August 23, 1986: Chaz Jankel featuring Brenda Jones, Cameo, Bobbi Humphrey, Colonel Abrams, Raww


TIMEX WATCHES apparently are cutting up rough over the use of their name so from here on it seems those ‘Rumors’-mongers will be just plain the Social Club … Princess has split from Supreme Records who made her a star and signed instead with Polydor … Phil Fearon has indeed beaten the original Tony Etoria version’s national chart peak of number 21 … Atlantic have reissued Chic’s classic 120-121-120½bpm ‘Le Freak’ (K11209T) from 1978… Mel & Kim, despite as reported being written, recorded, and rushed out to radio on fully printed promo all within a week back in July, ludicrously won’t be out until September 1 – what’s the hold-up? … Meli’sa Morgan’s 12 inch remix starts so abruptly that many jocks still prefer using the original LP version, so can’t something be done? … Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk has amongst others remixed the Dazz Band’s US single ‘L.O.V.E./M.I.A.‘ … Shirley Jones topped US Black 45s, Run-DMC Black LPs in Billboard … Cleveland Area DJ Association meets Sunday (24) in Thornaby’s Odd Fellows Arms at 7.30pm … Graham Gold’s DJ partner at Mayfair Gullivers, jocking alone there Mon/Fri, the hot ‘Demon’ Damon is looking for a black girl who can rap and sing to make a duo with him — catch him at the club on 01-499 0760 after 9pm … Radio Thamesmead’s breakfast DJ Jamie Wisdom is after a weeknight disco residency within reach of SE London, on 0322-72208 (afternoons) … DJ Fressh FM claims his Dartford-based scratch/mixing lessons undercut all others in price (details 04747 6381) … Alan Taylor suggests a reissued remix of the Funk Masters ‘It’s Over‘ might be timely – I’ve noticed the original is still filling floors in London, and it’s massive for him in Rhyl, where however at the Downtown the big oldie for Andy Baker is Hi-Gloss ‘You’ll Never Know‘ … Phil Burton has particularly hot oldies at Rhyl’s Mirrors Mon/Tues but now funks St Asaph’s Spooks Fri/Sat too … James Lewis has found that supposedly “commercial” Mondays have ended up as the actual funk nights at Swansea’s free admission Harry’s Dance Bar, well appointed, not large, but steaming until 2am when I visited last week, the only place where you’ll hear hot soul newies … Thursday (21) Andy Bianchi and Adrian Dunbar dare you to wear as little as possible at Poole’s Wharf nightspot … Sunday (24) Millie Scott PA’s with Steve Allen, Jonathon and Nick Graham at Peterborough Rinaldos’ 6pm all-eveninger, then as Bank Holiday Monday dawns at midnight Chris Hill joins Colin Hudd and John Rush hosting Dartford Flicks’ traditional charity allniter … Monday itself sees Pieces Of A Dream playing live at Blackpool Empress Ballroom’s 2pm alldayer, while Loose Ends and the Cool Notes PA at Northampton Cinderellas Rockerfellas’ 4pm alldayer, both with starry DJ rosters … Radio Merseyside soul presenter Kenni James captains another river cruise next Thursday (28), tickets from Hott Waxx and Cheverton Records … Paul French’s upfront weekends at Gillingham’s The Avenue have been attracting as punters Frankie Goes To Hollywood members Ped and Mark O’Toole, who also recently looked in at his Sunday skating rink gig at the Ice Bowl – where Paul got cold feet after kindly lending his socks so Mark’s rented skate boots would fit! … John Mayoh, now at Purley Cinderellas Rockerfellas, is delighted to find a hot new import-stocking shop in Croydon’s Station Road, Mi Price Records … Big Al has taken over mixing the funk (and “house”) on Fridays at Swindon’s Level 3 .. Candido ‘Jingo’ is a perfect mix out of ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ … Technics’ vari-speed CD player apparently, so Chad Jackson tells me, already includes a gnurled knob which the DJ can manipulate manually to “scratch” the disc – with a laser? … SORRY, WRONG BEAT!

IAN LEVINE (left), the toast of New York’s DJs (who all pronounced his name “Iron”!) at the New Music Seminar, thanks to his forceful personality and impressive list of credits, has rapidly cottoned onto the relationship of Chicago’s “house” music to Hi-NRG. As previously mentioned, he’s produced an ultimate 121½bpm pastiche of all the most obvious house clichés, Midnight Sunrise’s ‘On The House‘ (Crossover CROSS 1), on white label now … but already remixed by the increasingly busy Farley ‘Jackmaster Funk’ Keith, seen with him of the Limelight looking friendlier than they did during a sparring match as seminar panelists! What’s more, Ian is now recording Louise Thomas in the “house” style, too. Who next, Shakin’ Stevens or Rosemary Clooney?

DARRYL PANDY — and that is the right spelling, after all — has his re-recorded vocal version of ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ released imminently, and has just cut his first starring solo vocal record in London too! Amidst a hectic week of TV and club appearances, including his revivalist meeting-like show at the Limelight (with Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk mixing at the decks for hours), he went into the studios with the Light Of The World/Beggar And Co bunch backing him to remake Trussel’s old ‘Love Injection’. Singing in opera and in church for the last 20 years, he keeps his six-and-a-half octave vocal range in shape by only ever drinking water, as anything else coats his vocal cords.


CHAZ JANKEL featuring BRENDA JONES ‘You’re My Occupation’ (A&M AMY 344)
Back in a soulful bag, the ‘Ai No Corrida’ writer lets Shirley’s sister Brenda Jones of Girls fame wail and worry a sizzling little 109⅔bpm swaying tripper (dub flip) set to the sort of London tempo these days often dismissed as “Tony Blackburn fodder”. This one’s different!

CAMEO ‘Word Up’ (Club JABX 38)
Recognisably continuing Cameo’s sound but at a starkly whipping 115¾-0bpm fast tempo (in three versions), this’ll probably win most people over in the end although so far its more popular with poppier crowds. Their older slinky 94bpm ‘Urban Warrior‘ is included too.

BOBBI HUMPHREY ‘No Way’ (US Mercury 884-897-1)
The singing flautist’s overdue return on this Leroy Burgess-penned Inner Life oldie has been impatiently awaited, especially as her all-star accompanists include Stevie Wonder on harmonica and producer Ralph MacDonald on percussion (of course), the slightly Patrice Rushen-ish result being an old fashioned jiggly shuffling 0-111½bpm swayer in four versions, the flute tootled instrumental and tougher dub possibly being preferable.

COLONEL ABRAMS ‘Over And Over’ (MCA Records MCAT 1041)
Of this boring burbler‘s six import mixes we just get Louil Silas Jr’s (0-)107bpm West Coast Extended Dance Version and Larry Patterson’s rambling (0-)110bpm East Coast Dub Version – but they’re both overshadowed anyway by the canny inclusion here of the typically bounding 122bpm ‘Speculation’, always the “other” hot track on his album and, as he inspired the “house” vocal style, right now a killer mix with Farley and the lads!

RAWW ‘Don’t You Try It’ (US Emergency EMDS-6567)
New York-recorded “house”, in bounding 121¾bpm Colonel Abrams-ish style, with an interesting enough song and arrangement, plus a punchy 120½bpm Dub Version, for it to end up one of the big ‘uns.

Arthur Baker’s 114¼bpm answer version to Dhar Braxton’s hit retains the import’s Gil Scott Heron-ish Freeman Mix and toasting Lo-Lo Reggae Rap Version, but here the other two versions have been edited into a UK-only Name That Tune Jazz Dub Edition under the title ‘Chant-Back‘, snippets from many other recognisable tunes being incorporated (as they were without the re-edit on import).

LEO’S SUNSHIPP ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ (Expansion Records EXPAND 3, via PRT)
John Anderson and Richard Searling’s label revives a true underground soul classic, this sinuous slinkily weaving 95⅓-96⅚bpm jogger being useful teamed with the languidly swaying 101⅙-100bpm ‘I’m Back For More‘ plus their “Mini-Trio” dubs.

AUSTIN HOWARD ‘I’m The One Who Really Loves You’ (10 Records TEN 97-12)
Stock Aitken Waterman-prod/penned smoothly cantering 0- 115½bpm lush pop-soul with lots of Billy Ocean-ish Seventies influence and a hint of “house” (in three mixes).

NOCERA ‘Summertime, Summertime’ (US Sleeping Bag Records SLX-22)
Mixed by Mantronik, this juvenile-sung jerkily skittering 115⅔bpm wriggly jolter has a nagging fascination due to the tension between the beats and the sometimes almost painful vocal (in four mixes). In time for autumntime, autumntime?

RAZE ‘Jack The Groove’ (US Grove St. GR-852)
Produced by Vaughan Mason for a New Jersey label but sounding pure Chicago, this Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley-style leanly bounding 119⅓bpm jack track is coupled with the chaps sung less good Shannonesque 0-120bpm ‘Jump In Your Dance‘ (bonus beats too) and vaguely West Indian 120⅓bpm ‘Oh Song‘.

MINK ‘What Does It Take’ (US Sound Pak R-1058)
No relation of either Kenny G or Jr Walker, it’s a loosely bounding electro jittered 121½bpm “house” backbeater manfully moaned by Charles Stuart (in four versions).

THE BOOGIE BOYS ‘Dealin’ With Life’ (Capitol 12CL 418)
The Ted Currier-produced West Coast rappers judder and chant the new (0-)98⅙bpm topside, but their older US hit 98bpm ‘A Fly Girl’ flip could be of greater interest, its rhythm now being better known as the basis for Sly Fox’s 97⅔bpm ‘Let’s Go All The Way‘!

JAMES INGRAM ‘Always’ (Qwest W8669T)
Meandering gently tugging 0-95⅔bpm swayer, with its instrumental and the older, grittier 94bpm ‘It’s Your Night‘ as flip.

SHIRLEY MURDOCK ‘No More’ (Elektra EKR 43T)
The Roger-produced soulstress’s import single, finally out here, a catchy “won’t you please pick up the ‘phone”-hooked bubbly 121bpm judderer, flipped by her fabulous jazzily soulful 0-91/45½bpm ‘The One I Need‘ and a (0-)121½bpm instrumental of ‘Truth Or Dare’.

JOSIE JAMES ‘Dance You Up’ (TPL Records 12TPL 02, via PRT)
Jean Carne-ish lurchingly bounding 111¾bpm dated strutter, good enough if you’re still living in soul’s relatively recent past, with an even nicer jerkily weaving 0-67bpm soulful slow ‘It’s Up To Me‘ flip.

EL DeBARGE ‘Love Always’ (Motown ELDT 2)
Youthfully pitched though otherwise sophisticated Bacharach & Bayer Sager-prod/penned 90/45bpm slick ballad, proving popular, coupled with various DeBarge group oldies.

N.Y. SENSATION ‘Hooked On You’ (10 Records/Next Plateau TENT 152)
Sly Fox Ted Currier returns to his Rochelle sound to produce a squeaky girl chimed 114¾bpm electro-pop judderer (in three versions), except although simplistic it lacks the charm of ‘My Magic Man’.

AL JARREAU ‘L Is For Lover’ (WEA U8612T)
Scritti Politti-penned juddery 97⅙-0bpm lightly exotic swayer with an alphabet-cum-place names hook. So where’s the theme song from ‘Moonlighting’, then?

TINA TURNER ‘Typical Male’ (Capitol 12CL 419)
Although not an automatic “add” to soul DJs’ playlists, Tina (doing on the sleeve for the elbow what Madonna did for the knee) deserves to cross back with this nervily twitching jerky 105¾bpm spurter just as much as Haywoode did with ‘Roses’.

REDD ‘Sexy Girls’ (US RCA Victor PW-14419)
“Prince meets P’funk” for a burbling jiggly 101 bpm chant with rambling sax and electro effect. OK if never really getting anywhere (in three versions), prod/penned by Charlie Singleton.

TZ ‘I Got The Hots For You’ (US Street Sounds SS-DO2)
“Chaka Khan meets house” for a fluidly chugging 125¾bpm canterer with dated synth licks and copycat wailing (in three versions), mixed by Regisford & Jarvis.

Moody 109½bpm electro instrumental of the theme from ‘Assault On Precinct 13’, flipped by Bam’s vaguely Bowie-esque vocal 107½bpm ‘Tension‘.

REBBIE JACKSON ‘Reaction’ (US Columbia 44-05927)
The famous siblings’ big sister sounds like one of the family on a Prince-tempoed jaunty (0-)124¼-0bpm burbler (in three mixes) produced by David ‘Pic’ Conley.

ATLANTIC STARR ‘Silver Shadow’ (A&M Amy 336)
Their (to us) over-familiar oldie, out yet again in its 108-0bpm original and 106⅔bpm remix versions, as a stop-gap for newer pop fans.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – August 23, 1986

01 03 DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND/LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Daryl Pandy, London 12in
02 01 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (LARRY LEVAN MIXES), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
03 02 SOWETO (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, A&M 12in
04 08 I CAN PROVE IT, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
05 09 WHEN I THINK OF YOU (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
06 06 FOOL’S PARADISE (PARADISE MIX), Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
07 15 AUTOMATIC, Millie Scott, Fourth & Broadway 12in
08 07 NEW YORK AFTERNOON, Mondo Kané/Georgie Fame, Lisson Records 12in
09 11 EVERYONE A WINNER/DUB, Zuice, Club 12in
11 04 HEADLINES, Midnight Star, MCA Records 12in
12 05 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, A&M 12in
13 16 I WANNA BE WITH YOU, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
14 32 BURNIN’ UP/PIANO DUB, Michael Jonzun, A&M 12in
15 13 DO ME RIGHT, The Main Ingredient, Cooltempo 12in
16 37 WHAT DOES IT TAKE (TO WIN YOUR LOVE), Kenny G, Arista 12in
17 26 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Davis/Pinckney Project featuring Lorenzo Queen, US Studio Records 12in
18 19 RUMORS/VICIOUS RUMORS, Timex Social Club, US Jay 12in
19 24 BREAKING AWAY, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
20 51 WORD UP/INSTRUMENTAL, Cameo, US Atlanta Artists 12in/Club promo
21 10 DO YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE, Shirley Jones, Philadelphia International 12in
22 17 FIND THE TIME (MIDNIGHT MIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
23 31 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
24 22 ROSES (BERT BEVANS REMIX), Haywoode, CBS 12in
25 12 TELL ME TOMORROW (WEEKEND MIX), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
26 58 KISSES IN THE MOONLIGHT, George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
28 49 JUMMP-BACK (FREEMAN MIX)/CHANT BACK (MISS ME MIX)/EMU DUB BACK, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
29 21 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-DMC, London 12in
30 30 BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME, The Incredible Mr. Freeze, US Pow Wow 12in
31 — HUMAN, Human League, Virgin 12in
32 23 BURNIN’ LOVE, Con Funk Shun, Club 12in
33 — AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (DANCIN’ DANNY D REMIX) (107)/(MARK BERRY REMIXES) (107⅓bpm), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
34 — GIRLS NIGHT OUT/MOMENTARY VISION, Cool Notes, Abstract Records 12in
35 48 GOOD TO GO, Trouble Funk, 4th + B’way/TTED 12in
36 27 CAN YOU FEEL THE FORCE (JEDI MIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
37 41 I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, Important Records 12in
38 18 SAY LA LA, Pieces Of A Dream, Manhattan 12in
39 35 NO NEWS IS NEWS – REMIX, Kreamcicle, Bluebird/10 12in
40 29 WE WORK HARD/KANGOL & DOC, U.T.F.O., Cooltempo 12in
41 43 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, US Trax Records 12in
42 28 ONCE YOU GOT ME GOING, Debby Blackwell, 10 Records 12in
43 52 SWEET FREEDOM, Michael McDonald, US MCA Records 12in
44 36 LOVE ZONE (REMIX), Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
45 25 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
47 60 HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, Hanson & Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
48 72 ALWAYS, James Ingram, Qwest 12in
49 89 GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, Jazz Jeff & Fresh Prince, US Word Records 12in
50 69 LEAVE IT TO THE DRUMS/I’VE GOT IT GOOD, Tricky Tee, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
51 — LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL/DON’T STOP, Lionel Richie, Motown LP
52 50 THE WORD/SARDINES, The Junkyard Band, Def Jam 12in
53 64 SPELL, Deon Estus, Geffen Records 12in
54 81 YOU WERE MEANT TO BE MY LADY (NOT MY GIRL) (REMIXES), Alexander O’Neal, US Tabu 12in
55 38 ALL THE WAY TO HEAVEN, Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, Cooltempo 12in
56 34 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT/MY MELODY, Eric B. featuring Rakim, US Zakia Records 12in
57 45 TURNED ON TO YOU, Nova Casper, Bluebird/10 12in
58 40 BYE-BYE, Janice, US 4th + B’way 12in
59 47 NASTY (COOL SUMMER MIX PART I/II), Janet Jackson, US A&M 12in
60 80 SET IT OFF/MASTERMIND REMIX, Harlequin Four’s, Champion 12in
61 — GOTTA SEE YOU TONIGHT, Barbara Roy, RCA 12in promo
62 — I’M THE ONE WHO REALLY LOVES YOU, Austin Howard, 10 Records 12in
63 59 NO WAY BACK/INSTRUMENTAL, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
65 — NO WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Bobbi Humphrey, US Mercury 12in
66 — IT’S ALL OVER THE GRAPEVINE, Steve Mancha, Columbia 12in
67 44 MIDAS TOUCH/CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, Midnight Star, MCA Records LP
69 66 TAKE IT TO THE TOP, Skibone, US TTED Record Inc 12in
70 — STRANGEST LOVE AFFAIR (MANOR MIX) (0-107¾-0)/TOWNHOUSE MIX (0-108bpm), Carroll Thompson, Virgin 12in promo
71 97 YOU DON’T KNOW/DUB MIX, Tambi, US Electric Ice 12in
72 — EXCITE ME (109⅚bpm), Carlton, US Infuture 12in
73 — IT’S BEEN SO LONG (98⅙bpm), Melba Moore, Capitol LP
74 — STAY (LA LA) (92⅓bpm), Glenn Jones, US RCA Victor LP
75 re MOVE, Farm Boy featuring Darryl Pandy/Etheridge Williams, US DJ Internatoinal Records 12in
77 90 PASSION FROM A WOMAN, Krystol, Epic 12in
78 95 PAY ME BACK MY LOVE, Colors, Prelude 12in
79 — GIRLS & BOYS, Prince And The Revolution, Paisley Park 12in
80 67 HEAVEN IN YOUR ARMS, R.J.’s Latest Arrival, US Manhattan 12in
81 — DON’T YOU TRY IT, Raww, US Emergency Records Inc 12in
82 96 DEALIN’ WITH LIFE/A FLY GIRL, Boogie Boys, Capitol 12in promo
83 — SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in white label
84 — JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, US Grove St. 12in
86 — GIVE YOURSELF TO ME, The Rude Boy Farley Keith, US Trax Records 12in
87 100= TEN WAYS OF LOVING YOU, Lenny Williams, US Knobhill 7in
88 85 FEELIN’ JAMES, US TD Records Inc 12in
89 re SWEET LOVE, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
90 77 YOU ARE EVERYTHING, James (D Train) Williams, US Columbia 12in
91 56 POINT OF NO RETURN (SPECIAL MIX), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in
92 — LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND (VOCAL REMIX) (122-122⅓-0bpm), Darryl Pandy/Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
93 — SWEET, SOFT N’ LAZY (128-0bpm), Viktor Lazlo, Belgian Miracle 12in
94 — LOVE ALWAYS (90/45bpm), El DeBarge, Motown 12in
95 55 SHARE MY LOVE, Betty Wright, US First String Records LP
96 71 IS IT LIVE, Run-D.M.C., London LP
97 — HOOKED ON YOU (114¾bpm), N.Y. Sensation, 10 Records 12in promo
98 53 100% PURE PAIN, O’chi Brown, Magnet 12in
99 re BAMBAATAA’S THEME (109½bpm), Afrika Bambaataa & Family, WEA 12in
100 84 CELEBRATE – PT. I/PT. II, Subject, US Pow Wow 12in


01 03 LOVE IN THE SHADOWS (REMIX), E.G. Daily, US A&M 12in
02 02 NO MAN’S LAND, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
03 01 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in
04 12 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
05 09 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
06 05 DOWN DOWN ROMEO, Meccano, German Ariola 12in
07 07 DOWN AND COUNTING, Claudja Barry, US Epic 12in
08 21 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY, The Communards, London 12in
09 17 MORE THAN PHYSICAL, Bananarama, London 12in
10 04 MUSIC THAT YOU CAN DANCE TO, Sparks, US Curb 12in
11 10 TIME AFTER TIME, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in
12 06 RUN TO ME, Tracy Spencer, CBS 12in
13 — ON THE HOUSE, Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in white label
14 — SEX SYMBOL, Man 2 Man, US Recca 12in
15 re TWO OF HEARTS (EUROPEAN DANCE MIX), Stacey Q, Atlantic 12in
16 — QU’EST QUE C’EST?, Splash, Rocket Records 12in
17 14 HOW MANY HEARTS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
18 — YOU’RE GONNA SUFFER, Bertice Reading, Sublime 12in white label
19 18 PLAY IT COOL, Model 500, US Metroplex 12in
20 16 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, US Trax Records 12in
21 11 YOU EXCITE ME, David Karam, Canadian Astro 12in
22 19 CAN’T LIVE, Suzy Q, Belgian ARS 12in
23 13 TWILIGHT ZONE, Venus, Passion 12in
24 29 AGAIN (REMIX), Do Piano, Record Shack 12in
25 25 MALE STRIPPER (UK REMIX), Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish, Bolts Records 12in
26 08 I WON’T GIVE IT AWAY, Olga, US Top Hits 12in
27 — (I WANT TO GO TO) CHICAGO, R.T. & The Rockmen Unlimited, US Criminal Records 12in
28 re DO YOU REALLY NEED ME, Si Si Caps, German Night n’ Day 12in
29 28 LIGHT A LIGHT (REMIX), Peppermint, US RGM 12in
30= — JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
30= 23 I NEED A LOVER TONIGHT, Caren Cole, Passion 12in white label

4 thoughts on “August 23, 1986: Chaz Jankel featuring Brenda Jones, Cameo, Bobbi Humphrey, Colonel Abrams, Raww”

  1. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if Darryl Pandy’s cover of “Love Injection” ever saw the light of day; his UK-recorded solo debut would instead be cut from an altogether different cloth (and there are some clues this week as to who the tailor might be!)

    Interesting to discover that Richard Searling – the former Wigan Casino resident DJ who still champions Northern Soul to this day – was also responsible for Leo Sunshipp’s lengthy second life as a rare groove classic.

    “Jack The Groove” – arguably the first non-Chicago US house record that still sounds exactly like a house record – was inextricably linked with “Jack Your Body” at the time, as the tracks vied to become the UK’s second and third house hit singles. “Jack The Groove” was released later this year, and duly diddled around the lower end of the Top 75 for a few weeks, but by cannily holding “Jack Your Body” back until the very start of 1987, by which time the demand for it had built to a peak, London Records got Steve “Silk” Hurley into the UK Top 40 first, beating Raze by just one week. (NB – the chart lifespan of “Jack Your Body” was unusually short for the time, just 9 weeks in total on the Top 75, so London’s delayed release was highly successful in maximising its chart position.)

    TZ’s ‘I Got The Hots For You’ may not exactly have set UK dance floors on fire in 1986, but its title line would be sampled on a Number One dance record from the spring of 1988 – no prizes for guessing which one!


    1. Haha! As soon as I saw that story about Love Injection, the first thing I did was try to find it. The Trussel version has long been a favourite of mine.

      Maybe they recorded it then got refused by Trussel or their label?

      I see a few LOTW members are on social media. Might be worth asking about it.


  2. I’ve enjoyed the regular trip down memory lane with this blog. Sometimes I’ve shed a tear but mostly been bathed in the warm glow of nostalgia for a far off lost youth. By this point in 86 I had been married for 3 weeks and clubbing was no longer a weekly communion. The music had changed considerably and my 25 year old self had little affinity with the majority of the latest releases. Every know and again a great record would resonate but never in the vast numbers of previous years. I was now officially a boring old fart!


  3. Jack The Groove along with /This Brutal House/ Let’s Get Brutal was my favourite of the initial flurry of big house hits the first I bought – and somewhat ironically I think those 2 are both from New York (or not Chicago anyway).


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