June 14, 1986: “House” is actually Chicago-speak for “garage”


PHIL FEARON obviously heeds my hints, as he’s reviving Tony Etoria’s ‘I Can Prove It’ (he’s also expanding ‘Expansions 86’ for Chris Paul)! . . . Chris Paul himself is after personality DJs for South Harrow Bogarts and a new Ealing nightclub: send CV and tape to him at Bogarts, Alexandra Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex HA2 9AD . . . Stock-Aitken-Waterman will be making their debut as artists with guest vocalists, who could well include the likes of Astrud Gilberto and Georgie Fame, on a segued medley of Richie Cole’s ‘New York Afternoon‘ and their own new ‘Everlasting Love‘ bossa nova . . . Randy ‘Funky Chicken’ Muller rang me to say he only missed a bomb in Germany by three days last year but regardless he and Skyy leader Solomon Roberts Jr will visit the UK some time this year, if only to keep up to date with the fashions: Randy’s currently producing a group of New York rappers called Rappers Convention, and for EMI release soon an outfit called Nyteshift . . . Chad Jackson arrived at the Nimes festival in the Roman amphitheatre to find it was a competition for personality DJs rather than mixers, yet he still came second! . . . Disco Mix Club launch in the States in July, following the May introduction of now a third LP in their monthly subscription DJ-only service, this one devoted to International Mixes — this month Les Adams has excelled himself with a ‘Laugh It Off‘ mix that medleys George Formby, Charles Penrose, Lonnie Donegan and more to the ‘Set It Off’ beat, a party classic for years to come (subscription details on 06286 67276) . . . London now have UK rights to Run-DMC, who’ve already sold out New York’s massive Madison Square Gardens for two nights the weekend immediately after the New Music Seminar (coinciding with London’s own UK Fresh ’86 rap fest) . . . New York hip hoppers turned out in force to mourn, at the Bronx’s Devil’s Nest, the recent closure of the legendary home of rap Disco Fever, tribute payers including Run-DMC, Fat Boys, Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash, Doug E Fresh, Force MD’s, Lisa Lisa, Jellybean Benitez, Bernard Wright and more — the real Fresh ’86? . . . Archie Bell & The Drell’s big boom oldie, now the other one’s out here, is rapidly becoming ‘Hard Not To Like You‘ . . . Matt Bianco is now twin-packed with a bonus c.116½-120½bpm ‘Matt’s Megamix‘ of their samba-style hits . . . Ian Foster ‘Tell Me It’s True’ is already also in a 97¾bpm New York Remix (MCA MCAX 1025) to split its sparse sales, and even a Les Adams 0-109-115¾-0bpm Total Contrast Megamix has had little effect on ‘What You Gonna Do About It’ (London LONXR 95) . . . Haywoode ‘Roses’ is also in a DJs-only promo remix by Michael Barbiero, but forgive me if I don’t BPM it, there are other things to do — um, like would you believe four weeks worth of Hit Numbers for next week?! . . . Steve Walsh, now driving a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1 number S(teven) M(aurice) W(alsh) 100, guests on ‘Solid Soul’ this Friday (13), and later that evening with Danny Smith at Gt Yarmouth Marina Centre for “the hottest in black music including heavy funk, improvised jazz and real emotional soul” — doesn’t sound like the Walsh gigs we know! . . . Saturday (14) Essex Radio’s Disco John Leech, Bob Jones and Gilles Peterson head Sudbury Gainsborough Club’s 4pm alldayer . . . Nu Shooz and the Crown Heights Affair remix synch together “forever”, tips Graham Gold, who’s returned on Saturdays to Mayfair Gullivers (which doesn’t close until late August) . . . Pete Waterman points out the amazing similarity of Maze ‘Twilight’ to Colonel Abrams ‘I’m Not Gonna Let’ — so maybe Frankie Beverly is really The Godfather Of House and guvnor of the garage groove? . . . Antionette’s backing appears to be by B.T. Express, in spirit if not in fact . . . Princess’s original version of her Hi-NRG LP track ‘In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment’, yet to be released, is really Hi-NRG! . . . Julian Jonah’s ludicrously Paul Hardcastle-like single was actually mixed by him, so no wonder . . . Frank Bruno is cutting a single, naturally enough called ‘Know What I Mean’! . . . RELEASE THE TENSION!


WILLIE COLON: ‘Set Fire To Me’ (A&M AMY 330)
The salsa star is already creating mayhem on floors here with his somewhat Santana-ish 116½bpm Latin Jazzbo sizzler and its even beefier scatting Inferno Dub flip, practically the new ‘Jingo’ except not quite as dynamic. But what a beat!

UTFO: ‘We Work Hard’ (US Select Records FMS 62272)
On an excellent value double-sider, this Full Force-produced furious jittery 0-100¾-100¼-0bpm go go hip hop rapper in ‘Alice’ style with human beat box and many bright hooks is flipped by the equally hot — or hotter — nursery rhyme singalong ‘n’ rap 0-105¼-0bpm ‘Kangol & Doc‘, both scratched by Hitman Howie Tee. The freshest jams in town.

THE REAL ROXANNE with HITMAN HOWIE TEE: ‘(Bang Zoom) Let’s Go-Go’ (Cooltempo COOLX 125)
Full Force are behind this other hot double-sider too, backing the bragging 0-99-0bpm rap ‘n’ scratch with a fascinating sequence including real soul singing, Fred Astaire big band licks and a ‘Bugs Bunny’ Elmer Fudd finale! The stark 101¾bpm ‘Howie’s Teed Off‘ cuts in Brick’s ‘Dazz’ amongst others, on a strong flip.

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Headlines’ (MCA Records MCAT 1065)
Weaving catchy “extra extra, read all about it” newspaper chants with radio and TV newsreader cliches into their marathon loosely jiggling (0-)103¼-103½bpm go go groove (inst flip), the group are already big news on dancefloors here and could even be the next Nu Shooz.

AURRA: ‘Like I Like It (Remix)’ (10 Records TENT 126)
Starleanna and Curt’s year old jauntily infectious disco smash in its new 107-0bpm Regisford & Jarvis remix will now hopefully get the crossover success it always deserved (dub remix and lightweight 108½bpm ‘I Love Myself‘ flip).

WILLIE COLLINS: ‘Where You Gonna Be Tonight?’ (Capitol 12CL 410)
The soul singing postman’s standout album title track is unanimously the UK clubs’ choice, a wonderful buoyantly cantering (0-)113bpm Vandross-ish wriggler hopefully not too subtle for the less soulful masses, flipped by the moodily rolling 103½bpm vocal ‘Sticky Situation‘.

PAUL HARDCASTLE: ‘Foolin’ Yourself’ (Chrysalis PAUL X2)
Back to the jerky Kevin Henry sung jittery driving (0-)117½bpm ‘D’ Train-ish groove of old, very typical, flipped by his album’s (0-)125bpm ‘King Tut‘ and good jiggly 108¼bpm ‘Strollin’‘.

FATBACK: ‘I Found Lovin” (Important Records TANT 10)
Familiarity may be a balm for many, but how much more often can anyone bear to hear the remorselessly pushing ultimately inconclusive ominous 104¾bpm bass line of this (un-remixed) monstrously over-played classic? The ‘Bolero’ of London’s black clubs, it appears to have been either the influence of, or influenced by, Kenny Beck’s composition ‘Mine All Mine‘, depending on which can be proved to have come first (he’s worked with Fatback as well as Cashflow, it seems!). Anyway, the flip has their great 108½bpm ‘Is This The Future?‘ and the Fatback Band’s 0-119¾-122½bpm ‘Spanish Hustle’. For mixers it’s obviously a must!

KING MC FEATURING ‘SCREAMIN’ K’: ‘What Have I Done For You Lately’ (Important Records TANT 9)
Janet Jackson’s pounding 112½bpm beat remains the basis for a Kutmaster Rob scratched answer version rapped and scolded as a fierce duet (inst/edit flip).

CAROL WILLIAMS: ‘What’s The Deal’ (US New Image NIR 1133)
Background vocalist on the similarly Darryl Payne-produced Kreamcicle, Carol gets Jocelyn Brown-ish on a soulfully/acappella-started chunky 0-105½bpm lurcher which may actually end up losing out to the flip’s possibly stronger airily chiming 117¾bpm ‘Have You For My Love‘.

KREAMCICLE: ‘No News Is News — Remix’ (US New Image NIR 1234)
Chick-wailed loosely strung jittery juddery (0-)113¼-113-112½bpm old weaver (inst flip) remixed by original producer Darryl Payne — rather than by Froggy, who’s planning a remix of his own.

OSIRIS: ‘War On The Bullshit’ (Baad Records 12ATTACK 2, Via Pinnacle)
Grace Jones meets George Clinton for a previously hard to find chanting extended 107¼bpm funk workout that’s been big in London’s more determinedly trendy clubs for some time (edited flip).

RUN-DMC: ‘Raising Hell’ LP (US Profile PRO-1217)
America’s fastest and biggest selling rap set ever, already, shouting and scratching with some rock as you’d expect, has the violent 0-97bpm ‘Hit It Run’, percussive 96¾bpm ‘Is It Live‘, jaunty (0-)127¾-0bpm ‘You Be Illin’‘, excitingly chugging pure AoR 105½bpm ‘Walk This Way‘, human beat box started 0-81-85bpm ‘Son Of Byford/Proud To Be Black‘, 95¼bpm ‘My Adidas‘, 0-95½bpm ‘Dumb Girl‘, 0-105½bpm ‘Peter Piper‘, 127¾bpm ‘It’s Tricky‘, 0-85¼-0bpm ‘Perfection‘, and heavy rock 0-84½bpm title track (several seguing together).

SHIRLEY JONES: ‘Do You Get Enough Love’ (US Philadelphia International V-56024)
The Jones Girl’s solo superb sultrily soulful 67bpm rolling Bunny Sigler slowie, with pent-up piano triplets and confidential rap (edit, and cantering 119¼bpm ‘We Can Work It Out’ flip), has immediately hit the US black chart — but here potential buyers are waiting for an album (well, it’s a ballad!).

FORCE MD’s: ‘Here I Go Again’ (Tommy Boy 12IS 286)
Smokey Robinson-ish terrific intensifying (0-)66½-67¾-68½-69¼-0bpm real soul slowie, more rhythmic (after a skippable start) than the last ‘un.

EL DeBARGE: ‘Who’s Johnny’ (Gordy ELDT I)
Five Star-type jerkily skittering (0-)110½bpm catchy pop song from the film ‘Short Circuit’, also about on promo in a more percussive (0-)110-0bpm remix, sorta Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back’ meets ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ — and the 0-116¼bpm latter is flip.

TERRY M: ‘I Love Music’ (MCA Records MCAT 1063)
French originated Tavares-type fairly faithful (0-)124¾-125-0bpm galloping O’Jay’s remake, flipped by the ‘Billie Jean’-ish instrumental 118bpm ‘Moustachio‘.

WANDA DEE: ‘Blue Eyes’ (Lisson Records DOLEQ 1, via PRT)
The ‘Beat Street’ rapper’s London-recorded Kenny Beck-prod/co-penned nervily jittering 101½bpm scratcher (inst flip) is nothing innovatory but seems to be benefiting from its label’s launch.

GLENN JONES: ‘Love Intensity’ (RCA PT 49840)
Pleasant rolling jiggly 115¼bpm soul swayer, on 12 inch with the gently lurching instrumental 111¾bpm ‘Finesse (Dub)‘ and Narada-ish black rock 127bpm ‘Talked Me Into It’ (dub too).

PETRIA: ‘I Miss Your Love’ (US Romil RM 1001-12C)
Initially mundane 112¾bpm Shannon-ish judderer building through a brief phonecall and some frisky scatting (in four mixes).

JANICE CHRISTIE: ‘I’m Hungry For Your Love’ (US SuperTronics RY014)
Self-prod/penned, this pent-up breathy nagging 105¼bpm juddery jogger could worm its way upside several skulls, so give it a chance to sink in (dub flip).

PAMELA MEYERS: ‘Feel My Funky Heartbeat’ (US New Image NIR 4354)
Gwen McCrae’s ‘Funky Sensation’ meets T-Ski Valley’s ‘!Catch The Beat!’ at a subdued 103¼bpm (inst flip), nuff said?

400 BLOWS: ‘Let The Music Play’ (KR Records KRT 01, via RCA)
Charles Earland’s 1978 disco oldie gets much the same treatment as did Brass Construction’s ‘Movin” in this galloping brassily brittle 124¼bpm remake (with female choruses, or 123¼bpm instrumental).

CHIP E: ‘Time To Jack’ (US Underground UN-1O2)
“House” is actually Chicago-speak for “garage”, and here The Godfather Of House creates yet another typically sparse strange 124¾bpm groove for garage fanatics (in three different mixes).

WHITE KNIGHT: ‘Never Give Up’ (US DJ International Records DJ-889)
Surprisingly slow to go, this 118bpm Chicago house party sounds to me like Russ Brown meeting Colonel Abrams, Whistle and a gospel group at Paradise Garage — in other words, interesting!

TACK>HEAD: ‘Is There A Way Out’ (On-U Sound DP 15-12)
B boys beware! DJ Cheese cuts up this wild and woolly 103½bpm scratcher, solid beat, the flip of ‘Mind At The End Of The Tether‘.

DISCO TOP 100 – June 14, 1986

01 02 JUMP BACK (SET ME FREE), Dhar Braxton, Fourth & Broadway 12in
02 03 I CAN’T WAIT (DUTCH MIX), Nu Shooz, Atlantic 12in
03 01 EXPANSIONS ’86, Chris Paul featuring David Joseph, Fourth & Broadway 12in
04 04 MINE ALL MINE/PARTY FREAK, Cashflow, Club 12in
05 14 GIVIN’ IT (TO YOU), Skyy, Capitol 12in
06 05 ALL AND ALL/MANTRONIK MEGA MIX, Joyce Sims, London 12in
07 11 HEADLINES, Midnight Star, MCA Records 12in
08 08 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, Cooltempo 12in
09 21 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, US A&M 12in
10 10 BASS LINE (STRETCHED)/LADIES (REVIVED), Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
11 12 YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE (M&M REMIX)/ORIGINAL VERSION, Candi Staton, Warner Bros 12in
12 25 DIAL MY NUMBER, Paul Carman, CBS 12in
13 33 BANG ZOOM (LET’S GO-GO)/HOWIE’S TEED OFF, The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee, Cooltempo 12in
14 19 AMITYVILLE (THE HOUSE ON THE HILL), Lovebug Starski Epic 12in
15 20 SET ME FREE, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
16 06 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Modern-nique featuring Larry Woo, 10 Records 12in
17 24 NASTY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
18 07 YOU AND ME TONIGHT, Aurra, 10 Records 12in
19 18 DESTINY, D.S.M., Elite 12in
20 34 BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE (REMIX), Cut Master D.C., be*bop & Fresh 12in
22 39 SET ME FREE (MARK BERRY REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
23 67 STAY A LITTLE WHILE, CHILD, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
24 16 ON MY OWN, Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
25 54 DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Archie Bell & The Drells, Portrait 12in promo
26 40 RAZZLE DAZZLE, Michael Jeffries, Warner Bros 12in
27 35 WHERE YOU GONNA BE TONIGHT?, Willie Collins, Capitol LP/12in promo
28 13 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY, Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
29 44 CAN’T GET BY WITHOUT YOU (REMIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
30 09 THE FINEST, The SOS Band, Tabu 12in
31 41 I CAN’T WAIT (TO ROCK THE MIKE), Spyder-D (featuring DJ Doc), Champion 12in
32 48 GO-GO SWING, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US Future 12in
34 36 ONE FOR THE MONEY, Sleeque, US Easy Street 12in/Malaco Dance promo
35 30 WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT (REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
36 52 SAY LA LA/NEW YORK STREET MIX, Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan 12in
37 28 S.O.S., Oliver Cheatham, Champion 12in
38 50 CAPTURED, Dexter Wansel featuring The Jones Girls, 10 Records 12in
39 29 COMPUTER LOVE (REMIXES), Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
40 56 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-D.M.C., US Profile 12in
41 27 YOU AND ME TONIGHT (MIDNIGHT MIX), Aurra, 10 Records 12in
42 72 PAY ME BACK MY LOVE, Colors, US Prelude 12in
43 23 MIDAS TOUCH/CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Midnight Star, German Solar LP
44 59 MAKE ME THE ONE (LES ADAMS REMIX), Crown Heights Affair, CityBeat 12in
45 47 OPEN YOUR DOOR, Guinn, Motown 12in
46 22 I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
47 32 STAY, The Controllers, MCA Records 12in
48 88 NO NEWS IS NEWS — REMIX, Kreamcicle, US New Image 12in
49 — WE WORK HARD/KANGOL & DOC, U.F.T.O., US Select Records 12in
50 26 DO FRIES GO WITH THAT SHAKE, George Clinton, Capitol 12in
51 51 NO WAY BACK, Adonis, US Trax 12in
52 31 NOVELA DAS NOVE (SPIDER WOMAN), Wally Badarou, Fourth & Broadway 12in
53 — I WOULDN’T LIE (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, Total Experience 12in
55 81 DOMINOES (LIVE), Donald Byrd, Streetwave 12in
56 — WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR YOU LATELY, King M.C. featuring ‘Screamin’ K’, Important Records 12in
57 75 SHADOWS OF YOUR LOVE, J.M. Silk, US DJ International Records 12in
58 99 I LOVE MUSIC, Terry M, MCA Records 12in
59 — WHAT’S THE DEAL/HAVE YOU FOR MY LOVE, Carol Williams, US New Image 12in
61 — LIKE I LIKE IT (REMIX), Aurra, 10 Records 12in
62 re JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
64 37 STYLE (PETER GUNN THEME), Grandmaster Flash, Elektra 12in
65 71 TROW THE DICK/TROW THE D., Ghetto Style with 2 Live Crew, US Luke Skyy Walker Records 12in
66 — GO BANG #5, Dinosaur L, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
67 43 HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE/I’LL TAKE YOU ON, Hanson & Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
68 63 THROUGH THE NIGHT, Blue Moderne, US Roll Records 12in
69 64 PEE-WEE’S DANCE, Joeski Love, US Vintertainment 12in
70 70 FOOL’S PARADISE, Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol LP
71 55 WHEN I THINK OF YOU, Janet Jackson, A&M LP
72 53 CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE, Five Star, Tent 12in
73 re SOCK IT TO ME, Ayre Rayde, be*bop & Fresh 12in
74 100 DON’T LET LOVE GET YOU DOWN, Matthew David, Bluebird/10 12in
75 57 BURNIN’ LOVE, Con Funk Shun, US Mercury 12in
76 re SEX MACHINE, Fat Boys, WEA 12in
77 95 MY LATIN LOVER, Q-Pid Featuring Nikki Q, US Sunnyview 12in
78 66 HOT TO TOUCH, Julian Jonah, Total Control Records 12in
79 79 HIP HOP BEBOP, Jimmy McGriff, US Milestone 12in
80 85 WHAT’S MISSING (REMIX), Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
81 91 SECRETS, Linda Tillery, US 411 Records LP
82 65 I’LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU (DUBS & SCRATCH REMIXES), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
84 — BE-BUMPIN-FRESH (0-104½-104¾-0bpm), Chuck Brown, US Future 12in
85 — LET THE MUSIC PLAY (124¼)/INSTRUMENTAL (123¼bpm), 400 Blows, KR Records 12in promo
86 86 TELL ME IT’S TRUE, Ian Foster, MCA Records 12in
87 re POINT OF NO RETURN, Earlene Bentley, Champion 12in
90 — DO YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE (67bpm), Shirley Jones, US Philadelphia International 12in
91 — WAKE UP TO MY LOVE (91bpm), Astra, Elite 12in promo
92 82 GIVE ME UP, Beau Williams, US Capitol 12in
93 93 ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE, The TTED All Stars, US TTED Records Inc 12in
95 — LOVE INTENSITY (115¼bpm) Glenn Jones, RCA 12in promo
96 89 SHOW ME THE WAY (GRAND GROOVE)/(NO DEREK), Any Day Now, A&M 12in
97 98 MAIN THING/MAIN DUB, Shot featuring Kim Marsh, US Easy Street 12in
98 — FOOLIN’ YOURSELF, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
99 — SOWETO (115½bpm)/WE BELONG TO YOU (92bpm), Jeffrey Osborne, A&M LP
100=100 GET OFF THE TRACK, Antionette, US King Davis Records 12in
100=— AFTER YOU (107½bpm)/YO NARD (REMIX) (107bpm), Bernard Wright, Manhattan 12in
100=— GOOD TO GO (109-108¾-109¾-109¼-109¾-110¼bpm), Trouble Funk, US Island/TTED 12in


01 01 REFLEX ACTION, Louise Thomas, R&B 12in
02 08 CAN’T LIVE, Suzy Q, Belgian ARS 12in
03 03 IN THE HEAT OF A PASSIONATE MOMENT, Princess, Supreme Records LP
04 02 RUNNING AWAY FROM LOVE, Astaire, Passion LP bonus 12in
05 10 MALE STRIPPER, Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish, US Recan 12in
06 07 VENUS (HELLFIRE MIX), Bananarama, London 12in
07 05 OH L’AMOUR (REMIX)/GIMME GIMME GIMME, Erasure, Mute 12in
08 04 YOU’RE GONNA BE MINE, Novo Band, German Ariola 12in
09 17 HOW MANY HEARTS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
10 12 ANGEL IN MY POCKET, One To One, German Ariola LP
12 — NEW BEGINNING, Bucks Fizz, Polydor 12in
13 16 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
14 — CITY NIGHTS MANHATTAN CAFES, Cory Daye, US Blue Chip 12in
15 06 I’M YOUR MAN (REMIX), Barry Manilow, RCA 12in
16 11 AGAIN, Do Piano, French EMI 12in
17 15 THIRD TIME LUCKY, Pearly Gates, Funkin’ Marvellous 12in
18 13 HANDS UP, Kelly Marie, Passion 12in white label
19 — I’M YOUR LOVE, Joe Yellow, Italian Power 12in
20 — THE REAL THING, Tom Robinson, RCA 12in white label
21 27 BAND OF GOLD, Bonnie Tyler, CBS 12in
22 14 YOU’RE A BEAT, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
23 21 SHY SHY SUGARMAN, Jack’s Project, German Ariola 12in
24 26 I LOVE MY RADIO (MIDNIGHT RADIO) (US REMIX), Taffy, US Emergency 12in
25 — COME BACK TO ME, Prototype, German ZYX 12in
26 re ONCE MORE, Taffy, Italian Ibiza 12in
27 19 HUMANOID INVASION, Laser Dance, Dutch Hot Sound 12in
28 18 DISENCHANTED, The Communards, London 12in
29 — HURTS, Boytronic, German Mercury 12in
30 re IF THE LOVE FITS, Lewis, Riva 12in

4 thoughts on “June 14, 1986: “House” is actually Chicago-speak for “garage””

  1. And so, finally, the genre term “house” makes its debut in these columns – presumably by way of explanation of Chip E’s self-appointed “Godfather Of House” status, as per the label of “Time To Jack”. (It’s not an honour that stuck; Google for “Godfather Of House” now, and only one name comes up… no prizes for guessing whose.)

    Note also the double quotes around the word “house” – it will be many, many weeks before James drops them.

    Interesting to hear George Formby’s “When I’m Cleaning Windows” synched over the “Set It Off” beats (on Les Adams’ “Laugh It Off” megamix); a couple of years ago, a DJ friend of mine discovered that the Formby track also synchs perfectly with the Foul Play VIP Remix of Omni Trio’s seminal drum & bass classic “Renegade Snares”, and I have his (sadly unshareable) MP3 to prove it!

    A lot of unlikely acts are cropping up in the Eurobeat Chart this year – Kiki Dee, Sparks, David Knopfler, Barry Manilow – and here’s another one: yes, Tom Robinson really did record a preachy anti-cocaine message rap!


  2. So there it is!

    Probably as with many terms from dance culture back then JH had a good claim for this being the first mention of the word ‘house’ in print (outside the United States).

    I can’t think anywhere else that would have been so quick of the mark – the closest things we had to a dance press would have been behind on something like this, Jocks (DJ) hadn’t quite started, the Face liked to think the were hipper than hip but were usually more interested in biggin’ up ‘scenes’ in reality comprising a handful of hipsters in central London so I doubt something that was still looked on as just the latest direction in traditional funk/disco music played in traditional underground dance clubs amongst the more usual stuff would have interested them at this stage.

    So I’d be surprised if anyone beat JH here.


    1. I think you’re most probably right. Stuart Cosgrove at the NME wrote a big cover feature on Chicago House for the 9th August edition, and I’m guessing that the monthly style mags were pretty quick off the mark, but James surely must have been the first off the blocks.


  3. I don’t know much about NME but I should imagine such a feature pissed off about 95% of their readers. About as sensible as having an article on cordon bleu cooking in Anglers Weekly.


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