July 7, 1984: Main Line, Leon Bryant, Colonel Abrams, Lillo Thomas, Donald D


JAMES BROWN is suddenly hip to hop recording a “duet” with Afrika Bambaataa (whose ‘A Hip Hop History‘ will be on BBC2 July 12!) and the subject of the latest mastermix ‘Lesson Two‘ by cut ’em up DJs Double Dee & Steinski (on Disconet but circulating as a cassette), which brilliantly mixes up Brown classics with snippets of Junior ‘Mama’, Tweety Pie, Clint Eastwood’s “do you feel lucky, punk?”, Sly Stone ‘Dance To The Music’ — Double Dee & Steinski meanwhile have also redone their original much-sought GLOBE & Whiz Kid ‘Play That Beat Mr DJ’ mastermix using now just Tommy Boy label material, for release here via Island (who picked up everything on the label bar Afrika Bam) . . . Steve Harvey has remixed Arrow with a new dub flip too, due imminently . . . Shannon Green knows how to make friends and influence people by not turning up for PAs (if she’d sent her producers’ beat box instead it would have been more interesting anyway!), but we weren’t too worried at Mayfair Gullivers last week what with Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti and Ingram all hitting the floor there as punters — incidentally, Stevie’s photo last week leads one to hope he isn’t going deaf as well . . . Hugh Masekela ‘Don’t Go Lose It Baby‘ is huge US Disco/Dance (which, along with US Black 45s & Pop, Prince has indeed topped), while coming up fast is Klinte Jones — others big there but not here include Cherrelle ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On‘ 12in mix, Loleatta Holloway ‘Crash Goes Love‘, Nuance ‘Take A Chance‘ . . . Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ LP is totally pop, which is far from a criticism as it’s brilliant(-ish), merely a warning . . . Jane Eugene of Loose Ends almost didn’t get a visa for the States — she told the truth, that she was going there to make an album! . . . Eleanor Grant’s dad Richard Mack happens to own her label Catawba! . . . Eartha Kitt’s sleeve photo has people asking “are the legs hers?” (maybe Gary Crowley could find out) . . . Greg Edwards starts a new additional soul show on Capital this Friday 9pm-midnight . . . Redhill/Reigate’s future ILR station Mercury Radio has already poached London’s most exciting and individual DJ, which can’t be bad . . . Gary Oldis (Dalton Piercy Slix) guests with Dave Brown on Radio Tees ‘Nightlife’ this Saturday (7) . . . Denise LaSalle & Latimore finally made it on to Radio 2 . . . Chaka Khan’s upcoming LP has either/and/or prod/pen/acc contributions from not only John Robie but also Stevie Wonder, Prince, Melle Mel, Hawk Wolinski, Reggie Griffin, Burt Bacharach, Russ Titleman, Robbie Buchanan, David Foster, Michael Sembello and operations overlord Arif Mardin . . . Malaco snapped up Jocelyn Brown’s evidently brand new ‘Too Through‘ for rush release . . . Graham Gold has cut down to just one afternoon a week on JFM as he’s feeling his age — 30 today (happy birthday)! . . . Eddy James, now on Skyline 90.2FM Sunday 8-10pm, joins Nicky Holloway Thursdays at London Bridge Tooley Street Royal Oak with upfront soul, free B4 10 . . . Nicky A now souls alternate Fridays (like this week, 6) at Romford’s Jaffas, ex-Reservation Club — ta for the drink! . . . Mike’s brother Brian Gardner funks Fridays at The Korker Club in South Bermondsey’s Apples & Pears (free admission) . . . Friday (6) Cleveland Anderson funks Uxbridge University, Dave Smith hosts a “superheroes” 50p drinks night at Mayfair Samantha’s (next to Rockafella’s eaterie), Pete Haigh & Richard Searling have monthly “Mecca soul” at Blackpool Baskerville’s, Colin Hudd starts the weekly non-acrobatic club dancer heats at Dartford Flicks, Chris Kaye crosses the Thames to Canvey Goldmine, Southgate Pink Elephant start weekly “Miss String Vest” heats . . . Sunday (8) Stockwell Academy’s 1pm, electro hip hop alldayer has America’s Whiz Kid with Mastermind, Steve Devonne, Jonathan and more all cutting for the crews, Hemel Hempstead Whip & Collar’s noon-10.30pm “Olympics” alldayer (in a marquee with barbeque) has Martin Collins, Jeff Young, Pete Tong, Bob Jones, Joe Field, Ralph Tee & Mike Allin supervising silly sports, Leeds Tiffany’s 3pm alldayer has the Academy Bodypoppers, US DJ Munch, Colin Curtis, Tim Westwood, Simon Walsh, Baz Maleady, Kenny Macleod ‘n more . . . Frenchie T (could his name be Tony French?) and DJ Everton soul Birmingham Maximillians every Sunday for sophisticated dressers (and ladies who like them) . . . Charing Cross Heaven’s “Hi-NRG” theme party Saturday (7) could have the most boys town acts ever assembled in one place at one time, rumoured to include Evelyn Thomas, Divine, Marsha Raven, Hot Gossip, Kelly Marie, Paul Parker, Simone, Nicci Gable, Life Force, Astaire, Betty Valentine (of American Fade) and more — not forgetting Ian ‘Dimples’ Levine! . . . Divine is live at Rayleigh Pink Toothbrush Tuesday (10) on Steve Cochrane’s Hi-NRG night . . . Change next Wednesday (11) play Luton Pink Elephant, where Matt Johnson slips in some pretty heavy hip hop (or is that at St Albans Adelaide?) . . . I’d consider doing a separate Electro chart if only we had more hip hop contributors — c’mon guys, you know this is one BOF who’d rather hear next month’s hit today than some dredged up oldie from 1979, so send ’em in! . . . I did say, way back last autumn, that Grandmaster Melle Mel was a Top 20 hit — and at the time many thought I was crazy . . . Odyssey ‘Don’t Tell Me Tell Her‘ is apparently being dredged up again around London, while in the States John Luongo has just remixed A Taste Of Honey ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’ . . . Sugarhill have reissued the late Linda Jones’ ‘Greatest Hits’ LP on US Chess . . . James Brown’s son Daryl Brown is percussionist of new “pop-funk” trio Realeyes . . . Fatman Graham Canter is back at Piccadilly Xenon Mon/Sat helping resident ace mixer French Fernand from Guadeloupe . . . I did a smooth long “upfront” mix at Gullivers last Saturday: Beau Williams ‘Vie’/Patrice Rushen (dub)/Cerrone (dub)/Grand Groove Bunch ‘Groove’/Orlando Johnson/Fatback ‘Found’/Cheryl Lynn/ Lillo Thomas/Kashif ‘Ooh Love’/Jermaine Jackson ‘Come’/Klinte Jones (dub)/Miami Sound Machine/Colonel Abrams (dub)/Brass Construction ‘International’ — let’s just say, they fit! . . . Roger Dynamite must be having difficulties at his Gt Yarmouth Tiffany’s ’60s Fridays as his entire ’60s/Northern Soul collection was stolen in his car — he got the vehicle back (in a few pieces) but offers substantial rewards for info about the records (0502-60340) . . . Rob Harknett (027-979 2329) after 12 years of Thursdays at Gilbey Vintners Social Club is now after other pop gigs on that night . . . Remaxium 24-track recording studio and rehearsal room is about to open in South London’s Clapham Park Road with real cheapo-cheapo introductory rates (01-627 3507) . . . I finally got mail posted to me on June 8 three weeks later on the 27th, but if you think we got it bad Mark Clark of Wokingham’s Mark One Records reports a Polish DJ customer of theirs had to queue for a week just to use the phone to call and place an order! . . . LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE . . .


MAIN LINE: ‘One And Only (Jackson Medley)’ (Malaco MAL 12-25)
No, not you know who, it’s his vocal impersonator Jessie Daniels further confusing the issue as he does on the here restructured 120-119½-120-119½bpm medley, the one which producer Began Cekic originally made as a copy of Alan Coulthard’s Disco Mix Club megamix. Of most interest to Michael maniacs but neat enough for dancers — although it’s a pity they couldn’t have found a Vincent Price impersonator too!

LEON BRYANT: ‘Finders Keepers’ LP (US De-Lite DSR 8507)
This huskily masculine soul singer’s set just gets better the more I hear it: already mentioned are the great rolling 94bpm title track and gentler also 94bpm ‘Never‘, but now the Clyde McPhatter-ish drifting 72½bpm ‘You’re My Everything‘ and Jackie Wilson/Sam Cooke-ish 50-52/104-106bpm ‘I Can See Me Loving You‘ have really snuck up on me, while others are into the grittily pumping 0-108bpm ‘I’m Gonna Put A Spell On You‘ and snappy 0-106bpm ‘Are You Ready (Until Tonight)‘ — which isn’t to forget the 77bpm ‘Your Kind Of Lovin‘ and jerkily speeding 125bpm ‘Honey‘. So satisfying it should be the next Womack & Womack, thoroughly recommended.

COLONEL ABRAMS: ‘Music Is The Answer’ (US Streetwise SWRL 2235)
Gruffly sung snickety-spit 121bpm jittery fast leaper, far stronger and more infectious in its fabulous largely instrumental dub version with tootling flute and echoing scat building a hefty D Train-ish drive that just refuses to quit and looks like being huge (synch it out of ‘Dr Beat’ — what !), flipped also for exceptional value by his recent minor US hit deep soul 0-63-64½-0bpm ‘Leave The Message Behind The Door‘ smoocher — a big attraction in itself.

LILLO THOMAS: ‘Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me’ (US Capitol V-8600)
Great subtle cool pent up remorselessly smacking sparse electro driven 110bpm burbling weaver full of dangerous spaces in which to encounter an anguished yelp, spectacular synched out of Cheryl Lynn, flipped by last year’s equally good 106bpm ‘Trust Me‘.

DONALD D.: ‘Don’s Groove’ (US Elektra 0-66962)
Produced and largely created by Grandmaster Flash (the guy), this extremely subtle sparsely bubbling 100bpm hot tempo bumper has a nagging tinkle as lead instrument behind Double D’s weaving rap line — however, the flip’s ‘The Groove’ version literally cuts the rap in half using only alternate lines dubwise, and REALLY grooves! This thing is tight.

CERRONE: ‘Club Underworld’ (US Personal P49809)
Forget the Wham-ish guys/gals rapped vocal and flip for the still chix-cooed but otherwise instrumental and harder ‘Dub Underworld’ of this sinuously thwacking 103bpm funky hot tempo groove with fluidly popping bass and ‘Good Times’-ish riffs, dynamite between Patrice Rushen or Donald D and Grand Groove Bunch or Fatback. His hottest in years.

SIZZLE: ‘Keep On Tryin’ (US Sutra SUD-025)
Really quite funny excellent jauntily jiggling bounding 113bpm frustrated guy/scolding gal rap repartee in Mike “T”/Jazzy Dee style — or a black “Wham Rap” if you prefer! — yet to build a buzz but well worth checking as it sounds like a biggie to me (dub flip).

BEAU WILLIAMS: ‘C’est La Vie’ (LP ‘Bodacious!’ US Capitol ST-12344)
A “big effort” soul set sparked by this superb chunkily lurching and very soulful 100½bpm jogger with stabbing soprano sax, gurgling vocal, audience effects and an infectious beat — also pleasant if blander are the jauntily sinuous 104bpm ‘Don’t Say No‘ and swaying 0-110bpm ‘You Do It’, while its rounded out by the staccato electro 123bpm ‘Slave‘, snappy 120bpm ‘Dark And Lonely Nights‘, two radio ballads and dreadful frantic 146bpm ‘Danger Zone‘.

Starting dead slow with piano and a sigh, this soul drenched 0-67/33½-68bpm sophisticated slow wailer from the late ’70s owes nothing to disco and everything to her emotion-charged voice, which has never since had such a sympathetic showcase. If you love soul and only buy one record this year, make it this one — you won’t regret it.

BAND OF GOLD: ‘Love Songs Are Back Again’ (RCA RCAT 428)
Lovely old fashioned smoochy stuff for MoR floors, a 73½bpm remake medley combining such Stylistics/Chi-Lites/Love Unlimited/Barry Biggs (Blue Magic)/Peaches & Herb/Manhattans material as ‘Let’s Put It All Together/Oh Girl/Betcha By Golly Wow/Walkin’ In The Rain/Sideshow/Have You Seen Her/Reunited/You Make Me Feel Brand New/Kiss And Say Goodbye’ (edit/inst/aca flip), wall to wall slush, a potential pop smash once the older knees-up mob have heard it!

A typical Jamesian jolt, wriggle ‘n thud 120½bpm backbeat lurcher with great salacious lyrics about a yummy young groupie — but they never touched! — presumably due to 12in (promoed Stateside) but so far only on 7in import (inst flip). Prince ‘When Doves Cry’ synchs out of the short break.

PAUL HARDCASTLE: ‘Guilty’ (Total Control Records TOCO 2T)
Good out of Phil Fearon’s break, another electro stuttered jolting 116bpm D Train-ish roller perhaps overly similar to the last one although with effective Kevin Henry-sung lyrics (inst/edit flip — a pity the instrumental isn’t alone as it sounds thinner with less groove space), due commercially next week.

ORLANDO JOHNSON & TRANCE: ‘Chocolate City’ (Belgian ChanneL 12-16)
European-recorded good beefily bumbling jiggly little 106bpm tripper full of “remix”-type repeat effects between bursts of Bee Gee-pitched (though palatable) vocal, with a simple squiggly scratch two-thirds through, lightweight and silly enough to click.

SIVUCA: ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ (London LONX 51)
1973-recorded Sergio Mendes-style sweet chix cooed fast shuffling 91½/183-95/190-95½/191bpm samba with Brazilian piano and percussion before jazz sax joins in (much more frantic live flipside version from ’75), at first rather specialist for dancers — taken out of Bill Withers’ original, most carried on smooching! — but it’s so pleasant that with familiarity they should loosen up and jiggle with the flow. Chris Hill’s to blame again.

BLUE RONDO: ‘Samba No Pe’ (Virgin/Teenie-Weenie VS 676-12)
The beatnicks’ most credible latin jazzer yet, a tunefully looping fast instrumental 120½bpm samba shuffler (faster than its RPM suggests) with a nagging simple melody line over the intensifying percussion — which suddenly breaks for basic drums — on 4-track 12in some of which were mislabelled.

PATTI AUSTIN: ‘It’s Gonna Be Special’ (Qwest W9266T)
Given a much needed less cluttered remix (hitting on import for a while), this is the friskily skittering 121bpm brassy surger she was recording during the Quincy TV show, very breezy and uplifting, although officially flip to the Jellybean-remixed Narada Michael Walden-produced Donna/Irene-ish pop-rock 124bpm ‘Rhythm Of The Street‘.

TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘Love Language’ LP (Asylum 960 313-1)
The first really “new” set since his accident, on a new label, finds TP lacking full vocal authority in a mainly mushy Michael Masser setting —exemplified by the 12in-issued Whitney Houston-duetted 29-57-58bpm radio ballad ‘Hold Me‘ (E9720T) — but luckily Luther Vandross prod/penned just one ace cut, the typical tender rap started passionate soul smooching 85½bpm ‘You’re My Choice Tonight (Choose Me)’, while the blandly bounding 117bpm ‘Hot Love‘ is a token dancer.

Specialist jazz set from which ‘Let’s Rise‘ has rightly risen, a good simple 109bpm piano instrumental (with chorusing chix) deliberately tempoed in rather ’60s Ramsey Lewis-like style — if it didn’t falter from time to time it could have been a complete killer.

JAKI GRAHAM: ‘Heaven Knows (Feels So Good)’ (EMI JAKi 2)
Very pleasant mellow 89¼bpm drifting relaxed mood mainly for listening, different mix on the flip with also the unnecessary dreadful frantic 147bpm ‘You’re Mine‘, likely to put off more than it attracts.

INGRAM: ‘With You’ (Other End 7 OET 2)
Disjointedly jittering quite sneaky and certainly very soulful hot tempo meanderer, beautifully wailed for specialist appreciation, annoyingly short on this 109½-110bpm 7in but longer (and 110-111bpm) on the previously reviewed ‘Night Stalkers’ LP (OELP 1), with the beefily bounding (0-)121bpm ‘Hot Body‘ becoming 120½bpm as flip.

C.L. BLAST: ‘Somebody Shot My Eagle’ (US Park Place Records PPR 103-7)
Excellent traditionally soulful chunkily motorvatin’ bluesily growled c.108bpm roller full of oomph, prod/penned by an F. Knight (Frederick?), irritatingly only on 7in with a great slow deep southern soul ‘Lay Another Log On The Fire‘ flip.

MTUME: ‘You, Me And He’ (US Epic 34-04504)
Imagine ‘Juicy Fruit’ slowed right down to 36/72bpm with only half the backing and no “you can lick me everywhere” to get an idea of this dead slow pleasant jolter (inst flip), only on 7in.

UNIQUE: ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ (US Prelude PRL D680)
Throbbing jerky c.113bpm jolter with muttering guys softly interrupting the stridently squawking chix (possibly stronger inst flip).

BROTHERS JOHNSON: ‘You Keep Me Coming Back’ (US A&M AM-2654)
Leon F Sylvers III co-prod/penned unexceptional pent-up burbling c.107bpm 7in lurcher due on 12in, blandly bounding c.121bpm ‘Deceiver‘ flip — is this enough to return them to glory here?

LIONEL HAMPTON: ‘Vibramatic’ (US Glad Hamp GHS 4001)
Things have come to a pretty pass when the pioneering jazz vibraharpist, whose swinging band in the ’40s inspired booting R&B-style rock ‘n roll a decade later, is reduced to tinkling over a Fred McFarland-programmed dull c.111bpm electro backing (edit flip).

JOHNNIE TAYLOR: ‘Seconds Of Your Love’ (US Beverly Glen Music BG 2017)
Sam Dees co-penned (surely old?) c.119bpm unsubtle bounder, flipped by the more pleasant slow c.80bpm ‘Shoot For The Stars‘.

PATTO: ‘Black And White’ (Teldec PAT 1)
Rather good bitterly amusing 106½bpm rap (pop-aimed in Mel Brooks-ish style, catchily co-prod/penned by Patrick Gammon) in which derogatory terms for niggers get traded back with similar names for honkys — actually, that’s one that isn’t used (inst flip). This could even be a hit.

THE HEROES: ‘Russia And America’ (Calibre CABL 127)
Biddu’s return to producing is an electronic stuttered chugging 10bpm simplistic sort of pop-reggae-soul plea for international unity — ‘Two Tribes’ it ain’t, but Tony Blackburn’s plugging it.


KELLY MARIE: ‘Breakout’ (Calibre PLUSL 14)
A good buoyantly pounding 122½bpm momentum gets well established before the Hi-NRG veteran returns to her roots with a restrainedly wailing vocal, all very classy but possibly not ear-catching enough for the pop masses (inst flip).

LAURA BRANIGAN: ‘Satisfaction’ (LP ‘Self Control’ Atlantic 780 147-1)
Nothing to do with the Stones, this is an anglicised friskily speeding 134¼bpm Eurodisco galloper big with the Hi-NRG trendsetters here. Incidentally, the previously reviewed title track single is now number one in Germany with its original by Raf at two, and both versions are yo-yoing around the top throughout Europe (pop jox beware!).

HAZELL DEAN: ‘Whatever I Do Wherever I Go’ (Proto ENAT 119)
Dreadfully disappointing freakily started and overly frantic ugly electronic drums rattled 131bpm racer, with none of the attractive underlying lilt that made ‘Searchin’ such a hit (milder inst flip), due commercially next week.

DISCO TOP 85 – July 7, 1984

01 02 I FOUND LOVIN’/DUB/REMIX, Fatback, Master Mix 12in
02 01 CHANGE OF HEART, Change, WEA 12in
03 03 FEELS SO REAL (WON’T LET GO) (DUB), Patrice Rushen, Elektra 12in
04 14 BREAKIN’ . . . THERE’S NO STOPPING US (CLUB MIX), Ollie & Jerry, Polydor 12in
05 05 TELL ME WHY, Bobby Womack, Motown 12in
06 10 JAMMIN’ IN MANHATTAN, Tyzik, Polydor 12in
08 04 THINKING OF YOU, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
09 15 TOSSING AND TURNING, Windjammer, MCA 12in
12 11 WHEN YOUR “EX” WANTS YOU BACK, Surface, Salsoul 12in
16 16 SLIP AWAY, Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in
17 34 BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU, Womack & Womack, Elektra 12in
18 19 MR GROOVE/LADY YOU ARE, One Way, MCA 12in
19 42 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
20 36 PARTYLINE/ I DO LOVE YOU, Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
21 08 DOIN’ IT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Yvonne Gage, US CIM 12in
22 23 LOVIN’ YOUR GOOD THING AWAY, Eleanor Grant, US Catawba 12in
24 49 DR BEAT, Miami Sound Machine, US Epic 12in
25 29 GET OFF (YOU FASCINATE ME)/GOTTA FIND IT, Patrice Rushen, Elektra LP
26 22 COME TO ME (ONE WAY OR ANOTHER), Jermaine Jackson, Arista 12in
27 45 CATCH THE BEAT (SCRATCH THE BEAT)/CATCH THE GROOVE, T.Ski Valley/Grand Groove Bunch, Belgian BMC/US Grand Groove 12in
28 — WHEN DOVES CRY/17 DAYS, Prince, Warner Bros 12in
29 17 DON’T I EVER CROSS YOUR MIND SOMETIME, Barbara Mason, Streetwave 12in
30 47 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Sugarhill 12in
31 30 SWEET SOMEBODY (DUB)/(REMIX), Shannon, Club 12in
32 28 LOVE IS IN SEASON, Detroit Spinners, Atlantic 12in
33 54 YOU’VE GOT THAT MAGIC/JUST BE MY LOVE, Fatback, Cotillion LP
34 — CHOOSE ME (RESCUE ME) (REMIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
35 20 I’M SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY, Frederick ‘MC Count’ Linton, US Vinyl Dreams 12in
36 35 SUMMER FLING, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia International LP
37 32 LOVER OF MY DREAMS, Yvonne Gage, Pinnacle 12in
38 33 TELL ME I’M NOT DREAMIN’, Jermaine & Michael Jackson, Arista LP
39 46 EUROPEAN QUEEN, Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
40 43 IN THE RIVER/DUB INSTRUMENTAL, I Level, Virgin 12in
41 39 BABY DON’T BREAK YOUR BABY’S HEART, Kashif, Arista 12in
42 — EVERYBODY’S LAUGHING/INST MIXES, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in promo
43 58 YOU’RE MY CHOICE TONIGHT (CHOOSE ME)/HOT LOVE, Teddy Pendergrass, Asylum LP
44 70 HOLDING ON/DOWN ON THE STREET, Shakatak, Polydor 12in
45 83 YOUR LIFE/LIFE JAM, Konk, Fourth & Broadway 12in
46 71 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIRST KIND, Smokey Robinson, Motown LP
47 67 HOT-HOT-HOT, Arrow, AIR 12in
49 59 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
50 41 EXTRAORDINARY GIRL, The O’Jays, US Philadelphia International 12in
51 37 NEXT TIME IT’S FOR REAL/BREAK, Kleeer, Atlantic 12in
52 — YOUR LOVE’S GOT A HOLD ON ME/TRUST ME, Lillo Thomas, US Capitol 12in
53 73 SUMMER GROOVE, Tony Jackson, Cedar 12in
55 57 I COULD GIVE YOU MORE/NADINE, Marcus Miller, Warner Bros LP
57 — DUB UNDERWORLD, Cerrone, US Personal 12in
58 72 RAT RACE, Hi-Tension, Streetwave 12in
60 50 TIME FLIES, The Kazu Matsui Project, US Lakeside LP
61 51 THE HIP HOP BEAT, The Rapologists, Billy Boy Records 12in
62 56 LET ME DANCE WITH YOU/INSTRUMENTAL, El Chicano, US Columbia 12
63 85 LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, US Philly World 12in
64 76 (YOU’RE MY) APHRODISIAC, Dennis Edwards, Gordy 12in
65 84 FAST LIFE/INSTRUMENTAL, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, US Profile 12in
66 80 IT’S GONNA BE SPECIAL (REMIX), Patti Austin, Qwest 12in
67 82 IN THE HEAT (OF THE NIGHT) (DUB), Klinte Jones, US Oh My! 12in
68 — 17, Rick James, US Gordy 7in
69 — DON’T SAY NO/C’EST LA VIE, Beau Williams, US Capitol LP
71 75 STUCK ON YOU, Trevor Walters, I&S Production 12in
72 — BEAT STREET, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five with Mr Ness Cowboy, Sugarhill 12in
73 68 YOU’RE THE BEST, The Emotions, US Red Label LP/12in remix
74 44 TENDER LOVIN’, Funk Deluxe, US Salsoul LP
75 — CHOCOLATE CITY, Orlando Johnson & Trance, Belgian Channel 12in
76 74 RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME, Denise LaSalle & Latimore, Malaco 12in
78 — HIP HOP ON WAX — VOLUME 1, DJ Chuck Chill Out, US Vintertainment 12in
79 — GUILTY, Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in promo
80 — NO MAN IS AN ISLAND (REMIX), Warp 9, Fourth & Broadway 12in
81 — SAMBA NO PE, Blue Rondo, Virgin 12in
82 69 HEAVEN SENT YOU, Stanley Clarke, StreetSounds LP/US Epic 12in
83 79 FUNKY BREAKDOWN, Awesome Foursome, US Partytime 12in
84 66 AND I DON’T LOVE YOU, Smokey Robinson, Motown 12in
85 — WITH YOU, Ingram, Other End LP/7in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Human League 109f, Prince 0-126f, Shannon 107½f, Yvonne Gage 120-119c, Mighty Wah! 124½f, L.J. Reynolds 103½f, Grandmaster Melle Mel (0-)104f, Difford & Tilbrook 123f, Windjammer 109½, Mike Oldfield (0-)98f, Black Lace 121½c, Roni Griffith 126f, Billy Idol 85-0f, Womack & Womack 104-110f, Foster & Allen 28/84-0r (‘Old Shep’!).


01 01 YOU THINK YOU’RE A MAN, Divine, Proto 12in
02 03 I HEAR THUNDER, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
03 05 I LOVE MEN (DANCE REMIX), Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
04 07 BREAK ME/GIVE ME BACK MY HEART, Charade/Norma Lewis. Passion LP/12in promo
05 04 FALSE ALARM, Marsha Raven, Passion 12in
06 02 HIGH ENERGY, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
07 06 FRANTIC LOVE, Eastbound Expressway, Record Shack 12in
08 08 BREAK ME INTO LITTLE PIECES, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in
09 10 THE NEXT IN LINE, Eric Roberts, Electricity 12in
10 09 BEELINE (REMIX), Miquel Brown, US TSR 12in
11 22 CAUGHT IN THE ACT, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in white label
13 12 TWO TRIBES, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
14 13 STRANGE DESIRE, Nicci Gable, Passion 12in
15 11 DOCTOR’S ORDERS — COUCH COUGH, Maegan, Savoir Faire 12in/ Hot Tracks remix
16 19 COLOR MY LOVE, Fun Fun, Dutch High Fashion 12in
17 23 LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, US Philly World 12in
18 17 JUMP (FOR MY LOVE) (REMIX), Pointer Sisters, Planet 12in
19 21 DOIN’ IT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Yvonne Gage, US CIM 12in
20 29 HEARTBEAT — HEARTBREAK, Word of Mouth, Challenge 12in
21 16 LA SERENISSIMA (REMIX), Rondo Veneziano, Ferroway 12in
22 18 WE ARE INVINCIBLE, 501’s, ERC 12in
23 31 HEAVEN TO ME, Technique, ERC 12in
24 20 NO MORE WORDS, Berlin, Mercury 12in
25 33 OUT OF MY LIFE, Gino Soccio, Dutch Atlantic 12in
26 35 SATISFACTION, Laura Branigan, Atlantic LP
27 14 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamala Stanley, Casablanca 12in
28 26 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Carrere 12in
29 30 SMALLTOWN BOY, Bronski Beat, Forbidden Fruit 12in
30=42 GONE WITH THE NIGHT, Patrice Rushen, Elektra LP
30=47 BREAKOUT, Kelly Marie, Calibre 12in white label
30= — HIM, Simone, Electricity 12in white label


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Sister Sledge, 2 (9) Frankie GTH ‘TT’, 3 (3) Evelyn Thomas, 4 (8) Hazell Dean, 5 (6) Wham!, 6 (12) Melle Mel ‘WL’, 7 (4) Change, 8 (5) Pointer Sisters ‘A’, 9 (2) Deniece Williams, 10 (7) Womack & Womack ‘LW’, 11 (16) Yvonne Gage ‘HH’, 12 (10) Jocelyn Brown, 13 (19) Michael Jackson, 14 (25) Pointer Sisters ‘J’, 15 (28) Roni Griffith, 16 (14) Bobby Womack, 17 (13) The System, 18 (18) Frankie GTH ‘R’, 19 (29) Ollie & Jerry, 20 (15) Patrice Rushen ‘FSR’, 21 (45) Lionel Richie, 22 (22) Bronski Beat, 23 (34) Divine, 24 (11) Terri Wells, 25 (—) Tina Turner, 26 (—) Windjammer, 27 (32) Duran Duran, 28 (—) Bob Marley “WIV’, 29 (—) I Level, 30 (24) Break Machine, 31 (17) Loose Ends ‘E’, 32 (re) Trans-X, 33 (—) Fatback ‘IFL’, 34 (27) One Way B/A, 35 (26) The SOS Band ‘JBGTM’, 36 (23) Jeffrey Osborne ‘SWMT’. 37 (re) Madonna, 38 (—) Rufus ‘OMK’, 39 (—) Grandmaster ‘BS’, 40 (41) Style Council, 41 (—) Shannon, 42 (38) Nik Kershaw, 43 (re) Ultravox, 44 (re) Miquel Brown, ‘SMM(R)’, 45 (—) Hi-Tension, 46 (21) Rufus ‘AN’, 47 (—) Tony Jackson, 48 (—) Scritti Politti, 49 (20) Spandau Ballet, 50 (35) L.J. Reynolds.

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  1. Well, this is interesting timing: a week after airing worries about the creative plateau-ing of electro and Hi-NRG, James gives a prominent and positive review to what – to these ears – sounds like the first tune that could be unequivocally connected to what became house music. (You could make a case for Strafe, but hearing it again and noting that it runs at 112bpm, I don’t quite think so.) In terms of tempo, rhythm, arrangement and lyrical content, Colonel Abrams’ “Music Is The Answer” could have come out in late 88 or early 89, and slotted more or less right in.

    Meanwhile, the rehabilitation and eventual canonisation of James Brown, which arguably peaked in 1987/88, is starting to gather steam. A couple of months earlier, my favourite after-hours club in Berlin had started reviving Sex Machine and Get Up Offa That Thing – it felt a tad incongruous, but also kind of fresh. It’s also where hip hop would eventually start heading.

    Finally, James is every shade of WRONG! about the fantastic Hazell Dean record, which wiped the floor with the rest of the UK Hi-NRG competition – the elements which he decries were actually its greatest strengths. It’s a fabulously propulsive track, with an almost violent rhythmic abrasiveness, and stuffed full of inventive trickery. Hey, how were we to know where SAW would ultimately lead us?!

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    1. I’d say that some of the ‘inventive trickery’ in that Hazell Dean track owes more than a little to ‘Blue Monday’ – after all SAW were well known for their plagiarism … 😉

      Out of curiosity, which is the club in Berlin you’re referring to? I lived there in the mid-80s and I’m intrigued!


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