September 17, 1983: Tom Browne, El Chicano, Guy Dalton, K-9 Corp, Tavares


SUNDAY’S BARBEQUE at Bensons of Henley was held indoors and as usual at such music/disco biz gatherings proved a good meeting place and good fun, attracting such diverse personalities as Capital’s Dave Cash, Luxembourg’s Tony Prince, Steve ‘Jabba’ Walsh, Steve Harvey, Haywoode and a host of local jocks . . . Tony & Christine Prince in fact ended up with their Disco Mix Club colleague Alan Coulthard, Birmingham’s Steve & Ros Dennis and myself back at their house talking through the rest of the night! . . . Steve Dennis, although still jocking two nights there, has just quit his entertainments manager job at Edgbaston’s Faces French to concentrate on more freelance work and welcomes offers (he’s saving up for a yacht!) . . . Pete Tong is now ensconced at Polydor and has opened a new mailing list for “alternative” and soul jocks — written applications only, to Pete at Polydor Records, 14 St George Street, London W1R 9DE . . . Canadian Katie Farmer is the new club plugger at MCA, after originally being brought over here with her sister to work for Pete Waterman’s Loose Ends label . . . Herbie Hancock’s follow-up is indeed ‘Autodrive’ and Level 42’s ‘Micro-Kid’ . . . CBS, with Gary’s Gang and Lew Kirton due soon, have also laid out money for Curtis Hairston here . . . Freeez follow with another much looser Arthur Baker production, ‘Pop Goes My Love‘ / ‘Scratch Goes My Dub’ / ‘No Need For Greed’ on 12in due next week although white labels are evidently already about . . Teena Marie debuts on US Epic 7in with the disappointingly rushed and strident c.125bpm ‘Fix It‘, which hopefully is not typical of the LP . . . Design Communications picked up Divine ‘Love Reaction‘, Elite got C-Bank ‘Get Wet‘ both out soon . . . Pagoda need a new lead singer, sex unspecified although presumably female, for details contact Gregg Knowles on 01-398 2076 . . . Lee Taylor, globetrotting jock just back from Bangkok (try saying that with a mouth full of spaghetti!), wants blonde mixing jockettes interested in working abroad to call him on 01-385 6955 . . . Kev Hill & Chris Tyler kick off Fridays again this week (16) at Chelmsford’s Chancellor Hall with lots of “upfront tackle” (of which there’s currently so much that few can possibly play it all, surely?), Kev also funking Saturdays now at Southend’s Blue Boar in Victoria Avenue — where his opening night had to compete with a live MoR band fulfilling an earlier contract! . . . Brother Louie & Shaun James are jazz-funking Fridays at Leighton Buzzard’s Unicorn Nightclub . . . Brighton sees Andrew Henderson start a weekly soul club this Sunday (18) at the Abinger in King’s Road, with a World Series PA and mystery guest jock (7.30pm, only 50p), while Wednesdays find Andy King & Paul Clark back souling Busbys weekly with regular stellar support . . . Ian Reading notes the passing of summer next Thursday (22) at Southend Zero 6 with free admission for everyone dressed Hawaiian style and 35p spirits before 10pm . . . Gina Lamour joins Tricky Dicky Scanes with the boys at Stratford (E15), The Pigeons this Saturday (17) . . . Adrian Dunbar (Southampton Warehouse), raving about Risque, boldly says it’s so nice to find a Boys Town biggie that Ian Levine didn’t have a hand in! . . . German mixing jock Peter Romer, recently departed from Piccadilly’s Xenon, has ended up midweek at Maidenhead’s Skindles — where he’ll soon start running special “learn to mix” courses for the Disco Mix Club . . . Imagination’s Leee John seems likely to compere the televised Malibu Disco Dance championships instead of Steve Walsh or the more recently mooted Nino, “Ninny” also having just quit compering the nation-touring Miss Wet T-Shirt shows (too much for the lad from Bristol City?!) . . . New York rapper Fab 5 Freddy was rushing around the radio stations last Saturday to plug in rhyme his role in the rap/scratch/bodypop/break/graffitti ‘Wildstyle’ street flick currently showing at London’s ICA, to crowds of local electro fans — check it! . . . Channel 4 at 7.15pm for the next three Sundays should be a must for all serious black music fans interested in soul’s roots, as the ‘I Remember Harlem‘ documentary series started with rare film (and recordings) of amongst others Marcus Garvey, whose ill-fated Black Star Liners in the ’20s were intended to repatriate black people to Africa and directly inspired today’s Rastafarians, and the amazing Cab Calloway who of course is Kid Creole’s chief influence — anyway, the series this Sunday picks up from 1930 and is bound to show much jitterbugging and early break dancing along with all the black swing bands . . . ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Special Version)’ started in the cinema, and now we have a visual “remix” craze with ‘The Godfather’, ‘The Leopard’, ‘A Star Is Born’ — and you can even read ‘The Bible (Edit)!’ . . . Paul Anthony at Wolverhampton’s heaving Eve’s, where local band Tin Tin’s ‘Kiss Me‘ is still the hit that never was, dangles a carrot to all prospective PA artistes — immediately the club closes at 2am he’ll whip ’em onto Beacon Radio for a late night live interview and phone-in with Pete Clements . . . DJs despairing of getting their chart featured on Peter Powell’s ‘Steppin’ Out’ soul show (Radio One 6.10-7pm Mondays) should maybe reapply with their gig details so that they can stay on file to await an eventual phonecall and namecheck . . . Disco and Boys Town chart contributors, please send your latest lists and info NOW as I’ll be going to a wedding in New York next week . . . Dave Rawlings (Basingstoke Martines) must chart everything Fred Dove sends him, 21 of his Top 50 being on WEA (next best CBS and Polygram with 7 each), but only two of these were in his Top 15 — how many dog chocs does that earn? . . . Music Week, the UK trade paper, is full of rumblings from the record industry about reverting to a 7in only chart, which would be a disastrous move for the disco biz — far more to the point, the 12in chart should be dropped because it’s only the existence of such a thing that makes the creative marketing people think they can gain an edge by being competitive in that as well, thus resulting in everything being issued on 12in whether warranted or not . . . I hesitate to speculate how many DJs buy two copies of a record so they can create remixes at their gigs! . . . The B Boys exploded at Birmingham’s Powerhouse alldayer on Sunday, and for hip electro jocks everywhere — don’t forget to combine it with the backing-less B-side of Dolby’s Cube to really freak ’em! . . . I discovered this mix totally by chance while following one with the other on the twin decks at Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre, where word has it that switched on salesperson Paul Mohamed will soon be leaving (shock horror!) . . . Del Richardson is possibly the best instrumental mixer of the moment, and it’s the instrumental flip of Skyy’s remix that’s really hot for me . . . ‘KISS-FM Mastermixes’ LP is of course now on import, while (clarifying last week’s review) Al Jarreau is only 112bpm . . . Morgan Khan is muttering about an all-‘Electro Street Sounds’ series! . . . Sakhile sadly seems too late now for singles success (why did Jive delay it so long?), but Shalamar could just regain their grassroots disco support with ‘Over And Over‘ as follow-up . . . Haywoode’s slender lithe legs must be fuelling a few fantasies at all her many PAs! . . . Chris Britton (Watford Baileys) confesses his new 1.6 Ghia Escort is actually guzzling far more gas than it should at the moment, while poor Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) had his old blue Ford Escort (PKK 827G) plus gear and records nicked from outside a Bank Holiday alldayer at Swindon’s Wiltshire Hotel . . . Paul Major, I thought your low Gwen Guthrie rating was right — didn’t you twig? . . . Mike Jones writes from Kilwinning’s Flicks in Ayrshire that he’s been a disc jokey (sic) for about ten years — it’s the way he tells them! . . . WIKKI WIKKI!


TOM BROWNE: ‘Rockin’ Radio’ (US Arista AS 1 9088)
Trumpeter Tom hip-hops aboard the ‘Rockit’ bandwagon with a powerful Maurice Starr/Michael Jonzun-prod/penned 119bpm electro smacker topped out over muttering vocoder by infrequent bursts of his various sharply stabbing horns. A warning shot on 7in, it’s being rushed this week on 12in.

EL CHICANO: ‘Do You Want Me’ (CBS TA 3722)
1970’s Santana-ish ‘Viva Torado!’ latin-rockers return with a drifting 86bpm 12in harmony chant and organ swayer hinting at old San Francisco flower power in its vocal sound — however, all the soul jocks play its lovely tougher 87bpm organ instrumental flip, which after initial resistance is suddenly catching on fast. Incidentally, Scotland’s Kenny Macleod speed-spins the import at 45rpm so it’s then a slightly distorted but useable 117bpm.

GUY DALTON: ‘Passer La Nuit’ (Mach 1 MAGIC 127, via PRT)
You’ll laugh even more, but this Liverpudlian’s dreadful frantic 134bpm ‘Night People‘ vocal on 3-track 12in has this instrumental version which when played at 33 1/3rpm comes out at a very respectable 99bpm, without distortion — and synched between ‘PIMP The SIMP’ and Active Force it was one of my hottest records of the weekend! You must try it too!

K-9 CORP: ‘Dog Talk’ (Capitol 12CL 307)
Rightly rapid UK release for the great amusingly goofy rap overdub of George Clinton’s ‘Atomic Dog’ using his original 107bpm 12in backing track (and 113bpm instrumental of ‘Man’s Best Friend‘ as flip). Watch me raise my leg — woof!

TAVARES: ‘I Really Miss You Baby’ (LP ‘Words And Music’ US RCA AFL1- 4700)
Excellent subtly powerful 115½bpm soul throbber with catchy piano bits (nice into Del Richardson), far stronger than the 12in-issued 111-110bpm ‘Deeper In Love‘ formula thudder or Leon Sylvers-produced 115bpm ‘Ten To One‘, the solid enough set’s other dancers being a mellow slow 93/46½bpm ‘(You’re) My All In All’, whipping 113-0bpm ‘Caught Short’, routine 120bpm ‘Baby I Want You Back’ and 124bpm ‘Don’t Play So Hard To Get’.

KLIQUE: ‘Stop Doggin’ Me Around’ (LP ‘Try It Out’ US MCA MCA-5442)
Also on 7in and promo 12in, this terrific true to the original catch-in-the-throat 54½bpm revival of the ancient Jackie Wilson slowie is a must for all old-timers and the only good thing by this Shalamar-type but tamer trio. Yet to get their hair cut, they’re merely limp on the loping 115bpm ‘Inside Me‘, clopping 118bpm ‘Honey‘, snapping 113bpm ‘Burning Hot‘, smacking 124bpm ‘Tender Footed’, swaying 117bpm ‘Try It Out’, weaving 90bpm ‘Flashback’.

RADIANCE featuring Andrea Stone: ‘You’re My Number 1’ (US Are ‘n Be RV-002)
Overly squeaky chick chirruped but nicely flowing 118bpm 12in jazz-funk jitterer with good Paulinho Da Costa-type percussion breaks (edit/dub flip), heading high.

VALERIE OLIVER: ‘(GTM) Get The Money’ (US Cyclops CY-905)
Smurf/electro/hip hop and even some song all unsubtly piled into a violent 112½bpm jitterer on 3-track 12in with instrumental and dub, the latter now replacing ‘Nonline’ beneath my Newcleus “wikki wikki” repetitions in the mix.

THE MOTOR CITY CREW: ‘Scratch Break (Glove Style)’ (US Motown 4513MG)
Forget the untidy ‘Let’s Break‘ vocal/instrumental versions on 3-track 12in and head straight for this juddering ‘n scratching 111bpm hip hopper, exciting for mixers though not another B Boys.

BOBBY NUNN: ‘Hangin’ Out At The Mall’ (LP ‘Private Party’ US Motown 6051 ML)
Although the good chunky 112bpm title track thudder is the Prince/Rick James-influenced youngster’s most obvious cut, I’m instead using this lyrically descriptive great stark 113bpm jolter as a killer mix into ‘Cold Blooded’, while the 125½bpm ‘Sex Maniac‘ is blatantly Prince and the 0-118bpm ‘Too Young‘ a ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ crib. First two are hot funk.

VARIOUS: ‘Dance Mix — Dance Hits II‘ LP (CBS DM 2)
Disco Mix Club’s Alan Coulthard luckily started out with strong material to mix into a continuous medley using phasing, doubled-up synchs and edits to restructure much of it along the way (the actual segue points sometimes hiccup in volume), side two building through The SOS Band ‘Just Be Good To Me’ (104-102½bpm), scratch/chop into a much altered Herbie Hancock ‘Rockit’ (111-112), excellent acappella synch into Unique ‘What I Got’ (113), Gladys Knight ‘When You’re Far Away’ (113) closing at the same BPM as side one opens (so get two copies and mix ’em yourself!), with Manhattans ‘Crazy’ (113), NY Skyy ‘Show Me The Way’ (114-115-116-115), Haywoode ‘A Time Like This’ (115-116), O’Jays ‘Put Our Heads Together’ (117bpm).

RUSTY EGAN: ‘The Twilight Zone’ (Warner Bros RUSTY 1T)
Camden Palace’s hero with an excellent spaced out moody 130bpm 12in instrumental update of the old TV series/current movie theme, already getting gay play and sure to hit pop, while his own ‘The Other Side‘ flip is a great 121bpm hip hopper for the black kids up the road at the Electric Ballroom! Double dynamite.

A CERTAIN RATIO: ‘Don’t You Worry About A Thing’ (Factory FAC 72T)
Really good Mongo Santamaria-ish swinging old fashioned latin 0-133-135bpm 12in treatment of Stevie Wonder’s song, actually flip to the ugly angular white boys 120bpm ‘I Need Someone Tonight‘. Recommended.

DESIGNER: ‘Feeling Nice’ (Trindisc TRIN 006, via Jetstar 01-961 4422)
Much talked about and already heard on TV as Channel 4’s Carnival theme, this madly infectious 128bpm 12in soca leaper by the 17 year old winner of Trinidad’s junior calypso contest has intelligent lyrics and enough zest to be the next ‘Hot-Hot-Hot’ (inst ‘Club Mix’ flip).

CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Rock The World!!!’ (De-Lite DEX 13)
Strong powerfully clapping semi-electro 115bpm rap chanter good for mixing, now on 3-track 12in with the smooth lurching 115bpm ‘Heavy Lovin‘, and old cymbal shushed 113-114-113bpm ‘Say A Prayer For Two‘ which sounds pretty irrelevant right now and is clumsily edited into a drastically shortened 124-127bpm ‘Galaxy of Love’.

THE MASTERDON COMMITTEE: ‘Funkbox Party (Live)’ (US Enjoy 6032)
Great noisy call-and-answer party flavour 108-108½bpm 12in electro rap hip hopper, mis-labelled as the “vocal” side becomes instrumental after a while and “instrumental” remains vocal throughout.

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Wet My Whistle’ (Solar E 9798T)
Although this routine 113½bpm Solar smacker is nominal A-side the 3-track 12in flip’s vocodered electro 120bpm ‘Freak-A-Zoid‘ and 122bpm ‘Electricity‘ are the hot cuts it’s selling for.

SHANNON: ‘Let The Music Play’ (US Emergency EMDS 6540)
Selling more for its much better spikily hip hopping thoroughly electro 117bpm 12in instrumental Dub Version, as the slower 0-115bpm vocal A-side is spoilt by a “disco” chick, this could get big for a while.

ARKADE FUNK: ‘Search And Destroy’ (US D.E.T.T. DT-1001)
Smurfs-sung typical but good thudding 115¼-115½-116bpm 12in electro jitterer, with a possibly more powerful instrumental 115¼-115½bpm flip, great for mixing.

G-FORCE: ‘Feel The Force’ (US SMI SM-12-4061)
Starting with synth reminiscent of the telly commercial for Milton Keynes (I think!), this loosely chanted rather untidy 115bpm 12in electro hip hopper cuts through strongest in its instrumental and dub version, mixing well.

MERCY RAY: ‘You Really Got To Me’ (Charisma RAY 12)
Grace Jones-ish good spoken/sung menacing purposeful 112½bpm 12in clonker which really got to me through repeated in-car listening on ‘In Store Music’ cassette (useful electro started 113½bpm inst flip), a bit of a grower.

LONI GAMBLE: ‘Could It Be Love (Remix)’ (Canadian Tracey TR-12-4505)
Presumably not Tony Blackburn in another disguise, this chix-introed slowed-down ‘Searching’-style (0-)117-118-116-118-119-0bpm 12in roller has a soulful chap creating classy atmospheric interplay with the beat and the girls. Worth attention (edit flip).

RIGHEIRA: ‘Vamos A La Playa’ (A&M AMX 137)
La Bionda-produced horribly jolly Spanish-sung totally synthesized see-sawing 128bpm 12in pop bouncer all about going to the beach, kinda like an updated ‘Dancing In The Sun’ and as you doubtless know the big holiday rival to ‘Dolce Vita’ (usefully different dub flip) — don’t be confused by a weedier 129bpm cover version by THE MIAMIS (Carrere CART 290).

GARY’S GANG: ‘Makin’ Music’ (US Radar RDR-12005)
Still recognisably Gary’s Gang but now cleverly with electro backing, this plippety plop c.121bpm 12in jiggler has pop appeal and will be out here soon (inst flip).

FORREST: ‘One Lover (Don’t Stop The Show)’ (CBS TA 3734)
Hustling fast 122bpm 12in canterer, to his credit rather well sung in a thoroughly dated mid-’70s style — which should assure it of hefty Wally support!

“D” TRAIN: ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’ (Prelude TA 3694)
Much recorded by ‘standard’ singers yet amazingly the theme from Burton & Taylor’s 1966 ‘The Sandpiper’ film was never a vocal hit anywhere for anyone — until this rather stolid jolting George Benson-ish (0-)112½bpm 12in treatment (dull 0-119bpm ‘Are You Ready For Me‘ flip).

MOTIVATION: ‘Color Blind’ (De-Lite DEX 12)
Nice enough old fashioned naggingly lurching 115-116-117-118bpm 12in jazz-funk instrumental with suburban mafia support, flipped by the cornily zingy dated Philly-style 124-126bpm ‘Give The Gift Of Music‘ strangulated vocal.


01 01 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – Becket 12”
02 05 Body Work / Instrumental – Hot Streak – Polydor 12”
03 02 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12”
04 06 Show Me The Way (Remix) – New York Skyy – Epic 12”
05 03 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
06 10 Go Deh Yaka – Monyaka – Polydor 12”
07 04 One Mind Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
08 17 A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12”
09 07 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
10 14 Put Our Heads Together (Remix) – O’Jays – US Philadelphia Int 12”
11 19 Just In Time – Raw Silk – West End 12”
12 09 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA International 12”
13 16 Ladies Choice / Love Hassles – Stone City Band – US Gordy LP
14 08 I Think I Want To Dance With You – Rumple-Stilts-Skin – US Heat 12”
15 23 Jingo (Remix) / Jingo Breakdown – Candido – US Salsoul 12”
16 11 Just Be Good To Me – The SOS Band – Tabu 12”
17 12 Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril LP
18 25 Cold Blooded – Rick James – Gordy 12”
19 24 I’m The Packman – The Packman – US Enjoy 12”
20 15 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – US Philadelphia Int 12”
21 60 Keep On Rockin’ / Give Me Your Love / Cold Blooded Lover / Bottom Line – Active Force – US A&M LP
22 — I Want You (All Tonight) – Curtis Hairston – US Pretty Pearl 12”
23 20 Street Justice – The Rake – Streetwave 12”
24 51 Do You Want Me (Instrumental) – El Chicano – US Columbia 12”
25 27 P.I.M.P. The S.I.M.P. – Rick James – US Gordy LP
26 28 Talk To Me – Lew Kirton – US Believe In A Dream 12”
27 39 Rock The World!!! / Heavy Lovin’ – Crown Heights Affair – De-Lite 12”
28 21 Party Time – Kurtis Blow – Mercury 12”
29 — Two, Three, Break – The B Boys – US Vintertainment 12”
30 31 Superstar (Billie Jean) – Lydia Murdock – US Team Entertainment 12”
31 13 The Crown – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
32 30 In And Out / Closer Than Close / Sex Pot – Junior Walker – US Motown LP
33 32 Smooth – Edwin Starr – Calibre 12”
34 62 Show Me The Way (Disconet Remix) / Instrumental – Skyy – Dutch Rams Horn 12”
35 35 All Over Your Face – Ronnie Dyson – US Cotillion 12”
36 49 Dog Talk – K-9 Corp – US Capitol 12”
37 33 Tonight I Celebrate My Love – Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack – Capitol 12”
38 26 The Wildstyle – Time Zone – US CellulOid 12”
39 67 Rainbows (Jazz Remix) – Del Richardson – US Joy Spring 12”
40 40 It’s Cool – Walter Jackson – US Chi-Sound 7”
41 56 Runnin’ (Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
42 38 Autodrive – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
43 59 Color Blind / Give The Gift Of Music – Motivation – US De-Lite LP
44 44 Dr Jam (In The Slam) – Men At Play – Design Communications 12”
45 64 Feel The Force – G-Force – US SMI 12”
46 — You’re My Number 1 – Radiance – US Are ‘n Be 12”
47 47 Let’s Get It Right / Instrumental – Keywi – Virgin 12”
48 22 High Noon – Two Sisters – IRS 12”
49 18 Changing For You / Bottoms Up – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
50 48 Wait Until Tonight (My Love) – Galaxy – Ensign 12”
51 57 Nonline – IMS (International Music System) – US Emergency 12”
52 — Shine On Me (New York Remix) / Didn’t You Know It – One Way – MCA 12”
53 41 You Brought The Sunshine – Clark Sisters – Elektra 12”
54 46 The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
55 — Do You Feel Like I Feel – Raymun – US Clockwork 12”
56 53 I’m Sick And Tired – Larry Graham – Warner Bros 12”
57 50 Falling In Love – Surface – Salsoul 12”
58 82 The Return Of Capt. Rock – Captain Rock – US NIA 12”
59 — I Really Miss You Baby – Tavares – US RCA LP
60 — Confusion / Confusion Beats – New Order – US Streetwise 12”
61 66 What Do We Do – Atmosfear – Chrysalis 12”
62 36 The Key (Instrumental) – Wuf Ticket – US Prelude 12”
63 71 Boogie Down – Al Jarreau – WEA 12”
64 37 (You’re A) Good Girl – Lillo – Capitol 12”
65 73 Rock Your Body / Enjoy Your Day – Hamilton Bohannon – US Compleat/Phase II LP
66 77 Freak-A-Zoid / Wet My Whistle / Electricity – Midnight Star – Solar 12”
67 45 I Know / The Good Guy’s Supposed To Get The Girls – Philip Bailey – CBS 12”
68 80 Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
69 — Search And Destroy / Instrumental – Arkade Funk – US DETT 12”
70 — Heartbreaker / Stranger – Leroy Burgess – US Salsoul 12”
71 — Makin’ Music – Gary’s Gang – US Radar 12”
72 34 Fool For You – Julie Roberts – Bluebird 12”
73 — Hot Love / Trust Me / Who Do You Think You Are? – Lillo Thomas – Capitol LP
74 43 Ray-Gun-Omics – Project Future – Capitol 12”
75 52 Too Much Too Soon / Let The Music Play – Ian Prince – London 12”
76 58 Rock The Beat (Dub Version) – Chilltown – US A&M 12”
77 — Don’t Go To Strangers / Ain’t Nobody / Stop On By – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Warner Bros LP
78 29 Long Hot Summer – Style Council – Polydor 12”
79 — Cheating – Prestige – US Atlantic RFC 12”
80 81 Soul Makossa / Big Blow – Manu Dibango – London 12”
81 55 Valley Style (Billie Jean) – T. Ski Valley – US Capo 12”
82 — Feels So Good – Ze-Brass – US Atlantic RFC 12”
83 — Risin’ To The Top – Keni Burke – RCA 12”
84 84 Feels So Good / Night Rider – Midnight Star – Solar LP
85 — Get Out Of My Mix / Get On Out Of My Mix (Dub) – Dolby’s Cube – US Capitol 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Bobby Nunn: ‘Private Party’ / ‘Hangin’ Out At The Mall’ (US Motown LP)
Man Parrish: ‘Hip Hop Be Bop (Disconet Remix)’ (Dutch Rams Horn 12in)
NV: ‘It’s All Right’ (US Sire 12in)
Arrow: ‘Hot Hot Hot’ (Chrysalis 12in)
Lady M: ‘Please (Don’t Break My Heart)’ (US Blue Parrot 12in)
Tom Browne: ‘Rockin’ Radio’ (US Arista 7in)
Planet Patrol: ‘Cheap Thrills’ / Inst (21 Records 12in)
West Street Mob: ‘Break Dancin’ — Electric Boogie’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Jones Girls: ‘On Target’ (US RCA 12in)
Fonda Rae: ‘Heobah’ (TMT 12in)
Ronnie Laws: ‘Can’t Save Tomorrow’ / ‘Mr Nice Guy’ (Capitol LP)
Animal Nightlife: ‘Native Boy’ (Inner Vision 12in)
Zapp: ‘Heartbreaker’ / ‘Play Some Blues’ / ‘Tut-Tut (Jazz)’ (Warner Bros LP)
Valerie Oliver: ‘(GTM) Get The Money’ / Dub (US Cyclops 12in)
Byron Lee: ‘Hot-Hot-Hot’ (Dynamic 12in)
Ladies Choice: ‘Girls Night Out’ (US Streetwise 12in)
Meliaa: ‘Free’ / ‘Makin’ Love In The Fast Lane’ (US Larc 7in)
Serge Ponsar: ‘I Want Money’ (US WEA LP)
Shango: ‘Shango Message’ (US CellulOid 12in)
Tavares: ‘Deeper In Love’ (RCA 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries not previously covered on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Status Quo 72-149-0r, Paul Young 130f, Heaven 17 120-119f, Men At Work (0-)-149-71-0f, Monyaka 0-98-0r, Paradise 107f, Unique 116-115f, Hot Streak 121f, Kid Creole 142f, Raw Silk 0-122f.


01 01 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
02 02 The Crown – Gary Byrd & The GB Experience – Motown 12”
03 06 The Sun Goes Down (Livin’ It Up) – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
04 03 I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
05 14 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12”
06 08 Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril 12”/LP
07 29 Confusion – New Order – Factory 12”
08 07 Long Hot Summer – Style Council – Polydor 12”
09 09 Gold – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
10 04 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA 12”
11 11 Dead Giveaway – Shalamar – Solar 12”
12 18 Show Me The Way (Remix) – New York Skyy – Epic 12”
13 05 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
14 30 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – Becket 12”
15 12 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
16 19 Everything Counts – Depeche Mode – Mute 12”
17 37 Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris – Carrere 12”
18 16 Crazy – Manhattans – CBS 12”
19 10 Changing For You – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
20 13 Just Be Good To Me – SOS Band – Tabu 12”
21 20 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
22 22 Wings Of A Dove – Madness – Stiff 12”
23 38 One Mind Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
24 21 The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats – Statik 12”
25 — Body Work – Hot Streak – Polydor 12”
26 45 What Am I Gonna Do – Rod Stewart – Warner Brothers 12”
27 36 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
28 15 Wait Until Tonight (My Love) – Galaxy – Ensign 12”
29 24 Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
30 43 Red Red Wine – UB40 – DEP International 12”

• A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12”
• Go Deh Yaka (Go To The Top) – Monyaka – Polydor 12”
• I Think I Want To Dance With You – Rumple-Stilts-Skin – US Heat 12”
• Chance – Big Country – Mercury 12”
• Jingo (Remix) – Candido – US Salsoul 12”


01 03 I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Pamela Stanley – US Komander 12”
02 01 Band Of Gold – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”/London re-edit
03 04 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”/US TSR remix
04 05 Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12”/US Prism remix
05 02 Got To Get To You – Charade featuring Jessica – Passion 12”
06 11 Take A Chance On Me – Waterfront Home – US Bobcat 12”
07 07 The Boys Come To Town – Earlene Bentley – US Megatone 12”
08 09 When Will I See You Again – Magda Layna – US Megatone 12”
09 20 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
10 06 On The Grid / Angel Eyes – Lime – US Prism remix/German Polydor LP
11 21 Burn It Up Mr DJ – Risque – US Importe/12 12”/Dutch Polydor remix
12 16 These Memories (Remix) – Oh Romeo – Canadian Unidisc 12”
13 08 To Sir With Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
14 — Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris – Carrere 12”
15 — (They Call Me The) Queen Of Fools – Jessica Williams – Passion 12”
16 19 Love Reaction (Blue Monday) – Divine – Dutch Break 12”
17 13 My Forbidden Lover – Tapps – Canadian Power 12”
18 17 Space – Viola Wills – US RVA 12”
19 15 I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair – Weather Girls – US Columbia 12”
20 10 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
21 14 Love Your Body – Amanda Lear – German Ariola 12”
22 — The Continental – Gina Lamour – Glamour 12”
23 12 Maniac – Michael Sembello – Casablanca 12”
24 22 El Watusi/La Bamba (Land Of A Thousand Dances Medley) – Rags & Riches – US Casablanca 12”/LP
25 30 Confusion – New Order – US Streetwise 12”
26 23 Foreign Land – Technos – Twins 12”
27 — Earthquake – Flirtations – Passion 12” white label
28 — Primitive Desire – Eastbound Expressway – Record Shack 12” white label
29 — Catch Me – Marsha Raven & The Ravenettes – Passion 12” white label
30=— DJ Girl – Miss Kimberley – US Bobcat 12”
30=— Nothing But Heartaches / Nowhere To Run (Medley) – Debra Washington – Canadian Street Level 12”

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