggy-back” megamix flip, this great jerkily driving jittery 115bpm 12in staccato chanter has David Joseph / ‘Get Her Crazy’ rhythm and lots happening before it reaches sparser vocodered Smurf effects (original shorter vocal remix flip).

ELECTRIC MIND: ‘Zwei (Dub Version)’ (US Emergency EMDS 6537)
Italian produced electronically driven spacious 117½bpm 12in disco with chirruping trite chix and bursts of Shakatak-ish piano, selling the ‘Pick Me Up (Can We Go)‘ vocal A-side — but for goodness sake flip it for this differently titled harder instrumental version which, terrific, really trucks along and is THE side!

SURFACE: ‘Falling In Love’ (US Salsoul SG 401)
Maddeningly nagging noises’ll hook you to this sweet chick cooed sparsely arranged lightly jaunty 0-112bpm 12in pulsator, with even more of the nice featured flute on its longer instrumental flip (Shep Pettibone mixed).

MONTANA SEXTET: ‘Who Needs Enemies (Club Mix)’ (Virgin VS 600-12)
Plug side here is the acappella chick introed steady spaciously smacking 115bpm ‘Club Mix’ with Whitfield-era Temptations-ish guys counterpointing Nadiyah (the girl) before the best bit, a dynamite vibes break, on just 3-track UK 12in with the other less stark more soulful 115-117-115bpm main treatment and the short 116bpm ‘Friendly Vibes‘ instrumental.

WEEKS & CO: ‘Knock Knock’ (Salsoul SALT 103)
The electrophonic clapping intro slightly spoils an otherwise excellent powerfully galloping 121-121½-121bpm 12in leaper in Brass Construction style with catchy “knock knock/who’s there?/let the/let the who?/let the bassman in”-type call-and-answer fun between Richie Weeks and his supporting chix. For some reason the drab 113bpm ‘Rock Candy‘ is A-side.

ARROW: ‘Hot Hot Hot’ (Chrysalis ARROX 1)
Previously only on expensive import Dynamic LP, this accurately titled ultra infectious 120-119bpm 12in “soca” jumper is hot-hot-hottest of them all with fans of the great happy Caribbean party music, and it’s such jolly summery fun it should have wide appeal — all you need are The Explainer ‘Lorraine‘, Asterisks ‘Darling Cool It‘ (both Sunburn 12in), plus ideally some Bunny Mack oldies to go with it and you’ve got a seething dancefloor.

COLLAGE: ‘Get In Touch With Me’ (US Solar 0-67922)
Nicholas Caldwell-produced slow stately rolling 88bpm 12in thudder like Shalamar at an Imagination tempo, good out of ‘Between The Sheets’, rather nice, and warmest so far up North.

SINNAMON: ‘I Need You Now’ (Jive JIVE T 36)
More soulful though the gruff guy-sung weaving 112½(intro)-114-115-114½bpm 12in A-side thudder may be, it’s the flip’s steady smacking and thundering 115bpm ‘The Fierce Reprise’ electrophonic version which works best and is really exciting.

Creole’s new disco label could get a tickle with this purposefully bumping 103bpm 12in ‘Don’t Stop The Music’-ish jitterer as radio jocks’ll love its incestuous lyric and listeners’ll latch onto Natasha’s catchy little sorta singing giggle vocal tricks (inst flip).

COMATEENS: ‘Get Off My Case’ (LP ‘Pictures On A String’ Virgin V 2267)
The already reviewed on 12in 122bpm title track apart, the only other thing of disco interest on the white New Yorkers set is this terrific frenetically thrashing hard funky 0-118½bpm flier which grooves ‘n grooves ‘n grooves to an abrupt finish. What a 12in this would make! Do investigate.

RENE & ANGELA: ‘When It Comes To Love’ (LP ‘Rise’ US Capitol ST-12267)
The mood wielding vocal duo still overdo the snappy brittleness on a good pacey bright set, best being this chunkily pushing 115bpm thwacker and the drifting soulful 93bpm ‘Can’t Give You Up‘, while there’s an urgent 119bpm title track, 113bpm ‘Take Me To The Limit‘, 128bpm ‘Wait Until Tonight’, 128bpm ‘Keep Runnin’, current Jackson-ish 116bpm ‘Bangin’ The Boogie’ single.

ZOOM: ‘Sexy Sassy’ (LP ‘Blasting Off’ US MCA MCA-5420)
The first MCA album in a while with no Al Hudson connection, yet the one that really sounds like him! My successfully proven hunch that (minus start) this infectious 115bpm old One Way-type chugger would be a killer mix out of Oliver Cheatham made it worth the £6.99, though there’s not much else on it.

INGRAM: ‘Mi Sabrina Tequana’ (LP ‘Would You Like To Fly’ Streetwave WAVLP 001)
As already mentioned, the Ingram family’s earlier 1977 LP’s much sought rattling instrumental 125-126-128-127-132-128-130-127bpm jazz-funk bounder has been twin-packed on bonus free 12in with the first shipment of their excellent new album, on which the only standout dancer not already a commercial 12in is the Peoples Choice-ish energetically churning 121(start)-123bpm ‘Groovin’ On A Groove‘.

SECOND IMAGE: ‘Special Lady’ (Polydor POSPX 599)
You dug the instrumental, now redig it on another 117½-118bpm 12in but with that added extra ingredient — singing. No? And there’s just a weedy emptied out 120½-121½bpm US remix of ‘Star’ as flip.

CENTRAL LINE: ‘Surprise Surprise’ (Mercury MERX 133)
Oh dear — although well made with busy electronic trickery, “genie” effects and probable pop appeal, this 121bpm jolter has a horrible unsympathetic rhythm judged from a soul viewpoint, on 3-track 12in with its 121bpm ‘Surprised (Caught You)’ dub and the old 112bpm Larry Levan US remix of ‘Walking Into Sunshine’.

I LEVEL: ‘Teacher’ (Virgin VS 595-12)
Playground kids introed easily mixable but rather monotonous 111bpm 12in electro tripper with patented vocal sound back in ‘Give Me’ mood, the slower 100/50bpm ‘All My Love‘ flip being a pleasant insubstantial doodle on bass and rhythm box.

TONEY LEE: ‘Love So Deep’ (US Radar RDR-12004)
Disappointing sequel to ‘Reach Up’ even if at a more Status IV mixable tempo, this electronically bumbling 117bpm 12in jittery racer hollers away like before (on the surface) but without getting anywhere as memorable (inst flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – JUNE 11, 1983

01 01 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”
02 02 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – US Epic 12”
03 08 All Night Long / Boys / Prove It – Mary Jane Girls – US Gordy LP
04 03 We Can Work It Out / I Do Love You – Brass Construction – US Capitol LP
05 06 Walkin’ The Line / No Communication / Forever Love – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
06 10 Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) – David Joseph – Island 12”
07 09 Candy Girl – New Edition – London 12”
08 07 Something Special – Steve Harvey – London 12”
09 14 Smoothin’ Groovin’ / DJ’s Delight / DJ’s Delight Medley (Megamix) – Ingram – US Mirage 12”
10 04 Dancing Tight – Galaxy – Ensign 12”
11 24 Use Me Lose Me (Lose Me Use Me) / Instrumental / Reprise Me – Paul Simpson Connection – US Streetwise 12”
12 05 Music / Instrumental – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
13 16 Get Down Saturday Night / Bless The Ladies – Oliver Cheatham – US MCA LP
14 11 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
15 15 Can’t Get Enough Of You – Wickett – US Mr T 12”
16 21 Mornin’ / Roof Garden – Al Jarreau – Warner Bros 12”
17 13 Daybreak / Explain The Reasons / Instrumental – First Light – London Oval 12”
18 19 Didn’t Know About Love (Till I Found You) – Lenny White – US Elektra 12”
19 30 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
20 20 I’m Out To Catch – Leon Haywood – US Casablanca 12”/LP
21 17 Stop And Go – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
22 27 Lady Love Me (One More Time) / Love Ballad – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
23 31 You Make It Heaven – Terri Wells – US Philly World 12”
24 22 Candy Man / Instrumental – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
25 NE Feel Like Making Love / Never Too Far To Fall – George Benson – Warner Bros LP
26 38 Between The Sheets / Choosey Lover – Isley Brothers – US Tneck LP
27 35 It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
28 26 Changing For You / Bottom’s Up – Chi-Lites – US Larc LP
29 42 When You’re Far Away – Gladys Knight & The Pips – US Columbia LP
30 29 You Don’t Know What You Got / Party Mix – Karen Young – Firebird/US Boardwalk 12”
31 25 We Are One / Right On Time – Maze – Capitol LP
32 40 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – US Radar 12”
33 46 Who Needs Enemies / Club Mix – Montana Sextet – Virgin 12”
34 12 Minefield – I Level – Virgin 12”
35 18 Is This The Future – Fatback – US Spring LP
36 NE Tell Me Love – Michael Wycoff – US RCA LP
37 41 Thriller / PYT (Pretty Young Thing) / The Lady In My Life / Baby Be Mine / Human Nature – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
38 23 In The Bottle / Megamix With The Smurf – C.O.D. – Streetwave 12”
39 58 Turn The Music On – Orlando Johnson & Trance – US Easy Street 12”
40 37 Heat You Up (Melt You Down) – Shirley Lites – West End 12”
41 52 Don’t Quit / Pacific Vibes / Felice – Jay Haggard – US Gramavision Inc LP
42 36 Looking At Midnight / Club Mix – Imagination – R&B 12”
43 NE Inside Love (So Personal) / Long Instrumental Version – George Benson – US Warner Bros 12”
44 39 Groovin’ On A Groove – Ingram – US Mirage LP
45 34 Get Her Crazy / Yum-Yum – Nile Rodgers – Atlantic 12”
46 NE I Dub You / We Got The Jazz / I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
47 43 Love’s Gonna Get You – UK Players – RCA 12”
48 83 Can’t Touch Me Anymore / Dub – Strike One – Elite 12”
49 45 Take Me To The Top – Advance – US Polydor 12”
50 48 Does That Ring A Bell – Dynasty – Solar 12”
51 54 Ha-Chica / Remix – Tony McKenzie – US SAM 12”
52 28 Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – Nitelife Dance 12”
53 56 Light Years Away / Dub Version – Warp 9 – Arista 12”
54 67 Peanut Butter / Padlock / Seventh Heaven – Gwen Guthrie – US Island LP
55 NE My Turn To Love You / Fascination – Lenny White – US Elektra LP
56 33 Party On The Corner – Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo – US Salsoul 12”
57 64 Heobah (Hey-O-Bah) – Fonda Rae – US Posse 12”
58 65 The After Six Mix (Juicy Fruit Part II) / Green Light / Hip Dip Skippedabeat / Hips / Ready For Your Love – Mtume – US Epic LP
59 59 Keep Giving Me Love / The Shadow Of Your Smile – “D” Train – Prelude LP
60 49 Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
61 68 I Need You Now / The Fierce Reprise – Sinnamon – US Jive 12”
62 53 Reach Out – George Duke – Epic 12”
63 50 Mr D.J. / Megamix With Ladies Night – Wish – Streetwave 12”
64 61 Hot Number – Anthony Franklin – US Mirage 12”
65 NE Zwei (Dub Version) / Pick Me Up (Can We Go) – Electric Mind – US Emergency 12”
66 78 Knock Knock / Going Out Of My Head – Weeks & Co – US Salsoul LP
67 NE Shoot Your Best Shot – Burgess Gardner – US MCA LP
68 81 Sakhile – Sakhile – South African Moonshine LP
69 76 You’re A Winner / Style / Can’t Help Falling In Love – Cameo – US Atlanta Artists LP
70 NE When It Comes To Love / Can’t Give You Up – Rene & Angela – US Capitol LP
71 70 Step By Step / Love Is Waiting / I Will Be Here For You – Al Jarreau – Warner Bros LP
72 NE I’m The One You’re The One – MCB – US Epic LP
73 71 Smile / Gotta Get Back To Love – Sister Sledge – US Cotillion LP
74 72 Tell Tale Heart – Neil Lockwood – Red Bus 12”
75 NE Is This The Future? (Remix) – Fatback – US Spring 12”
76 NE Let No Man Put Asunder – First Choice – US Salsoul 12”
77 74 Love Is The Key – Maze – Capitol 12”
78 NE Jungle Kitten (Remix) – Manfredo Fest – Bluebird 12”
79 55 If You’re Looking For Fun / Dub – Weeks & Co – US Salsoul 12”
80 79 I Want Love To Find Me / Stay Close – Brenda Russell – US Warner Bros LP
81 66 Live And Learn – Warner – White Label 12” promo
82 NE Get In Touch With Me – Collage – US Solar 12”
83 NE Never Gonna Stop – Midnite – Tivoli 12”
84 NE Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley & The Wailers – Tuff Gong 12”
85 RE Surprise Surprise – Central Line – Mercury 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Surface: ‘Falling In Love’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Toney Lee: ‘Love So Deep’ (US Radar 12in)
Robert Palmer: ‘You Can Have It (Take My Heart)’ (Island 12in)
Crystal Clear: ‘A Rock And A Hard Place’ (US Pretty Pearl 12in)
Push: ‘Midnight’ (Excaliber 12in)
Denise LaSalle: ‘Come To Bed’ (Malaco 12in)
Dick Smith: ‘Sunny’ / ‘Stay With Me Baby’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Gerry Mulligan: ‘Little Big Horn’ (US GRP LP)
Natasha King: ‘AM-FM’ (Ecstasy 12in)
Earl Klugh: ‘Back In Central Park’ / ‘Slow Ride’ / ‘Night Drive’ (Capitol LP)
Arrow: ‘Hot Hot Hot’ (Chrysalis 12in)
Carol Douglas: ‘Got Ya Where I Want Ya’ (US Next Plateau 12in)
Now Horizons: ‘Your Thing Is Your Thing’ (US Columbia 12in)
Paul Haig: ‘Heaven Sent (Instrumental)’ (Les Disques De Crepuscule 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Ladies Night — ’83 Remix’ (De-Lite 12in promo)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Irene Cara 0-123f, Ultravox 34-136-0-34-136f, Rod Stewart 124f, Kajagoogoo 120½f, Imagination 110f, Nick Heyward 131-0c, Shakatak 0-122½f, Orange Juice 109f, Walsh/Richard 0-84f, Billy Fury 0-56½/113-114-116-0r, David Essex 112-0r, Aztec Camera 0-135f (superb guitar!).


01 01 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”
02 03 Candy Girl (Young And Strong Remix) – New Edition – London 12”
03 02 Dancing Tight – Galaxy featuring Phil Fearon – Ensign 12”
04 07 Bad Boys – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
05 04 Beat It – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
06 06 Temptation – Heaven 17 – B.E.F. 12”
07 11 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – Epic 12”
08 05 Let’s Dance – David Bowie – EMI America 12”
09 13 In A Big Country (Pure Mix) – Big Country – Mercury 12”
10 09 Music – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
11 10 Stop And Go – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
12 08 True – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
13 26 Just Got Lucky – JoBoxers – RCA 12”
14 12 Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
15 19 Family Man – Daryl Hall & John Oates – RCA 12”
16 16 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
17 14 Minefield – I Level – Virgin 12”
18 25 Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) – David Joseph – Island 12”
19 15 Twist (Round ‘N’ Round) – Chill Fac-Torr – Philly World 12”
20 28 Something Special – Steve Harvey – London 12”
21 45 China Girl – David Bowie – EMI America 12”
22 43 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”
23 16 Thriller / Baby Be Mine / Human Nature / PYT (Pretty Young Thing) / The Lady In My Life – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
24 29 Candy Man – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
25 18 Sex (I’m A . . .) (Instrumental) / (Vocal) / Pleasure Victim – Berlin – Mercury 12”
26 17 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
27 33 Daybreak / Explain The Reasons – First Light – London/Oval 12”
28 39 Walkin’ The Line – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
29 20 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
30 21 (Keep Feeling) Fascination – Human League – Virgin 12”
31 24 Mr D.J. – Wish – Streetwave 12”
32 32 Love’s Gonna Get You – UK Players – A&M 12”
33 23 Blind Vision – Blancmange – London 12”
34 — Looking At Midnight – Imagination – R&B 12”
35 44 Surprise Surprise – Central Line – Mercury 12”
36 22 Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – Nitelife Dance 12”
37 41 Get Her Crazy / Yum-Yum – Nile Rodgers – Atlantic/Mirage 12”
38 40 Reach Out – George Duke – Epic 12”
39 48 Heaven Sent – Paul Haig – Les Disques De Crepuscule 12”
40 34 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
41 — We Came To Dance – Ultravox – Chrysalis 12”
42 — Every Breath You Take – Police – A&M 7”
43 46 Smoothin’ Groovin’ – Ingram – US Montage 12”
44 — Mornin’ – Al Jarreau – Warner Bros 12”
45 47 Situation (Remix) / Nobody’s Diary – Yazoo – Mute 12”
46 — Lady Love Me (One More Time) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
47 50 Why Me – Planet P – Geffen 12”
48 38 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Bill Fredericks – Unigram 12”
49 49 Drivers Seat (Special Re-Mix) – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears – Chiswick 12”
50 — Sex – Paul Young & The Family – CBS 12”

Selections from this chart are played on Radio Luxembourg 208m, 1440Khz between 9 and 11pm on Fridays and 11pm and 1am on Mondays.


01 03 Memory – Menage – Carrere 12”
02 01 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
03 04 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”
04 02 Maybe This Time – Norma Lewis – ERC 12”
05 05 Party – Julius Brown – US West End 12”
06 07 Can We Try Again – Technique – US Arial 12”
07 06 Love Is A Stranger (Remix) / Heart To Heart (Remix) / The Best Of Hot Tracks ’82 – Eurythmics / Twins / Various – US Hot Tracks 12”
08 10 Lady Marmalade – La Mama – German Hansa 12”
09 09 The Night – Azul Y Negro – Spanish Mercury/US Hot Tracks 12” remix
10 08 Shot In The Night – Paul Parker – US Megatone 12”
11 11 These Memories – Oh Romeo – US Bob Cat 12”
12 13 Shake It Up (Remix) – Divine – Dutch Break 12”
13 14 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Bill Fredericks – Unigram 12”
14 16 I’m Alive – American Fade – Proto 12”
15 15 Angel Man (G.A.) – Rhetta Hughes – US Aria 12”
16 12 I Love You So – Manny’s – Canadian DJ 12”
17 17 Got You Where I Want You Babe – Stereo Fun Inc. – Creole 12”
18 18 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling (Remix) – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”
19 19 Megamedley – Patrick Cowley – US Megatone 12”
20 21 Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
21 22 Imagination – Helen Reddy – MCA 12”
22 — El Watusi/La Bamba (Medley) – Rags & Riches – US Casablanca 12”
23 23 Sex (I’m A Slut) – Berlin – Mercury 12”
24 25 Don’t Stop – Sylvester – London 12”
25 26 Music (Instrumental) – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
26 29 Baby Won’t You Dance With Me (Remix) – Vera – Canadian Matra 12”
27 — Crazy Family – Jock Hattle – Italian Market 12”
28 — Lover To Lover – Joe Yellow – Italian Hole 12”
29 — Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”
30=— Souvenirs ’83 – Voyage – US Hot Tracks 12”
30=— Baby Love – C Orchestra – French Carrere 12”
30=— So Excited – Nancy Martinez – Canadian Matra 12”


BRIAN BRINDLE as already mentioned revives such class oldies as ’40s/early ’50s swing, jump, jive, R&B, rock ‘n roll and ’60s soul every Thursday at the ‘Cat Flap’ in Fulham Old Town Hall, getting all the nostalgia-cats flapping on the floor to the likes of these . . .

1. MICKEY’S MONKEY – Miracles
2. LET’S DANCE – Chris Montez
4. LET THE KIDS DANCE – Bo Diddley
6. MONEY – John Lee Hooker
7. FORTUNE TELLER – Benny Spellman
8. CHOO CHOO CH’BOOGIE – Louis Jordan
9. CRY ME A RIVER – Julie London
10. ANYTHING YOU WANNA DO – Marvelettes

3 thoughts on “June 11, 1983: Canute, George Benson, Michael Wycoff, Wickett, Electric Mind”

  1. Ah those fantastic Streetwise albums- for a short while they were the coolest “must have” releases! The pop cultural references to Hill St Blues appearing in James column are just a reminder of what a cool new groundbreaking show it was. I recently sat down to watch a re-run on SKY- wish I hadn’t, unlike the music of 1983 the show hasn’t aged well- so corny! A new George Benson album was an event although this would be the final peak of his career, he would lose ground rapidly after this…


  2. another great week release wise – Surface, George Benson’s Inside Love, Michael Wycoff and Newcleus (Wikki Wikki) which he didn’t even think good enough to review!

    James also announces the Disco Mix Club which put out some top remixes over the years but unfortunately also eventually gave us the awful Mixmag -mentioned here when it was just a couple of sheets to go with the mixes not the glossy monstrosity it turned into in the 90s and which when I started raving again in 1995 after about 5 years away just about summed up everything terrible about that super club era of the mid-late 90s.


    1. I’m sure he’ll get back to Newcleus later. Such a great and different record. That’s what’s missing from music now: Taking chances, and still makin’ it work. Back then you were supposed to be original, now you’re supposed to be anything but, it seems. Anyway, a good stack of imports he didn’t review there with some gems: Futura, Brutus, Earons, Toni Marsh. Pretty good in 1 week! 🙂


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