September 24, 1983: Spence, Onward International, Lionel Richie, Sharon Redd, Tavares


MARY JANE GIRLS ‘Boys‘ 12in, due imminently, finally finds their own instrumental of ‘All Night Long’ as flip, while also due is Steve Harvey ‘Tonight‘ mixed by Francois Kevorkian . . . ‘Street Sounds Edition 6‘ has current hits by Raw Silk, Serge Ponsar, El Chicano, Paradise, The Rake, Newcleus, Candido, ‘Jingo (Remix)’, SOS Band ‘Tell Me If You Still Care’, the as yet unissued (why now bother?) Beverly Skeete ‘If The Feeling Is Right (Remix)‘, all then let down by KC ‘Give It Up’ — however, watch the singles sales suffer! . . . Skyy ‘Show Me The Way’ is now on yet another 12in (US Salsoul SG 408) in presumably a Randy Muller mix (the original?) flipped by what seems to be Shep Pettibone’s UK remix — confused? . . . Teena Marie ‘Fix It‘ / Inst is on US Epic 12in, (I do hope it’s not our single), while One Way’s US 12in is ‘Let’s Get Together‘ / ‘Didn’t You Know It‘ . . . Active Force ‘Give Me Your Love‘ is due on UK 12in, ‘I Love It‘ will be the Lillo follow-up . . . Curtis Hairston is not definitely confirmed on CBS yet, the money’s been spiralling . . . Stevie Wonder’s forthcoming ‘People Move, Human Plays‘ album title track will be on single soon, the LP later in the year (Motown hope!) . . . Michael Jackson’s return duet with Paul McCartney will be in fact a McCartney release, ‘Koala Bear‘ / ‘Say Say Say‘ / ‘The Man‘ . . . BADEM’s annual disco equipment exhibition becomes ever more a self celebratory social for all the fellow exhibitors to impress each other, as their attitude this year made very apparent . . . Jerry Green, the new hopefully switched on salesperson at Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre, jocks as well (Windsor Park Safari Club Sats/Hendon Melanies Weds) and always spends a fortune at the shop himself — so he should know what’s what! . . . Lee Taylor tells me the current fashion amongst New York’s mixers is indeed to put the records on any old how, with the faders fully up, scratch back on the beat and then (faders still up about halfway) bring the record to synching speed with their thumb against the platter before doing a crossfade — which must explain how Larry Levan and other DJ legends sounded rough to recent visitor Simon Walsh (Bradford Time & Place) . . . Rick James has replaced Thriller as top US Black LP — but for good? . . . Richard Searling, in his recently changed new time slot, this Sunday 3-5pm on Red Rose Radio 301MW/97.3FM does an all-Northern show marking the would-have-been 10th anniversary of Wigan Casino . . . Lew Kirton, from Barbados originally, sang with the Invitations — I bet some Northern ears pricked up just then! . . . Mike Shaft is special guest at the North West DJ Assn meeting this Sunday (25) 9-11pm in the Belgrade Hotel, Offerten, Stockport (non-members welcome), while earlier that day (noon) the Thames Valley DJA mob meet at Didcot’s Rio on the A4130 towards Wallingford, behind a filling station) . . . Peter Lee hosts “Bolton’s first laser light show” this Thursday (22) at the Dance Factory, followed on Friday (23) by a CBS ‘Dance Mix Dance Hits Vol II’ promotion night — coinciding with one at Edgbaston Faces French as well . . . Chris Brown & Johnnie Walker on Sunday (25) have Camberley Frenchies first-ever “all lighter” yes, light, as in miners helmets, bow ties, torches, anything except a naked flame . . . Odyssey do next week at Watford Baileys . . . ‘Grunting George’ Alexander & ‘Eccentric Eric’ Downs have bodypop/break dancers Micron at their ‘Steppin’ Out’ Tuesday next week (27) in Harrow Weald’s Middlesex & Herts Country Club . . . Paul ‘Datsun Cherry’ Gough (Hartlepool) asked for an old Prince Philip Mitchell LP on this page and says “The power of your column takes some believing, the day the paper came out I had no less than eleven calls!” — he got his copy off Martin Smith (Cardiff), who in turn kindly comments that this page “is the best for info on new releases there is” (gosh, gee, shucks, it’s folks like you who make all the sweat worthwhile!) . . . Darryl Hayden (Twickenham) recently advertised in Record Mirror for DJs and so far has had over 130 demo tapes from Plymouth to Argyle, “which goes to show how many DJs read RM” — he also runs videotheques in a big way and can’t understand why Fred Dove won’t let anyone else use, let alone copy, the many WEA promotional videos which are going to waste when just Fred himself is the only one ever to screen them . . . Dave Rawlings, adding Mon/Thurs at Kensington High Street’s The Park to his residencies, this week drops his WEA chart quota to 18 out of 50, but now 6 make his top 15 — who’s a good boy, then? . . . ‘Segue’ Steve Goddard has just started mixing good music Fridays at Strood’s La Club (where Thursday is a £6 entry/free drinks hen night), while he’s also at Barking Chains Sat/Mon, Stratford Reflections Sun . . . John ‘Nick’ Osborne has now moved on Wed/Fri/Sat to Leysdown Stage 3, replacing Tom Felton . . . Dartford Flicks bank holiday allniter raised a record-breaking £1,500 towards a cancer-treating laser gun for West Hill Hospital . . . I’m surprised Ian Levine hasn’t picked up on Mercy Ray ‘You Really Got To Me‘ what with the much repeated line (especially on the dub) “I’m waiting for a call from Heaven”! . . . Carl Richardson’s boogieing with the boys again next Wednesday (28) at Hull Fagins . . . John Tracy (Manchester Hacienda) reckons A Certain Ratio’s ‘Don’t Worry About A Thing‘ is very similar to the Cal Tjader/Carmen ‘Mama Corleone’ McCrae version on the ‘Heatwave’ LP, which was a big “cool off” jazz track at the group’s hometown club . . . The Jones Girls fairly fast shrill ‘On Target‘ 12in is an unexpected chart entry — I thought most people were waiting for their obviously imminent album . . . Tavares LP’s ‘Caught Short’ should be 133-0bpm . . . Guy Dalton ‘Passer La Nuit’ at 33 1/3rpm was dynamite between La Famille and Michael Wycoff! . . . Haywoode’s first name is Sharon — but why’s she known as Sid? . . . PRT’s Tilly Rutherford made a specially edited 111bpm 7in acetate of the Newcleus wikki-wikki’s for me, making mixes much easier — he may also (at my suggestion) be getting some without any backing . . . Arthur Baker is doing the soundtrack music, including established electro hits, for a Harry Belafonte-produced “street life” movie set in the South Bronx — presumably a more elaborate ‘Wild Style’? . . . Channel 4’s ‘I Remember Harlem’ last Sunday somehow went right through the ’30s without showing any jitterbugging apart from the last few seconds — sorry! . . . I’ll be in New York myself this weekend, for the wedding of Capital Radio producer Mike Childs and native New Yorker Jan Sedofsky, and while I can promise to do some serious eating I may not be doing much disco-going . . . TWO, THREE BREAK!

TOM BROWNE really doesn’t have much tootlin’ to do on his ‘Rockit’-style Maurice Starr/Michael Jonzun-prod/penned ‘Rockin’ Radio‘ — detailed off import 7in last week and now already on the 118½-119bpm UK 12in (Arista ARIST 12 545) — his horn making the merest token appearance especially on the (initially mislabelled) 119bpm dub version flip.


SPENCE: ‘Get It On’ (Dutch Ariola 600.956)
My monster of the weekend, an immediate floorfiller both nights despite being totally unknown, this Dutch-made dynamite ultra-beefy bass bumped 112bpm 12in trucking thudder starts with street sound effects while the beat builds in ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ style before hitting an Al Hudson-ish groove behind the chant supported light voiced guy, breaking with some electro hiccups towards the end (Haywoode synchs out superbly). This should be huge.

ONWARD INTERNATIONAL: ‘Foot In The Door’ (Paladin PAL 001, via Rough Trade)
Out of Paul Murphy’s jazz basement streaks this excellent homegrown frantic fast bounding brass, piano and percussion latin-jazz instrumental driven with great solidity by a familiar bass line — 0-125-126-124-126-124-126-124½-125½-127-124-126-0bpm, although 126-0.c is simpler as you’ll play it all! — on 3-track 12in flipped by the really specialist latin ‘Samba Doo Bonnay‘ and ‘21st Floor Mambo‘.

LIONEL RICHIE: ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ (Motown TMG 1319)
“Great for radio but not really a dance record” said all the pundits when this came in on import 7in last week. Oh yeah? Now on 12in promo and due as a UK 7in (flipped by last year’s delicate ‘Wandering Stranger‘), this quietly starting then madly infectious brassily spurting 108½bpm afro/carib-flavoured party jiggler is a floor filling monster (I mixed it between Michael Wycoff and Odyssey ‘Roots’), especially as it is indeed already hot on radio!

SHARON REDD: ‘Love How You Feel’ (US Prelude PRL D667)
The disco queen returns with an invigoratingly zippy 118bpm 12in leaper (great out of Haywoode) which keeps switching its beat emphasis from on to off and back again without breaking its galloping pace, prod/pen/mixed by Eric Matthew very obviously after hearing Steve Harvey’s ‘Something Special’ (much less beefy dub flip).

TAVARES: ‘I Really Miss You Baby’ (RCA RCAT 359)
Ever felt sick? Last week I spent seven quid on their album just for this one terrific brightly soulful 114½bpm lurcher with croaking spoken pleas and telling simple piano bits — only to find when their UK 12in finally arrived (for free) that it’s actually flip to the dull rumble ‘n thud formula 110bpm ‘Deeper In Love‘. Bah!

LYDIA MURDOCK: ‘Superstar’ (Korova KOW 30T)
Lydia says “I’m Billie Jean and I’m mad as hell”, ‘cos she got knocked up and left holding the baby by her superstar lover — yup, there’s an intriguing storyline on this excellent (fractionally fluctuating) 116½bpm 12in answer version to Michael Jackson (inst flip), big with the ladies.

RUMPLE-STILTS-SKIN: ‘I Think I Want To Dance With You’ (Montage POSPX 649)
Band AKA-ish squalling sax introed soulful gal/guy duetted jiggly 112½bpm 12in Al Hudson-style swayer which reaches an ultra-mixable quiet clapping break with the ever-present flute-like tone carrying on regardless (inst flip). Thoroughly infectious and happily as huge for many as predicted.

STONE CITY BAND: ‘Ladies Choice’ (Gordy TMGT 1316)
Rick James-prod/penned good beefily driving happy 124bpm 12in smacker by his here chanting backup band, not surprisingly close to many of his own oldies — even down to a Roy Ayers vibes solo near the end (which irritatingly the instrumental flip doesn’t reach).

SYBIL THOMAS: ‘Rescue Me’ (US West End WES 22160)
Mellow electro jittered but otherwise soulfully wailed pleasant unhurried 110¼-110½bpm 12in swaying plippety plopper (not the Fontella Bass song) with a great jazzy guitar and keyboards break (sadly subdued on inst flip), already finding fans fast.

JUNIOR GEE: ‘Caveman Rock’ (Master-Funk MF 005, via 01-673 1188)
Tony Williams-produced plodding 107bpm 12in UK rapper with half-hearted unconvincing scratch effects, Lenny Henry-type jungle birdcalls, Smurf voices and isolated electro beats grafted onto the Funk Masters backing (inst ‘Part 2’ continuation in similar “scratch” style), the 107½bpm ‘Scratch The Rock‘ flip being credited to the Funk Masters alone — and actually with less scratching as it’s a straight bass-bumped jazz-funk instrumental. Somehow these are sneaky enough to end up quite big.

DIMPLES D: ‘Sucker DJ’s (I Will Survive)’ (US Party Time PT-101)
Best new electro/scratch/rapper of the week, by a lady, this stark 108bpm jolter (great out of B Boys) tells an interesting story about a DJ cutting contest with the difference that co-producer/writer Marlon ‘Marley Marl’ Williams gets Dimples D to brag not only about her own rapping but also about his DJ mixing skills too! Things get freakier on the ‘Marley Marl’s Sucker Dub‘ / ‘Suckapella’ flip.

ROYALCASH: ‘Radio Activity’ (Sutra SUD 016)
My own fave of the week for in-car listening (thank you Phil Allen!) and good on the floor too, this is truly “electro funk” as a mixed vocal group trade lines and goofy chatter in episodic style over a long 10 minute jittering 117bpm 12in P’funky groove with splurges of guitar and all sorts happening (even a ringing telephone halfway), the vocoder introed flip being basically the same with slightly less vocal (and no phone). Worth a proper listen.

FREEEZ: ‘Pop Goes My Love’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 98T)
Pop’s the word as really unconvincing vocals ruin the silly trite 117bpm electro plugside, although on 3-track 12in flip producer Arthur Baker has constructed a better (but still not great) loosely strung Rockers Revenge-ish 115bpm ‘Scratch Goes My Dub‘ instrumental version for serious mixers, the side ending in a short forgettable 122bpm ‘No Need For Greed‘ instrumental (not another ‘We Got The Jazz’).

NV: ‘It’s Alright’ (US Sire 0-20133)
Shep Pettibone-remixed/Darryl Payne-produced/Craig Peyton-programmed electro-backed 114½bpm 12in mellow hip hopper (similar in feel to Sybil Thomas) made different by soulful lead guy-two gals singing a familiar “when I first … laid eyes on you” lyric in a totally non-electro way over the top of it all (longer inst dub flip). The sort of thing that’s enormous in New York.

NEW HORIZONS: ‘Reaching For New Horizons’ (US Columbia 44-04090)
Lovely lazily tempoed semi-smooch 106/53-0bpm jiggly swayer full of superbly soulful vocal interplay, very much a slowed down retread of Zapp’s ‘Do You Really Want An Answer?‘ and the standout of their Roger Troutman-produced album, now conveniently 12in flip to the more routine Zapp-type 108bpm ‘Something New‘.

SLAVE: ‘Turn You Out (In & Out)’ (LP ‘Bad Enuff’ US Cotillion 90118-1)
Most Steve Arrington-ish is this subtle monotonous sparsely buoyant 106bpm tripper with phasing vocal near end, while producer Jimmy Douglass gives his usual chunkily rolling stamp to the 115-116bpm ‘Steppin’ Out‘ and gangster “stick up” dramatising (complete with dialogue) 113-114bpm ‘Show Down‘, ‘Dance‘ being a ponderous accelerating 0-108-109-110-111bpm jolter and the 125bpm ‘Bad Girl’ 127bpm ‘Shake It Up’, 129bpm ‘Rendezvous’ are all jerky whippers. Oh, yes, Greg — tell Fred my readers deserve not having to wait while he plays his little games!

OTIS LIGGETT: ‘Every Breath You Take’ (Warehouse WARET 2)
Leeds Warehouse owner Mike Wiand’s new label is disappointingly late here with this good Stevie Wonder-ish 119bpm 12in funkification of Police’s recent smash, which was great out of Club House (now a no-no!) and must still have obvious crossover curiosity appeal (rearranged inst ‘Every Beat You Hear’ flip).

STOCKINGCAP: ‘Wave Craze’ (US Strut 444)
Duke Bootee-produced jerky staccato 111½-112bpm 12in electro rapper about waved “processed” hair (stockingcaps keep it down tight at night), the voices going through a juddering sound-bending process of their own at times, while acid guitar yowls behind the beat (mainly inst 111-111½-112bpm flip).

G.L.O.B.E. & WHIZ KID: ‘Play That Beat Mr. DJ’ (US Tommy Boy TB 836)
Tom ‘Tommy Boy’ Silverman co-prod/mixed scratching 114bpm hip hop rapper on 3-track 12in, the “instrumental” being most electro while both “radio version” and “full length” are different variations on the main rap with lotsa scratch — but none that are exciting.

MAGIC MIKE CREW: ‘Magic Mike Theme (Party/Radio Version)’ (US Rappers Rapp Disco Co. RR-12′-2003)
Totally vocodered 118bpm 12in electro judderer with basically just hip hop freak appeal, the flip’s ‘Remix/Club Version’ being vocoder-less instrumental.

GAP BAND: ‘Jam The Motha’ (LP ‘Jammin’ Total Experience TEL 002)
Cleanly produced for US black radio and actually good listening, the set’s not so hot for UK dancers, this ‘Oops’-type “live”-introed 105bpm funker, fast 126bpm ‘Party Train‘ and 0-127bpm ‘Shake A Leg‘ all retreading familiar ground, while Stevie Wonder helps out on the ‘Happy Birthday’-ish 117½bpm ‘Someday‘ and influences the trotting 119bpm ‘I’m Ready (If You’re Ready)‘, 115bpm ‘I Expect More‘. The album as a whole could grow on you.

THIRD WORLD: ‘Love Is Out To Get You’ (CBS TA 3721)
Muttering rap and whooshing effects intro a sort of electrophonic reggae slow 69bpm 12in jiggler with spacey vocoder/electronic butch bass vocal interplay between nice brassy bursts (dub flip).

GLEN RICCS: ‘Ribbons In The Sky’ (Diamond C International DCD002, via Jetstar 01-961 4422)
Stevie Wonder’s song attractively adapted into soulful 71-72-73bpm 12in lovers rock, produced by Curtis Simon for his own new label (dub flip), getting great reaction already.

GLORIA WEEMS: ‘Wanna Version’ (US Prelude PRL D658)
Co-prod/penned by Groove’s Chris Palmer and out a while but undiscovered by me until a recent visit to his Soho shop, this acappella introed jiggly thudding chick wailed beefy 108½bpm 12in dub side is far more infectious than the 108-109bpm ‘Wanna Dance With You‘ A-side.

HERB ALPERT: ‘Garden Party’ (LP ‘Blow Your Own Horn’ A&M AMLX 64949)
Nice if not vital instrumental set by the brittle tootler, his slow 0-89½bpm treatment of Mezzoforte’s tune amusingly being the result of his first hearing their 45rpm version at 33 1/3rpm (when it would be 87bpm — his is 121bpm at 45rpm!), other goodies being the lovely slow tugging 70½bpm title track smoocher, jolly rumpty tumpty remixed old 109bpm ‘Red Hot’ jitterer, metronomically tumbling 123bpm ‘Latin Lady’, swaying 77bpm ‘The Midnight Tango’, 74/37bpm ‘Paradise Cove’.

ATMOSFEAR: ‘First/Fourmost‘ LP (Elite ATM 33-1)
A budget priced £2.99 4-track mini LP of their early instrumental jazz-funk efforts, not without naive charm but sadly they set a pattern still followed by too many amateurish Britfunkers for overly rushed untogether rhythms (who said David Joseph?) — the best ever argument for Linndrums you could find! — just check the 131-128-126-121-126-120(start percussion)-128-126bpm ‘Dancing In Outer Space’, 126-125-127-129-127-126-127bpm ‘Alternative II‘, 125-123-124-123-125-123bpm ‘Extract‘, and more assuredly jazzy 131-130-128-130-129-131-134-135-131-129bpm ‘Motivation‘.

BOOKER NEWBERRY III: ‘Teddy Bear’ (Montage PSOPX 637)
The biggest disappointment of the decade, this irritatingly trite 115bpm 12in nursery rhyme may appeal to four year-olds but has a rotten jerky rhythm — and if it sells it’ll be for Froggy’s very clever much doubled-up 112-113-114-115bpm vocal remix of ‘Love Town‘ on the flip, which is recommended.


01 02 Body Work / Instrumental – Hot Streak – Polydor 12”
02 03 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12”
03 01 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – Becket 12”
04 06 Go Deh Yaka – Monyaka – Polydor 12”
05 08 A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12”
06 05 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
07 07 One Mind Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
08 04 Show Me The Way (Remix) – New York Skyy – Epic 12”
09 22 I Want You (All Tonight) – Curtis Hairston – US Pretty Pearl 12”
10 14 I Think I Want To Dance With You – Rumple-Stilts-Skin – US Heat 12”
11 11 Just In Time – Raw Silk – West End 12”
12 09 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
13 10 Put Our Heads Together (Remix) – O’Jays – Philadelphia Int 12”
14 15 Jingo (Remix) / Jingo Breakdown – Candido – US Salsoul 12”
15 13 Ladies Choice – Stone City Band – US Gordy 12”
16 29 Two, Three, Break – The B Boys – US Vintertainment 12”
17 18 Cold Blooded – Rick James – Gordy 12”
18 36 Dog Talk – K-9 Corp (Featuring Pretty C) – Capitol 12”
19 19 I’m The Packman – The Packman – US Enjoy 12”
20 24 Do You Want Me (Instrumental) – El Chicano – CBS 12”
21 39 Rainbows (Jazz Remix) / Soul On Fire (Party Mix) – Del Richardson – US Joy Spring 12”
22 34 Show Me The Way (Disconet Remix) / Instrumental – Skyy – Dutch Rams Horn 12”
23 23 Street Justice – The Rake – Streetwave 12”
24 12 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA International 12”
25 17 Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril LP
26 21 Give Me Your Love / Keep On Rockin’ / Cold Blooded Lover / Bottom Line – Active Force – US A&M LP
27 30 Superstar – Lydia Murdock – Korova 12”
28 35 All Over Your Face – Ronnie Dyson – US Cotillion 12”
29 — Foot In The Door – Onward International – Paladin 12”
30 33 Smooth – Edwin Starr – Calibre 12”
31 26 Talk To Me – Lew Kirton – US Believe In A Dream 12”
32 37 Tonight I Celebrate My Love – Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack – Capitol 12”
33 25 P.I.M.P. The S.I.M.P. – Rick James – US Gordy LP
34 42 Autodrive / TFS – Herbie Hancock – CBS LP
35 16 Just Be Good To Me – The SOS Band – Tabu 12”
36 — All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12” promo/US 7”
37 31 The Crown – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
38 20 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – US Philadelphia Int 12”
39 — Rockin’ Radio – Tom Browne – Arista 12”
40 — Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd – US Prelude 12”
41 43 Color Blind / Give The Gift Of Music – Motivation – US De-Lite LP
42 32 In And Out / Closer Than Close / Sex Pot – Junior Walker – US Motown LP
43 44 Dr Jam (In The Slam) – Men At Play – Design Communications 12”
44 28 Party Time – Kurtis Blow – Mercury 12”
45 38 The Wildstyle – Time Zone – US CellulOid 12”
46 59 I Really Miss You Baby – Tavares – US RCA LP
47 48 High Noon – Two Sisters – IRS 12”
48 41 Runnin’ (Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
49 — On Target – Jones Girls – US RCA 12”
50 54 The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
51 — Rescue Me – Sybil Thomas – US West End 12”
52 58 The Return Of Capt. Rock – Captain Rock – US NIA 12”
53 40 It’s Cool – Walter Jackson – US Chi-Sound 7”
54 27 Rock The World!!! – Crown Heights Affair – De-Lite 12”
55 — Break Dancin’ — Electric Boogie – West Street Mob – US Sugarhill 12”
56 45 Feel The Force – G-Force – US SMI 12”
57 46 You’re My Number 1 – Radiance – US Are ‘n Be 12”
58 56 I’m Sick And Tired – Larry Graham – Warner Bros 12”
59 61 What Do We Do – Atmosfear – Chrysalis 12”
60 — Scratch Goes My Dub – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
61 47 Let’s Get It Right – Keywi – Virgin 12”
62 60 Confusion / Confusion Beats – New Order – Factory 12”
63 64 (You’re A) Good Girl – Lillo – Capitol 12”
64 53 You Brought The Sunshine – Clark Sisters – Elektra 12”
65 66 Freak-A-Zoid / Wet My Whistle / Electricity – Midnight Star – Solar 12”
66 55 Do You Feel Like I Feel – Raymun – US Clockwork 12”
67 68 Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
68 63 Boogie Down – Al Jarreau – WEA 12”
69 — I Want Money / Lifetime / Gotta Get Outside – Serge Ponsar – US WEA International LP
70 75 Too Much Too Soon / Let The Music Play – Ian Prince – London 12”
71 67 I Know / The Good Guy’s Supposed To Get The Girls – Philip Bailey – CBS 12”
72 — Do My Ditty – Patrick Gammon – A&M 12”
73 — You’ve Gotta Believe – ‘Love Bug’ Starski – US The Foyer 12”
74 — Private Party / Hangin’ Out At The Mall – Bobby Nunn – US Motown LP
75 — Choosey Lover – Isley Brothers – Epic 12”
76 — Scratch Break (Glove Style) – Motor City Crew – US Motown 12”
77 — It’s Alright – NV – US Sire 12”
78 — Cheap Thrills / Instrumental – Planet Patrol – 21 Records 12”
79 — Please (Don’t Break My Heart) – Lady M – Calibre 12”
80 65 Rock Your Body – Hamilton Bohannon – US Compleat/Phase II LP
81 13 Love Hassles – Stone City Band – US Gordy LP
82 — Summer Breeze / Instrumental – Baiser – Canadian Celsius 12”
83 — Gettin’ Money – Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde – US Profile 12”
84 71 Makin’ Music – Gary’s Gang – US Radar 12”
85 — Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) (Disconet Remix) – Man Parrish – Dutch Rams Horn 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

The Limit: ‘You’re So Divine’ / etc (US Prelude ‘KISS-fm Mastermixes Vol. 2’ LP)
Marvin Stamm: ‘Coming Attractions’ (US Palo Alto Jazz LP)
Mellaa: ‘Free’ (US Larc 7in)
Zapp: ‘I Can Make You Dance’ (US Warner Bros 12in)
Dimples D: ‘Sucker DJs’ (US Party Time 12in)
Earth Wind & Fire: ‘Spread Your Love’ (US Columbia 12in)
Dennis Brown: ‘Out Of The Funk’ / ‘Jammin’ My Way To Fame’ / ‘This Love Of Mine’ (A&M LP)
Blue Magic: ‘In The Rain’ (Streetwave 12in)
Slave: ‘Turn You Out’ / ‘Show Down’ / ‘Steppin’ Out’ (US Cotillion LP)
Tavares: ‘Deeper In Love’ (RCA 12in)
Level 42: ‘Micro-Kid’ (Polydor LP)
Ashford & Simpson: ‘Side Effect’ (Capitol LP)
“D” Train: ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’ (Prelude 12in)
Stockingcap: ‘Wave Craze’ (US Strut 12in)
Shannon: ‘Let The Music Play (Dub)’ (US Emergency 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings all fade):

Culture Club 92(intro)-184-187, Kajagoogoo 64(intro)-127, PIL 0-129, Howard Jones 112, Hot Chocolate 121, Elvis Costello 154, John Foxx (0-)124-123, Jeffrey Osborne (0-)115-114, Bee Gees 62½, The Questions 0-119, Forrest 122, Planet Patrol 128, Haywoode 114½, The The 142/71.


01 05 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12”
02 03 The Sun Goes Down (Livin’ It Up) – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
03 07 Confusion – New Order – Factory 12”
04 01 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
05 02 The Crown – Gary Byrd & The GB Experience – Motown 12”
06 17 Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris – Carrere 12”
07 14 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – Becket 12”
08 21 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
09 04 I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
10 — Go Deh Yaka (Go To The Top) – Monyaka – Polydor 12”
11 06 Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril 12”/LP
12 12 Show Me The Way (Remix) – New York Skyy – Epic 12”
13 25 Body Work – Hot Streak – Polydor 12”
14 23 One Mind Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
15 09 Gold – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
16 — Superstar – Lydia Murdock – Korova 12”
17 08 Long Hot Summer – Style Council – Polydor 12”
18 24 The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats – Statik 12”
19 10 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA 12”
20 16 Everything Counts – Depeche Mode – Mute 12”
21 — Come Back And Stay – Paul Young & The Family – CBS 12”
22 27 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
23 26 What Am I Gonna Do – Rod Stewart – Warner Brothers 12”
24 11 Dead Giveaway – Shalamar – Solar 12”
25 — A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12”
26 — I Think I Want To Dance With You – Rumple-Stilts-Skin – US Heat 12”
27 20 Just Be Good To Me – SOS Band – Tabu 12”
28 15 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
29 — Jingo (Remix) – Candido – US Salsoul 12”
30 30 Red Red Wine – UB40 – DEP International 12”

• Tonight I Celebrate My Love – Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack – Capitol 12”
• Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More) – Cliff Richard – EMI 12”
• Maniac – Michael Sembello – Casablanca 12”
• Just In Time – Raw Silk – West End 12”
• Vamos A La Playa – Righeira – A&M 12”


01 01 I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Pamela Stanley – US Komander 12”
02 05 Got To Get To You – Charade featuring Jessica – Passion 12”
03 03 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”/ megamix/US TSR remix
04 16 Love Reaction / Instrumental – Divine – Design Communications 12”
05 04 Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12”/US Prism remix
06 07 The Boys Come To Town – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12”
07 08 When Will I See You Again – Magda Layna – US Megatone 12”
08 15 (They Call Me The) Queen Of Fools – Jessica Williams – Passion 12”
09 10 On The Grid / Angel Eyes – Lime – US Prism remix/German Polydor LP
10 13 To Sir With Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
11 11 Burn It Up (Mr. DJ) – Risque – Dutch Polydor 12”/US Importe/12 remix
12 14 Dolce Vita / Instrumental – Ryan Paris – Carrere 12”
13 06 Take A Chance On Me – Waterfront Home – US Bobcat 12”
14 09 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
15 20 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
16 17 My Forbidden Lover – Tapps – Canadian Power 12”
17 21 Love Your Body – Amanda Lear – German Ariola 12”
18 02 Band Of Gold – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
19 12 These Memories (Remix) – Oh Romeo – Canadian Unidisc 12”
20 19 I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair – Weather Girls – US Columbia 12”
21 27 Earthquake – Flirtations – Siam/Proto 12” white label
22 — Voices In The Dark – Mike Cannon – Italian Memory 12”
23 26 Foreign Land – Technos – Twins 12”
24 22 The Continental – Gina Lamour – Glamour 12”
25 28 Primitive Desire – Eastbound Expressway – Record Shack 12” white label
26 18 Space – Viola Wills – US RVA 12”
27 23 Maniac – Michael Sembello – Casablanca 12”
28 — Band Of Gold (Clubhouse 12”) – Sylvester – London 12”
29 — What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12”
30=29 Catch Me – Marsha Raven & The Ravenettes – Passion 12” white label
30=25 Confusion – New Order – US Streetwise 12”

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