January 28, 1978: Peter Brown, Raydio, Andrea True Connection, Chic, New Marketts

New Spins

PETER BROWN: ‘Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me’ (TK TKR 6009) (BNDA debut 4/23/77)
Sensational strange US smash funky jiggler from last summer, finally out here in its hit 12in form – but it’ll have trouble from his hot new import album.

RAYDIO: ‘Jack And Jill’ / ‘Get Down’ (Arista ARIST 161)
Much imported catchy slow pop soul chugger and an ultra-funky flip, could be big.

ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION: ‘What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number’ (Buddah BDS 467) (BNDA debut 11/12/77)
Coolly thumping builder with rock touches, huge in US and on import.  Continue reading “January 28, 1978: Peter Brown, Raydio, Andrea True Connection, Chic, New Marketts”

January 21, 1978: Veronica Unlimited, Bee Gees, Real Thing, Eruption, Candi Staton

New Spins

VERONICA UNLIMITED: ‘What Kind of Dance is This’ (EMI INT 546)
Long awaited Continental hit medley of the Beatles’ ‘Hard Day’s Night’, Sensations’ ‘Let Me In’ and Byrds’ ‘Mr Tambourine Man’, all taken lickety-split in best Europop style – in fact, it may be too fast!

BEE GEES: ‘Stayin’ Alive’ (RSO 2090267) (BNDA debut 1/7/78)
Easy-paced squeaky chugger from their disco-set ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack.

REAL THING: ‘Whenever You Want My Love’ (Pye 7N 46045)
Hurrah, they’re back in their jaunty jog-along style, and should smash again!  Continue reading “January 21, 1978: Veronica Unlimited, Bee Gees, Real Thing, Eruption, Candi Staton”

January 14, 1978: Lenny Williams, Kellee Patterson, Stargard, Rokotto, Linda Clifford

Howard Huntridge, head of the British Associated DJ Alliance, 5 Thorne Road, Doncaster, seems to have read into my piece about BADJA’s promotion of Amanda Lear’s ‘Blood And Honey’ (RM Dec 31) exactly what I did not write!

Far from accusing him of getting his member DJ’s to hype the record into the Disco Chart, I was inviting BADJA members to contribute truthful dancer reaction charts to help make the Record Mirror disco chart even more representative . . . a point he seems to have missed entirely in his reply.

He had asked his member DJ’s to let RM know about the record, intending this info to be used in the DJ Hotline, but as must be obvious the DJ Hotline is intended for records not already among the places the chart contains.

It is also a small way of rewarding regular chart contributors with name checks.

As Amanda Lear was already way up the chart, his action – and the resultant pile of mail – was redundant if well intentioned.

It was Ariola Records’ press officer who described their arrangement with BADJA as being with a promotion company.

Anyway, all BADJA members and DJ’s everywhere are still needed to contribute regularly to the Disco Chart, so please send your reaction-based Top 10 (and three breakers) to James Hamilton, Record Mirror, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT. The more we get, the more accurate the chart!

Robbie Vincent’s lunchtime Saturday shows on BBC Radio London are now nicking some of our Hot Vinyl contributors to present their three top disco hits. The rota of funky club jocks, one a week, is Chris Hill (Ilford Lacy Lady), Graham Canter (Mayfair Gullivers), Dave Royal (Southgate Royalty) and – this Saturday – Chris Brown (Camberley Frenchies). Later in the year Robbie hopes to add an influential US jock too.

New Spins

LENNY WILLIAMS: ‘Choosing You’ (ABC 4198) (BNDA debut 7/30/77)
Big for months as an LP track and then import, the fantastic fast flier’s finally out on limited 12in . . . and selling fast!

KELLEE PATTERSON: ‘If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It’ (EMI INT 544)
Sensational slinky slow chugger from the US soul chart, could even hit here.

STARGARD: ‘Theme From ‘Which Way Is Up’’ (MCA 346) (BNDA debut 1/7/78)
Norman Whitfield-penned clapper in the ‘Car Wash’ bag, already big on import.  Continue reading “January 14, 1978: Lenny Williams, Kellee Patterson, Stargard, Rokotto, Linda Clifford”

January 7, 1978: Heatwave, T-Connection, El Coco, People’s Choice, Alvis Wayne

New Spins

HEATWAVE: ‘The Groove Line’ (GTO GT 115)
Terrific powerhouse follow-on to ‘Boogie Nights’, with a ridiculously catchy “whoop-whoop” hook that’s an immediate audience-grabbing gimmick for singalongs!

T-CONNECTION: ‘On Fire’ (TK TKR 6006) (BNDA debut 11/5/77)
Already a hit on import alone, the frantic fast flier’s dynamite rhythm (very different from before) is really exciting, especially on the full 7:22 commercial 12-inch.

EL COCO: ‘Cocomotion’ LP (Pye NSPL 28237) (BNDA debut 8/20/77)
The full 10:30 version that started it all – and in fact the edited single only came late in the day after this was already a disco monster in America.  Continue reading “January 7, 1978: Heatwave, T-Connection, El Coco, People’s Choice, Alvis Wayne”

December 31, 1977: Why would Ariola ally themselves with a Doncaster-based promotion company?

Amanda Lear’s ‘Blood And Honey’ (Ariola) has been a massive Euro-hit, following on perfectly from Baccara, and is doing well in the Disco Chart.  Evidently though it isn’t selling here or why else would Ariola ally themselves with a Doncaster-based promotion company to try to persuade disco DJ’s to change that situation.

Now it’s not as if this page didn’t review – indeed, predict success for – the record even before it came out here, but . . . for the past two weeks we have been inundated with potted reviews from disco DJ’s, all telling us what the bloody thing sounds like!  Great, fab, but what’s the point?

Evidently BADJA, the promotion company, masquerades as a free association for DJ’s, and doles out records to its members.  In doling out the Amanda Lear 12in (and also another Ariola single by Lynne Jones ‘Come Softly To Me’), BADJA asked all the recipients to write to this page with their comments about them.  Had they come out in the open and asked the DJ’s to send in Disco Charts containing the records they could have been accused of hype.  On the other hand those charts would have had to contain a dozen other records not necessarily issued by BADJA.

Amanda Lear’s is a good record which works well, and I use it myself.  It has every right to appear in disco charts – if those are a true representation of dancers’ reaction.  From the way this page is structured it should be obvious that we welcome correspondence from DJ’s which is then broken down to provide all the info that goes into each section of the page.  What were we meant to do with all the BADJA members’ comments?

It really ought to be the duty of any DJ on a record company mailing list to justify his position.  By submitting disco charts to Record Mirror regularly he can influence the whole country and not just his own piddling little venue.  But he should not just list all the freebies he’s received, regardless.

Also, please realise that while I enjoy getting letters they are wasted unless they contain specific news or a chart that can he used on this page, and an SAE if an answer is required.  End of lecture.  Happy New Year!

No New Spins this week.

No Hot Vinyl this week.  Continue reading “December 31, 1977: Why would Ariola ally themselves with a Doncaster-based promotion company?”

December 24, 1977: Philadelphia Classics, Chris Brown’s Hot Vinyl

Hottest import for several weeks has been the fantastic ‘Philadelphia Classics’ double album (US Philadelphia Int’l PZG 34940), selling here for about £5.50, which contains eight old disco monsters all completely remixed and stretched out into longer, fresher, brand new versions! Best bets seem to be the O’Jays’ ‘I Love Music’ (9:36) and ‘Love Train’ (6:14), Harold Melvin’s ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ (11:00) and ‘Bad Luck’ (8:00), and more by the Intruders, Three Degrees and MFSB.

Hot Vinyl

Chris Brown (the other one, from Pantiles and Frenchies) will be funking it up at the big Reading all-dayer on January 2 and is running coach parties there from Camberley, bookable on Guilford 37317.  His import tips are:

AL HUDSON: ‘If You Feel Like Dancing’ (ABC 12”)

JIMMY MCGRIFF: ‘Skyhawk’ / ‘Tailgunner’ (LRC LP cuts)

MANU DIBANGO: ‘Big Blow’ (Fiesta 12” – French import)  Continue reading “December 24, 1977: Philadelphia Classics, Chris Brown’s Hot Vinyl”

December 17, 1977: Canvey Gold Mine Revival #2, War, Trammps, Bob Marley, Mike Theodore Orchestra

New Spins

WAR: ‘Galaxy’ (MCA 339) (BNDA debut 1/14/78)
Spacey slow start to what becomes their best chunky beater since the similar ‘Me And Baby Brother’ – a monster!

TRAMMPS: ‘Love Per Hour’ (from LP ‘III’, Atlantic K 50425)
Probably the hottest of side one’s three typical tracks, while side two has slowies too.

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS: ‘Jamming’ (Island IPR 2005)
Wow – a longer, totally different dub version on limited 12in!  Continue reading “December 17, 1977: Canvey Gold Mine Revival #2, War, Trammps, Bob Marley, Mike Theodore Orchestra”