September 15, 1979: Michael Jackson, Edwin Starr, Van McCoy, Discotheque, Tamiko Jones

Odds ‘N Bods

‘Sexy Cream’ by Slick has effectively been banned from radio play by the IBA, and probably BBC too . . . Derek Harriot ‘Born To Love You’, reviewed as a 7in last week, is now on 12in (Laser LAS 15T), while to complete the Lonnie Liston Smith import LP review, ‘Nightlife’ is a nice 120-122bpm gently jogging keyboard burbler but the 126-128bpm ‘Fruit Music’ works less well than the 126-124-126bpm ‘A Song For The Children’ title track (US Columbia JC 36141) . . . Miroslav Vitous ‘New York City’ (Warner Bros. 12in) turns out to be an accelerating 130-133-134-135-137-0bpm, now that I’ve checked my unwarped old LP version . . . Chic ‘My Forbidden Lover’ and Joe Sample ‘Carmel’ are due on 12in . . . I‘m pushing MCA for a UK 12in of Joe Sample’s old ‘There Are Many Stops Along The Way’, at 115bpm a great mate for ‘Street Life’, as at 112bpm is Deodato ‘Knights Of Fantasy’ – which could deserve UK issue now . . . Kool & The Gang’s jazz superstar-studded ‘Boogie Vibes’ promo did not end up on their new Deodato-produced LP after all – pity! . . . Heaven & Earth’s US Mercury LP is not set for UK release . . . British Discotheque Convention tickets are going so fast that the top jocks and disco pluggers this Frenchies-held bash is aimed at had better book now if they want to get in: contact Robin Nash (East Horsley 2531) and send your money! . . . Showstopper Promotions’ February Forum trip to Los Angeles (details last week) already has about 50 people booked and may end up with 150 – which could be a riot, the poor Americans not standing a chance! . . . Los Angeles-based expatriate Dick Sheppard is briefly back in Britain for BADEM’s Discotek 79 – over there he’s a top jock cos not only is he a good mixer, he can talk (something evidently gay Californian DJs are incapable of)! . . . Brighton funkateer Paul Clark (Brighton 698699) could do with a new Friday venue for his followers, while record companies interested in Papillon on Mondays for promotion nights should call him too . . . Strathclyde and other Scottish jocks seem to be reverting to rock ‘n pop in a big way, but are still the first to chart Donna Summer! . . . London’s Embassy Club opens an afternoon “Discoella” family show at Christmas – yes, that is indeed Cinderella goes Disco, a musical for kiddies (can you believe it?) . . . see you at BADEM (if I’m awake)!

UK Newies

MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ (Epic EPC 12-7763) (BNDA debut 8/18/79)
Heaven-sent 12in of the already huge and now speeded-up 121bpm rattling jittery jolter.

EDWIN STARR: ‘It’s Called The Rock’ (20th Century TCD 2420)
Infectiously bounding 125-128bpm 12in thumper that should hopefully establish the “rock” dance here – it’s the elbows and knees-bent sideways-swaying step that you must have seen by now.

VAN MCCOY: ‘The Hustle’ (H&L 9198436)
Yesteryear’s dance now on 116bpm remixed 6:25 12in with overlaid syndrums and added rhythm. 

DISCOTHEQUE: ‘Intro Disco’ (Mercury 6007231)
A legal version of those great US bootlegs, instead of the actual record snippets this 128bpm 7in (12in to follow) is a medley of famous “hits” instrumental intros freshly-recorded, featuring such as ‘YMCA’, ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’, ‘Shake Your Body’, ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Shame’ etc!

TAMIKO JONES: ‘Can’t Live Without Your Love’ (Polydor STEPX 001) (BNDA debut 8/11/79)
Randy Muller-arranged synthetically churning 12in jitterer, 119bpm in its original US 12in form or 121bpm on UK 7in (so far).

AQUARIAN DREAM: ‘Phoenix’ (Buddah BDSL 488)
Catchy chix-sung happily flying 134-135bpm jazz funk 12in jumper from a while back, now out here to renewed interest, with the siren-started 133bpm instrumental ‘East 6th Street’ synthesizer skipper as good flip.

EDDIE HENDERSON: ‘Runnin’ To Your Love’ (Capitol 12CL 16099)
Patrice Rushen-sung 128bpm, 12in leaper in lurching Emotions style, not now as big as the LP’s better ‘This Band Is Hot’.

HERB ALPERT: ‘Rise’ (A&M AMSP 7465) (BNDA debut 7/28/79)
Haunting 100bpm clonking and bonking trumpet jogger, huge in US and now on see-through UK 12in – but presumably at 45rpm already, to foil speed-spinners!

RANDY CRAWFORD: ‘Endlessly’ (Warner Bros. K 17457)
Superb jazzy 44/89bpm 7in souling of Brook Benton’s oldie, Randy being the lady on ‘Street Life’ of course – and her equally great (if not hotter for jocks) ‘I Stand Accused’ smoocher is on the specially imported ‘Raw Silk’ LP (K 56592).

BILLY OCEAN: ‘American Hearts’ (GTO GT 12-244)
Steadily stamping 115bpm 12in jogger, already a pop hit.

FOXY: ‘Headhunter’ (TK TKR 13-7550)
Jaggedly jumping 125bpm 12in lurcher, a bit basic.

THE MARVELS: ‘Sh-Boom’ (Dimples DIM 201)
Dynamite 65bpm 12in reggae revival of the Chords/Crew Cuts “life could be a dream” doo wop classic, exploding for all who try it!

GIBSON BROTHERS: ‘West Indies’ (from LP ‘Cuba’, Island ILPS 9579) (‘Ooh! What A Life’ BNDA debut 9/8/79, ‘Que Sera Mi Vida’ BNDA debut 7/12/80)
The greatest Latin-type 122-123bpm ‘Better Do It Salsa’ was originally reviewed off a special promo 12in, so I missed this similar happy 123bpm basher and the more Villaqe People-ish 131-130-132bpm galloping ‘Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go)’, which with ‘Cuba’ and ‘Ooh! What A Life’ make for an exceptionally strong LP.

BRYAN ADAMS: ‘Let Me Take You Dancing’ (A&M AMSP 7460) (BNDA debut 4/28/79)
Motown-type happy vibes-spiced 135bpm 12in romper, huge in NY, should now sandwich nicely between Philly Cream ‘Motown Review’ and Isaac Hayes ‘Don’t Let Go’.

ERROL DUNKLEY: ‘O.K. Fred’ (Scope SC 6T)
Sublimely catchy 94bpm reggae, presumably on 12in, should be subtitled the ‘Yagga Yagga Song’!

HI-TENSION: ‘There’s A Reason’ (Island 12XWIP 6493)
EWF-like squeaky 107bpm 12in swayer with busily jolting and jiggling rhythm.


KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Ladies’ Night’ LP (US De-Lite DSR-9513) (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
Due also on 12in, the Eumir Deodoto-produced set’s already hot title track is a subduedly strutting 110-112bpm funky chugger, very like a slowed down Al Hudson, changing up to 117bpm for a more flowing finish. ‘Too Hot’ is a mellow 105bpm swayer, while varying the “rock” tempo are an accelerating 118-124bpm ‘Hangin’ Out’, repetitive 121bpm ‘Tonight’s The Night’ and 120bpm ‘If You Feel Like Dancin’’.

PAULINHO DA COSTA: ‘Deja Vu/Love Till The End Of Time’ (US Pablo Today D312-102)
Eagerly awaited 12in remix stretches the spikily skipping squeaky EWF-supported strutter out to 6:40 while speeding it up to 118bpm and chopping straight on into the similarly speeded-up brassy instrumental track (on its own as flip) to make a 10:26 segue!

ISAAC HAYES: ‘Don’t Let Go’ LP (US Polydor PD-1-6224) (BNDA debut 10/6/79)
Deceptively fast but unhurried seeming 136bpm “rock” treatment of the Roy Hamilton/Manhattan Transfer title track (137bpm on promo 12in) skips along with solid beat and chanting chix, while there’s a good smacking instrumental build-up to his 131 1/2bpm “rock” revival of Little Willie John’s old ‘Fever’, so much better than Roy Ayers’s recent attempt.

SHALAMAR: ‘Right In The Socket’ (from LP ‘Big Fun’, US Solar BXL1-3479) (BNDA debut 3/22/80)
Steadily chugging 123bpm “rock” jiggler with syndrums and stamping break sounds ‘Bank’-able and should be big!

CHARANGA 79: ‘Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar)’ (US TR 12-608)
Updated from 76 to 79, the Latin group now give Chic’s hit their basically bashing 111bpm 12in treatment, but while it lacks the original’s smooth subtlety it adds steel drums and a staccato smacking lurch beat that works well.

PAUL LEWIS: ‘Inner City Blues’ (US Sunshine Sound S-4214)
Marvin Gaye’s oldie gets a solidly pulsating KC-produced 115-116-118bpm 12in reworking that beefs up the beat for some searing long rhythm breaks with sizzling cymbal hissing and tambourine shaking never letting up.

WAYNE HENDERSON: ‘Dancin’ Love Affair’ (from LP ‘Emphasized’, US Polydor PD-1-6227)
Chix-supported squeaky Curtis Mayfield-like vocal by the Crusaders’ old trombonist on a jittery 114-115bpm swayer, reviewed as a promo 12in and so possibly not typical of the whole LP.

DESTINATION: ‘Move On Up/Up Up Up’ (US Butterfly FLY-13934) (BNDA debut 8/25/79)
Curtis Mayfield’s classic in a similar flying 140bpm 12in remake that finally reaches an excitingly rattling 138bpm break, and another 138bpm zingy strings bit just before the end.

DAZZLE: ‘You Dazzle Me’ (from LP ‘Dazzle’, US De-Lite DSR-9514)
Steady 128bpm clopper with patches of prettily tinkling harp and some soulful guys ‘n gals vocal interplay during the more fully fleshed parts.

ORS: ‘Body To Body Boogie’ (US Salsoul SG 303) (‘Moon Boots’ BNDS debut 11/19/77)
97bpm “sleaze” slowie which, if it lacked its gruff then squeaky vocal, could have made a nice 130bpm speed-spin! Anyway, at the right speed, this 12in and its B-side 9:33 revival of the pounding old 122bpm ‘Moon Boots’ stomper are big in Scotland.

ELIJAH JOHN GROUP: ‘Keep A Little Love For Yourself’ (US Keylock K-5102)
Strings ‘n syndrum intro a then somewhat dated Motownist soul hollerer given a “rock” tempo on 122bpm 12in with lush trimmings – it could have pop appeal.

Jumpy 130bpm funk-jazz clopper with shrill Jones Girls and some spiky brass over bass-pushed exciting wheezling and sizzling synthesizer sounds.

SHOBIZZ: ‘Do It In The Dark’ (US Capitol Disco 8519)
Rupert Holmes-produced 128bpm 12in has Instant Funk-ish intro and rhythm break but gets a bit bland when the “disco” chix come hustling in – though Savoy fans may dig!

DELORES HALL: ‘Snapshot’ (US Capitol Disco 8514)
Long 132bpm intro builds to a pounding 136bpm 12in galloper with automatic camera noises making some of the beat, and not enough of Delores’s soul screaming between instrumental bits (the flip being all instrumental).

ZACK FERGUSON: ‘Monkey Fever’ (Mama Music DPZ 021) [Discogs says it’s Italian]
Blandly swaying effeminate 116 1/2bpm hustler with syndrums ‘n chix, on 3-track 12in of uncertain origin “distributed in UK by Stage One Records”. The jaggedly jumping 126bpm ‘Up From The Ceiling’ is more exciting, while on the jolly 119bpm ‘Aa Aa Uu Aa Ee’ Euro chanter he really does sound like Diana Ross!

FRANCE JOLI: ‘Come To Me’ (from LP ‘France Joli’, US Prelude PRL 2170) (BNDA debut 8/4/79)
This young white Canadian Donna Summer clone recently wowed the gays on Fire Island with a live show, so now naturally her ridiculously ‘Last Dance’-like slow starting 133bpm flier is huge in gay NY discos. There’s a long rhythm break before a “lonely man” joins in briefly, while ‘Don’t Stop Dancing’ is a pounding 132bpm leaper.

SUZI LANE: ‘Ooh, La La’ (US Elektra AS-11417) (BNDA debut 8/18/79)
Strange disjointed 12in has a freaky long phasing and clapping 63bpm intro adding bass and chix to become a jittery 126bpm smacker with two cantering sax breaks before clapping bass returns to the chix – good for US-style mixing maybe?

CHAMELEON: ‘Get Up’ (US Elektra AS-11424)
Synthesizer “take off” into a dated 109bpm 12in heavy funk thudder, strong of its type, while percussion and syndrums intro and break the flowing 131bpm B-side ‘We’ll Be Dancin’’ hustler.

GEORGE MCCRAE: ‘Don’t You Feel My Love’ (US Sunshine Sound 212) (BNDA debut 8/4/79)
Casey & Finch prod/penned insistent 129bpm 12in jittery cowbell clonker follows their usual chord progression with synthesizer wheezling away in the background.

MICHELLE FREEMAN: ‘Tumble Heat’ (US Polydor PD D 514) (BNDA debut 9/1/79)
Don Ray-produced churning 123bpm 12in flier by a nice looking lady keeps on tumbling along without really doing much.

KATHI BAKER: ‘Fa La La (Feel The Heat)’ (US Deco DC 1250007)
Winsomely wailed zingy yet unfrantic 127bpm 12in clopper goes through several changes but sounds too lightweight and “NY” for here.

HELEN REDDY: ‘Make Love To Me’ (US Capitol Disco 8517)
Swamp Dogg-style “boing boing” intro to a rollicking 124bpm 12in pop hustler with freaky effects during the break, hitting US discos and out here on UK 7in (CL 16089).

NEEDA: ‘Come On And Rock’ (US Sunshower S-115)
Repetitive but soulfully sung girlie group 120bpm 12in “rock” stamper.

AFRO CUBAN BAND: ‘Have A Real Good Time’ (US Arista CP-706) (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
Basic jittery 118bpm “rock” 12in with staccato shrill chix ‘n gruff chap.

FLB: ‘Hey Pancho It’s Disco!’ (US Fantasy WMOT D-137)
The US 12in flip to ‘Lookin’ For Love Tonight’ is this 131bpm “disco” chopper with corny Mexican dialogue about the Cisco Kid (Cisco – disco geddit?).

CAROLINE CRAWFORD: ‘The Strut’ (from LP ‘Nice And Soulful’, US Mercury SRM-1-3792)
This at 106bpm and the 104-101-102bpm ‘Havin’ Fun’ are typical jittery Bohannon thumpers, though sparser and even less interesting than usual.

UK Disco Top 90 – September 15, 1979

01 01 Crusaders – Street Life – MCA 12″
02 02 Frantique – Strut Your Funky Stuff – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
03 05 FLB – Lookin’ For Love Tonight – Fantasy 12″
04 04 Gibson Brothers – Oooh! What A Life – Island 12″
05 03 Chic – Good Times – Atlantic 12″
06 16 Sister Sledge – Lost In Music – Atlantic 7″
07 09 Spyro Gyra – Morning Dance – Infinity 12″
08 08 Patrick Hernandez – Born To Be Alive – Gem 12″
09 15 Al Hudson & The Partners – You Can Do It – MCA 12″
10 17 Johnny Mathis – Gone, Gone, Gone – CBS 12″
11 07 Slick – Space Bass – Fantasy 12″
12 12 Jackie Moore – This Time Baby – CBS 12″
13 06 Donna Summer – Bad Girls – Casablanca 12″
14 19 David Bendeth – Feel The Real – Sidewalk 12″
15 22 Gene Chandler – When You’re No. 1 – 20th Century 12″
16 13 Earth, Wind & Fire – After The Love Is Gone – CBS 7″
17 14 Olympic Runners – The Bitch – Polydor 12″
18 11 Diana Ross – The Boss – Motown 12″
19 27 Roxy Music – Angel Eyes – Polydor 12″
20 20 Al Wilson – Earthquake – RCA 12″
21 29 Benelux & Nancy Dee – Switch – Scope 12″
22 30 Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure – Warner Bros. 12″
23 10 Teena Marie – I’m A Sucker For Your Love – Motown 12″
24 18 Earth, Wind & Fire & The Emotions – Boogie Wonderland – CBS 12″
25 25 Ian Dury – Reasons To Be Cheerful, Pt. 3 – Stiff 12″
26 39 Cliff Richard – We Don’t Talk Anymore – EMI 7″
27 33 Paulinho Da Costa – Déjà Vu / Love Till The End Of Time / Take It On Up – Pablo Today LP/US 12″
28 28 Me And You – You Never Know What You’ve Got – Laser 12″
29 32 Stephanie Mills – Put Your Body In It / What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ – 20th Century 12″
30 31 Earth, Wind & Fire – Star / Let Your Feelings Show / In The Stone / Rock That / I Can’t Let Go – CBS LP
31 24 Harvey Mason – Groovin’ You – Arista 12″
32 21 Chantal Curtis – Get Another Love – Pye 12″
33 23 Real Thing – Boogie Down (Get Funky Now) – Pye 12″
34 26 Deniece Williams – I’ve Got The Next Dance – CBS 12″
35 35 Kandidate – Girls Girls Girls – Rak 7″
36 37 Candido – Dancin’ & Prancin’ / Jingo – Salsoul 12″
37 76 Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Epic 12″
38 59 David Naughton – Makin’ It – RSO 12″
39 36 Skyy – First Time Around – Salsoul 12″
40 44 Commodores – Sail On – Motown 7″
41 85 Eddie Henderson – Runnin’ To Your Love / This Band Is Hot / Sunchaser – US Capitol LP
42 45 Con Funk Shun – Chase Me – Mercury 12″
43 34 Philly Cream – Motown Review – Fantasy 12″
44 48 Deodato – Shazam / Space Dust / Knights Of Fantasy / Sherlock / Bachmania – US Warner Bros. LP
45 55 Slick – Sexy Cream – Fantasy 12″
46 47 Archie Bell & The Drells – Strategy – Philadelphia Int’l 7″/US 12″
47 61 Cameo – Secret Omen (all cuts) – US Chocolate City LP
48 53 Savoy – Sunny Side Of The Street – EMI 12″
49 41 Terry Callier – Sign Of The Times – Elektra LP/US 12″
50 64 Idris Muhammad – Foxhuntin’ – Fantasy 12″
51 70 Eddy Grant – Walking On Sunshine – Ice 12″
52 NE Isley Brothers – It’s A Disco Night – US T-Neck 12″
53 58 Chain Reaction – Sweet Lady (Dance With Me) – US Jam Sessions 12″
54 90 Lee Moore – Reachin’ Out – US Source 12″
55 51 Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man – Ballistic 12″
56 43 Sparks – Beat The Clock – Virgin 12″
57 57 Eddy Grant – Living On The Frontline – Ensign 12″
58 NE Donna Summer – Dim All The Lights – Casablanca 7″
59 50 Sister Sledge – We Are Family – Atlantic 12″
60 78 Fern Kinney – Groove Me – US TK 12″
61 65 Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Off The Lights / Come Go With Me – Philadelphia Int’l LP
62 52 Central Line – Wot We Got – Mercury 12″
63 62 Bombers – Let’s Dance – Flamingo 12″
64 71 McFadden & Whitehead – Do You Want To Dance – Philadelphia Int’l 7″ promo
65 79 Freddie James – Get Up And Boogie – US Warner Bros. 12″
66 NE Rose Royce – Is It Love You’re After / What You Waitin’ For / Lock It Down / Pazazz / Bad Mother Funker – Whitfield LP
67 40 Billy Paul – Bring The Family Back – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
68 68 Boney M. – Gotta Go Home – Atlantic 7″
69 83 Kleeer – It’s Magic / I Love To Dance / Tonight’s The Night – Atlantic 12″/LP
70 69 ABBA – Voulez Vous / Angeleyes – Epic 7″
71 81 Pockets – Catch Me – US ARC 12″
72 54 Bobbi Humphrey – Say The Word / Love When I’m In Your Arms / Sweet ‘N Low / The Good Life – US Epic 12″/LP
73 NE Bill Summers – Feel The Heat / Dancing Lady / Walking On Sunshine – Prestige 12″/US LP
74 NE Commodores – Still / Gettin’ It / Midnight Magic / Sexy Lady / Wonderland – Motown LP
75 73 Dynasty – I Don’t Want To Be A Freak – US Solar 12″/LP
76 56 Bonnie Pointer – Heaven Must Have Sent You – Motown 12″ remix
77 46 Isley Brothers – Life In The City – Epic 7″
78 NE Janet Kay – Loving You – Pye 12″
79 80 B. A. Robertson – Bang Bang – Asylum 7″
80 72 Bonnie Boyer – Got To Give In To Love – CBS 12″
81 77 Stanley Turrentine – Take Me Home / Betcha / Love Is The Answer – US Elektra LP
82 NE Chic – My Feet Keep Dancing / My Forbidden Lover / Will You Cry – Atlantic LP
83 NE Miroslav Vitous – New York City – Warner Bros. 12″
84 63 Domenic Troiano – We All Need Love – Capitol 12″
85 75 Ronnie Foster – Argentina – CBS LP
86 87 Stanley Clarke – Just A Feeling – Epic LP/US 12″
87 NE Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love – Polydor 12″
88 RE Michael Pedicin Jr. – That’s A Good One – US Philadelphia Int’l 12″
89 82 Heaven & Earth – I Feel A Groove Under My Feet / I Only Have Eyes For You – US Mercury LP
90 NE Bill Lovelady – Reggae For It Now – Charisma 7″
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (BNDA debut 9/29/79) / #3 (BNDA debut 9/8/79) / #4 (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
#5 (BNDA debut 6/23/79) / #8 (BNDA debut 5/19/79) / #9 (BNDA debut 6/16/79)
#12 (BNDA debut 6/23/79) / #13 (BNDA debut 4/21/79) / #15 (BNDA debut 8/18/79)
#17 (BNDA debut 9/29/79) / #18 (BNDA debut 6/23/79) / #22 (BNDA debut 7/14/79)
#24 (BNDA debut 6/2/79) / #25 (BNDA debut 10/20/79) / #29 (BNDA debut 6/2/79)
#31 (BNDA debut 6/16/79) / #32 (BNDA debut 6/23/79) / #34 (BNDA debut 6/16/79)
#36 (BNDA debut 6/30/79) / #37 (BNDA debut 8/18/79) / #38 (BNDA debut 3/10/79)
#44 (BNDA debut 12/1/79) / #45 (BNDA debut 7/7/79) / #47 (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
#52 (BNDA debut 8/25/79) / #58 (BNDA debut 10/20/79) / #59 (BNDA debut 2/10/79)
#60 (BNDA debut 8/4/79) / #65 (BNDA debut 7/7/79) / #71 (BNDA debut 9/22/79)
#75 (BNDA debut 9/22/79) / #76 (BNDA debut 5/5/79) / #80 (BNDA debut 8/4/79)
#82 (BNDA debut 9/1/79) / #84 (BNDA debut 8/18/79) / #87 (BNDA debut 8/11/79)

Bubbling under the UK Disco Top 90 are:

BILLY CONNOLLY: ‘In The Brownies’ (Polydor 7”)
TOM BROWNE: ‘What’s Going On’ / ‘Throw Down’ (Arista 12”)
TWENNYNINE FEATURING LENNY WHITE: ‘Citi Dancin’’ / ‘Betta’ (US Elektra LP)
LONNIE LISTON SMITH: ‘A Song For The Children’ / ‘Nightlife’ (US Columbia LP)
BOBBY RUSH: ‘I Wanna Do The Do’ (Philadelphia Int’l 12”)
DAN HARTMAN: ‘Hands Down’ (US Blue Sky 12”) (BNDA debut 8/18/79)
BLOOD SISTERS: ‘Ring My Bell’ (Sound City 12”)
REGINE: ‘Je Survivrai’ (Carrere 12”)
DEXTER WANSEL: ‘I’ll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco)’ / ‘Sweetest Pain’ / ‘Funk Attack’ (US Philadelphia Int’l LP)
COGNAC: ‘How High’ (US Salsoul 12”) (BNDA debut 9/29/79)
ESTHER PHILLIPS: ‘Our Day Will Come’ (Mercury 12”)
HAREEM: ‘(Look Out For) The Boogie Man’ (Creole 12”)
EDWIN BIRDSONG: ‘Freaky Deaky Sities’ (US Philadelphia Int’l 12”)
MATUMBI: ‘Point Of View’ (MR 12”)
JEFF WAYNE: ‘The Eve Of The War’ (CBS 12”) (BNDA debut 2/16/80)
PAM NESTOR: ‘Hiding & Seeking’ (Chrysalis 12”)
HERBIE MANN: ‘Jisco Dazz’ / ‘Hijack’ / ‘Waterbed’ (Atlantic 12”)
RAYDIO: ‘Rock On’ (Arista 12”)
KAT MANDU: ‘The Break’ (US TK 12”) (BNDA debut 8/11/79)
ROSEBUD: ‘Have A Cigar’ (Atlantic 12”) (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
EDWIN STARR: ‘It’s Called The Rock’ (20th Century 12”)
LOVE DE-LUXE: ‘Here Comes That Sound Again’ (Atlantic LP) (BNDA debut 6/30/79)
WILLIE BOBO: ‘Palos’ / ‘Reason For Livin’’ (US Columbia LP)
ALMA FAYE: ‘Don’t Fall In Love’ (Flamingo 12”)
CURTIS MAYFIELD: ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’ / ‘Between You Baby And Me’ / ‘You’re So Good To Me’ (RSO LP) (BNDA debut 9/15/79)
RAY ANTHONY: ‘Cosmopolitan London’ (Vasco 12”)
GAP BAND: ‘Baby Baba Boogie’ (US Mercury 12”) (BNDA debut 5/12/79)
KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Ladies’ Night’ (US De-Lite LP) (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
NEIL LARSEN: ‘Demonette’ / ‘High Gear’ / ‘Night Letter’ (US Horizon LP)
B.B. KING: ‘Better Not Look Down’ (MCA 7”)
FOXY: ‘Headhunter’ (US TK 12”)
MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘Rock With You’ / ‘Get On The Floor’ / ‘Off The Wall’ / ‘Burn This Disco Out’ (Epic LP) (BNDA debut 8/18/79)
PATRICK HERNANDEZ: ‘Boogie It’ / ‘Disco Queen’ / ‘Back To The Boogie’ (Gem LP) (BNDA debut 12/15/79)
NOEL POINTER: ‘Feel It’ / ‘For You (Disco Concerto)’ (US UA LP)
SANDY MERCER: ‘Now That You’re In’ (H&L 12”)
SHALAMAR: ‘Right In The Socket’ (US Solar LP) (BNDA debut 3/22/80)
BRENDA MITCHELL: ‘Body Party’ (Creole 12”)
DAZZLE: ‘You Dazzle Me’ (US De-Lite LP)

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